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For an international forum to develop unity and solidarity among proletarian vanguards of the world…COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MAOIST) Central Committee


…..However, the proletarian vanguard organisations are not yet strong enough to catch up with the demands of the toiling people and provide a united leadership for their movements in the direction of liberation. Our Party announced its stand towards the need and formation of an International Forum to develop unity and solidarity among the proletarian vanguards of the world. The CC of our Party appeals to sister organisations to respond to our stand and to advance efforts in this direction.


Central Committee

Press Release 17 April, 2021

Long live Internationalist May Day!

Let us work for more unity and organization of World revolutionary workers, toilers and their organisations!

The toiling class of the world, especially the proletariat is going to celebrate May Day this year on the eve of 150 years of ‘Paris Commune’ where the proletariat held high the Red Flag and achieved state power. This is a big festive day for the entire proletariat of the world. It is the world proletariat rights day. May Day is the day on which the proletariat assesses its balance of forces and pledges to work relentlessly, with firmer determination and to mobilise its entire strength for its freedom, independence, equality and brotherhood and to accomplish proletarian revolutions and World Socialist Revolution. On the occasion of May Day the Central Committee of our Party conveys its heartfelt Revolutionary Greetings to the proletariat of the world. It pays humble revolutionary homage to all the toilers who laid down their lives to achieve their rights.

Imperialism is facing a severe crisis all over the world. The exploitive ruling classes are indulging in a number of attacks and conspiracies to shift the burden of this crisis on to the proletariat and to intensify the exploitation of labor force. By the time world crisis was about to break in a more intense way than the financial and economic crisis of 2008, the COVID pandemic took over the whole world. This is one of the deadly viruses that the imperialists created out of their hunt for profits. While the contemporary world is upended with the pandemic, crores of migrant workers lost their livelihood and are on the streets, the Multi-National corporate enterprises and their comprador companies are competing for the vaccine business and gaining multifold super profits. Imperialist globalisation resulted in the expansion of capitalist world economy to an unprecedented level and so the contradictions between imperialism and the oppressed nationalities and oppressed people, between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat and among the imperialist forces reached the peak. There is a rise in the imperialist aggression and capitalist onslaught on the oppressed nationalities and people. A re-division of the world countries and markets is going on with the contention between the imperialists, especially the US imperialists and China SocialImperialists for world hegemony and to exploit the natural wealth of the countries of the world. The ‘trade war’ is putting severe economic burden on the oppressed people of the backward countries. The proletariat, peasantry, middle class people, women, religious minorities, oppressed nationalities, nationalities and other communities facing racial discrimination and other communities are suffering from much severe economic, political, socioculture exploitation and oppression. The disparity between the rich and the poor reached an unprecedented level. Toiling people of the world are suffering from poverty, unemployment, hunger, inequalities and racial discrimination. All these are the ill consequences of imperialist globalisation.

 Apart from the workers of the backward countries, the workers of the imperialist and capitalist countries are also suffering from the severest of severe exploitation due to the neo-colonial exploitive policies. The situation and the need for the unity of world proletariat is growing day by day. This is the time for steadfast fight to end globalisation policies. Apart from the proletariat of the imperialist and capitalist countries, the people of all sections in several semi-colonial, neo-colonial countries are struggling against the imperialist globalisation policies. The proletarian vanguard i.e. the Revolutionary Communist Parties must lead these struggles. Today there is an increasing need to advance in a more united and organized manner in this direction.

 In our country, the entire oppressed classes, social sections and oppressed nationalities including the proletariat and the peasantry are facing the brutal onslaught of the Modi government in the form of Brahmanic Hindutwa Fascism with imperialist support. Struggles of workers, employees and farmers are intensifying day by day. In the interest of the imperialist finance capital the Modi government brought forth Robotic, 3D printing and Artificial Intelligence depriving the workers of job security and shrunk the existing 44 labor laws into 4 codes to validate its exploitation. The organized and unorganized workers are making militant agitations against this bifacial onslaught. The farmers of India are making an unprecedented non-compromising struggle centered in the capital city of the country. Traders are against GST. Lakhs of organized and unorganized workers and employees are taking up strikes opposing the merger of banks and privatization of the public sector enterprises. Students, teachers and academicians are against the National Education Policy – 2020 adopted by the Hindu reactionary forces in the centre. The indigenous people of the country including those in the strategic areas that are acting as a strong centres of revolutionary movement are militantly fighting for their just rights. Toiling castes are taking up united struggles against the caste based Brahmanic order that is one of the peculiarities of India and its exploitation, oppression, suppression and discrimination. The state is unleashing repression on the democratic and progressive forces that stood in support of the struggling people of the country and is throwing them behind the bars. Secular forces are fighting against the communal violent policies of fascist Brahmanic Hindutwa forces. Several rights organisations are taking up the demand to withdraw the fascist draconian laws being bureaucratically unleashed on the struggling people.

Thus we see that the governments of all the backward countries of the world are acting alike in the interests of the Multi-National corporate Companies. Therefore it has become more vital for the revolutionary proletarian parties and organisations to lead the struggles of the entire struggling toilers in all the countries.

The large scale struggles of the oppressed people and nationalities all over the world for the past two years make it clear that conditions are in favor of revolution. The world proletariat can step forward in the direction of fulfilling its main task of accomplishing World Socialist Revolution by utilising these favorable conditions. There are two strategic tasks for the genuine vanguard organisations of the international proletariat. The first is to launch revolutionary movements of the workers and other oppressed sections in the capitalist-imperialist countries. The proletariat, peasantry, other democratic classes and social sections in each and every semi-colonial, semi-feudal country must be organized and build and lead national democratic movements. The second is to build a strong United Front of Communist movements of capitalist countries and national-democratic movements of neo-colonial, semi-colonial countries against imperialism and its compradors. For this purpose it is essential of the genuine proletarian parties and organisations to establish an appropriate International Revolutionary proletarian organization according to the contemporary concrete conditions. The Maoist forces must unite with the entire progressive, democratic forces in every country and also with the entire anti-imperialist democratic forces against the worldwide enemy. Both these strategic tasks are mutually related and play an important role in advancing the World Socialist Revolution.

However, the proletarian vanguard organisations are not yet strong enough to catch up with the demands of the toiling people and provide a united leadership for their movements in the direction of liberation. Our Party announced its stand towards the need and formation of an International Forum to develop unity and solidarity among the proletarian vanguards of the world. The CC of our Party appeals to sister organisations to respond to our stand and to advance efforts in this direction.

 Let us fight back all kinds of onslaught of the imperialists. Let us pledge to lead the anti-imperialist people’s struggles and strive for the success of World Socialist Revolution. Let us further unite and get organized in this direction. This is the need of the hour.

Long live May Day!

Long live Revolution!w Long live World Socialist Revolution! Down with all shades of revisionism!

Down with Imperialism! Long live Proletarian Revolutions!



Central Committee


Protest Indian Prime Minister’s Programmes at Portugal to Sell the Indian resources to EU and Make Agreements in Military Front

Dear Comrades and friends of Indian Revolution at abroad particularly EU and Britain, Red Salutes 

On behalf of Central Committee I appeal all of you and to the oppressed people, proletariat of EU especially Portugal to protest and resist Brahmanical Hindutva Fascist Indian Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Porto of Portugal to participate in a meeting between EU and India on 8th of May which is aimed to make commercial and military agreements to serve the Imperialist interests which are in essence will only pave the way for the loot and plunder of Indian people and against the interests of the working class people of Portugal and EU. 

Now my country is facing very severely the 2ndwave of Corona pandemic crisis. Yesterday it has broken all time record with more than 3 lakh infected cases within 24 hours. The people are under severe panic. But country’s Prime Minister did not bother about it and he is too busy in his routine election business and his Make in India flagship programme. The above said meeting is also part of it. In India the central and all States governments are limited to the only propaganda against pandemic. Newly invented Corona vaccine has been made a competitive commodity in the market. Our Party is seriously condemns the government attitude towards the people of the country.ndian peasants are on strike since last 26th November (Indian Constitution Day) against central government’s farm laws which are passed in benefit of big corporate houses. So many small and middle class businessmen were lost their businesses due to Modi’s demagogic and genocidal economic policies like demonetisation and GST. These people’s businesses were very badly affected due to lockdown in 2020. Now they are against to lock down and decided to go on protest against it particularly in Maharashtra. Students and progressive intellectuals all over the country are bitterly opposing the new national education policy which is upholding the Hindutva, privatisation-corporatisation and extreme centralisation thought. proletarian of the Country is opposing the government’s LPG policies, pro capitalist changes in Labour laws. Democratic, secular, progressive sections are strongly opposing the CAA and other such acts which are against the spirit of the pro people aspects of the Indian constitution and completely based on so-called hindu majoritarian religion.The Indian indigenous people are demanding to implement the government laws like PESA and New Forest Act-2006 to get their rights on Jal (water), Jungle (Forest), Jameen (Land). But all the governments are implicating them under draconian laws and punishing them. Our Party-CPI (Maoist) strongly condemns all the anti-people policies of the Central and State governments. In Modi Raj number of democrats and secularists, pro people historians, intellectuals, writers, artists, rationalists, advocates and journalists were arrested and their voices were suppressed. Some pro people intellectuals were assassinated like Gouri Lankesh, Govind Pansare, Kalburgi and Narendr Dabholkar. Mob lynching cases are growing year by year. In Indian caste society the dalit and the muslm community people are becoming victims to it. Our Revolutionary Mass Organisations are building the mass movements with genuine demands of the people along with democrats and pro people elements. This has become unbearable to the exploiting ruling classes particularly reactionary Hindutva forces which are in power at Centre and States. They are branding them as Urban Maoists and suppressing their voices and haunting them. Now dozens of Mass Organisation’s leaders are behind the bars. As you know our Party is building the revolutionary movement in India since last five decades. Peoples Liberation Guerrilla Army is leading the Armed Struggle under the leadership of our party. But the Indian ruling classes those are collaborated with their imperialist masters particularly US imperialists are trying to root out our party and the revolutionary movement. They deployed more than 6 lakhs police and para – military forces which are well trained in counter insurgency guerrilla warfare. Since 2017 their country wide Counter Guerrilla Operation SAMADHAN is going on with five years target of moping of the movement. Especially since last one year the cover of operation Prahaar they are raising war against us and people. Our PLGA dedicatedly and determinedly resisting it along with revolutionary masses. Recently it ambushed the notorious DRG (District Reserve Group) and other state and central para military forces at Kadenaar (Narayanpur District, Chattisgarh), Jeeraguda (Bijapur, Chattisgarh) and West Singhbhum (Jharkhand) to protect the people’s power i.e. Revolutionary Peoples Committees and revolutionary movement. We lost more than 1,000 lives of our cadres including Party leaders, PLGA fighters and revolutionary masses in fascist Modi Raj since 2014. The Indian Home Minister hypocrite Amit Sha and the Chattisgarh State’s Chief Minister Bhupesh Bhagel have jointly decided to send more police forces to take revenge on revolutionary people. They are very eager to start even air strikes. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddav Thakre has already said that Maoists are more dangerous than Covid-19 and provoked the C-60 Commandos to continue their combing operations in Gadchiroli Jungles. Since more than last two decades the strategic areas of our revolutionary movement have become as an undeclared war zones. Massacres and Khaki gang rapes are going on and countless police atrocities are being committed on people. They are intensifying all these anti people activities to suppress the revolutionary movement. So, at last I appeal all the comrades and friends of Indian Revolution at abroad, the proletarian masses of EU especially of Portugal to protest and resist the fascist Indian Prime Minister’s Portugal visit which is aimed to loot India more and more by EU.

With Revolutionary Greetings, Abhay, Spokes Person, Central Committee CPI (Maoist)

Statement of PCI (Maoist ) – Commander Gangal not dead with Corona – Khammam abducted from hospital and killed by police

CPI (Maoist) party calls for a Dandakaranya bandh on June 5 to protest the tribal massacre

There is nothing for the people without the People’s Army! Central Military Commission of CPI (Maoist) Comrade Devji (People´s March)

‘People’s March’ met the In-charge of the Central Military Commission (CMC) of the CPI (Maoist) Com Devji on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary celebrations of PLGA in a Guerilla Zone. When approached he spoke in length about the relevance, the objectives, successes, failures and future course of PLGA.
The excerpts.

– People’s March – Red Salutes Comrade Devji! Firstly tell us about the present occasion.

Devji – Red Salutes! The Central Committee of the CPI (Maoist) decided to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of People’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) for one year starting on 2nd December 2020. I thank ‘People’s March’ for giving me an opportunity to speak about our glorious PLGA on this occasion.

PM – How do you define PLGA?

Dj – Our great Marxist teacher Karl Marx stated that revolution will be violent. Our Party decided that the basic problems of the people of the country originating from this rotten social system will be solved only by destroying it and bringing down the exploitive classes of imperialists, comprador bureaucratic capitalist and feudal landlords and establishing the new democratic state of all the oppressed classes, social sections and nationalities, i.e., a genuine democratic new state through Protracted People’s War. PLGA emerged with the glorious legacy of the Naxalbari revolutionary peasant uprising and such struggles like Kanksha, Sonarpur, Srikakulam, Bhirbhum, Lakhimpur-Kheri.

When the struggles took a consolidated and militant form in the later decades under the proletarian leadership of the Communist Party guided by the theory of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, in the process, the PLGA took shape as the People’s Army. It is one of the three magnificent weapons in the hands of the Party. PLGA is a political army that works in the interests of the workers, peasants and other oppressed classes, oppressed social sections and oppressed nationalities of the country. This shall develop into the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). It establishes liberated areas in the rural areas through guerilla war, mobile war and positional war and ultimately encircle the towns and establish people’s state power all over the country. Now there are different levels of guerilla formations in 13 states out of the total 17 states of revolutionary movement in the country. There are higher formations of PLGA in places where class struggle and guerilla war are intense and dealing with power question practically.

PM :– What is the role of PLGA in Indian Revolution?

Dj – We can understand the role of PLGA in Indian Revolutionary Movement from the specific characteristics of the Indian society. 72 years of formal or fake independence in our country did not solve any of the basic problems of the various oppressed classes, social sections and nationalities. There is severe exploitation and cruel oppression of the entire laboring masses including industrial workers. Crores of workers are pushed on to the roads. Nearly half of the rural population is landless. 85 per cent of the landed peasantry belong to the poor and lower middle classes with less than 5 acres per family. More than three lakh farmers committed suicide in the country in the past three and a half decades of imperialist globalisation. Poverty is rising sharply. The students and the youth of the country are frustrated with rising unemployment. The micro, small and medium type industries in the MSME sector suffer heavily due to the aggressive policies of the Modi government that are in favor of the imperialists and their compradors in the country.The oppressed sections are increasingly being attacked by the Brahmanic Hindutwa fascist policies. There is a day to day rise in the atrocities on women.There is a rise in the inhumane and shameless attacks on the Dalit people. Millions of tribal people and peasants are pushed away by the fascist state from their lands that they have been cultivating for the past centuries. All oppressed nationalities are under the iron heel of Indian expansionists who are curbing their just struggles for right to selfdetermination.

PM – Tell us the experience of the PLGA and the people in fighting back the series of counter revolutionary offensive campaigns in two decades by the fascist state through their mercenary central and state forces.

Dj – The state has been following the LIC policy of the US imperialists in attempting to wipe out the revolutionary movement in the country. It has been unleashing one counter revolutionary offensive after on the revolutionary movement i.e. the party, PLGA and the people to destroy their valuable fruits of revolution in vain. Various Counter Guerilla forces such as the DRG, DVF, DF at the district level, State level Commando forces such as the Greyhounds, C-60, Hawk Force, STF, SOG, Jaguar and Thunderbolt, COBRA of the CRPF have been formed apart from all other Para-military forces such as CRPF, BSF, ITBP, SSB, CISF and Central Reserved Battalions together amounting to above 6 lakhs. In addition to these forces the ruling classes deployed special units of the Indian Army in disguise in 2020. The PLGA is able to heroically fight back with the support of the masses all these forces. 4,520 comrades shed blood to advance the People’s War in India in the past two decades. It fought back white militia such as the Jan Jagaran, Sendra, Peace Committee, Harmad Vahini and Salwa Judum in various states of the revolutionary movement. All these counter revolutionary offensives turned futile in eliminating the revolutionary movement in the country. Then the Indian ruling classes once again started an all India offensive that started in 2009 in the name of Operation Green Hunt (OGH). Under the guidance of the Party, relying on the people and with their active participation the PLGA is succeeding in fighting back each and every of these barbaric enemy campaigns. With the heroic resistance of the people and the PLGA, the central and the state governments once again failed in achieving their goal through this counter revolutionary Operation Green Hunt. With the intensifying guerilla war in several parts of the country the ruling classes of the country needed another counter revolutionary offensive. As a part of the economic crisis all over the world the imperialists are bent on further looting the natural resources of countries like India. The comprador rulers made hundreds of agreements with the imperialist Multi-National Corporations. The increasing resistance of the oppressed people of the country under the guidance of the CPI (Maoist) and its magnificent weapon the PLGA came in the way of the exploitive classes. In a bid to wipe out the revolutionary movement they started the multipronged counter revolutionary strategic “SAMADHAN” offensive in 2017.The people know they will have to fight until they win final victory over the enemy classes by destroying this evil social system and set up their new state power. People are with the Party and the PLGA. This is the real strength of the people and this is the real strength of the Party and the PLGA.

PM – Explain the successes and failures of PLGA.

Dj – The successes of PLGA are based on the politicomilitary line of the Party. Our line was tested and steeled in PPW. Basing on the line the PLGA gives utmost importance to build mass base and makes war to wipe out the enemy forces to the possible extent as well as to preserve the revolutionary forces. Seizure of state power is the central task of revolution that needs force. We destroyed the local authority in several rural areas of the country where the PLGA strongly fought back the enemy forces and established organs of people’s state power. This is a significant political success. We are developing the PLGA by creatively applying the theory of PPW in the direction of transforming it into People’s Liberation Army (PLA). We are relentlessly striving to accumulate our subjective strength, our fighting capability and expand areas of the movement by political and organisational work and expansion and intensification of guerilla war and procuring armaments from the enemy. In the process we took up several big Guerilla actions in the past 20 years that possess the characteristics of mobile war. We wiped out the enemy forces in relatively large numbers in ambushes such as Mukram and Kajara in DK and BJ in which a platoon of the enemy forces was wiped out and in Mukaram we wiped out a company of the CRPF. In almost all these major battles our people’s forces seized large number of armaments from the enemy forces and armed itself. Certain characteristics of mobile war came forth in these big guerilla battles. In the past 20 years PLGA wiped out 3,058 and injured 3,604 Central and State armed forces and seized 3,240 arms and 154,247 rounds of ammunition from them (up dated numbers). The actions temporarily contain the aggressiveness of the mercenary armed forces to an extent. Minapa ambush in 2020 March is a new and higher experience for the PLGA in which the enemy forces included a special unit of the Indian Army in the guise of the central and state forces. This is another significant success. Armaments are one important factor in any war and PLGA develops them. Com. Arvind (Com Dev Singh, PBM and CCM martyred in 2018 March) stood exemplary in preparing Improvised Explosives with the help of the guerilla forces. He made experiments with chemicals in the guerilla zones of Bihar- Jharkhand and spread these valuable experience to all areas. Although the state is encircling all the main areas of the movement since the OGH, deprived civil and military supplies and is attacking the people, Party and the PLGA, we are preparing several kinds of Improvised weapons and Explosive material basing on local resources and making guerilla war. PLGA is able to procure material for making war through the people in spite of severe blockades of the state. This is anotherachievement of People’s War. These are the major successes of the PLGA and the people. We are confident that we can fight back any number of fascist offensives of the enemy in the coming days basing on these positive experiences. Coming to the major failures, PLGA fails whenever it is negligent towards the implementation of the rules of guerilla war. It is a failure of PLGA to not able to protect its strength by avoiding unnecessary losses. We lost our cadres in large numbers in major attacks of the enemy in several areas of the country. We mainly suffered losses since 2011. Losses show a negative effect. They affect recruitment, few cadres lose confidence, weak elements surrender to the enemy and some even turn traitors. We are reviewing the situation time and again and trying to rectify the mistakes in our practice. We will certainly overcome our weaknesses and shortcomings. But we are undeterred with the failures. People’s war in invincible and People’s Army is invincible.

PM – How does PLGA integrate with the people?

Dj – PLGA’s sole interest is to serve the people and fight against the enemy to establish people’s state power. The People’s Army propagates relentlessly that the three classes – Imperialism,Comprador Bureaucratic Capitalism and feudalism are the main enemies of the broad masses of the people and as a part of rousing them in revolutionary politics, mobilises them in class struggles and organizes them for their liberation from exploitation and oppression and building a genuine democratic society. The CPI (Maoist) creatively applied the theory, laws and tasks of PPW formulated by the great teacher of international proletariat Comrade Mao, to the concrete conditions of our country. It not only respects people and people’s culture but also extensively participates in people’s cultural activities. It strictly follows class line and mass line. It serves the people in many ways. It provides health care. It participates in their agricultural production activities. It lends a hand in collecting forest produce. It achieved the enormous love and affection of the people. The people send their dear young boys and girls into PLGA as their responsibility in strengthening it and advancing people’s war. People are very close to PLGA and do not hesitate to criticize its mistakes. Thus the PLGA is being steeled and steeling further step by step as a real and strong People’s Army. In the process it strengthens the Party and the United Front.

PM – There are reports about the heroic deeds of women cadres of PLGA. How could you achieve the development?

Dj – Women are the most oppressed social section in the society. They are half of the society. They possess enormous strength. Our Party and PLGA led many class struggles against the enemy including patriarchy and brought a change in the society to some extent. Our Party is making strenuous efforts to shed patriarchal values among the cadres in three fronts, the Party, the PLGA and UF organisation and explore the strength and creativity of women cadres. The fact that women constitute almost twenty to half percent of PLGA in the country reveals their aspirations. We have the task of developing them into leading cadre at all levels in all the fronts.

PM – What is the policy of PLGA in military actions?

Dj – The Party formulated the policy in military actions basing on class line-mass line. The PLGA follows it. The armed forces of the exploitive ruling classes are constituted mostly with the oppressed masses. Therefore the Party and the PLGA appeal to the armed forces to aim their arms against their masters and not on the people. And it also repeatedly appeals them to quit. PLGA does not eliminate the surrendered enemy personnel. It treats the injured enemy. But whenever the armed forces make brutal attacks on the people and the PLGA cadres we ferociously retaliate. It also eliminates the diehard police informers and class enemies. One of the political and organisational task of the Party is to organize the enemy forces as like any oppressed class or section. The Party Committee takes disciplinary action on those violate the military policy.

PM – Does PLGA have relations with the People’s Armies of the Maoist parties of other countries?

Dj – Our Party and PLGA hail proletarian internationalism. It has ideological relations with the People’s Armies of the Communist Parties that are ideologically together with our Party. PLGA imparted training to the PLA cadres in Nepal years ago. Our Party supports the fight of the North East armed organisations. We are studying the experiences of the People’s War in the Philippines, Turkey, Kurdistan and other such armed struggles. PLGA is ideologically hand in hand with the New People’s Army (NPA) of Philippines and TIKKO, the Guerilla army of the TKP (ML).

PM – What is your message to the Party, PLGA and the people?

Dj – The entire Party and PLGA must study the theory of PPW and its laws and the experiences of the Bolshevik revolution, the PPW in China, Vietnam and the ongoing PPWs in several countries through which it can learn, enhance its understanding and initiative and efficiency in conducting people’s war. The Party Committees and the Military Commands must give utmost importance to the creative application of the rules of Maoist theory of PPW in concrete revolutionary practice. They must also study the invaluable experiences of our revolutionary movement in the past 50 years, especially the experiences of guerilla war in the past 20 years after the formation of PLGA and master political work, mass work and military work and regain and accumulate strength and expand the PPW to all corners of the country according to the changing conditions. Only thus we can overcome the temporary setback and pave the way to achieving great successes. The people of the oppressed classes, social sections and nationalities must understand the aims and objectives of our party, its political line, unite in a genuine democratic united front to become a mighty force. It is the only way for the emancipation of the 13 billion vast masses of the country. 

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