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Galicia: Social Centre “the Commune” in solidarity with Saibaba and all the political prisoners in India

Greece: Freedom and Justice for GN Saibaba!

The judgement of the District and Sessions Court in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra, on March 7, 2017, which sentenced the Delhi University professor and four other activists to life imprisonment, is an unprecedented provocation for any defender of human and democratic rights anywhere. GN Saibaba, wheelchair bound for life, was judged as one of the greatest dangers for Indiaʹs security! He is shoved in jail to die there as he is severely ill. The accusation and sentencing was based on ridiculous evidence under the provisions of the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act which criminalizes the ideas and thoughts of militants. Continue reading

Protest demonstration against the conviction of GN Sababa and others

iLokayat organized a protest demonstration against the conviction of Delhi University Professor G N Saibaba, Hem Mishra along with other four persons and also against the conviction of the Maruti Suzuki Workers on Wednesday at Sector 17. Apart from Lokayat, Students for Society (SFS), People’s Artist Forum (PAF), CPI (ML Liberation), AISA, ASA, PSU (Lalkar), PUCL, IAPL, Naujwan Bharat Sabha participated in the protest and expressed their solidarity.


Saibaba’s health condition is highly deteriorated

Today 17/3/17 I met my brother Dr. G. N. Saibaba at Nagpur Central jail after the undemocratic judgement pronunced by the Gadchiroli sessions court. I waited nearly 4 hrs after applying for the mulakat to meet saibaba. The jail authorities has given mulakat almost at the end of the day around 5.45pm.
The jaali mulakat last just in 20 min with two time warnings in between. The new jaali mulakat system is completely undemocratic and inhumane as the window is completely sealed with glass and​ to talk only over telephones on their side of the glass window. When we talk we can’t​ even see the face properly; when face is to be observed we can’t talk. With great difficulty we could able to share few things.
Dr. Saibaba looked very weak. He was unable​ to take Jail food. Jail authorities are not providing required diet to him. He is vomiting if any jail food is consumed. He got two times unbearable​ pancreatic pain in the jail. He is suffering from pancreas infection and admitted into hospital just before the verdict. So far no medical treatment has been given to him.Even the basic facilities which were earlier provided are now not did not accept to give medicines​,bedsheets, fruits etc.his health condition is highly deteriorated. He needs immediate medical treatment.I was not permitted to meet senior jailer to discuss health issues of Dr. G N. Saibaba. Even Hem Mishra’s health is not in good condition.

——G. Ramdevudu

Academics’ and professionals’ appeal against the life imprisonment of Prof. G N Saibaba.


It is with utter disbelief and deepest concern that we learn of Prof. G. N. Saibaba, a highly respected intellectual and Asst. Professor in the Dept. of English at Ram Lal Anand College, part of a Delhi University, has been sentenced to life imprisonment under various sections of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). Prof. Saibaba is wheelchair-bound, 90% disabled with severe and fragile health conditions that warrant constant and now urgent medical attention.
Saibaba, along with five others – a student, a journalist-activist and three young adivasi villagers have been accused of a criminal conspiracy to ‘wage war against the Government of India’ and of ‘links with a Maoist organisation.’
We register our strongest condemnation of the sentence and demand immediate release of Prof. Saibaba and all others accused, and that the concerned authorities conduct a thorough, fair and transparent investigation into the framing of this case.
For many years Saibaba has been outspoken regarding atrocities against the adivasis and for the welfare and rights of tribal and marginalised populations. Continue reading

Italy for Saibaba – call solidarity

A tutte le forze antimperialiste
Alle organizzazioni contro la repressione e di solidarietà con i prigionieri politici
Ai docenti, intellettuali, studenti democratici
Protestiamo contro la condanna all’ergastolo del Prof. GN Saibaba e 5 suoi compagni!
Fermiamo il soffocamento del dissenso con leggi liberticide e processi farsa!
Libertà per tutti i prigionieri politici in India!
Dopo quasi quattro anni, il 7 marzo 2017, la persecuzione contro il Professor G N Saibaba della Delhi University si è conclusa con la condanna all’ergastolo sua e di altri 5 imputati.
Nel 2013 la polizia del Maharashtra perquisì illegalmente per due volte l’abitazione del dottor Saibaba con la falsa motivazione di “ricettazione di oggetti rubati”, sequestrò supporti informatici senza registrarli e sigillarli come impone la procedura legale.
Nell’aprile 2014 lo stesso professore, disabile al 90% e costretto su sedia a rotelle, fu sequestrato e incarcerato, accusato secondo la legge di “prevenzione delle attività illegali” (UAPA) insieme ad altri 5, il giornalista e attivista Prashant Rahi, lo studente Hem Mishra e gli adivasi Pandu Narote, Mahesh Tirki e Vijay Tirki.
Per due anni è stato detenuto in attesa di giudizio nella prigione centrale di Nagpur, dove gli sono sono state sistematicamente negate le più elementari strutture necessarie a una persona nelle sue condizioni, le terapie e l’assistenza medica necessaria, causando un drammatico peggioramento della sua salute, come riconosciuto dalla la Corte Suprema indiana che nell’aprile 2016 gli ha concesso la libertà su cauzione. Continue reading

RELEASE IMMEDIATELY ! Saibaba and the others comrades

Saibaba – Interview with Vasantha Kumari by Jyoti Punwani

Why are they so afraid of someone who is 90% disabled?
Delhi University Professor G N Sai Baba was convicted on March 7 to life in prison under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act — UAPA — for being a member of a banned terrorist organisation, the Communist Party of India Maoist. The professor, who has undergone two spells of imprisonment in Nagpur jail as an undertrial, is 90 per cent disabled and wheelchair-bound. After his arrest in May 2014, he was released on interim bail on medical grounds in July 2015, only to be rearrested in December that year, and released again on the Supreme Court’s orders in April 2016.
Immediately after the conviction, the professor’s wife issued a protest statement that summed up her outrage. Two days later, contributor Jyoti Punwani caught up with Vasantha Kumari.
In between tending to a distraught mother-in-law and leaking taps in her Delhi home, Vasantha expressed her shock, bafflement and indignation at what she feels is a terrible injustice done to someone who has only fought for rights guaranteed by the Constitution.
Delhi home, Vasantha expressed her shock, bafflement and indignation at what she feels is a terrible injustice done to someone who has only fought for rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Continue reading

IWA-GB: Condemn the conviction of Professor GN Saibaba and five others in India!



Condemn the conviction of Professor GN Saibaba and five others in India!
Condemn the travesty of justice and stifling of voices of democratic dissent!
Repeal all draconian laws such as UAPA! Release all political prisoners!
The life sentence given on 7th March 2017 to Delhi University Professor G N Saibaba by the Gadchiroli District and Sessions Court in Maharashtra State of India is shockingly unjust. The court has convicted him and five others under the draconian anti-terror law, the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). Besides Saibaba, the five people convicted are journalist and social activist Prashant Rahi, Jawaharlal Nehru University student Hem Mishra and tribals Pandu Narote, Mahesh Tirki and Vijay Tirki. (While five have been sentenced to life term in prison, the court sentenced Vijay Tirki to 10 years in jail). Continue reading

Germany for Saibaba


indienAm 7. März wurde durch das regionale Gericht des Distrikts Gadchiroli im indischen Bundesstaat Maharashtra der Professor der Universität Delhis, G.N. Saibaba zu lebenslänglicher Haft verurteilt. Das Gericht verurteilte ihn und vier weitere Personen, Hem Mishra, Prashant Rahi, Mahesh Tirkey und Pandu Narote unter den Artikeln 13,18,20,38 und 39 des Repressionsgesetzes „Unlawful Activities Preventions Act“ (Gesetz zur Vorbeugung ungesetzlicher Handlungen). Eine weitere Person, Vijay Tirke wurde zu zehn Jahren Haft verurteilt.
Die Artikel des UAPA sind dabei:
13: Bestrafung für die Ausübung „ungesetzlicher Handlungen“, aber auch die Unterstützung, Anordnung oder Anstiftung dazu.
18: Bestrafung für „Verschwörung“, wozu jegliche Art von Unterstützung, Anstiftung, Gutheißung von „terroristischen Taten“ gezählt wird.
20: Bestrafung für die „Mitgliedschaft in einer terroristischen Gruppe oder Organisation“.
38: Straftat im Zusammenhang mit der „Mitgliedschaft in einer terroristischen Organisation“.
39: Straftat im Zusammenhang mit der „Unterstützung einer terroristischen Organisation“.
Zusätzlich wurde im Urteil der Abschnitt 120B des indischen Strafgesetzes angeführt, kriminelle Verschwörung.
Die Anwälte Saibabas erklärten, dass sie mit dem Fall vor das Bombay High Court, Indiens höchstes Gericht, ziehen werden.
Im Fall Saibaba ist dieses Urteil kein lebenslängliches, sondern ein Todesurteil. Schon während seiner Zeit im Gefängnis während seiner Untersuchungshaft, aus der er zuletzt am 4. April auf Kaution freigelassen wurde, zeigte sich, dass er eine Haftstrafe aufgrund seiner Gesundheit nicht lange überleben wird.
Eine ausführliche Schilderung der Situation Saibabas im Gefängnis gibt ein Essay der Autorin Arundhati Roy aus dem Mai 2015 wieder.

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