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PCI (Maoist) for a ‘revolt’ against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and boycott of the Census

Posters SHandwritten posters allegedly put up by Maoists, calling for a ‘revolt’ against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and boycott of the Census, surfaced at Ambayathode town, near Kottiyoor, here on Wednesday.The posters, in the name of the Western Ghats special zone committee of the CPI (Maoist), appeared two days after a four-member Maoist team reportedly visited the Aralam farm and collected rice and other items from houses there.
Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan are having the same stance with regard to the CAA, the poster said adding both the Centre and State are trying to implement the CAA.
The posters cautioned against the ‘communal agenda’ of ‘fundamentalist organizations’ such as the Popular Front of India (PFI) and Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) against the backdrop of anti-CAA protests. “Resist the attempts of the PFI and SDPI to implement their fundamentalist communal agenda by making use of the communist-Maoist and Dalit organizations,” it read in Malayalam.
The poster also targeted the Chief Minister over his stand on Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act cases and alleged that he was hand-in-glove with the Centre. It further claimed that the letter sent by Mr. Vijayan to the Centre seeking to transfer the case against two students who were charged under the UAPA for their suspected Maoist links back to the Kerala Police was an attempt to hoodwink the people.

New issue – People’s March: Voice of the Indian Revolution, Volume 15, No. 1, February, 2020

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Fascist indutva Modi’s regime slashes communalism attacks agaist muslims population

35 DEAD,

delhi violence

The death toll in Delhi touched 35 on Thursday afternoon after the government failed to curb the spread of mob violence in Delhi’s North East district. Reports of arson and destruction of property have only increased with homes and shops torched in many neighbourhoods.

After communal violence Gujarat’s Khambhat put under Disturbed Areas Act for 5 years

delhi violence

Will unity defeat hate in Delhi?

Delhi Violence

Delhi Police have not intervened in attacks against Muslims: USCIRF

CPI Maoist Denounce Fascist Modi Regime For Attacks On Protestors Against CAA

d that the Modi-Amit Shah-Yogi axis, with the help of the corporates, is trying to soak in blood the agitation against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA).In a statement, Jogi, the spokesperson of the Western Ghats special zonal committee of the Maoists, said the fascist regime has resorted to an unheard-of practice of attaching the properties of the agitators.
He said that all communication channels have been blocked and prohibition orders have been imposed with the intention of keeping the people in the dark on the oppressions. People who believe in fraternity and pluralism have joined the massive agitation against the law. “It is a welcome movement against the hidden agenda of the Sangh Parivar,” the statement said.
The country as a whole has risen to the occasion to deal with the extraordinary situation. The current controversy is also a subtle move to divert the attention from the acute economic crisis the country is facing.
Jogi said students have a significant role in spreading the agitation throughout the country. All those who question the regime are being branded as anti-nationals, he said.
The statement said that the CAA was not meant for ejecting Muslims alone. “The Act is reminiscent of the ethnic cleansing carried out by the Nazis and the Zionists,” Jogi said. Maoists called upon the people of all sections to open new war fronts to force the government to withdraw the CAA.

Donald Trump in India: Ten killed in Delhi demostrations during the visit

Protesters throw stones at police in eastern Delhi on Monday. Five people died in violence across the capital.

Donald Trump’s visit to Delhi has been overshadowed by deadly protests that have continued to engulf India’s capital, as Muslim and Hindu groups clashed violently and the death toll rose to eleven.
The bloody violence, which has left the streets of north-east Delhi in flames and continued to escalate on Tuesday, has so far left one policeman and ten civilians dead, and over 150 injured.
Speaking at a press conference in Delhi on Tuesday evening before he left India, Trump said he had not brought up the violence with prime minister Narendra Modi, saying he would not comment on “individual cases”. I am very worried about the prevailing situation in certain parts of Delhi,” Kejriwal tweeted. “All of us together should make all efforts to restore peace in our city. I again urge everyone to shun violence.”
A section 144 order, which prevents gatherings of more than four people, was imposed on various areas in the north-east of Delhi where the violence was concentrated and schools in the area have been closed. However, on Tuesday, the clashing religious mobs were once again out on the streets in north-east Delhi.

The cars of protesters opposing a new citizenship law are set ablaze in Delhi, India.

Fascist repression on Prof. C Kaseem in Telangana – info ICSPWI



This note was received from Manikranth Ch, a second-year student at Hindu College, Delhi University – ed.If filling my pen with the tears of Telangana people is treason, then i am prepared for such treason.” ­ – Dr. C Kaseem
Crackdown on intellectuals and rights activists, fake encounters by the police are very usual in the state of Telangana. The current anti-people Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) led government is following the age old textbook rules of previous governments of unbifurcated Andhra Pradesh  to suppress the pro-people dissent. The recent crackdown on various people’s organisations in Telangana started in mid-October. Almost everybody were charged under the draconian Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act or the UAPA.

City Police commissioner of Hyderabad in a press conference issued a statement claiming that 23 organisations including Civil Liberties Committee, Telangana Praja Front (Telangana People’s Front), Telangana Vidyarthi Vedika (TVV) , Chaitanya Mahila Sangham ( CMS), Tudum Debba ( Adivasi rights organisation), Kula Nirmulana Porata Samithi (KNPS – organisation working for the annihilation of caste) are frontal organisations of the banned Communist Party of India – Maoist.
All these organisations are vocal against the anti-people policies of the state and central government. It is very evident that these organisations questioned the atrocities on adivasis, dalits, women and oppressed minorities.
Very recently, the Telangana police charged Prof. C Kaseem with UAPA. Dr. Kaseem teaches at the
Telugu Department of Osmania University in Hyderabad. He was elected as the General Secretary of Viplava Rachaithala Sangam – VIRASAM (Revolutionary Writers Association) just a week before of his arrest. It is not so surprising that the Osmania University administration suspended him even though the accusations on him were not proven by the court yet.
Dr. C Kaseem was at the forefront during the agitation for Telangana State. He was one among those who aspired for a Prajaswamyika Telangana (Democratic Telangana). People of Telangana always raised their voice against the unjust system and aspired for a just and new democratic society But, in turn, the Brahmanical-Hindutva forces led Telangana government always tries hard to prove that they are more fascist than the Central Government led by Bharatiya Janata Party.
Prof. Kaseem, coming from a Dalit social background challenged Brahminism in the university spaces. He relentlessly fought against casteism and exposed the Hindu Upper Casteism, exclusion faced by students and teachers coming from the Dalit, Adivasi and various other socially and economically marginalised sections of our society in his collection of essays titled ‘Academic Untouchability’.
Prof. Kaseem was charged under various cases prior to this. He was charged with many cases during the agitation for separate state of Telangana. He was unapologetic about his activism. When the new phase of witch-hunt on activists and intellectuals started in Telangana, Dr.Kaseem raised his voice when his fellow comrades charged under false cases. The Hindutva fascist forces in Telangana could not digest Prof. Kaseem working for and among the marginalised sections of this society.
In totality, the crackdown on rights activists and intellectuals is not just limited to Telangana. From Kashmir to Manipur and Kerala to Bastar, all democratic and progressive forces are being monitored and charged with false cases by the Brahmanical Hindutva Fascists led governments.The attempts to crackdown on rights activists, intellectuals and students is just to delegitimize the peoples movements happening all over the country.
The Brahminical Hindutva fascists are constantly trying to crush the protests happening all over the country in regard with CAA-NRC-NPR. At the same time, the opportunists are trying hard to hegemonise the people’s movement in order to cater their dirty vote bank politics. All these elements urge people to be Non-violent when the state sponsored terror is being unleashed on Muslim Minorities and students in various universities. This even when to a stage where  physical retaliation by the aggrieved is called as ‘violence’.
It is high time that we need to recognise the stands of these opportunistic, anti-revolutionary elements on the question of Right to self-determination of Kashmir and Manipur, the crackdown unleashed by paramilitary forces on Adivasis to drive away from their land for catering corporates, violence in the name of caste, class, religion and gender.
The ruling class is afraid of the idea which shakes their roots. They are afraid of a society which people like G N Saibaba, S A R Geelani, Varavara Rao, Kaseem and many others envisaged for. They are afraid of People. They are afraid of a new democratic society where there would be no exploitation.
All the undemocratic laws bought by the Hindutva Fascists must be outrightly opposed. It is necessary for all the democratic and progressive forces to unite and fight against the state sponsored violence.
The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of world history

The Trump and Modi Show – info ICSPWI

Co-Written by Madhumita Dutta and Sirisha Naidu

Indians love eating their tangri kebabs a.k.a. barbequed chicken drumsticksand the Americans are eager to sell them the millions of tons of chicken legs they have piled up in their freezers. And the leaders of the two of the biggest so-called democracies are magnanimously obliging both sellers and clients during Donald Trump’s visit to India between 24-27 February.
While a US-India trade deal is unlikely, India has offered concessions, one of which is cutting tariffs on chicken legs from 100% to 25% – a move likely to devastate the  country’s small poultry farmers. But then why let such minor details such as thousands of job losses and possibly more farmer suicides get in the way of the latest episode in the long-running Trump-Modi romance.

The Congress-led UPA government had earlier imposed a ban on U.S. poultry since 2007 claiming fear of spread of Avian Influenza, but clearly with a view to protecting the domestic poultry industry. In response, the US filed a complaint against India at the World Trade Organization (WTO).[1] In its ruling in 2014, WTO ruled in favour of the US, which India appealed and lost in 2015.[2] In 2016, the US threatened India with trade sanctions for not complying with the WTO order and sought compensation.[3]The United States of America is the world’s largest poultry meat producer, with 18 percent of global output while India is the fifth largest[4]with a rapidly growing domestic market. The removal of import restrictions would give U.S. poultry producers access to a market of at least US $300 million[5].
Besides chicken legs, India has also offered to open up its dairymarket to US imports, which bodes ill for over 73 million marginal and landless farmers, who own at least 2 milch animals (cows, goats) that provides livelihood option throughout the year and is a major contributor to the rural economy.[6]Besides the economic argument,  a sticky point that has been bothering the Modi government is about the feed of the cattle raised in the US. In the land of  ‘holy cow’, where even a mere hint of beef eating or possession of beef  can lead to lynching, especially of Muslims and dalits[7], it will indeed be rather ironical if milk products from cattle fed on “bovine extract” is sold and consumed in India. One fears for the lives of ‘cannibal’ American cattle,which may face the wrath of religious zealots and lynching mobs of India if US refuses to certify them free of such sacrileges!
Trump’s visit to Modi’s country, of course, is expected to produce an incredible show, even if it is only for the love of tangri kebabs and dairy products. The show line-up includes  a visit  by Donald and Melania Trump to the world famous Taj Mahal,   built by a Mughal king in memory of his wife but which is claimed by Hindu zealots as the site of an ancient Hindu temple. (Maybe POTUS can offer to mediate on this dispute also, along with the one in Kashmir)
Much of the real theatricals are however reserved for Trump’s trip to Ahmedabad, a city that propelled Modi to power and which will host a ‘Kem Cho Trump!’ or Howdy Trump! show.  The preparations include re-laying or widening of 18 roads of 20 kilometers (12 miles) length,  a half a kilometer long  brick wall, city beautification (including planting whole palm trees) along the road from the airport to the mega cricket stadium that is being built in preparation for the visit. The hastily built wall, in this case, won’t keep the “Mexicans” out, but Indians living in slums. All this expenditure  for a three hour visit by Trump will cost the city a fat sum of approximately Rs. 85 crores ($12 million), which is about 1.5% of the total budget of the state of Gujarat[8]. No matter that 42% of children in Gujarat suffer from stunted growth and that India takes the global top spot for the proportion of child wasting (20.8%), a strong indicator that predicts mortality among children under five and results from acute food shortage[9],[10].
The construction of the wall has also forced the administration to evict the slum dwellers who still insist on being poor and living in slums, even in Modi’s India[11]. But any stray ill-feelings toward the wall should dissipate on seeing the loving hand-painted portraits of the two great leaders and a proud proclamation ‘World Largest Democracy Meet World Oldest Democracy’ (sic).
And while Trump and Modi court waltz around in each other’s arms, we have two parallel stories of crises emerging in the countries they rule at their whim. In the US it is the cruel treatment of migrants from Central America fleeing economic and physical violence and low wage growth.[12]In  India, the abrogation of Article 370  has made life even more miserable for the people of Kashmir whilethe Citizen Amendment Acthas introduced a deep sense of insecurity for a large proportion of the population that cannot produce valid documents. In India state and majoritarian violence has  also increased with institutions and individuals, who have been critical of the ruling government physically attacked, trolled or arrested under sedition charges. At the same time, disastrous economic policies like demonetization and GST have devastated livelihoods. Not surprisingly, the Modi government has tightly controlled the release of official economic data and statistics to comprehensively assess the state of the Indian economy. The surreptitious attack on the working classes goes hand-in-hand with the othering and persecution of minorities.
India under Modi and the U.S. under Trump are like twin peas in a pod. Irrespective of what deals they reach, it is the common people of both countries that lose.
Madhumita Dutta and Sirisha Naidu are researchers based in the US.
[7] In 2019, National Crimes Records Bureau did not release data on mob lynching and killing due to cow vigilantism. See: There are some partial data on violence related to cow vigilantism, see:


Anti-CAA: What led to peaceful protests turning violent in Delhi -info ICSPWI

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New Delhi: What had been peaceful sit-in protests against the CAA-NRC-NPR triad in various Delhi localities, mainly led by women, suddenly saw violence breaking out on the streets on Sunday and continued through Monday. According to PTI, one constable has died in the violence.What happened suddenly? More so at a time when the country is hosting US president Donald Trump and security has been beefed up in Delhi where he is supposed to land on Monday.It is no happenstance that Sunday’s “inflammatory” speech by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Kapil Mishra against anti-CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) protesters, leading pro-CAA protesters in Jaffrabad coincided with the outbreak of violence.In several videos doing the rounds on Monday, senior police personnel can be seen standing and listening to Mishra’s speech. Even when Hindutva outfits were seen attacking the largely minority protesters, video footage shows police personnel, too, pelting stones at them, suggesting complicity in triggering violence, leading to reaction from a section of the protesters.As clashes continued on Monday, the police opened tear gas shell fire to disperse the crowd in Maujpur amid simultaneously efforts to pacify the two groups. Incidentally, in some areas, video footage also showed some police personnel pelting stones.
As the violence threatens to take a communal colour, something that has left Delhi untouched so far, let’s take a look at how a peaceful anti-CAA protest turned violent.On Sunday, BJP leader Kapil Mishra’s inflammatory speech against anti-CAA protesters, Northeast Delhi localities—Maujpur, Jaffrabad and Chand Bagh—saw tension and violence leading to heavy stone-pelting between two groups (those who are supporting and opposing the contentious citizenship legislation).Meanwhile, tension escalated in Northeast Delhi with clashes between two groups continuing and protesters allegedly torching at least two houses and a fire tender in the Jaffrabad and Maujpur areas.Violence was also reported from the Chandbagh area in Jaffrabad. Protesters at Chand Bagh were lathi-charged at around 12:10 PM. “The police did not even spare women and children; several of them have suffered injuries,” some agitators told NewsClick.It started after Mishra on Sunday staged an aggressive protest near Maujpur red light against the road blockade at Jaffrabad by anti-CAA protesters and gave the Delhi Police “three days’ ultimatum” to clear the roads in Jaffrabad and Chand Bagh. “We will be peaceful until (United States President Donald) Trump leaves. We won’t listen to you (the Delhi Police) after that if the roads are not cleared. We will have to hit the streets,” he was seen telling a senior cop standing next to him.Three hours ahead of the clashes on Sunday afternoon, Mishra had tweeted, asking people to gather at Maujpur at 3 PM “to give an answer to Jaffrabad”. “We will hit the streets in support of Jaffarabad. You all are invited,” he had tweeted in Hindi, saying, “They want to cut off 35 lakh people by blocking the roads. Is this the way to protest against anything? We will not allow the area to be turned into Shaheen Bagh”.After he left the spot, provoking the crowd amid aggressive chants of objectionable slogans, heavy stone-pelting began at Maujpur. Several shops and vehicles were vandalised. Fifteen people, including six policemen and two video journalists, suffered injuries. Though the police and paramilitary forces managed to restore calm by late evening, situation continued to remain tense.Meanwhile, people (thousands of women and men) still continue to protest in the Jaffrabad metro station area against the CAA. After police intervention, one of the carriageways, going towards Gokulpuri and connecting with Wazirabad and GT Karnal Road, was opened and a rope was placed to let the two-way traffic pass.Clashes broke out at Jaffrabad on Sunday afternoon at around 3:30 pm when a group of people supporting the legislation reached the Maujpur-Baburpur metro station, which is less than a kilometre from Jaffrabad, demanding that the police remove the barricades. The group assembled at Maujpur chowk, next to Jaffrabad, and started shouting slogans. Suddenly, stone-pelting began between the two sides.Video footage from Maujpur red light showed protesters throwing stones at each other across a road, standing close to the police barricades.After the situation began getting out of control, the police, half an hour later, said it had to fire several shots of tear gas shells and “use force” to disperse the crowd.Once the situation was brought under control, the police and paramilitary personnel conducted a flag march in the area and appealed to the people to maintain restraint.Tension was simmering in Jaffrabad since Saturday night when local anti-CAA protesters blocked the main road. Hundreds of men and women gathered under the metro station in Jaffrabad around 11 PM on Saturday. The police tried to disperse them, but could not evict the protesters. The crowd swelled on Sunday morning. One of the carriageways, going towards Gokulpuri and connecting with Wazirabad and GT Karnal Road, was opened after police intervention and a rope was placed to let two-way traffic pass.The protesters tried to set up a stage, but the police swiftly removed them. By 10 AM, heavy police and paramilitary forces were deployed in the area.The clashes, which broke out at around 4 PM at Maujpur and Jaffarabad, continued intermittently till 5 PM. The police then conducted a flag march and created a buffer zone between the two protesting groups, deploying more than 800 personnel to prevent contact.Though the stone-pelting stopped by around 5:30 PM, provocative slogans continued near the Maujpur-Barbarpur metro station from both the sides. During this, the anti-CAA protesters towards the Jaffrabad side had used ropes to block one side of the road to prevent clashes from breaking out.Joint Commissioner (Eastern Range) Alok Kumar said, “The situation is under control now, but many people are on the street. We are continuously speaking to the local leaders so that peace prevails in the area.”He further said that four cases have been registered in connection with the incidents of violence that occurred on February 23 at different locations across Delhi.By Sunday noon, the protest had spread to adjacent localities in Northeast Delhi like Khureji, Maujpur and Chand Bagh. Chand Bagh, which was completely peaceful until then, witnessed stone-pelting in retaliation to the alleged provocation by pro-CAA protesters. But it was quickly contained by elders, according to local sources.South Delhi’s Hauz Rani (also the venue of an indefinite sit-in against the CAA) and Malviya Nagar also witnessed “brutal” police action against anti-CAA protesters last night.“At first, I could not understand what is happening. After I adjusted my specs to look around, I saw a young policeman, as young as my son, hitting me on my knees and legs,” a 60-odd year old lady told NewsClick, narrating the events during the police crackdown on the protesters at Hauz Rani.Wiping her tears, a 12-year-old girl said, “Police uncle ne bahut maara, hum sirf khade the, hath mein haath pakde ek dusre ka (the police uncle thrashed us, we were just standing, holding each others’ hands).”Trouble started brewing on late Sunday night in another Northeast Delhi locality Karawal Nagar where pro-CAA protesters allegedly set ablaze around nine vehicles and a roadside eatery. The mob did not even allow fire engines to move till the vehicles were completely gutted.The police, which finally brought situation under control, had to face stones while they were trying to disperse the rioters.A strong mob of 60 people, according to the police, went on rampage at around 9:45 PM on Dayalpur Road, 6 km away from the Maujpur protest site. There are reports that stones in tractors were offloaded. The rioters pelted stones on windows in residential area.As reports of violence poured in from areas which so far saw peaceful protests against CAA, mainly led by women, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal urged Lt Governor Anil Baijal and Union Home Minister Amit Shah to restore law and order in the wake of violence in parts of northeast Delhi.”Very distressing news regarding disturbance of peace and harmony in parts of Delhi coming in. “I sincerely urge Hon’ble LG n Hon’ble Union Home Minister to restore law and order n ensure that peace and harmony is maintained. Nobody should be allowed to orchestrate flagrations (sic),” he tweeted.(With inputs from PTI)

Against the repression of the democratic activists for ‘maoist links’ – info ICSPWI

Maoists Take Action Against Sex Tourism Hotel

INDIA: Communists Take Action Against Sex Tourism Hotel

Photo: Damage to Kerala sex tourism hotel caused by the People’s Liberation Guerilla ArmyBy Kannan Krishnan
On the morning of January 15, members of the People’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) attacked a
hotel complex known for sex tourism in Attamala, located in district of Wayanad in the Indian state of Kerala. PLGA members smashed the windows and set fire to furniture in the newly constructed resort.The attack was launched in response to the sexual exploitation of Adivasi (tribal indigenous) women by the resort management in 2019. Adivasi women were stranded at various places on the road near the resort and offered rice and food in return for being “sex tourism objects” by the resort owners. Large posters were left at the site of the attack signed by the Nadugani area committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) condemning the sexual exploitation of Adivasi women. One poster read “All resort owners who pose a threat to the peaceful existence of Adivasi women will be forcibly evicted.”In recent years there have been several other actions against sex tourism hotels by the PLGA in Wayanad.  In 2014 the Agraham resort in Thirunelli was attacked and in 2015 a government owned hotel came under attack in the same area. In 2019 the Upavan resort in Vythiri was also attacked.
JANUARY 30, 2020

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