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info CPI Maoist Release Statement Condemning Modi Government’s Response To COVID-19 Crisis,Outlining Steps Necessary To Address It

Kothagudem: Coronavirus outbreak is the creation of imperialistic forces, asserted CPI (Maoist) central committee spokesperson Abhay. He said, “The emergence of biological weapons like Coronavirus was rooted in imperialistic policies.”
In a statement released on Tuesday, the Maoist spokesperson said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had failed to take measures to help the poor before announcing lockdown and it had forced migrant workers in cities to walk back to their natives as public transportation was shut.
The Union government needed to spend at least 10 per cent of the GDP towards food and health of the poor. The Central and State governments have to come out with measures to help unorganized sector with a financial package of Rs 5 lakh crore, Abhay said.

Likening the announcement of lockdown to announcement of demonetization, he said both the Central and State governments have placed the onus of protecting on the public with the claims that self-isolation was the only protection from Coronavirus.
In many states there was a lacking for PPE kits and face masks and Modi government consented export of hydroxychloroquine under pressure from the US President Donald Trump. The RSS-BJP leadership trying to target a section exploiting Tablighi Jamaat meeting that cause spread of Coronavirus, Abhay pointed out.
The Maoists Spokesperson, demanded immediate release of activists like Varavara Rao, Prof. Saibaba and other political prisoners lodged in jails across the country. The governments were preferring using police force to implement lockdown instead of educating people, he noted.
Measures for the safety of doctors, sanitary workers, laborers and health workers, protection of press freedom should be taken, confining the lockdown to red zones and hotspots were among his demands.

CPI Maoist Continues To Organize And Agitate Despite Nationwide Lockdown

New Delhi, April 16: Maoists groups have been using the nationwide lockdown to regain strength as a large group of the rebels have entered south Bastar from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal and Nepal, security sources said.
Intelligence inputs warned the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and state police forces earlier this month at a time when the security forces as well as the entire law and order machinery are busy in enforcing the lockdown measures to break the coronavirus chain.
According to the inputs, Maoist groups are “continuously conducting meetings in the core areas in Chhattisgarh”s Sukma district and in Darbha division in Jagdalpur district of the state and part of Dantewada district there under the supervision of top Maoist leaders.
“The Maoists are organising villagers for confronting the government on the issue of fixing minimum price for plucking up of tendu leaves and compensation for death or injury of villagers involved in plucking of the leaves,” the inputs accessed by IANS said.
The Maoist groups laid traps for Security Forces (SFs) during the first phase of the 21-day lockdown between March 24 midnight and April 24 midnight at Kikler and in between Gangaloor and Cherpal under Gangaloor police station in Chhattisgarh”s Bijapur district.
The traps were specifically laid in the second week of April for almost 3-4 days, the intelligence report said.

Taking advantage of lockdown period and less number of operations in the Area of Responsibility (AOR) of SFs, the inputs said the Maoists conducted intensive recce in the Rajpenta area in Chhattisgarh”s Dantewada district.
“It is further learnt that the Maoists planned Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) at Rajpenta and Chimilipenta areas.”
In the second week of this month, a group of Maoists of “Kerlapal Area Committee of Maoists” blasted IED around 10 p.m. and damaged a culvert near Renga Para, ahead of Gorgunda, on Dornapal-Jagargunda road under Polampalli police station in Sukma district.
After a thorough investigation, the security forces found that the IEDs were planted by Maoists near Pushpal camp of 195 Battalion of CRPF in Maad area in Jagdalpur district.
A few days back the Maoists of Malangir Area Committee had cut the Aranpur-Potli road at ten places and rendered it unsuitable for plying of vehicles, the report said. It mentioned that they are looking for an opportunity to inflict damage to the personnel of “Potali camp of CAF and Kondasawli camp of 231 Battalion of ACRPF in Dantewada district”.
The Maoist activities were observed in Chhattisgarh when Malkangiri-Koraput-Visakha Border (MKVB) division”s committee secretary Kailasam and other Maoist groups had earlier this month released a hand-written statement in Telugu and other languages regarding ceasefire amid COVID-19 pandemic.
The Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) has announced a unilateral ceasefire and said they would not attack security forces because of the spread of coronavirus outbreak across the country.
“Our party, People”s Liberation Guerrilla Army (an armed wing of the CPI-Maoist), and various frontal organisations of the party have decided against carrying out any kind of attack on the security forces during this period,” the statement said.
Kailasam, however, warned that the party would be compelled to retaliate, if security forces resort to any kind of action. “We demand that the government responds to our statement within five days,” Kailsam has said in the letter.

Nepalese intellectuals, writers and journalists, demanding immediate release of Varavara Rao, Prof. Saibaba

    -A joint Statement by the Nepalese intellectuals, writers and journalists, demanding immediate release of Varavara Rao, Prof. Saibaba, cultural activist Maila Lama and other social activists and political prisoners.  
    Kathmandu: Along with the Corona terror, we are facing state terror imposed by the fascist regimes.  Nepalese revolutionary cultural activist Maila Lama is kept in jail along with other political prisoners, and the KP Oli government is ridiculing the question of the survival of the political prisoners. Intellectuals and human right activists from all over the world are questioning the lifeguards of Indian prisoners—Prof. Saibaba, author Varavara Rao, ailing politician Kobad Ghandi and other social activists.  In contrary, Modi Government has arrested Gautam Navalakha and Anand Teltumde, the prominent personalities in India.
    In Turkey, Helen Bolek, an activist of the anti-imperialist cultural team ‘Yoram Group’ demanding freedom of expression, died on April 3, following 288 days hunger strike, and the condition of another senior cultural activist, Ibrahim Gogek, who is living in the hunger strike, has become very critical. After being released from prison, Helen Bolek was in hunger strike demanding freedom of expression and the release of her remaining comrades.

    It is the duty of every progressive citizen to express solidarity with the oppressed and to stand against the State terror. Keeping in mind our responsibility, we condemn the fascist regime of Turkey forcing Helena Bolek to death and show our sincere respect and tribute to her.
    Likewise, we condemn the fascist Indian Modi regime and express our strong solidarity with the intellectuals and social activists, who are launching campaigns for the release of imprisoned personalities. We demand the unconditional release of all writers, journalists and social activists including Prof.  G.N. Saibaba, author and ideologue Varavara Rao, social activists Gautam Navalakha and Prof, Anand Teltumde. We all know Prof. Saibaba is wheelchair-bound with over 90% physical disability and 80 years old revolutionary poet Rao suffers from variety of ailments.
    At present, corona infection is rapidly increasing in Nepal and has brought Nepali life to a state of fear, tragedy and terror. The Nepalese people are now bound to suffer the Corona terror and the state terror both. Corona pandemic has become a easy means for corruption and the government has done nothing to get rid of the corona pandemic. Nepal’s prisons are filled with political prisoners. The Home Administration has repeatedly arresting political activists despite the court release.
    Considering the uniqueness of the situation, cultural activists and human rights organizations have been calling for the release of the captives, including popular people’s cultural activist Maila Lama. On the contrary, the Oli government is in a position to continue the process of arrest and detention. In such a situation, we request and call on writers, artists, journalists and social activists to initiate a joint campaign for the survival and release of prisoners, including Maila Lama.
    Let’s unite for joint resistance.
    Rishi Raj Baral :  Fiction writer and critic; Roshan Janakpuri : Poet and critic’ Khem Thapaliya : Playwright and critic; Mitrlal Pangyani : Poet; Nibha shaha : Poet; Khoma Taramu Magar : Poet and essayist; Modanath Marhtha :  Poet; Balaram Timsina :; poet; Nandish Adhikaarii : Professor; Shivanarayan Pradhan : Professor; Takmaa Kesi : Professor; Janardan Thapa : Social Activist; Kedarnaath Gautam : Journalist
    Dewendra Timla : Journalist; Yadav Devkota :  Journalist; Narendrajang Peter : ;journalist; Soorya Baral : Journalist; Jaya Dahal : Journalist; Umesh Acharya : Poet
    Kamal Subedi : Reviewer; Kapilchandra Pokhrel : Advocate and social activist
    Adity Bishnu: Journalist; Matrika Pokhrel: Poet; Rohit Dahal: Short story writer
    Dilip Shrestha: Poet; Manohar Laamichhane : Essayist; Dambar BK : Reviewer
    Shivanarayan Yadav: Professor; Dirgha Pandey: Social Worker; Mahadeep Pokharel : Social Activist

    Kerala: We demand immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners – DSU

    • prisoners – DSU

    WeWhile a public health crisis grips the country and hits hard the masses, repression by this brahminical fascist state continue unabated.
    While Anand Teltumbde and Gautam Navlakha, whoʹs anticipatory bail was rejected by the court demands surrender under a fabricated case to jail activists pursuing social justice, Meeran Haider and Ashu Khan have been named in a false case to fabricate the event that unfolded in the anti-muslim communal violence that broke out in Delhi in February. In Assam, Akhil Gogoi was rearrested as soon as he stepped out of jail.
    We stand in solidarity with all tireless defenders of justice who is targeted by this brahminical state. We demand immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners, and repeal of the colonial law UAPA. We demand prison relaxations in the face of COVID-19 epidemic gripping the country.
    Repeal charges against Anand Teltumbde and Gautam Navlakha. Quash fabricated case of Bhima Koregaon. Release all arrestees in the case.
    Democratic Studentsʹ Union, Kerala

    Ajith’s coming back: talking about communism and caste question

    In October 2019, senior journalist KP Sethunath have interviewed for almost an hour Comrade Ajith on topics such as Hindutva, the caste question, etc.
    This interview has been subtitled in English and is now available:

    Arundathy Roy and other intellectuals asking for political prisoners freedom

    In via di traduzione
    The Covid19 outbreak in the country is fast becoming a public health hazard forcing the government to declare a 21-day nationwide lockdown. This public health concern is alsoan occasion to look at the overcrowded prisons in the country. According to India Justice Report (2019) the national average of occupancy in prisons is 114 percent of its capacity. The average only tells part of the story as the condition varies from state to state. The outbreak of an pandemic such as Covid19 will have disastrous impact in a closed environment such as a prison even in normal conditions. Overcrowding will exacerbate the situation beyond control and that calls for immediate attention of the governments concerned. The India Justice Report also stated that over 67 percent of prisoners in the country belong to the category of under-trial prisoners, meaning people in custody awaiting ‘investigation, inquiry or trial’.
    Realising the gravity of the situation the Honourable Supreme Court had directed the state governments to consider granting bail to remand prisoners, accused of committing crimes punishable with a maximum of seven years imprisonment. The apex court also directed the state governments to form a high power committee to handle this matter. The court suggested the committee to examine the possibility of releasing convicted prisoners and other remand prisoners on parole in view of the health hazard. We call upon the Union and State Governments to take the directive of the Honourable Supreme Court in letter and spirit and initiate steps to avoid a humanitarian crisis in the prisons. We would like to draw the attention of all the concerned authorities to the examples seen across the world where prisoners, including political prisoners, have been released in view of the present pandemic.
    The prisons across the country are having a large number of political prisoners, undergoing incarceration as under-trials for many years or as convicts. Many of them have served more than five years in prison without any clarity on commencement of trial in these cases. Some of them are already suffering from many ailments.
    To mention some cases, in the state of Maharashtra, former Delhi University Professor GN Saibaba, poet Varavara Rao, Prof. Shoma Sen, Sudha Bharadwaj and several others ailing from ailments and old age are in jail. In Tamil Nadu, Padma and Veeramony, also suffering from various illnesses and old age, are in jail. A number of political prisoners in remand who have got bail in a number of cases are still imprisoned waiting for it in some other cases. For example, 65-year old Ibrahim, a chronic diabetic also suffering from cardiac problems, has been in jail in Kerala for more than five years. He is waiting for bail in only one case. Danish, another prisoner in the High Security Prison, Viyyur, Kerala, suffering from acute urinary infections, is still in jail despite gaining bail in all cases.
    Many jails in the country are not having proper hospitals, adequate doctors or treatment facilities. The prisoners have no option other than the overstretched public health system outside in case of an emergency. Most often prisoners are not in a position to receive adequate medical care on time due to delays caused by various administrative formalities. The situation of prisoners would be far worse when the dreaded Covid19 outbreak is playing havoc with public health system in the country. The arrangements made in prisons to deal with the seriousness of situation remains unknown.
    In the above circumstance we appeal to the Union and State Governments to initiate immediate steps to provide bail or parole to all political prisoners on a priority basis along with other prisoners.
    Arundhathi Roy: Author
    Prof. Gilbert Achcar: SOAS , University of London

    Prof. Jairus Banaji: SOAS, University of London
    Prof. Shakuntala Banaji: London School of Economics
    Sujato Bhadra: Vice President, Committee for Release of Political Prisoners
    Tarun Bharatiya: Documentary Film Maker
    Prof. Kamal Mitra Chenoy: SSS, JNU
    Bernard D’Mello: Author and editor
    S.K. Das: Architect
    Vidyadhar Date: Journalist
    Rutuja Deshmukh: film theorist, University of Pune
    Xavier Dias: Rights Activist
    Prof. Hargopal: Hyderabad
    Rohini Hensman: Writer and Activist
    Harsh Kapoor: Activist
    Dr. Alessandra Mezzadri: SOAS, University of London
    Prof. Dilip Menon: University of Witwatersrand
    Sanchita Mukherjee: CRPP
    Adv.V.Reghunath: Civil Liberties, Telangana
    Prof: Pritam Singh: University of Oxford
    Dr. Subir Sinha: SOAS, University of London
    Sukla Sen: Author
    Stan Swamy: Activist
    Dr. Nalini Taneja: University of Delhi
    Prof. Rashmi Varma: University of Warwick
    Dr. Benjamin Zachariah: University of Heidelberg
    Paranjoy Guha Thakurta (EPW Editor)
    Meena Kandasamy, Author
    K Sachidanandan, Author
    BRP Bhaskar
    K. Murali ( Ajith)
    A. Vasu
    Dr J Devika
    Dr T T Sreekumar
    MN Ravunni
    Dr KT Ram Mohan
    Adv PA Pauran
    KP Sethunath
    Adv. S Madhusoodanan
    Dr. Biju, Director
    Mythri Prasad
    Adv: Tushar Nirmal Sarathy
    Adv: Shyna

    From Canada – freedom for Saibaba

    Grade 10 and 12 students at L.A. Matheson School in Surrey joined the campaign for the release of Delhi University Professor G.N. Saibaba on Thursday, March 12.
    Wheelchair-bound Saibaba, who is ninety percent disabled below the waist is being incarcerated under inhumane conditions in India. This is despite the continued deterioration of his health because of 19 ailments.
    March 7 marked the third anniversary of his life sentencing by the Indian judiciary that branded him as sympathizer of Maoist insurgents. The Indian government has refused to free him on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, even as UN experts have sought his release.
    A teach-in was organized at the school by award-winning educator and social justice activist Annie Ohana along with her colleague Gurpreet Bains in partnership with Indians Abroad for Pluralist India (IAPI). They told the students about the case of Saibaba and encouraged them to write to the local MPs asking them to build international pressure for his release.
    Ohana had also spoken at the rally for Saibaba held by IAPI in Surrey on the International Day for Persons with Disabilities in December.
    IAPI members Parshotam Dosanjh and Gurpreet Singh were also present at the Thursday event that was organized as part of the Indigenous week and Ohana tried to draw parallels between the indigenous issues in Canada and India.
    Saibaba has been allegedly framed because of his opposition to the repression of indigenous communities and other minorities in India. Since Maoists are fighting a class war in the tribal belt, not only Saibaba, but others like him have been frequently labelled as ultra-leftists to suppress any voice of dissent. Saibaba has been raising concerns over the eviction of indigenous peoples from their traditional lands in the name of development by the extraction industry with the backing of the Indian state.
    The attacks on minorities and indigenous peoples have grown ever since the right-wing Hindu nationalist Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power with a huge majority in 2014.
    Later, some of the students stuck “Free Saibaba” signs on their backs for a group picture to show their solidarity with the jailed teacher.

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