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‘People’s War’ is the  theoretical organ of the Communist party of India, Central Committee. Now we have its new issue, March 2017. It is publicly available also in the internet. It is a special issue on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the initiation of The Great Culture Revolution in China. Every document has its own significance, but  the documents ‘ The Importance of GPCR, Successes-Lessons’, by CC, CPI(Maoist), February 2017′ ‘CPC Circular on GPCR, 16 May 19662, ‘The Great Cultural Revolution will Shine Forever’ Editorial Departments of Renmin Ribao, Peking Review, are the articles of great significance.


The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution of socialist China (1966-76) was an earth-shaking event of world-historic importance. It was the result of the summing up of all the positive and negative experiences of the world working class movement for establishing socialism and communism. Under the leadership of Mao, it developed the revolutionary theory and practice of the international proletariat to a new and higher level. It was a unique and unprecedented revolution led by the proletariat against the bourgeoisie under the conditions of socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat. It  was a revolution to bring the superstructure in conformity with the socialist economic base. It was a revolution of the period of transition from capitalism to communism through the intermediate stage of socialism by defeating the attempts of domestic and foreign revisionists and reactionaries to restore capitalism. It was a revolution by millions upon millions of people who rose up like stormy waves to smash the enemy strongholds. In the process, they also transformed their own world outlook, which was essential for carrying forward the socialist revolution. It was a revolution to continue the revolution to till its final victory – the establishment of communism by carrying the socialist revolution through to the end.
GPCR was the result of the further development of the Marxist theoretical concept of continuous revolution. Led by Mao, new theoretical principles related to class struggle under socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat were developed which were necessary to guarantee the victory of socialism. Not only that, these theories were tested and proven in the crucible of practice during the GPCR. This was a unique, new and higher level experience for the world proletariat and the international communist movement.
Apart from changing the entire Chinese society, the GPCR also had a worldwide impact. It was a catalyst for a new wave of communist and national liberation movements across the world. It provided the impetus for a decisive ideological and political break with revisionism. It provided the backdrop of the beginning of a new type of working class movements in the capitalist countries and protracted people’s wars in several oppressed countries including India which upheld Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as their guiding ideology.
In the communist movement of our country, an ideological struggle was already going on under the leadership of revolutionary forerunners like comrades CM and KC. This ideological struggle led to the historic Naxalbari armed agrarian revolutionary upsurge of 1967. Thus, it was in the international backdrop of the GPCR that the people’s war was initiated in India under the leadership of comrades CM and KC. This glorious people’s war has continued on a tortuous path for the last five decades and is going to complete its fiftieth anniversary.
The class struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat has been continuing since the GPCR came to an end four decades back. Many of the genuine revolutionary communist parties that were built or reorganized during the GPCR are still in existence and are leading the class struggle in several countries. Wherever the leadership of these parties have been able to creatively apply the universal truth of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism – particularly the lessons of GPCR – they could sustain or strengthen the parties even amidst victories and defeats, ups and downs and twists and turns of the revolutionary movement. Wherever the leadership could not do this, the parties disintegrated and the movement was lost.
By creatively applying MLM in the concrete conditions of a country, by bringing the vast masses of the people into the arena of class struggle under its guidance and by fighting with tremendous courage and sacrifice, a strong party can be built where there is no such party, a strong army can be built where there is no such army and political power can be seized where there is no political power. Our task ahead is to firmly grasp MLM and the spirit of GPCR in order to achieve our immediate and ultimate goals. It is only in this way that the working-class can meet the challenge of effectively fighting and finally burying imperialism, which, though in its deathbed, will not leave the stage of history on its own.
All our comrades should deeply study the experiences of GPCR to grasp its tremendous significance, learn from its wide-ranging lessons and apply them creatively in their revolutionary practice. With the hope that it may be of help in this endeavour, we are bringing out this issue of People’ War as a special issue on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the initiation of GPCR and as a part of the anniversary celebrations by our Party. This issue includes two articles written on this occasion and a selection of two historic documents, excerpts and quotations on the GPCR. Our Central Committee is also releasing a separate commemorative volume The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution will Shine For Ever which is a compilation of several historic documents, articles, excerpts and quotations.

Salute 26th conference of Virasam: – Harsh Thakor

Salute 26th conference of  Virasam which continued the legacy of the invincible ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to extinguish the dark process of Hindu fascism prevailing today. 
Chess were truly inspiring for rekindling the sacred flame of liberation from the tyranny of the fascism of the Hindu Brahmanical variety.

VIRASAM vows to fight fascism

Mahabubnagar: Members of Viplava Rachayitala Sangham (VIRASAM) on Sunday vowed to continue their fight against the ‘Brahminical Fascism’ and ‘Imperialist Fascism’. They were speaking at the two-day 26th State Conference of the organisation, which concluded here on Sunday.Around 1500-2000 people attended the conference.
Seminars on topics ranging from Brahminical Hindu fascism, literature against Brahminism and democratic culture, Hindu caste nature, perspectives on literature against Hinduism and others were organised.
Eminent social activists, professors and journalists participated in the conference which was attended by a huge crowd from Telangana, and the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh.
Professor Anand Teltumbde, Professor Haragopal, Varalakshmi, UOH Scholar Udaya Bhanu, Duddu Prabhakar, Shivarathri Sudhakar, Professor Kasim, Veerasathedar, Siasat Editor Zahid Ali Khan, Kalyan Rao and Varavara Rao spoke on various issues related to Brahminical Hindu fascism prevailing in the country under BJP’s rule.
Today Virasam is the only open mass organization supporting the Maoist trend and it is significant that it was formed in the time the formal C.P.I.(M.L.) Party led by Charu Mazumdar called for abandoning mass organizations.
Its function in the hour of the ascendancy of fascsim has great significance in shaping the future of the revolutionary movement in India.The participation of proDalit and anti-fascsit speakser oustide Andhra Pradesh and Telengan alike Anand Teltumbde and Vir Sathidar had great significance.
VIRASAM ( Viplava Rachayithala Sangam)- Revolutionary Writers’ Association’s 26 th Mahasabhalu (2 day conferences ) was conducted on 13,14 Jan,2018 at City Crown Function Hall. The premises was remembered as Maddilety Pranganam, the Hall as C.V memorial, and the venue is remembered as Gouwri Lankesh dais. Thousands of people attended from all the districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The Theme for theconference was ” Hindu Brahmanical Fascism and its worst impact on modern society. Speakers like Pro. Haragopal, Duddu Prabhakar ( KNPS). V.V, Kalyana Rao, Paani, Varalakshmi, Pro. Kasim, Veera Sattedar from Nagapur, Pro. Anand Telthumbde ang others attended.
The conference resolved the following Resolutions.

  1. to strengthen peoples’ fight against the Hindu Brahmanical Fascism
  2. To support MRPS movement
  3. To fight against all kinds of oppression

Long live peoples’ struggle
Down with Hindu fascism
Varalaxmi Secretary of Virasam said:
This time, the 26th Congress is going to discuss Brahminical Hindu fascism as the center. After the BJP’s full majority, the majority of communalism is getting worrying. From the stage of communal politics and the Hindu communalism, it is fascist, especially when it comes to violence in the freedom of expression, personal wishes, habits, the persecution of the believers, the persecution of the state and the persecution of Hindutva.
In the history of fascism, fascist governments have a political background. The contradiction in the capitalist mode of production has been a constant crisis of its market. In order to get out of the crisis, it swells markets to weaken weak countries and expand its market. In that sense, it became imperialism and caused global warfare.
Another way to choose to get out of the crisis is to further crush the working class and squeeze the labor further. For this, it will break labor rights. Bourgeois democracy is a barrier to the right that demands that it is not a matter of democracy, but a dictatorship.
Fascists who have not yet come to power in industrial strikes in Italy have been attacked by workers. For the purposes of the country, for the sake of sustainability, peace and development, calls for the suppression of the forces of anger.
Thus, the bourgeois group has chosen to be their representative. Fascists said that the benefits of bourgeois interest are the racial benefits.
The hardened nationality is the political death of the working class. This nationality concept is in the RSS. The powers are very impressive. While India was a colonial regime, the concept of nationalism came from British anti-imperialism. But the RSS does not oppose British imperialism. It has come to religion for nationality. It raised Hindu nationalism but Hinduism was very weak.
There is no organization, religion, one standard book, one god and beliefs. The architecture of the stone in India, with different faiths, practices and customs, is only a caste system. The caste system conserving the interests of the feudal class is survived under Brahminical domination.
Brahmina supremacist forces are in favor of imperialism in the interests of the class. The British rulers continued to keep themselves from touching the caste system. RSS. The predicted Hindutva essence is the Brahminical dominant caste system. The culture that it says is the classic culture of the Varna Dharma. Manamma is its constitution. Only these are not the power of the people to mobilize its nationality. For that reason, Muslim hatred took place.
Nationalism and nationalism from the British anti-imperialist counterparts, which propagated Hindu nationalism from the Muslim opposition. It is the adversary of the communists for communal purposes.
The expansion into the RSS strata has been strengthened by Hindu nationalism in the form of Ekattha Yatra and Shilanyis. There is also a Congress role, along with the Sangh. India’s parliamentary democracy has been a road leading to Hindu fascism.
There are religious fundamentalists in the dominant castes and feudal forces involved in the national movement from the first to the Congress. Later they came to play an active role in the government … in the political circles of the Brahminical Hindutva. From the beginning, the Indian ruling class of India is a Brahminical Hinduism.
The Brahminical Supremacy, the pro-imperialist economy, leads the social sectors of our country’s politics. From many democratic and anti-Brahmins movements, the Constitution of India has dictated secular democratic and socialist objectives from the expanding modern domination of the world. But the nature of its semi-colonial semi-feudal parliamentary politics does not democratize the society, but it is widening the space for Hindutva fascists.
As the dominant power of Brahminical social cultural ideology, Dalit, the imperialist political exploitation force, the two are fascinating in our country. The common people of the Brahmin Hindu Fascist also came to know when the BJP first came to power at the Center. Its political strategy in Gujarat is also clear. The Hindu communalism, along with the Brahmanical ideology, has been very complicated with the imperialist power. If it is not clearly identified as a Brahmin Hindu Fascism, it will be shadowed by shadow.
Today, Narendra Modi’s leadership is displaying nude in all areas of the Sangh Parivar.
We have seen history in the history of suppressing the working class by establishing the fascist dictatorship of the imperialist investment growth, to get out of the market crises. In many countries, governments with development-resistant dictatorship are coming to power.
The fascist danger to the Brahminical Hindu nationalism was due to the specific social system in India. However, in India, the hard-line caste system has a number of contemptuous traditions from the very first against Brahminism. There are tangible resistance tones. There are great successes of great democratic revolution.
To combat aggressive pre-existing Brahminical Hindu fascism, the strength of the resistance forces is to be estimated in this soil. To unite. Brahminical Hindu fascism has political roots, which can be prevented by the resistance fighters of the castes, democratic and rationalist movements, and powerful sectarianism.
Let’s discuss these issues in the Conferences. Must come. Make a success. (26th Congress of Viceroy, 13-14 January, Crown Gourdon Function Hall (Old MVS College), New Town, Mahabubnagar)For two consecutive years, the Conference will organize a discussion of the literary school and analyze and discuss it from different angles.
In 1985, following the Ghadawala literary school, the ‘Brahmin Hindu fascism’ was held for a period of about two days, taking the parades in the Palamore area again. We have now made an attempt to explain the political and ideological origins of the prevalent incidents in the country.
The cultural origin of the Hindu nationalism of Sangh Parivar is the dominance of the ladder of the ladder in the Brahminical Dhamma. The revolutionary movement defines it as a fascist Hindu fascism.
We are grateful to Professor Anand Teltumbude, PRsman Veerasdhadar, Sialat Editor Zaheer Ali Khan and Comrade Prabhakar who shared their ideas in the House along with us on this topic. Thanks to the friends of the Palestinian people and the literate friends who have given us a sense of success through the success of the invitation society and the success of the invitations, We strongly condemn the government’s stance that has no permissions for the procession.
We did not allow our procession to juggle public public intellectual policies, misunderstandings, and public hunt. While halling is limited to the meeting, we have a large number of people who are thankful to their supporters. The 26th Congress of the Vicerinas 15 unanimously passed the resolutions.

  1. The government is silent on the dalits and murders of all over the country. Ministers themselves constitute the constitution and the violation of the law. The BJP has come to power to enforce fascism for the purposes of corporate forces. We call for united movements to prevent this.
  2. We condemn the attacks on the authors, ABVP and other organizational groups and the University professors and the government and the police have not tried to stop them.
  3. We condemn the repudiation of journalists by killing journalists and the liberation of press freedom.
  4. We condemn the detention and arrest of Mrs. Krishna’s arrest on MRPS. We are inclined to do the SC Classification Act immediately.
  5. Removing the plots from the ST list and demanding a different alternative to them, the government demands justice for adivasis.
  6. We condemn the false case against Comrade Kalyan Rao, a member of the martyrs martyrs. Besides, there is no objection to the Prabhakar pillar constructed in Secunderabad and the arrest of the Prabhakar family members and the members of the society.
  7. The government condemns the dharna against the mass protests against bulletin encounters, and the police are forced to arrest the mother martamanumma.
  8. Over 1600 farmers committed suicide due to the Telangana government. This is the same situation across the country. The rulers are showing criminal negligence. We condemn it, and we’re dying to move governments to solve the problems of farmers.
  9. In Jharkhand we are demanding the lifting of ban on the Mazdoor Sangathan Samiti (MSS).
  10. The Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments are demanding the immediate bringing of anti-ramification legislation demanding rationalists and mass organizations.
  11. China’s social imperialism dominates the markets of countries backed up and exploits natural resources. It was a new imperialist country that intervened in the internal affairs of the countries competing with the United States. People call on the people to fight against the American and Chinese imperialism.
  12. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are raising royalty. By fraudulent encounters, they are implementing dictatorship by putting up the vocals, sabhas, freedoms, attacks on public organizations and fraudulent cases. We strongly condemn this.
  13. Violence for the refugees who are refugees in neighboring countries in Myanmar is proclaiming full support. The Myanmar government demands the immediate stopping of the damages on the Rohingya. The Government of India decides to provide full protection and full rights to refugees from India as refugees.

14.India Prime Minister Modi, American President Trump and Israeli president Netanyahu’s alliance formed the world’s dangerous nation-wide evil.
This calls for people to different groups to recognize and resist.

  1. Over the past two months, more than 50 students have committed suicide in Srichaitanya and Narayana colleges in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Governments are enabling students to educate their businesses after opening the door to exploit the education of many corporate subsidies in the name of education. Vidarayam is demanding that the government take free education to all the students, to take action against the corporate college.
Pani, Secretary Varalakshmi, the former secretary, Revolutionary Authors Association.
source: Democracy and class struggle

India – in all the world support people’s war – freedom for political prisoners – down right opportunist and ‘leftist’ that does not support ICSPWI

An Indian Sikh protesting against the racist BJP ruling party. Modi supports genocide & terrorising

ICSPWI _ITALY – Naples demo for Saibaba – international days

ICSPWI – talk in the European Parliament for intensifing all kind of actions for the liberation of Saibaba – announced an ‘European spring thunder tour’ – in the next days report and plans

The Delhi Chapter Of Bastar Solidarity Network Demands Immediate Release of SAIBABA


As Political Prisoner G N Saibaba’s Condition Worsens,

As G N Saibaba, a political prisoner, continues to languish behind bars, there is a question that all democratic-minded people ought to ask. Can we be silent while a person is persecuted simply because of his or her political views, ideas, and opinions? Saibaba has always been known as someone who has been vocal about the well-being of the tribals of this country, their right over their land, forest and rivers, and their right to lead a life of dignity. He has been critical of a particular model of “development” in ­India that has translated into the death, destruction and displacement of tribals in the millions. He has been vocal against the war on Adivasis, sponsored by corporate greed for minerals in the name of Operation Green Hunt. He has been a public intellectual, a professor of English in Delhi University, and has written and spoken extensively on the above concerns in his public life, both nationally and internationally. For this “crime” of having given voice to his conscience, Saibaba has been convicted. Just like Binayak Sen earlier, he has been branded as a “Maoist,” and subjected to a witch-hunt.
While he is in the process of appealing to the higher courts against the injustices meted out to him, we remain deeply concerned about his health, which is fast ­deteriorating due to neglect. Saibaba’s wife, Vasantha Kumari, has returned from Nagpur after visiting him in jail and expresses her apprehensions about his physical well being. Apart from being 90% disabled, owing to polio, and as a result, wheelchair-bound, Saibaba also suffers from multiple other physical ailments. During his earlier incarcerations he had been denied several life-saving medicines by the jail authorities, actions which have further ruined his health. To procure these medicines, as well as a bed, and to get medical check-ups done, Saibaba had to approach the courts every time. It was owing to his failing health that the Supreme Court bench led by J S Kehar granted him bail in April 2016 on medical grounds, admonishing the authorities for being “extremely unfair to [Saibaba], especially knowing his medical conditions.” Ever since he received bail, Saibaba had been undergoing treatment in several hospitals in the country. Apart from polio, which has affected both his legs, there have been progressive and incurable conditions of his spine and nervous system. The medical neglect in jail had almost cost him one of his arms, for which he was undergoing physiotherapy. In February 2017, Saibaba was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and impacted gall bladder stones, and was advised immediate surgery in a hospital where special facilities for the treatment of people with severe disabilities was available. In fact just the week before the judgment that awarded him life imprisonment in March 2017, Saibaba had been admitted into the intensive-care unit in a hospital in Delhi. While he was scheduled to undergo surgery, he was sent back to prison. This time, the Court even refused to pass a separate order on the plea of Saibaba’s lawyer, to ensure appropriate medical facilities, instead, referring these issues back to the same jail authorities who had denied them the last time.
Kumari had written to the governor of Maharashtra, stating that Saibaba’s health “has become much deteriorated compared to my visit a month ago. A lump formed in his abdomen is growing and his health [is] becoming more critical. I was informed by my husband that the prison authorities are also worrying about his health. There are no adequate and necessary medical facilities in the Nagpur Medical College Hospital, Nagpur to treat his ailments.” In a press statement issued in December 2017, the National Platform for the Rights of the Disabled expressed serious concerns about Saibaba’s health stating that he “has 19 medical conditions for which he was undergoing treatment earlier. Due to this wilful neglect and denial of access to medicines, he has undergone blackouts frequently.” The same concerns were echoed by Amnesty International. “Denying medical treatment to a prisoner is never justified, and can amount to torture,” said Abhir V P, senior campaigner at Amnesty International India.
In a letter to Kumari, Saibaba wrote:
“We are small people working for small people’s rights in small ways. Why does this gigantic state fear our hopes, our love, our dreams? Have we done anything wrong to anyone? Did we have to harm anyone? Why are our lives violated? Why are dreams criminalised? Why are hopes crushed? Can we live in our own world, in our little dreamy world on our own, dashing against brutal and inhuman violent attack on our dreams?”
As Saibaba, Hem Mishra, Mahesh Tirki, Pandu Narote, Vijay Tirki, Prashant Rahi and hundreds of other voices of dissent, of conscience, languish behind bars, these questions from Saibaba should haunt all freedom-loving, justice-loving people.
The Bastar Solidarity Network (Delhi Chapter) demands the immediate release of Saibaba and all other political prisoners; that Saibaba be immediately transferred from Nagpur Central Prison to Cherlapally Central Prison, Hyderabad, so that his family members residing in Hyderabad can meet and extend moral support to him, while at the same time medical support can be provided to him in Hyderabad in any of the numerous government hospitals with required facilities; an end to Operation Green Hunt, corporate loot, atrocities on tribals, and the forceful displacement of Adivasis, in order to make way for the mining mafia; and an end to the witch-hunt of democratic rights activists, who speak up against the war on Adivasis and against corporate greed.
Bastar Solidarity Network (Delhi Chapter)

New propaganda videos and photos from Manipur!

Two new videos of the Maoist Communist Party of Manipur have been published on our youtube channel.
The first is a documentary that was originally made in 2015, that describe the particular situation of Manipur, oppressed by imperialism but also by the Indian State.

The second video is a revolutionary song called “Let’s Sharpen the Sickle Razor Sharp”. It was written by Comrade Hijam Irabot while he was in jail in 1940. The pictures and videos comes from a training camp of the MCPM.

Here are also two pictures from this same training camp. On the banner is written in meitei “Maoist na Yaifare“, which means “Long live Maoist”.

Galiza – for Saibaba and all indian political prisoners 26-27 january

Italy – for saibaba and all political prisoners India

Guarda il video: 

26-27 january .- two international days for the freedom of Saibaba and all political prisoners in India

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