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Info – public letter

dear comrades,
We prepare all that is useful for, Saibaba, Ajith, all political prisoners in India, they are large and protracted campaigns, any organisation and any country should make the possible and inform us.
We send all infos and materials to India.
We support a specific campaign launched from Italy to the world by slai cobas trade union agaiins life sentences on Maruti Suzuki workers.
On 20th of May there is Day for the 50th  anniversary on Naxalbari revolt – it is good to use Indian publications, pamphlets, poster for this.
It needs to send in India infos about this  – to be circulated there during the week of celebration.
The anounced democratic tour is for now postponed in autunm.
ICSPWI supports all calls launched for these issues by parties and organisations that support the struggle against green hunt and the repression and murders by fascist indutva Modi government in India, that support  ICSPWI activities, that support people’s war in india and the CPI(maoist)  – a text by Austrian comrades is available.
ICSPWI joins to the campaign  for the freedom of Georges I. Abdallah and that to defend the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo.
2 avril 2017

1 – Documents about Naxalbari Uprising towards 50° anniversary – 20 may in the world all kind of demostrations ICSPWI


A new dawn was breaking…………..
The First Spark
Throughout 1966 itself the groundwork had been laid. In 1965/66 the ‘Siliguri Group’ [(of the newly formed CPI (M)] brought out as many as six cyclostyled leaflets calling for the immediate commencement of armed revolution. One of these leaflets gave a call to initiate partisan warfare in the Terai region within six months. Throughout 1966 revolutionaries organised peasant cells in every part of Siliguri sub-division; bow and arrows, and even a few rifles were gathered and liaison established with the Nepalese Maoists active just a few miles away. In late 1966 a Revolutionary Kisan meeting was organised in Siliguri. On March 3, 1967 the seeds of struggle began to sprout………. A group of peasants surrounded a plot of land in Naxalbari region; marking the boundaries with red flags, they began harvesting the crop.
Then….. the March 18 Convention was the signal for the peasant upsurge, which engulfed the entire area for four months. The U.F. government in West Bengal sought to diffuse the movement by announcing token land reforms. The revolutionary peasants replied to the revisionist rulers by setting up peasant committees to take over the land of the jotedars. Huge processions and demonstrations were organised by Kisan committee members, many of whom were armed with lathis, spears, bows and arrows. A sea of red flags struck terror into the hearts of the landlords and the countryside reverberated with the slogan “March forward along the path of armed peasant revolution.”
The first clash was ignited when a share-cropper, Bigul Kisan, was beaten by armed agents of a local jotedar. This was followed by violent clashes and the forcible seizure of land and confiscation of food grains, by armed units of the Kisan committee. Any resistance by the landlords and their gangs was smashed and a few killed. By end May the situation reached the level of an armed peasant uprising. The CPI (M) leaders, who were now in power, first tried to pacify the leaders of the movement……having failed, Jyoti Basu, the then home minister of West Bengal, ordered in the police. On 23rd May the peasantry retaliated killing an inspector at Jharugaon village. On May 25, in Naxalbari, the police went berserk killing nine women and children. In June the struggle intensified further, particularly in the areas of Naxalbari, Kharibari and Phansidewa. Firearms and ammunition were snatched from the jotedars by raiding their houses. People’s courts were established and judgments passed. The upheaval in the villages continued till July. The tea garden workers struck work a number of times in support of the peasants. Then on July 19, a large number of para-military forces were deployed in the region. In ruthless cordon and search operations, hundreds were beaten and over one thousand arrested. Some leaders like Jangal Santal were arrested, others like Charu Mazumdar went underground, yet others like Tribheni Kanu, Sobhan, Ali Gorkha Majhi and Tilka Majhi became martyrs. A few weeks later, Charu Mazumdar wrote “Hundreds of Naxalbaris are smoldering in India……. Naxalbari has not died and will never die.”
Naxalbari gets recognition
The Communist Party of China, then the centre for world revolution, hailed the uprising. On June 28, 1967 Radio Peking broadcast : “A phase of peasants’ armed struggle led by the revolutionaries of the Indian Communist Party has been set up in the countryside in Darjeeling district of West Bengal state of India. This is the front paw of the revolutionary armed struggle launched by the Indian people……”. Within a week, the July 5th edition of People’s Daily carried an article entitled ‘Spring Thunder over India’ which said : “A peal of spring thunder has crashed over the land of India. Revolutionary peasants in Darjeeling area have risen in rebellion. Under the leadership of a revolutionary group of the Indian Communist Party, a red area of rural revolutionary armed struggle has been established in India….. The Chinese people joyfully applaud this revolutionary storm of the Indian peasants in the Darjeeling area as do all the Marxist-Leninists and revolutionary people of the world.”
Meanwhile, revolutionaries in Calcutta, who had also been running a campaign against revisionism, took up a massive campaign in support of the Naxalbari uprising. The walls of college streets were plastered with posters saying : “Murderer Ajoy Mukherjee (the Chief minister) must resign.” The revolutionaries [still within the CPI (M)] held a meeting in Ram Mohan Library Hall in Calcutta and formed the ‘Naxalbari Peasants Struggle Aid Committee’, which was to become the nucleus of the Party of the future.
Simultaneous to the police action, the CPI (M) expelled a large number of their members. Sushital Roy Chowdhary, a member of the West Bengal state committee and editor of their Bengali party organ was expelled. So were other leading members like Ashim Chatterjee, Parimal Das Gupta, Asit Sen, Suniti Kumar Ghosh, Saroj Datta and Mahadev Mukherjee. The Darjeeling district committee and Siliguri sub-divisional committee were dissolved.
The spark of Naxalbari set aflame the fires of revolution in Srikakulam, Birbhum, Debra-Gopiballavpur, Mushahari and Lakhimpur-Kheri. The states of West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, U.P and Tamil Nadu saw a big spurt in Naxalbari-inspired struggles and Maoist formations sprouted in nearly every state of India.

ICSPWIndia info- New important decisions to organize a new international campaign

the talk meeting 17 november in Italy – after report, debate with all comrades of various countries that have parteciped – has taken three decisions:
– immediate launch of a prolonged campaign for the liberation of Ajith, Kobad Gandhi, all senior comrades and all political prisoners in the indian jails – this campaign must be realised in  autonomous form by solidarity committes and individuals – this campaign  has made with the objectiv to obtain results.
– invitation in Europe for indian intellectuals, teachers. democratic personality for meetings and seminars about indian situation – economic, social, Green Hunt Operation, Adivasi’s persecutions etc.
– building together of an international initiative for 50° anniversary of ‘spring thunder’ – naxalite revolt in spring 2017
all info and report about these decisions, must be ask to ICSPWI –
september 2016

Statement icspwi


Icspwi salutes the success of International action’s week in varius countries in the world.

It is important that many workers, youngs, women, people have directly partecipated with the spirit of international solidarity with political prisoners in the jails of the Indian Modi’s regime.

It is important that many maoist, revolutionary, antimperialist  organisations have organised different kind of actions according to the conditions  and the level of the possibility in every country.

A bulletin will be realised in this month with reports and infos..

The wind of this IAW arrives in India and the Indian people envolved in revolutionary struggle and in the the war’s people is incouraged in his epocal struggle for a New Democracy Revolution.

Now it needs that the initiatives continue particularly against Green Hunt and Aerial attacks against people.

In some Universities in Europe advances the ICSPWI proposal to invite Indian democratic representants of association and people’s organisation in the next months.

It needs in the same time to develop analisis of concret situation for preparing a new wave of the international support, for extending mass mobilitation against Indian regime and imperialist states that have strict relation with Indian regime.

It needs an antifascist and antimperialist alliance with all that are availables in this new wave.

For this a series of talks will be realized in the next weeks and months, particularly in Europe in june-july, in Latin America in october:

Other new proposals can be sent to ICSPWI that will send them to all solidarity mouvement.

Unconditional freedom for all political prisoners in India!
Stop Green Hunt, the war and aerial attacks on the people!
Support the People’s war in India!



may 2016

International Week of Actions in Ecuador


International Week of Actions in Chile

Apr16-ChiFrom newspaper “el Pueblo”, unofficial translation

With the slogans “Stop Operation Green Hunt!”, “Stop aerial attacks and war on people!” we joint the International weel with these actions of proletarian internationalism.
In the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences, UMCE was held a meeting in which we discussed about this struggle and its advances. We spoke about the conditions of India, imperialist oppression and how the people organized under the leadership of the revolutionaries (Naxalites) of the Communist Party of India (Maoist).
At the Catholic University, a stronghold of compradors and landlords classe, democratic students spread information about this people and and caal to the event.
In Rancagua, Manque Radio, a community and libertarian radio realized a special program to inform about the situation in India, explaining how people dismissed all electoral illusions and joined the People’s War.
In addition a brochure by Indian professor Dr. Amit Bhattacharya in Jadavpur University based on his writing: India, Imperialist Domination and Revolution, was circulated. The latter exposes with scientific rigor the characteristics of domination and how the People’s War empower a model of genuine development for the Indian people.

International Week of Action – Report from Austria

austriaAp16-1Under the call of the International committee to support people’s war in India, we, Revolutionary Construction, participated in the international week of action. As an organisation with proletarian internationalist basis it is very important for us to connect our struggle in an imperialist country with the stuggles in oppressed countries, and to see them as an driving force for our own political work! Also austrian imperialism is involved in the oppression and exploitation, as well as in the support of counter-revolution, of the people in India. With posters, sprays, events and meetings wo popularized the demands of international commitee and we tried to spread the great stuggle of the indian masses, and its highest expression, the people’s war. Connected with theoretical debates of an important writing of Mao Zedong, we marked an important point in the campagne, the universal importance of people’s war, to also raise the consiousness of the progressive forces in Austria. Continue reading

International Week of Actions in Tunisia

tunisiaIC_16-1The Support Committee for the People’s War in India-Tunisia took part in the International Week by making propaganda in revolutionary circles via an ad hoc poster. Support activities were held in Tunis. Continue reading

International Week of Actions – Report from Brazil

As part of the International Week of Support for the People’s War and for the revolutionary and democratic prisoners in India a series of events were held in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo by the Brazilian Center for Popular Solidarity (CEBRASPO).
On April Continue reading

International Week of Actions in in Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany – Jugend Widerstand

indiendazibao.png-768x634As part of the week of action, organized by the International Committee to Support the People’s War in India, in solidarity with the New Democratic Revolution in India diverse propaganda actions took place in Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia. Continue reading

Important CPI (Maoist) documents

"Against Proposed Aerial Attacks on Adivasi Areas"

Red Homage to CPI(Maoist) Central Committee member Comrade Sridhar Srinivasan!

“The closure of three thousand schools and ashrams by the CG government is a symbol of the economic and academic bankruptcy and its anti people character”

“In Support of the Australian Indigenous Peoples’ Struggle Against Adani”

“Rise Against the Proposed Salva Judum-2 with the name Vikas Sangharsh Samithi (Committee to Struggle for Development)! — An appeal to the people, democrats, progressive intellectuals, writers, teachers, lawyers, media personnel, human rights organizations, adivasi, non-adivasi social organizations, sarv samaj, sarv adivasi samaj”

“A Call to the People to Fight Back the New Form of Salva Judum and the Supportive Organization of Greenhunt, Salva Judum-2”

“Boycott the Visit of Modi, the Prime Servant of CBB and MNCs to Chhattisgarh”

“Against the Family Planning Murders of Women”

“Condemn the Limitation on Buying Paddy”, in support of the peasant’s struggle

“Against Harrakoder Fake Encounter"

MIB Interview with Comrade Ganapathy: “Building on the new, unique and unprecedented achievements of the last decade, Indian revolution will certainly overcome the difficult situation to win newer, larger and more glorious victories”

Unite, Fight Back and Defeat ‘OGH—Third Phase’ of the Fascist Modi Government

Fight Back [against] the Anti-Working Class Amendments to Labour Laws by the NDA Goverment! Vikas model of Modi is Vinash for the people of India and Vistar for the imperialists and compradors!

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Message to the Milan International Conference in Solidarity with the People’s War in India

A Call to the People of India! Shatter the shackles of imperialism and feudalism, Destroy this rotten system! Build your future and that of the country with your own hands!

Statement in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) on September 21, 2004, issued by the Odisha State Committee of the CPI (Maoist) -Hindi

Pamphlet in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) on September 21, 2004, issued by the Odisha State Committee of the CPI (Maoist) -Hindi

Condemn the Invasion of Gaza and Massacre of Palestinians by Zionist Israel! Hail the Heroic National Liberation Struggle for Independent Palestine!

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Boycott the sham parliament & assembly elections!

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On the PLGA Attack of May 25