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India: Release arrested human rights activists, says Kalyan Rao

Revolutionary writer G. Kalyan Rao on Monday demanded unconditional release of seven members of a fact-finding team arrested by the Chhattisgarh police allegedly under cooked-up charges.
Leading a protest by those sympathetic to the cause of Maoists in front of the Collectorate here, he said the fact-finding team members were ‘illegally detained’ in Khammam district in Telangana last month when they were proceeding to Chhattisgarh to enquire into elimination of innocent tribal people in alleged fake encounters by the police.
K. Sirisha, wife of CPI (Maoist) Central Committee member Akkiraju Haragopal alias Ramakrishna alias RK, condemned the undemocratic arrest of lawyers and research scholars from the Osmania University by the Telangana police last month before handing them over to their Chhattisgarh counterparts.

Communiqué of the PCI (M) of India: Unity Facing the War against the People by the Fascist Government of Modi and Raman Singh! To support the Communist Party of India (Maoist)- Part 1

Communiqué of the PCI (M) of India: Unity Facing the War against the People by the Fascist Government of Modi and Raman Singh!

In one of his last communiqués, translated by the Network of Communist Blogs in his effort to become the voice of the Naxalite Revolution and to make known its struggle in Castilian, the PCI (M) of India calls for it to continue strengthening the front of the genocidal war against the people carried out by the fascist government of Modi and Raman Singh, unit after the Supreme Court itself has denounced  members of the police and paramilitary forces and senior police officers that the commanding As direct responsible for brutal attacks against the people.

” In the two years that we the government of the National Democratic Alliance [NDA, its acronym in English] headed by Modi, has continued to get worse, day after day, the joint aggression of state terrorism and fascism national-hinduista The Maoist movement and the different democratic movements, Muslims and Christians, Dalits and Adivasis, national minorities, women, people oppressed by their sexual orientation, workers, peasants, intellectuals, academics, students, artists and other sectors of the broad masses, are among the victims of this brutal aggression ”



October 24, 2016




Italy for 28th international campaign

28 january action and demonstration – International day of action – solidarity with all maoist political prisoners


4 february – Bergamo Italy – talk meeting ICSPWI for planning demonstrations for 50th anniversary of ‘Naxal Revolt’


People’s War Fresh Maoist posters call for panchayat poll boycott


KORAPUT: Fresh Maoist posters and banners urging locals to boycott the upcoming three-tier panchayat polls were spotted at various places in Malkangiri district on Tuesday.
Police seized a few posters put up by the Malkangiri divisional committee of the banned CPI (Maoist) from Chitrakonda in the district. “We appeal for poll boycott in the district. Anyone, who dares to contest the rural polls, will be punished in the praja court (kangaroo court of the Maoists). Also, those, who will cast vote, will be punished,” reads a Maoist banner spotted in Chitrakonda.
The latest development comes close on the heels of the release of five poll officials by the Maoists after producing them in a praja court in the cut-off area on Friday evening. The poll officials were freed with a warning not to come to the area in future for poll-related work.
Also, Maoist leader Jagabandhu, secretary of the Andhra-Odisha Border Special Zonal Committee of the CPI (Maoist) had urged people in Malkangiri to boycott the rural polls alleging lack of development in the region.
Though the fresh Maoist posters has created panic in the area, the administration claims to have taken necessary steps to conduct a free and fair election.
Barring the 10 panchayats of the cut-off region, the poll process is being conducted peacefully across the district. “At present, the situation is under control and necessary security measures are being taken to avoid any eventuality,” said collector (Malkangiri) K Sudarshan Chakravarthy. On January 10, the Maoists through posters put up at several places under Kudumulugumma block had urged locals to abstain in the upcoming rural polls.
Fearing Maoist strike, no nomination papers have been filed in the 10 panchayats situated inside the cut-off area under Chitrakonda block.

Bhangar, West Bengal: Developing Movement against Land Acquisition

December 29, 2016

Photo: January 16-17: Massive police and RAF action descends on Bhangor

8. January 18 – Kolkata: Protest rally against police action in Bhangor
7. January 17 – Massive police and RAF action on movement
6. January 14 – Mass gathering as administration goes back on promise to withdraw power plant
5. January 10 – Huge mass gathering in Gazipur village
4. January 9: Press Note from Jomi, Jibika, Bastutantra O Poribesh Raksha Committee
3. December 28 – Mass gathering in Machhi Bhanga village, Bhangor
2. December 27
1. Background

January 18, 2017
A protest rally has been planned in Kolkata from College Square to Dharmatala starting at 2 pm. This rally is to protest the police action in Bhangor.

January 17, 2017
A huge police action has descended on the movement over the last 24 hours.
RAF and police have entered Khamarait village. There is a huge RAF presence in Natunhat. They are dragging out women and men from their homes. Villagers are being beaten up. Shops and houses have been destroyed. A ferocious attack on the movement is going on.

Earlier, Kalu Shekh, an important participant in the movement, had been arrested from Gazipur village and then released under mounting peoples’ anger. Thousands upon thousands of villagers had come out in protest. Police descended on a victory procession that followed.

January 14, 2017
The administration backtracks on its promise to withdraw the power grid. Locals reacted today by arranging a gathering in Polarhat. However, police were deployed from the afternoon and permission to hold a meeting was denied.

Within one hour, people gathered in a different location – in Gazipur village, in a field near the Bildharipara neighbourhood. Over 5000 people came.

January 10, 2017
A meeting is going on in Gazipur village today, the 10th. This follows the meeting in Urepara yesterday.
More than ten thousand people have already gathered for the meeting. The news is spreading to nearby villages as well.
It should be noted that Gazipur is the village of Arabul, the so-called “terror of Bhangor”. A few days ago, Arabul had come to threaten the villagers with his acolytes and goons. The villagers drove him out and took out a procession of 2000 people. And today’s mass gathering proved once again that when the people organise, the rulers are rendered toothless.
Gazipur: Photos from mass gathering on January 10

Above – Gazipur: Photos from mass gathering on January 10

December 28
A movement has been developing against the acquisition of 16 acres of farmland in Bhangar, in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. The land was acquired by the State government for the Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL).
The villages of Khamarait, Machhi Bhanga, Tona and Gazipur in the Bhangar II block have been on the boil in the last few days.
On December 27, Section 144 was imposed in a radius of 1.5 km surrounding Khamarait, and gatherings of more than three people were subject to arrest. Employees and officials of PGCIL were exempt from Section 144.

Photo: Huge protest gathering on December 28, 2016 in Machhi Bhanga village, Bhangor block West Bengal
On December 28, a huge gathering of several thousand people took place. People coming in vehicles from Deganga, Beleghata, and other places, arrived on foot after being stopped by the police. Roads leading to the meeting were manned by police and the hired goons of the ruling Party. The administration was given till January 1 to meet all demands.

Photo: Huge gathering of people on December 28, 2016 in Machhi Bhanga

December 27: 
An emergency gathering of at least 2000 people took place after the imposition of Section 144. Three main resolutions were taken:
(a) the public meeting on the 28th would be moved to the Khalparer field in Machhi Bhanga, which is outside the 1.5 km perimeter of the Section 144;
(b) a legal fight will be waged against Section 144;
(c) press conferences will be held to spread word about the movement

Photo: Emergency gathering of people on December 27 after imposition of Section 144.

Photo: Posters of the movement. “According to the website of PGCIL, a mass hearing should transparently take into account the voices of the local people, the landowner and workers, and the responsible government official – and the effects on society and environment have to be disclosed. Why was this not followed in Bhangor?”

The people of Bhangor – farmers and fishworkers – are resisting land acquisition for setting up a power plant by the Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL). A power plant with several lakh volts will have adverse effects on the lives and livelihoods of people in seven villages like Khamarait, Machhi Bhanga and others.
The process started two years ago, when farmers were coerced into signing away their lands to PGCIL by the notorious Trinamool Congress strongman Arabul Islam and his army of goons. They were first reassured that a small power house would be built in the area. Later, people came to know that the project was being planned at a much more massive scale.
The effects of the electromagnetic fields generated by this massive power plant on human health, livelihood, and ecology have not been taken into account. These effects will cause havoc on the livelihoods of the people.
Moreover, the large number of people that depend on fish embankments (bherries) for their living and stand to be displaced have not been given any reassurances. The Bidyadhari river flows through this region and has become a canal, clogged by the pollution from Kolkata. Local fishworkers are already reeling from the effects of this environmental disaster, and stand to be further dispossessed.
The local people had no alternative but to choose the path of protest. This has invited the wrath of the Trinamool-police combination. Six people have been arrested, people have been driven out of their homes. An atmosphere of terror has been brought about by the goons of Arabul Islam and the police.

The people, however, have not backed down. On December 22, the people of Bhangor brought Kolkata roads to a standstill in a massive rally. This was followed by a huge gathering on December 28, braving the imposition of Section 144.

For Rohith Vemula

Against Modi-led Hindutva-fascist government for the genocidal campaign against the Adivasi masses! PCI (Maoist)

“..In the two years after the NDA government led by Modi came to power, 
the combined assault of state terrorism and Hindutva fascism is intensifying day by day. 
The Maoist movement and different democratic movements, Muslims and Christians, 
Dalits, Adivasis, national minorities, women and other oppressed genders, workers, 
peasants, intellectuals, academics, students, artists and other sections of the 
vast masses of people have come under their severe assault.
 Raman Singh, for instance, promised a hike of additional 300 rupees 
to the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for rice to the peasants but instead 
it has reduced the MSP by 40 percent.
 On the other hand, it is spending thousands of crores of rupees 
on police and paramilitary forces in the name of anti-Maoist operations. 
Similarly, yesterday the BJP government of Jharkhand resorted to police 
firing to suppress the people agitating against forcible land acquisition, 
killing one demonstrator. In such conditions prevailing across the country, 
the democratic movement to resist this fascist assault must be intensified 
and expanded by uniting all the forces in opposition to the comprador-feudal Hindutva
 fascism of BJP and Sangh Parivar. 
Opposition to the third phase of Operation Green Hunt
 is a significant a part of this resistance.
Maoist revolutionaries have taken up arms for the just cause 
of the people and the country after all peaceful avenues for the
people to establish genuine democracy, freedom, sovereignty, self-reliance, 
progress, prosperity and people’s political power were closed by 
the country’s reactionary rulers. The history of our country and 
other semi-colonial and semi-feudal countries of the world has 
shown conclusively that only through a protracted people’s war can 
these objectives be achieved. …Top government functionaries like Rajnath Singh 
are portraying the revolutionary movement fighting for the sacred cause of the
 people and the country as a criminal and terrorist movement and 
are issuing repeated calls for surrender. 
At the same time, they are deploying more and more armed forces 
and introducing more and more lethal weapons including combat 
helicopters to suppress the people, raising more armed forces and 
vigilante gangs and taking further repressive steps..”

Assault on Dalit youth in Kerala sparks a debate on the Leftʹs double standard

Vivek Kumaran, a Master of Philospophy student at the Mahatma Gandhi University in Keralaʹs Kottayam district, said he realised how vulnerable the life of a Dalit student in the state can be on January 10.
The 25-year-old had just returned to his hostel room at the college campus in Priyadarshini Hills after attending a seminar and was about to sleep when four students, members of the Students Federation of India, a Left-wing student organisation with a strong base in the state, barged into his room at 11.30 pm. They bullied him and hit him indiscriminately, until he was unconscious, according to his complaint to the police.
ʹYou are a Dalit and no one will question us for beating you,ʹ they allegedly told him during the attack.
Kumaran was admitted at the Kottayam Medical College Hospital for three days. He went to his home in Keralaʹs Eranakulam district after he was discharged from hospital on January 13. Based on Kumaranʹs complaint, the Gandhi Nagar police station in Kottayam has registered a case against four members of the SFI, Shyamlal, Arun, Hemant and Sachu Sadanandan.
After the alleged assault, Kumaran, in an emotional Facebook post addressed to SFI state secretary M Vijin on Saturday, described the struggles of a Dalit student. ʹYou are ruining the dreams of my father and mother who are daily wage labourers,ʹ he wrote. ʹThe assault made me realise how hard it is to be a Dalit in Kerala. I have to live for my family and my community. That is the sole reason why I am not committing suicide.ʹ
Kumaran, who holds a masterʹs degree in social work, joined the MPhil course at the School of Gandhian Thought and Development Studies in March last year. He is doing his research on ʹPhysical violence and domestic abuse due to sexual orientation and gender identity,ʹ which he said would take another six months to complete. Before enrolling for his MPhil, Kumaran had worked for over two years with the Kerala Aids Control Society as a counsellor.
Kumaran said he was not associated with any student organisations, but had independently fought for Dalit studentsʹ rights on several occasions. The student said he does not know what motivated the attack. ʹSome of my friends are strong Ambedkarites and their presence in the campus might have worried SFI,ʹ he said. The attack was an eye-opener about the vulnerability of Dalit students in educational institutions in Kerala.ʹ
Political fallout
The incident, coming a week before the first death anniversary of Rohith Vemula, who committed suicide at the Hyderabad Central University on January 17, 2016, to protest alleged caste discrimination at the institute, has put the SFI in the dock even as it was planning to commemorate the Dalit scholarʹs death anniversary statewide on Tuesday. The organisation had organised a wave of protests after Vemulaʹs suicide, describing it as institutional murder and had even formed a poll alliance – United Front for Social Justice – with the support of Dalit Studentsʹ Union, Tribal Studentsʹ Forum, Bahujan Studentsʹ Front and Telangana Vidyarthi Vedika, which contested and won the election to the studentsʹ union of Hyderabad Central University in September last year.
SFI leaders, however, claim that Kumaran was not attacked. State Secretary Vijin said that SFI activists had gone to his room to warn Kumaran against his drug abuse. ʹOur members went to his room and gave him a warning not to use drugs inside the campus, he said. ʹWe didnʹt attack him.ʹ Vijin also alleged that Kumaran had already completed MPhil but was staying on in the hostel anyway.
Kumaran, however, denied the allegations and dismissed them as a smear campaign. ʹThey should have informed the police if I am a drug abuser,ʹ he said. ʹWho gave them the authority to beat me up?ʹ
In his Facebook post, Kumaran said he had never even smoked a cigarette, leave alone doing drugs. When asked about this, Vijin said he did not want to comment on the other peopleʹs habits.
Concerns raised
The assault has also reignited the debate over SFIʹs position on the Dalit cause and what is perceived as its double standards on the issue.
While it has been championing the Dalit cause elsewhere, there are allegations that it has oppressed scheduled-caste voices in its stronghold of Kerala.
Last year, a Dalit PhD scholar from the same university accused the SFI leaders of turning a blind eye to her grievances of alleged caste discrimination at her institute. Deepa Mohanan, who is pursuing a doctoral research in Nano Biotechnology, said she had been waging a lone battle against a faculty member for mentally torturing her over the last three years. ʹI filed a complaint against Nandakumar, who was the joint director of International and Inter University Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in 2015, for caste discrimination,ʹ she told ʹThe university is yet to take action against him.ʹ In a Facebook post last year, Mohanan said that the SFI did not raise its voice against the inaction or support her.
Mohanan had written an open letter to the then SFI all-India president, Dr V Sivadasan, detailing the outfitʹs purported double standards.
In July last year, a 19-year-old Dalit student in Thiruvananthapuram college was allegedly beaten up by SFI members over political rivalries.
Vijin, however, said there was a concerted campaign tarnish the SFIʹs image. ʹMany accuse the SFI of harassing Dalit students,ʹ he said. ʹIt is a ploy to turn Dalit students against us. We are involved in the problems of the student community. We cannot discriminate students based on their caste, creed, or language.ʹ
He added: ʹSFI has members from LGBT community and we are the most progressive student organisation in India.ʹ
Unlike in other states, the SFI in Kerala has not allied with Dalit organisations or joined hands with them or organise events. ʹOur organisation has the strength to take up studentsʹ issues on its own and it doesnʹt need support from other outfits in Kerala,ʹ said Vijin. ʹBut we are not reluctant to join hands and co-operating with Dalit organisations.ʹ
Dalit activist and writer, OP Raveendran, however, claimed that SFI is wary of Dalit movements that are increasingly making their presence felt in Kerala, where student politics have largely been dominated by the SFI. ʹCollege campuses in Kerala are witnessing an increase in the number of conflicts between different Dalit studentsʹ movements and SFI,ʹ he said.
(Source :

Interview with Gajarla Ravi, CPI (Maoist) central committee member in charge of Dandakaranya and eastern zone by Rabi Banerjee

 CPI (Maoist) central committee member in charge of Dandakaranya and eastern zone

He was believed to be dead after the Malkangiri attack by GreyHounds in October, which killed 33 senior Maoists commanders and squad members. Many people even sent condolence messages to Gajarla Ravi alias Ganesh. But when THE WEEK visited the Dandakaranya free zone, we found Ganesh walking through the forest road to take stock of the deployment of forces in the wake of the attack. There was a security ring of around 50 Maoists with him, and he was carrying an AK-57, with ammunition hung around his waist and chest.

One of the finest military strategists for CPI (Maoist) and NIA’s most-wanted men, Ganesh, who is in his early fifties, is also known to be an ideologue for the party. He was present during the attack in Malkangiri, along with politburo member Rama Krishnan. But, thanks to heavy security ring, Ganesh and RK managed to flee. Failing health forced RK to pass on the Dandakaranya ‘baton’ to Ganesh on the party’s insistence. The attack exposed the lapses on the part of Maoists, and now, Ganesh is rebuilding the Malkangiri area with fresh recruitment and security deployment. Known to be close to both, party chief Ganapathy and second-in-command Prashanta Bose (Kishan da), Ganesh is also in charge of the eastern region of the area. His three brothers, who are no longer alive, were also Maoists. An engineering student, Ganesh dropped out of college and joined the student wing of the People’s War Group. He became close to Ganapathy, who took him along with him when he went underground and trained him as an ideologue of the party and a military expert as well.

Ganesh and RK came out of hiding in 2004 for talks with the Andhra Pradesh government led by the then chief minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy. A year ago, Ganesh had planned to assassinate N. Chandrababu Naidu.

A diabetic, Ganesh always carries insulin. He recently recruited a large number of young boys and girls and deputed them in Malkangiri. Initially reluctant, he later agreed to talk to THE WEEK and asked us to come to a village (not to be disclosed), promising to reach within half an hour. He kept his word. Ganesh ordered that tea and dinner—rice and vegetable curry—be arranged. At night, a mat was rolled out on the mud floor of a hut, while his men created a four-tier security ring around the hut. Sipping milk, he spoke to THE WEEK in a freewheeling interview till dinner was arranged. He admitted the CPI (Maoist) is passing through difficult times as it has lost almost the entire party top rung. However, he feels that Maoists would make a comeback. Excerpts:

The government claims you have suffered one of the biggest setbacks, since inception, at the hands of security forces.

It is true to some extent. But, that is not in the free zone, where we run our own government. We will no longer be doing guerrilla warfare and would only retaliate when attacked. In 2007, in our last party Congress, we decided that People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army, our military wing, would be converted to People’s Liberation Army. We are also giving stress to expanding our party beyond our strongholds.

By abandoning guerrilla warfare, are you going to adopt the Chinese model of the People’s Liberation Army?

Yes. Like the Chinese PLA did, we will take action when needed. It would mostly be a people-centric mobile army.

You said your hold on the free zone was intact, but here, in Malkangiri, you faced one of the worst attacks in recent times.

You are sitting in Malkangiri. Do you find any police other than ours? Attacks happened because the government has adopted a ruthless path of crushing the rights of people living in jungles. We would never let that happen.

Your movement in Bengal has weakened and you are not doing well in Jharkhand either.

In Bengal, we suffered miserably because of our lack of policy framework. We were mistaken about [Chief Minister] Mamata Banerjee. However, like in Bengal, wherever we have had a slowdown, we have decided to rebuild our party.

Many Maoist leaders issued written statements that they would take revenge on Mamata Banerjee for Kishenji’s death.

Yes, revenge will be there. But, that will be by reviving another Lalgarh-like movement in West Bengal, which will uproot the Mamata Banerjee government. We are not going to physically eliminate her.

That would be a soft approach from a hardliner, which politicians across India are likely to appreciate.

Yes, we are changing our party. We are wooing educated people and giving them ideological and basic training on Maoism and communism as a whole. Many brilliant students have joined as student activists and are suddenly filling our second rung of leadership, which is ready to fill the vacuum at the top.

What about the top leadership?

Most of them have either been eliminated or been arrested. With the death of Kishenji, Azad, P.B. Rao, and the arrest of our propaganda bureau chief Kobad Gandhi and many others, there is a vacuum at the top. The present (NDA) government is more aggressive than the UPA. They are attacking us from air and unleashed ruthless armed groups like GreyHounds. But it cannot finish us as we have recruited many vibrant men and women who would take the top jobs.

By doing away with guerrilla warfare, are you going to end armed struggle?

No, never. Revolution will be our path and we intend to overthrow the existing fake democracy. 

But we need people with us, and intellectuals as well.

Why could you not hold your party conference in last one decade? And when will it be held?

It will happen (smiles). But we have other work to do now. Charu Majumdar conducted the first party Congress in 1969 and we did our seventh in 2007. We are presently busy with revamping our organisation in Jharkhand, West Bengal and other parts of the country, including Maharashtra and other northern states. So, it will take some time.

You seemed to be unaffected by the Malkangiri attack where you lost so many leaders.

Comrades die for a cause. We do not dwell on the past. We look at the future. Dandakaranya free zone is intact, and it will be so in the future.


from democacy and class struggle

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