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CAF Trooper Killed By IED Blast Triggered By Naxalites In Dantewada District

Dantewada District, March 5, 2021: A Chhattisgarh Armed Force (CAF) trooper was killed on Thursday when a pressure improvised explosive device (IED) planted by Naxalites went off in Dantewada district, police said.

The incident occurred around 1 pm near Pahurnar village in the Geedam police station area when security forces were providing security to a bridge undergoing construction work, Inspector General of Police (Bastar range) Sundarraj P said.

Personnel belonging to the District Reserve Guard (DRG) and CAF launched an area domination drive from the Chhindnar police camp for the project on the Indravati river, he said.

“When the patrol team was on the other side of the river, Head Constable Laxmikant Dwivedi (CAF 22nd Battalion) inadvertently stepped over the IED, triggering a blast that left him critically injured,” Sundarraj said.

The incident occurred near Pahurnar, some 400 km from Raipur. Dwivedi, from Rewa in Madhya Pradesh, succumbed to his injuries.

CPI Maoist Squad Execute Police Informant In Visakhapatnam District

Visakhapatnam District, March 6, 2021: A squad of CPI (Maoist) cadres allegedly executed a 35-year-old tribal person and former militia member after branding him as a police informant, at Kothapalem village near Mandipalli under G.K. Veedhi police station limits in the Agency area of Visakhapatnam district, late on Friday night.

The deceased was identified as Korra Pilku, a resident of Kothapalem

According to ASP of Chintapalle, Ch. Vidhya Sagar Naidu, Pilku allegedly was an active militia member about a year ago. He allegedly used to supply food, provide accommodation and make other arrangements for the Maoists. However, since the last six months, he started to stay away from the Maoists with an intention to lead a peaceful life with his family.

The ASP said that since he stopped working for the Maoists, they  grew suspicious about him. They put pressure on him several times to cooperate with them, but Pilku reportedly refused. Suspecting that he had become a police informant, the CPI (Maoist) tried to kill him on a couple of occasions, but he managed to escape.

A squad of about 15 Maoists, reportedly led by Kakuri Pandana alias Jagan of Galikonda area committee, came to the village late on Friday night and asked him to accompany them. His family members and other villages protested and urged the Maoists to leave him. But they promised to return him back after questioning him, said Superintendent of Police B. Krishna Rao.

The Maoists executed him by beating him with sticks and hacking him with axes late in the night. “They wanted to set an example and create fear among other villagers,” Mr Vidhya Sagar Naidu said.

The victim is survived with a wife and four children.

This is the third incident in the last four months. Earlier, Maoists executed two tribal people after branding them as police informants in G. Madugula mandal in December last year.

The G.K Veedhi police have registered a case and an investigation is ongoing.

3 Jaguar Force Jawans Killed By Landmine Blast Triggered By CPI Maoist In West Singhbhum District

West Singhbhum District, March 4, 2021: Three jawans of Jharkhand Jaguar (JJ) Special Assault Group-11, a special unit of the state police department, were killed and four others were injured in a landmine blast triggered by the CPI (Maoist) in Langi jungle atop Langi hills under Toklo police station (PS) in West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand early Thursday morning, said police. The encounter with the Maoists is still underway, it added.

“Three JJ AG-11 jawans have died while two others have been seriously injured in IED blasts triggered by Maoist in Langi jungle under Toklo PS in West Singhbhum district this morning. Two other jawans have also sustained minor splinter injuries and have been shifted to Chakradharpur hospital while two seriously injured jawans have been airlifted to Medica Hospital in Ranchi. Encounter with the Maoists is currently on,” said Niraj Sinha, Jharkhand director general of police (DGP).

As per sources, the landmine blasts were triggered by the Maoists when a joint team of district police, CRPF and JJ were on a search operation early this morning in and around Langi hills, the site of four encounters in three days between security forces and the Maoists last month.

Kokhan DIG Rajiv Ranjan Singh, West Singhbhum SP Ajay Linda, DSP Sudhir Kumar, with additional forces, had reached Chakradharpur and were on their way to the encounter site under Toklo PS

Two of the three killed jawans have been identified as constable Haridwar Shah (Palamu) and constable Kiran Surin (Simdega).

Three of the four injured jawans have been identified as head constable Devendra Kumar Pandit (Godda), constable Deep Topno (Khunti), constable Nikku Oraon (Latehar).

Varavara Rao Released On Bail And Discharged From Hospital ! It is in any case a good news obtained with the national and international solidarity and struggle

March 7, 2021: Poet and activist Varavara Rao, who is an accused in the Bhima Koregaon case, was released on Saturday from a hospital, reported NDTV. The Bombay High Court had on February 22 granted the 81-year-old activist bail on medical grounds for a period of six months.

He was undergoing treatment at Mumbai’s Nanavati Hospital, where he was admitted by the Maharashtra government following the High Court’s intervention. Rao’s lawyer Indira Jaising posted a photo of the activist, saying he was “free at last”.

Rao was granted bail on the condition that he has to stay within the jurisdiction of the Special National Investigation Agency Court. The court also asked the activist to mark his presence with the nearest police station through video call on messaging platform WhatsApp. Besides, Rao has been directed not to issue any statements or speak to the media.

The activist and poet was shifted to Nanavati Hospital, after the High Court on November 18 observed that he was “almost on his deathbed”. Since then, the court extended his stay in the hospital on December 15, December 21 and then on January 7. The National Investigation Agency has, however, maintained that he was fit to be shifted back to Taloja Jail, where he was lodged before being hospitalized.

Rao was arrested in 2018 along with several other activists and booked under the stringent Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. The poet and activist suffers from multiple ailments.

CPI (maoist) CC statement: Immediately call back the Indian Army, deployed in disguise against the people of India!An appeal to the Revolutionary friends, Leftists, Progressive Democratic Intellectuals, Nationalists and Patriots.

Dear Comrades and Friends,You all are well aware that for past 5 decades we have been building a Revolutionary movement. The revolutionary movement led by our Party is not tolerated vie bit by the ruling classes. This revolutionary movement has become a big hurdle to their loot. They have understood that they cannot come out of the swamp of crisis without setting aside this ‘Hurdle’ . Hence, in 2005 itself they declared that Left Wing Extremism (that is our Party) is thesinglelargestthreatto the Internal Security of our country. They are speedily advancing to uproot our Party and the Indian revolutionary movement. Hence, in the areas of our revolutionary movementthey have deployed Indian Army in disguise. Apart from this, applying Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) too is in the pipeline. You all have seen how AFSPA have destroyed lives in Kashmir and the North East. Very soon the iron heels of the Indian Army is going to mercilessly trample upon the people of the areas of our movement in Central and Eastern India. This should not be acceptable to any Indian citizen on any condition. This would be purely unconstitutional. We appeal to you all to strongly oppose this develop a moment on the demand for calling the Indian Army Since the Indian government declared the Left wing Extremism (that is our Party) as the singlelargest threat to the Internal security of our country it has resulted in continuous and prolonged repression campaigns against our Party, the revolutionary movement and the revolutionary masses. You all are well aware that between 2005 and 2009, under the aegis of state and Central governments, how the white militia, Salwa Judum and Sendra, were organised and unleashed on the masses and an environment of terror was created in the areas of the movement. Then too we were united in defeating their attempts. Later, from mid 2009 theenemy started an undeclared-Operation Green Hunt, with the intent to repress our all India movement. When this too was challenged by us then in mid 2017 the Indian State reviewed it and since May that year they are carrying out the multi pronged, fixed 5 year Operation SAMADHAN. We are facing this for past threeandhalfyears. Now that the duration of SAMADHAN is about to end, the North Block is again restless. Consequently, since Dec 2019, they brought in a new plan named ‘Prahaar’. As a part of this, since November 2020 the Prahaar is intensified. Under the leadership ofour Party, the revolutionary movement and the PLGA is giving them a fitting reply, but some actions such as nearMinapa village on March 21 2020, led by the PLGA,has made them really disterbed. As a result, with the aim of uprooting Indian revolutionary movement on October 15th 2020, National (Internal) Security Adviser, Vijay Kumar conducted a meeting of top Police Officials of five states, Paramilitary, State and Central Intelligence Agencies via video conference and declared a new decisive attack plan,to be implemented from November 2020 to June 2021, of 10 point tactics based on the lines of military operations. Actually, before the declaration of this plan, the police have acknowledged the deaths of 4 Army jawans in the March 21st 2020, Minapa village ambush, carried out by the PLGA.Eventhough they participated in the campaign as DRG, it is clear that the Indian ruling classes are deploying Indian Army in disguise and carrying out its wars on the people of India.The Army that is supposed to fight foreign invaders are being stealthily disguised as DRG and put to war against the civilians of the country, that too on the indigenous inhabitants of this country. We appeal you to strongly condemn this and develop a movement at several levels on the demand to call back the Army. Since 2014 we are facing deadly attacks by the ruling hindutva forces. We have already lost people’s well wishers like Gauri Lankesh and Govind Pansre. Presently a lot of friends are languishing in many of the jails of the countryeven at the time of Corona Pandemic. They have neglected their own Supreme Court suggestions to release prisoners in the background of Corona, and denied bails to them. Actually they are all innocent people who have committed the only crime of opposing the dictatorial, blind religious and murderous policies of 2Brahminic Hindutva Fascists’ government. To finish the Indian revolutionary movement such conspiracies are carried out. The ruling Brahminic hindutva fascist are trying to stifle every voices of dissent and everyone who struggles. They have converted the whole country into a big Jail. They are constantly conspiring to divert and divide the people’s movements and creating an environment of terror and amuck. Leftists and Democrats are perpetual enemiesof these Brahminic hindutva fascist. They have violated promises and rights enshrined in the constitution to the Kashmiris. They have trampled upon the aspirations of self-determination of the people of North East. They brought CAA on religious lines. They have brought the farm laws with the intent to smash the agricultural sector. In the name of New Education Policy they’re encouraging irrelevant hindutva policies. They are not tolerating any opposition to their neoliberal Brahminic hindutva fascist policies by the peasants, students and workers. They are trying their level best to divert such movements. They are attacking the left democratic leadership who are not willing to compromise. This needs to be countered with even more unity. Those neoliberal hindutva policies, their idea of new India needs to be opposed by creating strong people’s movements.


Spokes person,

Central Committee,

CPI (Maoist)

CPI Maoist Extend Support To Workers Opposing The Privatization Of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant

Visakhapatnam District, February 26, 2021: The CPI (Maoist) has extended its support to the people and workers agitating against the proposed strategic sale of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP).

In a letter released by Kailasam, spokesperson of the CPI (Maoist) Andhra Odisha Border Special Zonal Committee (AOBSZ), the party stated that VSP had been achieved after people made huge sacrifices. As many as 32 persons had been killed, the letter said, and added that the sale of steel plant should not be allowed.

The outfit also found fault with the State government for not taking up the protest seriously.

“The YSRCP government is trying to misguide the people by saying that the decision to privatize VSP has been taken by the Union government without its consent,” Kailasam said in the letter.

“Both YSRCP and BJP are on the same page on the issue. If the YSRCP is really keen on supporting the agitation, the Chief Minister should ask all his MPs to resign for the cause,” he said.

The Maoists also criticized the farm Acts, and said the BJP-led Union government was only working for big private companies.

TKP-ML International Bureau: In Solidarity With The Just Struggle Of Militant Peasant Farmers And Agricultural Workers In India

We extend our revolutionary solidarity and support to the militant peasant farmers and agricultural workers joining together as a peoples’ united front, resolved in the struggle to force the repeal of the reactionary and anti-people laws imposed by the Indian ruling classes led by the Modi government.

The protests began in mid-August 2020 in northern India in anticipation of the introduction of the three laws designed to remove all legal barriers to the spread of the influence of rapacious finance capital and corporation in the agricultural sector. In September 2020, ignoring the protests, the Modi Government using its majority position in the parliament, circumventing the parliamentary procedures pushed through the three ruinous bills. These controversial bills remove all barriers to the extension of India-WTO agreements signed in 1995 to the agricultural sector. This can only mean the wholesale handover of the Indian agricultural industry to the local and international financial institutions to further exploit and plunder.

Enraged by these anti-people bills, tens of thousands of farmers, particularly from the northern state of Punjab, after protesting in vain for almost three months, on November 26, 2020, began their march to New Delhi, the capital. The reactionary Modi government responded by deploying paramilitary troops armed with water cannons and tear gas and protected by barricades, razor wire and deep trenches dug into the freeways at the borders of the capital blocking the farmers’ journey to the centre of the city. The militant farmers fought off the violent attempts and held their ground against the authorities’ brute force.

Since then, the protests have spread across the whole country and represent the largest ever mass mobilization of farmers in India to date. Currently, an estimated 500,000 peasant farmers and agricultural laborers are encamped surrounding the city. Led by an alliance of 32 farmers’ and workers’ unions, the historic protest has swelled into an almost 20km stretch of camps with community kitchens, public libraries, film screenings and platforms for political meetings. So far, over 90 people have died during the protests. Some have died because of the cold, and some have committed suicide in protest as a political statement.

So far, eleven rounds of fruitless discussions and negotiations between the farmers’ representatives and the government bodies have taken place. While the government aims to exhaust the protests, the farmers are determined that they will not return to their homes unless these laws are repealed.

On January 26, hoisted as “India’s Independence Day” by the Indian ruling classes, the protest organizers had called for peaceful rallies and marches. They had negotiated agreed routes with the police. But the roads for the demonstrations by the masses were blocked by the authorities. During the mayhem, a group of militant farmers, notwithstanding the police violence and the blockades, broke away and symbolically occupied the Red Forth, where these ceremonies usually take place. They thus showed nothing can stop or hinder their resolve.

The upsurge and the resilience of the militant protests of the peasant farmers and its spread across the country is a significant blow to the Modi government and it’s policies of “divide and rule” as undisguised attacks on the working class and other toiling masses in India. During his term in office, furling the flag of Hindutva fascism, Mr Modi has unleashed many retrogressive measures aggravating social division and communal violence. Yet, at these protest gatherings, peasant farmers from all origins and from different communities, including Hindu, Muslim and Sikhs, live together, share the same food and shout the same slogans in their rallies. They stand resolutely, shoulder to shoulder against the authorities. Women, the backbone of the rural economy, have played a frontline role in the struggles. Dalits, typically undertaking the hardest manual labour in the countryside, have played a significant role in these struggles.

While the Indian ruling classes claim India to be the “largest democracy” in the world today, they deploy the most brutal repression against all forms of protest against the government. They unleash government backed Hinduvta fascist thugs to attack and brutalize the unarmed peasant farmers and protestors physically. Particularly during the last three weeks of the protests, the regime has cut internet and mobile access to New Delhi and surrounding areas. It has forced the closure of many social media channels that spread the news of the protests. The reactionary Modi Government has increasingly resorted to using “sedition laws” against protestors. These laws dating back to the 1870s when India was under British rule and are now revived to intimidate protesters and contain their struggles.

Yet despite all repression, the militant farmers continue in their fight. On February 18, 2021, they launched further protests calling a national day of protest and occupations of the railway stations to express their determination and resolve in continuing their struggles.

The struggle of the Indian peasant farmers against such reactionary policies today is unprecedented in size and the dimension of the resistance. But it is not a new phenomenon. The agricultural sector in India, which largely consists of smallholding and subsistence farming, is the source of income for over 50% of the population. As such, it has always been sensitive to such reactionary machinations by the ruling classes both during the British direct rule and since 1947 when power was passed to the Indian ruling classes.

Historically, Punjab was the epicenter of the notorious “Green Revolution” unleashed in the 1960s. The “Green Revolution” in India was the localized version of a general policy sponsored by US imperialism following the Second World War. It was designed as a comprehensive policy to stifle the influence of communists leading peasant revolutions sympathetic to the Soviet Union and the Peoples’ Republic of China led by Mao Tse-tung. It was aimed at putting an end to the revolutionary transformation of feudal relations through a revolutionary process and to impose a state-sponsored reform. Particularly in Punjab, following independence in 1947 and throughout the 50s and 60s, there were significant militant struggles for land reform and agrarian revolution by peasant movements led by communists. The “Green Revolution” in India followed similar examples in Latin America (Guatemala) and south-east Asia (Philippines), Middle East (Iran and Turkey) to stop the spread of communist influence. It was hoisted as an initiative to overcome “famine and food shortages”. This was applied to agriculture where the US supplied high yield fertilizer hungry seeds to increase the production of wheat, rice and other cash crops, introducing a basic form of industrial agriculture. With a Keynesian outlook, the Indian government subsidized and provided minimum prices for these agricultural products. The “Green revolution” ushered in greater and deeper dependency on the US and the supply of seeds, chemical fertilizers, and other farming products.

While the reactionary ruling classes in India and the US imperialism and it harbingers hail this as a success story, the effect was seen and felt on the ground taking the processes of dispossession and pauperization of the large numbers of peasant farmers to new dimensions. The “Green revolution”, in effect, was aimed at integrating the feudal relations with the comparator relations maintaining the existing social relations, the class structure, and the caste system of oppression intact.

Today, the Modi government is hailing the introduction of these laws as the “Green Revolution 2”. It is claiming that this will double the farmers’ wages and income. Yet all statistics show otherwise. With inflation at a steady average of 7.5%, farmers’ income has steadily decreased during the last decade. As a barometer of the worsening conditions of life, rising debt and bankruptcy of the peasant farmers, the suicide rate has taken a dramatic rise. In September 2020, the Indian parliament heard reports indicating that in 2019 alone, the number of recorded suicides amongst farmers and daily wage earners was 42,480 people. Some estimates show the number of suicides is steadily rising and that during the last decade alone, a figure close to 300,000 farmers and daily wage earners have committed suicide.

Clearly, the imperialist model of development and its endemic crisis is at the root of the problem. India is considered ripe for further extensive plunder of its resources and markets by imperialist powers and their collaborators. The Indian ruling classes, serving these interests, have at least for the past 25 years strived to introduce “neoliberal” policies and have made every attempt to usher in further instruments to ease the expansion of domestic and international finance capital over the country. Yet, at every turn and every attempt, the ruling classes have faced militant resistance by the people. Clearly, neither their policies designed to auctions off the tribal lands in order to plunder its mineral resources disguised as “Operation Green Hunt”, nor the opening of mega-store to the “Indian Walmarts”, or the opening of the claws of domestic and international finance capital in the agriculture, facilitated by the latest three bills passed by the government of Mr Modi, can address the crisis of a corrupt, decadent and reactionary system that is long overdue for revolutionary transformation.

The struggle of the Indian peasant farmers in India is an inseparable part of the worldwide struggle of workers and other oppressed against imperialism and reaction. The struggle against colonialism and imperialist domination and for a people’s democracy has a long, glorious history in India. The peasant farmers in India carrying on with such militant traditions in their just struggles are certain to attract the support, solidarity and sympathy of all oppressed and proletarian forces at home and abroad. Their persistent fight will undoubtedly contribute to and extend the ongoing revolutionary struggles of progressives democratic and communist forces in India.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with the revolutionary struggle of all workers and other oppressed people in India.

We extend our solidarity with the just struggle of the peasant farmers movement in India.

Victory to the oppressed farmers in their just and militant struggle against the imperialist backed reactionary offensive of the Indian state!

TKP-ML International Bureau

February 2021

India farmers’ struggle

INDIA: ‘Will go to Singhu border and sit with farmers,’ says activist Nodeep Kaur after release from jail

‘Will go to Singhu border and sit with farmers,’ says activist Nodeep Kaur after release from jail
Labour rights activist Nodeep Kaur after being released from Karnal Jail on Friday, February 26. | Saahil Murli Menghani/Twitter screengrab

Labour rights activist Nodeep Kaur on Friday said that she will join the farmers’ protest against the new agricultural laws at Singhu border, NDTV reported. “I will definitely go to Singhu, sit with farmers,” she said, upon her release from Karnal Jail late in the evening. “I have not done anything illegal in the past and will not do anything illegal in the future and will always stand for the people.”

Earlier in the day, the Punjab and Haryana High Court granted bail to Kaur. She was arrested on January 12 for mobilising workers near the Singhu border, the epicentre of the farmer protest against the three new agricultural laws. The Dalit activist and her colleagues staged a demonstration in the Kundli industrial area, near Singhu, outside a factory that had not paid its workers their wages.

Speaking on Shiv Kumar, another activist who was arrested along with her, Kaur said that his condition was very bad and he has not been shifted to a hospital despite orders of doing so. “He wasn’t even there on the 12th [January], yet he was arrested and thrashed brutally.”

medical report has shown that Kumar has sustained eight injuries that are more than two weeks old. The court had on February 19 directed the superintendent of Sonipat Jail to have Kumar examined at the Government Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh, after his father Rajbir alleged that the jailed activist was “subjected to police torture”.

Kaur also spoke about the agitating farmers and said that people should speak out in favour of their demands. “The farmers are sitting on protest sites, leaving their fields,” she said. “Nobody likes to sit on the streets if not for their demands. So, people should speak out in their favour so that a resolution is reached.”

Meanwhile, her sister Rajvir Kaur said that the fight was still on as many activists were still in jail, PTI reported. “We have not won this fight,” she said, according to PTI. “How can we win this fight till the time activists like Shiv Kumar, Umar Khalid [accused in Delhi riots’ conspiracy case], Khalid Saifi [booked under UAPA in Delhi riots case]…The list is very long, are inside jails? They all are our country’s true leaders.”

She was speaking at the Press Club of India in Delhi during a public meeting, marking a year since the arrest of Saifi and Ishrat Jahan, both booked under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, in a case related to the communal violence in northeast Delhi in February last year.

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