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13/19th september – global action week for India – London demostration

Londra Hindistan’lı Politik Tutsaklarla Dayanışma Eylemi

LONDRA|27.09.2022| Londra Hindistan konsolosluğu önünde, 26 Eylül tarih’de saat 15’de  Hindistan’lı tutsaklarla destek eylemi gerçekleştirildi. ATİK Londra komitesi olarak Hindistan’daki politik tutsaklara yönelik baskı ve şiddet protesto edildi. Yapılan eylemde, Hindistan’da politik tutsaklar üzerindeki şiddete son! Politik tutsaklara özgürlük! Hindistan’daki faşist saldırılara son! sloganlarının atıldı. UPOTUDAK açıklaması okundu. Ayrıca eylem boyunca bildiri dağıtımı yapıldı.

13/19th september – global action week – speeches in the Rome demostration for the freedom of political prisoners in India

13/19th september – Global action week – report from Italy

The week of global action launched by the International Committee in Support of the People’s War in India, on the recommendation and in close connection with the Communist Party of India (Maoist), was in Italy an important qualitative leap in anti-imperialist and internationalist proletarian support in our country.

All activities were concentrated on a strong day in Rome.

In the morning there was a demonstration at the Indian embassy. The Italian imperialist state and the police headquarters in Rome had banned the demonstration in front of the embassy and, taking as a pretext the use of Roman squares for the electoral campaign, had also denied the nearby squares, granting only a square far enough from the embassy.

All the operating structures of the Committee have organized, therefore, in legal and illegal forms the initiative. First we concentrated in a denied square, Piazza della Repubblica and the demonstration began by displaying the banner “Basta bombe e droni sulle popolazioni – Basta massacri e repressione – Libertà per tutti i prigionieri politici.”[Stop bombs and drones on populations – Stop massacres and repression – Freedom for all political prisoners] supported by representatives of the various mass organizations. Meanwhile, the notes of “Bella ciao” of a supportive Bar resounded in the air.

Then the comrades without flags and symbols moved compactly in the direction of the embassy and reached it counting on the “surprise” effect. Clearly the forces of repression expected a blitz and when the strong delegation appeared they lined up in front of the embassy.

The protesters did not stop, they raised the banner in front of the entrance of the embassy and shouted slogans.

The police did not intervene but pressed for the action to end.

As planned, the demonstrators put the banner back and went to the square that had been granted and occupied it in the side facing the passage of people.

The police again intervened demanding that the demonstration take place in restricted forms and less visible to the masses. The firm resistance of the women comrades, who were still the majority of the demonstrators, rejected this attempt; and a long second part of the demonstration took place.

A massive mass leaflet of the communiqué of the Support Committee and of the appeal of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) was made and dossiers and materials of the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement on Indian political prisoners were spread.

In addition to the banners for political prisoners and against drones and massacres of indian populations, a large banner was placed in support of the people’s war and also was re-proposed the exhibition that is circulating throughout Italy of the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement.

All the representatives of the adhering bodies took the floor, with strong and blunt interventions, appreciated by the demonstrators and the masses who passed, stopped, talked, asked. The voice of the workers of the Slai cobas, of the women of the RPFM, was particularly heard.

The demonstration was joined by the International Red Rescue, the main organization in our country in defense of political prisoners of the Red Brigades and an integral part of the international network present in several countries. These comrades had brought a large panel for the political prisoners of Turkey and northern Kurdistan, and a militant former political prisoner took the floor in the square, and this had not happened for some time.

The other big aspect of quality was the presence of six representatives of the several hundred Indian workers working in factories and workplaces in northern Italy, who defied blackmail and repression – these are workers who identified in front of the embassy and in the square risked dismissals and expulsions, taking into account the strong pressures of the Indian embassy, inspired by the Foreign Minister of the Modi regime, towards the European governments, and Italian in particular, so that the prolonged and incisive campaign may come to an end.

A campaign that also saw on this day the presentation of a dossier to the national and international press on the conditions of Saibaba and Varavara Rao and on the list of prisoners of the various associations operating in India, sent by the Indian comrades, and whose liberation and defense of health conditions in prisons are claimed.

Numerous passers-by stopped in the square, including some citizens of Indian origin and a large group of girls, some working in solidarity associations, who were interested in the campaign and forged ties in particular with comrades of the RPFM.

During the demonstration, slogans were shouted: “Freedom for political prisoners!”, “Long live the people’s war!”, “Long live proletarian internationalism!”, “The imperialist war can only be stopped if the people’s war advances!”.

It was the first and important event in Rome, where the Committee was not present and had no active solidarity structures.

But the day is not over.

In the afternoon in the important structure of Metropoliz, a factory occupied and transformed into an imposing cultural and artistic museum by hundreds of migrants and Roma people who occupied it, led by the movement of struggle for housing – ‘Metropolitan Blocs’ – an anti-capitalist proletarian assembly was held, organized essentially by communist proletarians, which saw the participation of 70 representatives of trade union bodies, association of struggle, committees against repression, movements of various Italian cities, Marxist intellectuals engaged in the main Italian universities, on the themes of the struggle against imperialist war and the social struggle of proletarians, migrants and popular masses.

In this assembly, the voice of solidarity with the Indian political prisoners and the people’s war, was clearly expressed. All participants received the information and complaint material, distributed during the day and some of the participants in the demonstration for India took the floor in the assembly and in particular the representative of the Indian workers of Bergamo.

An endless day, probably the strongest and most articulated that there has been in Europe and in the imperialist countries in recent years; a point of arrival of the prolonged action of the Committee in Italy led by the PCm; but above all a new starting point for the development of a real mass movement in support of the people’s war in India.

September 24, 2022

India CPI (Maoist) Banners Surface In Wayanad District

Wayanad District, September 24, 2022: Several CPI (Maoist) banners were found in the village of Kunhome in Kerala’s Wayanad district on Saturday morning.

The banners, calling on the Paniya tribe to take up arms against the government, were found on the wall of the Thondernad panchayat bus stop and several shops in the vicinity.

“Despite a history of fighting the fire-breathing guns of the British with bow and arrows, members of the Paniya tribe still lack land in their name. Long years of pleading with the government have yielded little result. We urge the tribals to take bow and arrows as well as guns to challenge the government,” the banners read.

The banners also exhort the CPM government not to delay disbursing compensation for the victims of monsoon calamities.

The police have begun a probe into the incident. This is the second time this year that Maoist posters have been discovered in the northern districts of Kerala state.

In April, a poster was found in Kozhikode’s Mattikunnu area near Thamarassery criticizing the ruling CPM government’s SilverLine rail corridor project.

In it, the Maoists labelled the project as “anti-people” and expressed their solidarity with the section of the masses who are opposing it.

The Maoists have also equated the policies of the CPM government to that of the Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre.

13/19th september – Worldwide protests against incarceration of political prisoners in India

in Human Rights— by Harsh Thakor

The democratic community of Europe expressed its heartfelt condolences to the fascist repression unleashed on the Indian people, particularly on the untimely demise of Comrade Pandu Naroti, an Adivasi who stood by the working class, peasants and all oppressed and exploited people of India. It expressed its condolences to his family and friends in Mureweda village, a poor Adivasi community in Gadchiroli district, Maharashtra. The activists represented the Worldwide Action Week, called by the ICSPWI (International Committee to Support the People’s War in India), from September 13 to 19 for the release of political prisoners and demanding a stop to drone attacks in India. Comrade Naroti died in prison last August 25, at the age of 33, after being denied his rights to proper medical treatment. The Modi regime was directly responsible for his murder by violating his rights while in prison.

Although sparse in numbers, qualitatively impactful protests were staged in Hamburg, Holland, Austria London and Rome on 17th September calling the international call for the release of all political prisoners of the fascist Hindutva government. We must congratulate activists in Italy who defied ban imposed on staging the protest. It is most timely an imperative with fascism accentuating and sprouting in another form even in Europe, amidst the worst economic crises. A protest was also staged in Bogota in Colombia..Posters were sprung up on walls, illustrating the merciless oppression of the drones attacks.

Comrade Naroti was arrested in 2013 on accusations of violating India’s Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act after being maliciously associated with the CPI (Maoist). Naroti was sentenced by the Modi regime in 2017 with life imprisonment, along with former Delhi University professor and Revolutionary Democratic Front leader G.N. Saibaba ,Vernon Gonsalves,Sudha Bhardawaj , Anand Teltumbde , Gautam Navlakha ,Rona Wilson,Arun Ferreira , Varavara Rao and now Rupesh Kumar..Thousands of Maoist, Muslim and dalit activists are languishing in prisons, being framed without any proper trial. We must remember how during the Bhima-Koregaon protest in the name of Maoist terrorism genuine democrats like Anand Teltumbde were framed who are openly critical of the Maoist movement. Such arrests are a manifestation of the ascendancy or penetration of proto-fascism, of the Brahmanical Hindutva variety. They are not meant to crush the Maoist movement but to deliver a crippling blow to all democratic dissent and constitutional democracy, in the name of Urban naxalism. Liberals should study the manner the state has left no stone unturned in distorting the facts, fabricating false evidence. The arrests llustrated how the current BJP regime wishes to champion the hegemony of the Brahaminical caste system and wipe out all assertion of dalits for rights. Similarly democratic activists of Kashmir have been victimised.

His murder is not the first in the hands of the fascist Modi regime. A year ago, 82-year old Adivasi rights advocate Fr. Stan Swamy perished health in prison. More deaths are the order of the day as India’s activists, progressives and advocates continue languish within prison walls.

The Maoist political prisoners and the democratic Indian revolutionaries have been incriminated for rendering their lives to confront   a destructive and reactionary system which enslaves millions of unfortunate people of the earth. They have dedicated their lives to waging a battle against a system that is directly responsible for the deaths of 6,000 children every day and that has displaced tens of millions of Indian people from their habitats and destroyed their means of livelihood in order to pave the path for the plundering of profits for multinational companies.

India’s reactionary government, hypocritically projects itself as the world’s “largest democracy.” The truth is that this largest democracy acts as an instrument of violence and repression to patronise the monopoly of the comprador and feudal bourgeoisie in India.

In recent years notable protests were conducted by the Committee for release of political prisoners all over the country as well as civil liberties groups like Association for Protection of Democratic Rights of West Bengal, Peoples Union for Democratic Rights of Delhi and Civil Liberties Commitee of Telenagana and Andhra Pradesh. Notable voice has been raised by stalwarts like Arundhati Roy and Himanshu Kumar as well the democratic movement of Punjab. The civil rights movement needs to encompass wider sections, incorporating the workers and peasantry and not be confined to intellectuals.

It is important that even those who oppose the Maoist movement comprehend the roots of what let it sprout, which lay in the barbaric oppression of the Adivasis by the corporate and ruling classes. Such protests should be seen in light of the broader framework   of violation of rights and against fascism as a whole.. The real enemy is the corporates who tooth and nail loot the Adivasi community. It is important that the worldwide movement for civil liberties is not converted into a Maoist front but a broad based platform, to challenge rise of neo-fascism. The targeting of Palestinian activists and Muslims is regular feature in Europe .It is imperative that the European working class and youth can identify and co-relate their crisis with the corporate exploitation in the third world, with the goal of extinguishing the neo-fascist resurgence.

Harsh Thakor is freelance Journalist who has covered mass movements around India and been in touch with International revolutionary struggles.

13/19th – global action week for India – other actions in various countries


espana madrid e valencia

finland and denmark

brasil rio/riogrande/pernanbuco/minas gerais/parana y otras

CPI (Maoist) AOBSZC Calls On Public To Observe Foundation Week

Visakhapatnam District, September 20, 2022: Secretary of the CPI (Maoist) Andhra-Odisha Border Special Zonal Committee (AOBSZC), Comrade Ganesh, has appealed to the people across the tribal areas and also in the urban pockets to celebrate the 18 anniversary of the party’s formation.

The CPI (Maoist) was founded on September 21, 2004, with the merger of the Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) People’s War (People’s War Group) and the Maoist Communist Centre of India (MCCI).

In a letter released late on Monday night, Comrade Ganesh said in this year alone about 124 comrades were “martyred” and it includes a few key members such as Central Committee and Political Bureau member Akkiraju Haragopal alias Ramakrishna alias RK, and senior leader Dappu Ramesh.

He pointed out that a number of their comrades were languishing in various jails across the country, and efforts were being made to get them released.

The Maoist spokesperson also alleged that the security forces, both from the State and the Union governments, were filing false cases against innocent tribal people and putting them in jails.

Comrade Ganesh claimed that innocent tribal people were being projected as militia members and Maoists and shown as surrenders only to boost the image of the security forces and create a wrong narrative that the people were rejecting the Maoist movement.

Central Commitee Communist Party of the Philippines – Message to CPI (Maoist)

Message of solidarity to the Communist Party of
India (Maoist) on its 18th anniversary
September 21, 2022
The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New
People’s Army extends its fraternal greetings of revolutionary solidarity to the
Communist Party of India (Maoist) on the occasion of its 18th anniversary.
The CPP honors the 124 heroes and martyrs who died in the past year while serving
the cause of new democratic revolution in India, including members of the Central
Committee of CPI (Maoist) and warriors of the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army. We
grieve over their deaths, but more importantly, we draw inspiration from their
example of selfless dedication to the liberation of all the oppressed and exploited
classes and people.
The CPP deeply appreciates the gesture of international solidarity of the CPI (Maoist)
in paying tribute to Ka Oris, former NPA spokesperson, as well as other communist
and revolutionary leaders across the world.
The CPP supports the CPI (Maoist) in leading the resistance against the fascist and
reactionary Brahmanic Hindutva Narendra Modi regime, particularly in fighting to
overcome and frustrate the all-out military offensives against the revolutionary
forces and people under the so-called “SAMADHAN”-Prahar strategic offensive. We
are inspired by the determination of the CPI (Maoist) and the PLGA to resist the
relentless fascist onslaught that vainly seeks to crush the people’s democraticrevolution and pave the way for greater imperialist plunder of India’s resources and
exploitation of its workers and peasants.
We are gratified by the persevering efforts of the CPI (Maoist) to consolidate, expand
its membership, and strengthen democratic centralism from the level of its leadership
to its branches. Every communist around the world must commend your efforts to
study and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to your short-term and long-term
goals. Indeed, the unity of will of the CPI (Maoist) is the key to the unifying the
proletariat and people of India as it overcomes the violent attacks of the fascist
The CPP and the NPA salute the fierce determination of the PLGA to fight back against
the enemy’s offensives. We are deeply elated by the PLGA’s victories in the field of
armed struggle, despite experiencing temporary setbacks. These victories raise the
revolutionary enthusiasm of the Filipino people and revolutionaries as much as it
intensifies the determination of the Indian masses to rise up against their oppressors
and exploiters.
We are also elated by the efforts of the CPI (Maoist) to build, broaden and strengthen
the united front and mass movement of the Indian people against the anti-people,
anti-worker and anti-peasant policies of the Modi regime. Through the Party’s
leadership and efforts to arouse, organize and mobilize, the broad masses of the
Indian people are sure to rise up in greater numbers in broad democratic resistance
similar to the recent peasant uprising and broad workers strike movement.
The international capitalist system and its insoluble crisis of overproduction continue
to subject peoples and entire countries to grave economic crisis. In a vain effort to
further expand its profits, the imperialists are waging wars and causing widespread
destruction of productive forces. In collusion with the local reactionary classes, they
are intensifying the plunder of resources of its semicolonies and the exploitation of workers and peasants around the world. The entire world presently face threats of
recession and depression, with hundreds of millions of people suffering from rising
inflation, especially in terms of food and fuel prices, widespread unemployment and
overall economic slowdown.
The crisis is engendering conditions of widespread resistance. All over the world,
people are rising up spontaneously to demand higher wages, lower prices and greater
social protection. Amid these conditions, communists in all countries must work
doubly hard to make the proletariat perform its leadership role in order to guide and
direct the broad masses of the people to the path of revolutionary resistance. It is the
duty of communists to link up the daily struggles of the people with the long-term
goal of ending imperialist oppression in order to attain the people’s aspiration for
national freedom, democracy and socialism.
The CPP and the all revolutionary forces in the Philippines stand with the CPI (Maoist)
and its revolutionary forces in advancing the revolutionary cause against imperialism
and all reaction. Together, let us accumulate more and more achievements and
celebrate each other’s victories.
Long live the Communist Party of India (Maoist)!
Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines!
Long live the revolutionary guerrilla fighters of India and the Philippines!
Long live the workers and peasants of India and the Philippines!
Uphold Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Carry forward the natiworkers and peasants around the world

13/19th september – In Colombia has been founded the colombian ICSPWI section

Convocatoria a crear la sección Colombia del Comité Internacional de Apoyo a la Guerra Popular en la India

Hace unos días se conformó la sección colombiana del Comité de Internacional Apoyo a la Guerra Popular en la India. Varios comunistas, revolucionarios y luchadores populares de siete ciudades del país se encontraron en una reunión virtual, convocada a través del portal Revolución Obrera, para darle concreción a esta sección. Días previos, desde el mismo portal se había realizado acciones de propaganda sobre el deber internacionalista de la clase obrera y el pueblo oprimido en Colombia para organizar el apoyo al proceso revolucionario en curso en la India, liderado por los camaradas del Partido Comunista de la India (Maoísta).

La reunión de conformación inició con la sustentación del camarada León, vocero de este portal, sobre los inicios del Comité Internacional de Apoyo a la Guerra Popular en la India, seguido de una ilustración sobre el carácter de la sección colombiana del Comité, de los criterios para la participación y lo que va ser su estructura organizativa. A lo largo de la exposición los demás participantes fueron exponiendo sus dudas y haciendo comentarios para enriquecer la reunión. Al finalizar, se establecieron los contactos entre cada uno de los participantes y se decidió organizar las primeras reuniones por ciudades para que los activistas se agrupen en Comités Locales y se pueda emprender el trabajo acordado.

La conformación de la sección colombiana del Comité de Apoyo a la Guerra Popular en la India es una buena noticia para el avance de la línea revolucionaria en el movimiento obrero y de masas, y una muestra del internacionalismo proletario y la solidaridad de los pueblos. Además, vale resaltar que su conformación se hizo en el marco de la Semana de Acción Mundial por la liberación de los presos políticos en la India y contra los ataques con drones.

En las próximas semanas por las redes sociales se estará brindando más información sobre la sección colombiana del Comité de Apoyo a la Guerra Popular en la India. Aquellos compañeros y compañeras que decidan sumarse a esta iniciativa podrán contactarse enviando un mensaje al siguiente correo electrónico:

¡Libertad a los presos políticos en la India, Colombia y en todo el mundo!
¡Abajo los ataques con drones y la operación genocida Samadhan-prahar!
¡Viva la Guerra Popular en la India!
¡Viva el Partido Comunista de la India (Maoísta)!
¡Viva el Comité Internacional de Apoyo a la Guerra Popular en la India!

13/19 september – Berlin Bremen Hamburg Frankfurt for India global action week

El 15 de septiembre de 2022 se llevó a cabo un mitin frente a la embajada de India en Berlín como parte de la semana de acción internacional en apoyo a la guerra popular en India.

Documentamos un informe que nos fue enviado.

Como parte de la semana de acción internacional del 13 al 19 de septiembre, se llevó a cabo una manifestación frente a la embajada india en Berlín.

El llamado a la acción fue leído en voz alta en el mitin . También se tradujeron al alemán pasajes del llamamiento del Partido Comunista de la India (maoísta) publicado el 5 de junio.fueron leídos. En particular, se destacaron las 11 demandas que plantearon los compañeros: Estaban en los escudos que portaban los manifestantes y leían varias veces a la embajada. Los transeúntes dieron su aprobación tocando la bocina y levantando los puños por las ventanillas de los autos, y los transeúntes mostraron repetidamente su solidaridad con la manifestación. Las consignas han dejado en claro en repetidas ocasiones que la guerra popular en la India, librada por el Partido Comunista de la India (Maoísta), es la única forma de acabar con la explotación y la opresión del imperialismo.

Semana de Acción Reino Unido India Septiembre 22 1


Se realizó un evento informativo en Bremen durante la semana de acción internacional en apoyo a la guerra popular en la India. La conferencia fue recibida positivamente y se hicieron muchas preguntas. Los camaradas quedaron impresionados por el trabajo revolucionario que estaban haciendo los camaradas indios.

Se ha denunciado al antiguo estado indio y sus operaciones militares ‘Green Hunt’ – ‘Samadhan – Samadhan-Prahar-3’ y especialmente los ataques con drones. Al final de la conferencia, los participantes gritaron las consignas: ‘Viva la guerra popular en India’ y ‘Viva el PCI (maoísta)’.

Hamburg: Kundgebung zur Unterstützung des Volkskrieges in Indien am 17. September

Als Beitrag zur internationalen Aktionswoche zur Unterstützung des Volkskrieges in Indien hielt das Bündnis gegen imperialistische Aggression am 17. September 2022 eine Kundgebung vor dem indischen Generalkonsulat in Hamburg ab. Mit Transparenten, Schildern, Flugblättern und Redebeiträgen wurde zur Solidarität mit dem Volkskrieg in Indien aufgerufen, die Freilassung der revolutionären Gefangenen und revolutionären Kriegsgefangenen gefordert, sowie der Terror des alten indischen Staates gegen das Volk verurteilt. Außerdem wurden die elf Forderungen verlesen, die von der Kommunistischen Partei Indiens (Maoistisch) kürzlich aufgestellt wurden. Parolen wurden auf Deutsch, Englisch und auf Hindi gerufen.

Die Bediensteten des Konsulats fotografierten die Kundgebung eifrig aus den Fenstern heraus, versteckten sich aber in ihren Räumlichkeiten. Als die Kundgebungsteilnehmer entschieden, sich direkt vor den Eingang zu stellen und über das Schild des Konsulats ein Bild von Genosse Saibaba zu kleben, riefen die Bediensteten sofort die Polizei zur Hilfe. Diese forderte die Kundgebung dann dazu auf, sich vom Eingang des Konsulats zu entfernen. Statt dem aber nachzukommen, riefen die Teilnehmer ihre Parolen noch lauter und kraftvoller.

Hamburg Kundgebung zur Unterstützung des Volkskrieges in Indien am 17. September3

Mit der Kundgebung in Hamburg wurde einmal mehr deutlich, dass der Volkskrieg in Indien auch hier am anderen Ende der Welt seine Freunde und Unterstützer hat. So gibt es auch in Hamburg, in vielen anderen Städten der BRD und überall sonst auf der Welt, diejenigen, die den Kampf der Genossen in Indien als ihren Kampf sehen und so ihre Aufgabe annehmen, den Volkskrieg mit aller Kraft zu unterstützen.

Über die Dauer der Kundgebung wurden durchgehend Parolen auf deutsch und Hindi gerufen, sowie Flugblätter und die Rote Post an Passanten verteilt. Auch einige Autofahrer teilten begrüßten die Kundgebung, machten Fotos, hupten um ihre Unterstützung zum Ausdruck zu bringen oder riefen den Demonstranten im Vorbeifahren Worte der Unterstützung zu. ffmindien20220901 Kopie

ffmindien20220902 Kopie

In zwei Reden wurde der Volkskrieg in Indien als einer der größten und entscheidendsten Kämpfe für die Befreiung von Ausbeutung und Unterdrückung hochgehalten und die völkermörderische Politik des indischen Staats verurteilt.

Auch aus dem Konsulat wurde die Kundgebung mit regem Interesse verfolgt, was die Aussagen der Polizei Lügen strafte, die im Voraus behauptete, es sei gar niemand da. Aus Fenstern und unter teilweise heruntergelassenen Rolläden hervor beobachteten die Konsulatsangestellten die Kundgebung, machten Fotos und Videos. Dabei blieben sie aber stets hinter ihren vier Wänden versteckt und hielten sich sonst sehr bedec

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