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Let’s unite the internacional forces against MODI’s regime and for supporting people’s war in India – a meeting in Italy proposed by ICSPWI

INDIA: Fight for the release os CCMs Comrade Kishanda and Comrade Sheeladi, Comrade Krishnamurthy and all other Political Prisioners in Indian Jails!!!

Genocidal education in India

By Adolfo Naya*

For years, we have been denouncing the genocidal Operation Green Hunt and its strategy of “Hearts and Minds” to carry out genocidal policies and practices against the Naxalite movement, Dalits, Adivasis and religious minorities.

On 24 November 2021 we denounced and condemned in many parts of the world the continuation of the genocidal Operation Green Hunt, now called Operation Prahar-3, as a new and brutal offensive of the Hindu regime to stifle the revolution in India with its well-known genocidal practices: killings, torture, cold-blooded assassinations of leaders, so-called “fake encounters”, rape and abuse of women, burning of villages, expropriation of land, concentration camps and imprisonment of anyone who dares to denounce the regime’s atrocities.

Within this framework of savage repression, another of the points of this genocidal strategy is that of psychological warfare, where propaganda, lies, intoxication, disinformation, and manipulation play a crucial role.

Recently a document has been released, which we would like to treat with all caution. This security document aims to implant a script against the Naxalite movement in the public school curriculum, with the clear aim of winning the “Hearts and Minds” of the younger population of India and with total manipulation, in order to demoralise and demobilise the Indian youth in a moment when the contradictions are sharpening and more and more people are coming out to protest against the political and economic measures of the fascist and genocidal government of Modi and his puppets in the different states of the country.

A couple of years ago, in Gujarat and Rajasthan, the history book included Hitler as a role model and Modi as the best reference of who was a worthy successor to him, was later withdrawn due to social pressure, but the discourse of legitimisation of genocide continues and in fact, recently the most radical Hindu organisations have called for the extermination of Muslims. The issue has even been debated in the US Congress.  In this context of legitimisation of genocide and the Hindu offensive, it’s logical that the government of the fascist and genocidal Modi intends to use it against the only political movement that can really stand up to it, which are the Maoists.

This government document says that the Naxalite movement is on the decline thanks to the government and its counter-insurgency measures, giving a series of totally biased statistics and listing the history of the government’s counter-insurgency measures and the central government’s strategies to counter Naxalism.

So, for example they say in their history of counter-insurgency measures:

       –    The government between 2004 and 2014 established the building blocks for India’s anti-Maoist response with Counterinsurgency Strategy (COIN).

       – The current National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government has accelerated its pace.

       – Governments at the Centre have adopted a mix of people-centric and enemy-centric methods to quell the Maoist movement.

– The Indian government has adopted a holistic approach focusing on development and security-related interventions to deal with the problem of the radical left (LWE).

It is also interesting to note the government’s denial of Operation Green Hunt.

 Operation Green Hunt

     – Operation Green Hunt is the name used by the Indian media to describe the “all-out offensive by paramilitary and state forces” against the Naxals.

     – The operation is believed to have begun in November 2009 across five states in the “Red Corridor”.

     – The term was coined by Chhattisgarh police officials to describe a successful campaign against the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in the state.

    – Subsequently, the media misused the term to describe broader anti-Naxalite operations.

    – On the other hand, the Union Government doesn’t use the term Operation Green Hunt to describe its anti-Naxalite offensive.

It is quite remarkable that the government claims that the name “Operation” was misused by the (bourgeois) media. This text would show that the campaigns in India and around the world against the genocidal Operation Green Hunt were so important that the government itself is not interested that people talk about it, denying the brutal repression and genocidal practices applied in this operation.

The document continues in the same vein, full of lies and misinformation, and finally, as if it were an exam or schoolwork, the last section appears as follows:

Shape your thinking: Why has the Naxalite movement in India declined? What has been the Indian government’s strategy to counter Left-wing extremism?

Getting closer to the answer:

     – Introduction

     – Indicate the statistics on the decline of the Naxalite movement in India.

     – Mention the reasons for the downward trend.

    – Discuss the strategy used by the Union government.

    – Mention the different components of the strategy

    – Conclusion

This seems like a ghoulish joke, but this document is part of the strategy “Hearts and Minds” to exterminate the revolutionary movement. Therefore, against the lies, intoxication, and manipulation of the fascist and genocidal Modi government, it’s more necessary than ever to fight tooth and nail against the new genocidal Operation “Prahar-3” and to show our full support and solidarity with the People’s War and the CPI(Maoist).

 *Adolfo Naya.

Social anthropologist and trade unionist. Author of “Operation Green Hunt in India: genocidal social practices, counterinsurgency strategy ‘Hearts and Minds’ “. Publisher: Foreign Languages Press (2021)

Last 22th january Bandh in Mulugu District against the killing of three cadres of CPI (Maoist)

The CPI (Maoist) division committee had called for a bandh in Mulugu district on January 22 in protest against what it described as the killing of three of its cadres in a fake encounter on Kerragutta hillock near the Telangana-Chhattisgarh border on Tuesday.

In a statement issued by the CPI (Maoist) Jayashankar Bhupalpally, Mulugu, Warangal, Peddapalli Division Committee on Wednesday, the Maoist party alleged that the police, based on information given by some informants, surrounded a small group of 10 Maoists and resorted to firing unilaterally on the latter.

Wazeedu-Venkatapuram area committee secretary Shantha, and Yellandu-Narsampeta dalam commander Kommula Naresh were among the three killed.

Remembering Rohith Vemula and his spirit of resistance (Indian Cultural Forum)

Six years ago, Rohith Vemula, a dalit PhD candidate from the University of Hyderabad died by suicide after he was denied fellowship and evicted from the hostel. In his last letter, he wrote, “The value of a man was reduced to his immediate identity and nearest possibility. To a vote. To a number. To a thing. Never was a man treated as a mind. As a glorious thing made up of stardust. In every field, in studies, in streets, in politics, and in dying and living.”

Vemula’s death laid bare the discriminatory practices and prejudice against students from dalit and other minority communities in the Indian academia. It also shook the conscience of the entire nation, setting off a chain of events that continue to be relevant for the Dalit movement in the country even today.On his death anniversary, the Indian Cultural Forum remembers Rohith Vemula and his spirit of resistance.

“From Shadows to the Stars”: A tribute to Rohith Vemula
– ICF Team Cultural Forum looks back at the discrimination faced by Rohith Vemula and the events that followed his death.

We Have Not Come Here to Die: A Film by Deepa Dhanraj
– Kanika Katyal
Documentary filmmaker Deepa Dhanraj’s We Have Not Come Here to Die, comes as a testimony to the historic moment that galvanized student politics in India and changed caste conversations forever. It was released and screened in university spaces across India. At a time when even the fourth pillar of democracy seemed to have succumbed to the pressures and demands of fascist regimes, students spoke up.

The cultural resistance to Rohith’s institutional murder
– ICF TeamThe systematic and the institutional murder of Vemula not only unearthed the reality in university spaces but also opened the doors to a space for cultural resistance. There was widespread outcry, and, since then, there has arisen a steady resistance across the country. Through their cultural resistance, these groups are successful in mobilising people in breaking the barriers of caste, gender, religion, region in our society.

Translating Rohith Vemula’s Poetry
– ICF TeamAfter Vemula’s death in 2016, the Centre for Translations at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, organised a translation workshop titled ‘Know in your Language, Communicate in your Voice: Translating the Works of Rohith Vemula’ where twenty-nine participants, who spoke thirteen languages — Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam, Assamese, Bengali, Telugu, Kashmiri, Urdu, Odiya, Tamil, Nepali and French — translated Vemula’s poetry.

A Film from Rohith Vemula’s Last Words
– ICF Team short film, produced by students at the Government Law College, Ernakulam, is described as a visualisation of Rohith’s suicide letter.

An art tribute to Rohith Vemula
– Oorali, a contemporary conversational band pays tribute to Rohit Vemula, who sent a shiver up the spine of fascism with his death.

In Memory of Rohith Vemula (1989-2016)
– Savi Sawarkar, Meena Alexander, Orijit SenArtist Savi Sawarkar recounts dalit identity through a counter-aesthetic. Poet Meena Alexander reminds us of the texture of Rohith Vemula’s caste-defined life and death, with his last letter as the centre-point. Artist Orjit Sen dedicates to Rohith Vemula a graphic retelling of another story of resistance, that of Nangeli.

From China to India – support people’s war in India!

 ICSPWI confirms International open meeting 29/30 january North italy

Direct partecipation from European comrades – messages/proposal from Asia/America/ North Africa


Dear comrader I am a Chinese sympathizer of the international Maoist movement. To inform more Chinese interested in Maoism about the Indian people’s war, I translated this statement by CPI Maoist commemorating Comrade Chintanda. After my own access to information and some comrade’s suggestion. I believe this translation is substantially correct. I hope you can post it on MaoistRoad for other Chinese people who browse your site. Red salute!  






印度共产党(毛主义)中央委员纳伦德拉·辛(Narendra Sinh)同志(钦坦达·阿育达)于2020 年1月6日在镇上的一家医院去世。他长期患病,从2018年开始昏迷,享年74岁。他出生在比哈尔邦东占巴兰区Kesaria警局辖区一个村子里的一个中农家庭。他有一个姐妹。他在村里接受了小学教育。他的家人搬到德里,在那里他在贾瓦哈拉尔·尼赫鲁大学接受了高等教育。他的博士学位研究的是生活在喜马拉雅山脉比哈尔-尼泊尔特莱的塔鲁部落人。他没有结婚。


他一到该地区就开设了四所名为“Jan Shiksha Kendr”(人民教育中心)的学校,并开始向达利特人和部落儿童传授教育。除了正规教育,人民教育中心还提供有关社会变革的教育。一些学生成为阶级斗争的一部分。

当时革命工作是以建立根据地为目标进行的。他努力在这个地区的人民中开展革命运动。他发展了群众基础,组建了农民革命委员会(Krantikari Kisan Committee )和游击队。在他从事革命工作的最初几天里,发生了一件事情。土匪袭击了 Sundarpur 学校附近少数族裔的房子。袭击发生时,这家的男人正在外面工作,两个女孩和母亲都在那里。这些土匪企图性侵犯。女人们一看见土匪就大声喊叫起来。阿育达同志一听,就拿起一根棍子,同他的学生和在场的人一起去了那里。他大声叫他们停下来。在那种气氛中,一个红色士兵强有力的声音和村民的反抗,使土匪们吓得跑了。当天晚上,他就把家人带来了,并在学校里住了许多天。这一事件成为人民组织和斗争的焦点。西查姆帕兰的这片森林地区发展成了游击区。地主的土地和武器被没收,森林得到保护,土匪被赶走,袭击了警察,还从他们手中夺走了营地和武器。人民停止了地主和政府对森林的砍伐,并保护它们。他们赶走了土匪。他们对警察和警察营地进行了游击战,而警察和警察营地也一直在对人民进行攻击。

当毛共中心北比哈尔委员会成立时,钦坦达同志成为其中的一员,当3U(北比哈尔邦-北方邦-北阿坎德邦)特别地区委员会成立时,他被选为委员会成员。2004年,当印度毛主义共产主义中心和印共(马列)人民战争合并组成印共(毛主义)时,他成为统一党中央委员会的成员,随后成为其北部地区局 (NRB) 的一员。随着NRB的损失和解散,钦坦达同志继续担任中央委员直到他的最后一口气。








  1. 钦坦达同志出生和成长在一个剥削性的种姓,但他代表被压迫的工人农民和部落、达利特人、落后和劳役种姓的被压迫者。他为革命献出了自己的全部生命。他从未表现出最起码的被压迫种姓的特征。他是一个具有良好特征的共产主义者。
  2. 他曾在国内著名的教育机构接受过高等教育。他本可以成为任何大学的教授。但他牺牲了便利的生活,成为一名革命的共产主义者。他像一个无产阶级一样为无产阶级服务。他的牺牲和奉献精神是理想的,值得赞扬。
  3. 他认为,没有什么能阻挡印度新民主革命的实现。他坚定不移地站在武装斗争的舞台上,直到他的最后一口气。
  4. 职位和金钱的诱惑是革命的敌人。他对这些都有清醒的认识。他甚至牺牲了自己的世袭财产,在党内和人民中像无产者一样生活。他牺牲了自己的房子和家庭,并把他的同志们视为亲属。他在他们中间舍命。在困难中,他接近战友,而不是他的家人。他按照自己的条件和目标生活。他没有向党外的任何人妥协。
  5. 我们可能不在世了,但世界会改变。革命不一定要在我们有生之年完成。但我们有责任去完成它,其余的工作应由后代人去做。他在一生中都浸透了这一点,并将其贯彻始终。
  6. 他实现了尼日利亚诗人和戏剧家博莱-肖恩卡的说法。当他在两年后出狱时,肖恩卡对他的监狱生活的影响是这样说的:”你在入狱前相信的东西,在出狱后也相信。但这种信念会更加坚定’。尽管三次被捕并遭受酷刑,但他既没有崩溃,也没有投降,更没有害怕。他认为党的机密性比他的生命更重要。没有一个州报告说,由于他的原因,党有任何损失。获释后,他每次都以坚定的决心参加阶级斗争和人民战争。
  7. 他的人生特点是:在最困难的条件下也保持对革命和人民的信心;坚定不移地坚持党的官方路线;坚定不移地坚持阶级路线、群众路线和马列毛主义。





Actions of the people’s war against reactionaries troops – info

info India press

CPI (Maoist) Hit Squad Attacks Ex BJP MLA In West Singhbhum District, Kills Two Bodyguards

West Singhbhum District, January 4, 2022: Former BJP MLA from Manoharpur, Gurucharan Nayak, on Tuesday narrowly escaped an attack by armed cadres of the CPI (Maoist) in Jharkhand’s West Singhbhum district, but the Maoists slit the throats of his two policemen bodyguards and snatched three AK-47 rifles before escaping from the spot, a senior officer said.

Chakradharpur Sub-divisional Police Officer Dilip Khalkho said that the attack by cadres of the CPI (Maoist) took place in Jheelruwa village in Goilkera police station area after a football match in which Nayak was the chief guest.

“Soon after the local football match was over, the Maoists, who were in the crowd of football-watchers, suddenly attacked Nayak. He somehow managed to escape with the help of his policemen bodyguards. The Maoists, however, slit the throats of his two policemen bodyguards and snatched their AK-47 rifles. They also snatched a similar rifle from another security personnel and fled the spot,” the officer said.
STF Trooper Injured During Firefight With Naxalites In Gariaband District

Gariaband District, January 3, 2022: A Special Task Force (STF) trooper was injured in a gun battle between Naxalites and security personnel in a forest in Chhattisgarh’s Gariaband district on Sunday, police said.

The fighting broke out early in the morning in the Devdongar forest area when the STF was on an anti-Maoist operation, Gariaband Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Chandresh Singh Thakur said.

Acting on an input about the movement of Maoists in an area bordering Odisha state, two STF teams launched the operation on Saturday night.

When one of the teams was advancing through a hill, it came under fire from a group of Naxalites that led to the encounter, he said.

After a brief exchange of fire, the Maoists fled into the dense forest towards Odisha, the officer said.

An STF jawan, Yuvraj Sagar, suffered a bullet injury in his abdomen. He was rushed to a hospital from where he was referred to Raipur for further treatment.

A team of the District Reserve Guard (DRG) and the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) was rushed to spot and the Odisha police were also intimated, he said.

CoBRA Commando Injured By IED Blast Triggered By Naxalites In Sukma District

Sukma District, December 31, 2021: A commando of CRPF’s jungle warfare unit CoBRA was injured in an IED explosion triggered by Naxalites in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district on Friday, officials said.

The improvised explosive device (IED) blast was followed by an exchange of fire between the troops on patrol and the Maoists around 1 pm along the Palodi-Kistaram axis of the district.

A member of the 208th battalion of the Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA) has been injured during the anti-Naxal operation and he is being evacuated, they said.

Sukma district, in the south Bastar region of the state, is located about 400 kms from capital Raipur and multiple units of the CoBRA and the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) are deployed here and adjoining districts for conducting anti-Maoist operations.

CPI (Maoist) Lend Support To Protests Against GO 317 In Telangana State

info India/press

Mulugu District, January 4, 2022: Protests have been taking place in Telangana state, demanding that the state government revoke Government Order (GO) 317 which was introduced on December 6, 2021. The GO, pertaining to Telangana Public Employment, has introduced a zonal system in the allocation of jobs. The new system was formulated after Telangana was reorganized into 31 new districts from 10 in 2016; and new districts like Asifabad, Bhupalapally, Mancherial, etc. were created.

As per the GO, the District Collector and the concerned Head of the Department in that district will be part of the allotment committee deciding on jobs and transfers for the district cadre posts. For zonal and multizonal posts, the decision will rest with the Principal Secretary, Special Chief Secretary, Head of the Department, and Senior Consultant to the government.

The agitating employees are objecting to the GO, stating that the government took the decision unanimously without consulting them. According to them, the GO does not consider the nativity of the employees and allocating permanent posts and transferring them to other districts. Further, protesters alleged that there are discrepancies in the preparation of the allocation list. They claim that seniority was given priority in the allotment to districts, but the seniority list is riddled with errors – a few government teachers, for instance, who have contacts of higher-ups were securing postings in cities and towns, they said. Meanwhile, others were being forced to move to remote areas in permanent allocation despite higher seniority and despite not being natives of the new locations.

As the protests against the GO 317 gather momentum in the State, the CPI (Maoist) has extended it’s support to the employees’ demand. The letter released by the CPI (Maoist) Central Committee spokesperson, Comrade Jagan, at Venkatapuram on Monday demanded the TRS government to withdraw the GO and stop the employee allocation with immediate effect.

The Maoists demanded that the government take up recruitment on the basis of nativity and reservations. With the government taking up the allocation of employees on the basis of seniority, a whole lot of employees especially women were put to distress. The GO is also likely to affect the unemployed youth especially the Adivasis, the letter said. Instead of implementing such thoughtless GOs, the government should focus on taking up recruitment, the Maoists said. The Maoists further stated that the TRS government had intentionally issued the GO 317 to distress the employees.

The letter questioned the rationale behind forcing the GO although nearly 3 lakh employees have been up against it. The Maoist party criticized the government for not taking the opinion of the employees into consideration before rolling out the GO. The letter also urged people to support the employees’ protests until the government withdraws the GO.

AUSTRIA: Actions on 20 years of PLGA

Below we share images from a report of various activities organized to mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Indian People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) in Austria. (Source:

Shortly before Christmas, on December 22, 2021, activists organized a rally on Vienna’s main shopping street under the slogan “Support the Revolution in India.” Flyers, a banner and speeches were used to draw attention to an important anniversary of the Indian revolution. In India, a year-long campaign to mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) was held from December 2020 to December 2021.

Workers in the industrial city of Steyr showed solidarity because the PLGA has contributed greatly to the liberation of oppressed workers and peasants in India since its founding 20 years ago.

In the midst of the lockdown, a united picture was taken in Linz and agitation was carried out in the streets.

ITALY – 1 january 2021 – the new year must be the year of the political prisoners in India’ liberation ! – start with the FREEDOM’S BK! Down fascist MODI’s regime!

1° gennaio 2022 – aderiamo alla campagna nazionale e internazionale in tutte le forme possibili prepariamo una azione a sorpresa nei prossimi giorni all’ambasciata a Roma e al consolato India a Milano

GALIZA: RELEASE BK-16/ Liberdade presos politicos na India

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“Rise Against the Proposed Salva Judum-2 with the name Vikas Sangharsh Samithi (Committee to Struggle for Development)! — An appeal to the people, democrats, progressive intellectuals, writers, teachers, lawyers, media personnel, human rights organizations, adivasi, non-adivasi social organizations, sarv samaj, sarv adivasi samaj”

“A Call to the People to Fight Back the New Form of Salva Judum and the Supportive Organization of Greenhunt, Salva Judum-2”

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