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Long live Internationalist May Day! CPI (Maoist) Central Committee – English/Spanish/Italian


Central Committee

Press Release 17 April, 2021

Long live Internationalist May Day!

Let us work for more unity and organization of World revolutionary workers, toilers and their organisations!

The toiling class of the world, especially the proletariat is going to celebrate May Day this year on the eve of 150 years of ‘Paris Commune’ where the proletariat held high the Red Flag and achieved state power. This is a big festive day for the entire proletariat of the world. It is the world proletariat rights day. May Day is the day on which the proletariat assesses its balance of forces and pledges to work relentlessly, with firmer determination and to mobilise its entire strength for its freedom, independence, equality and brotherhood and to accomplish proletarian revolutions and World Socialist Revolution. On the occasion of May Day the Central Committee of our Party conveys its heartfelt Revolutionary Greetings to the proletariat of the world. It pays humble revolutionary homage to all the toilers who laid down their lives to achieve their rights.

Imperialism is facing a severe crisis all over the world. The exploitive ruling classes are indulging in a number of attacks and conspiracies to shift the burden of this crisis on to the proletariat and to intensify the exploitation of labor force. By the time world crisis was about to break in a more intense way than the financial and economic crisis of 2008, the COVID pandemic took over the whole world. This is one of the deadly viruses that the imperialists created out of their hunt for profits. While the contemporary world is upended with the pandemic, crores of migrant workers lost their livelihood and are on the streets, the Multi-National corporate enterprises and their comprador companies are competing for the vaccine business and gaining multifold super profits. Imperialist globalisation resulted in the expansion of capitalist world economy to an unprecedented level and so the contradictions between imperialism and the oppressed nationalities and oppressed people, between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat and among the imperialist forces reached the peak. There is a rise in the imperialist aggression and capitalist onslaught on the oppressed nationalities and people. A re-division of the world countries and markets is going on with the contention between the imperialists, especially the US imperialists and China SocialImperialists for world hegemony and to exploit the natural wealth of the countries of the world. The ‘trade war’ is putting severe economic burden on the oppressed people of the backward countries. The proletariat, peasantry, middle class people, women, religious minorities, oppressed nationalities, nationalities and other communities facing racial discrimination and other communities are suffering from much severe economic, political, socioculture exploitation and oppression. The disparity between the rich and the poor reached an unprecedented level. Toiling people of the world are suffering from poverty, unemployment, hunger, inequalities and racial discrimination. All these are the ill consequences of imperialist globalisation.

 Apart from the workers of the backward countries, the workers of the imperialist and capitalist countries are also suffering from the severest of severe exploitation due to the neo-colonial exploitive policies. The situation and the need for the unity of world proletariat is growing day by day. This is the time for steadfast fight to end globalisation policies. Apart from the proletariat of the imperialist and capitalist countries, the people of all sections in several semi-colonial, neo-colonial countries are struggling against the imperialist globalisation policies. The proletarian vanguard i.e. the Revolutionary Communist Parties must lead these struggles. Today there is an increasing need to advance in a more united and organized manner in this direction.

 In our country, the entire oppressed classes, social sections and oppressed nationalities including the proletariat and the peasantry are facing the brutal onslaught of the Modi government in the form of Brahmanic Hindutwa Fascism with imperialist support. Struggles of workers, employees and farmers are intensifying day by day. In the interest of the imperialist finance capital the Modi government brought forth Robotic, 3D printing and Artificial Intelligence depriving the workers of job security and shrunk the existing 44 labor laws into 4 codes to validate its exploitation. The organized and unorganized workers are making militant agitations against this bifacial onslaught. The farmers of India are making an unprecedented non-compromising struggle centered in the capital city of the country. Traders are against GST. Lakhs of organized and unorganized workers and employees are taking up strikes opposing the merger of banks and privatization of the public sector enterprises. Students, teachers and academicians are against the National Education Policy – 2020 adopted by the Hindu reactionary forces in the centre. The indigenous people of the country including those in the strategic areas that are acting as a strong centres of revolutionary movement are militantly fighting for their just rights. Toiling castes are taking up united struggles against the caste based Brahmanic order that is one of the peculiarities of India and its exploitation, oppression, suppression and discrimination. The state is unleashing repression on the democratic and progressive forces that stood in support of the struggling people of the country and is throwing them behind the bars. Secular forces are fighting against the communal violent policies of fascist Brahmanic Hindutwa forces. Several rights organisations are taking up the demand to withdraw the fascist draconian laws being bureaucratically unleashed on the struggling people.

Thus we see that the governments of all the backward countries of the world are acting alike in the interests of the Multi-National corporate Companies. Therefore it has become more vital for the revolutionary proletarian parties and organisations to lead the struggles of the entire struggling toilers in all the countries.

The large scale struggles of the oppressed people and nationalities all over the world for the past two years make it clear that conditions are in favor of revolution. The world proletariat can step forward in the direction of fulfilling its main task of accomplishing World Socialist Revolution by utilising these favorable conditions. There are two strategic tasks for the genuine vanguard organisations of the international proletariat. The first is to launch revolutionary movements of the workers and other oppressed sections in the capitalist-imperialist countries. The proletariat, peasantry, other democratic classes and social sections in each and every semi-colonial, semi-feudal country must be organized and build and lead national democratic movements. The second is to build a strong United Front of Communist movements of capitalist countries and national-democratic movements of neo-colonial, semi-colonial countries against imperialism and its compradors. For this purpose it is essential of the genuine proletarian parties and organisations to establish an appropriate International Revolutionary proletarian organization according to the contemporary concrete conditions. The Maoist forces must unite with the entire progressive, democratic forces in every country and also with the entire anti-imperialist democratic forces against the worldwide enemy. Both these strategic tasks are mutually related and play an important role in advancing the World Socialist Revolution.

However, the proletarian vanguard organisations are not yet strong enough to catch up with the demands of the toiling people and provide a united leadership for their movements in the direction of liberation. Our Party announced its stand towards the need and formation of an International Forum to develop unity and solidarity among the proletarian vanguards of the world. The CC of our Party appeals to sister organisations to respond to our stand and to advance efforts in this direction.

 Let us fight back all kinds of onslaught of the imperialists. Let us pledge to lead the anti-imperialist people’s struggles and strive for the success of World Socialist Revolution. Let us further unite and get organized in this direction. This is the need of the hour.

Long live May Day!

Long live Revolution!w Long live World Socialist Revolution! Down with all shades of revisionism!

Down with Imperialism! Long live Proletarian Revolutions!



Central Committee


Comitato Centrale PCI (Maoista)

Viva il 1 maggio internazionalista!

Lavoriamo per una più grande unità e organizzazione degli operai e lavoratori
di tutto il mondo e delle loro organizzazioni!

Le classi lavoratrici del mondo, in particolare il proletariato, celebrano quest’anno il Primo Maggio nel 150° anniversario della “Comune di Parigi”, in cui il proletariato issò alta la bandiera rossa e conquistò il potere statale. È un grande giorno di festa per l’intero proletariato mondiale. È la giornata mondiale dei diritti del proletariato. Il Primo Maggio è il giorno in cui il proletariato valuta i rapporti di forze e si impegna a lavorare incessantemente e con più ferma determinazione, a mobilitare tutte le sue forze per la sua libertà, indipendenza, uguaglianza e fratellanza e per fare rivoluzioni proletarie e avanzare verso la Rivoluzione socialista mondiale. In occasione del Primo Maggio, il Comitato Centrale del nostro Partito rivolge il suo più sentito saluto rivoluzionari al proletariato mondiale. Rende umile omaggio rivoluzionario a tutti i lavoratori che hanno sacrificato la propria vita per realizzare i propri diritti.

L’imperialismo sta attraversando una grave crisi in tutto il mondo. Le classi dominanti sfruttatrici lanciano una serie di attacchi e cospirazioni per scaricare il peso di questa crisi sul proletariato e per intensificare lo sfruttamento della forza lavoro. Mentre già la sua crisi mondiale stava per divampare ancora più intensamente della crisi finanziaria ed economica del 2008, la pandemia COVID 19 ha investito il mondo intero. È uno dei virus mortali che gli imperialisti hanno creato nella loro caccia ai profitti. Mentre oggi il mondo è sconvolto dalla pandemia, milioni di lavoratori migranti hanno perso il loro sostentamento e sono sul lastrico, le multinazionali e le loro associate compradore, competono tra loro per il business dei vaccini e moltiplicano i super profitti. La globalizzazione imperialista ha spinto l’espansione capitalista dell’economia mondiale a un livello senza precedenti e così le contraddizioni tra imperialismo e nazionalità e popoli oppressi, tra borghesia e proletariato e tra le potenze imperialiste hanno raggiunto l’acme. Crescono le aggressioni imperialiste e l’assalto capitalista alle nazionalità e popoli oppressi. Con la contesa inter-imperialista avanza una una ri-divisione dei paesi e dei mercati mondiali, in particolare tra imperialisti americano e social-imperialisti cinesi, per l’egemonia mondiale e per lo sfruttamento delle ricchezze naturali dei diversi paesi del mondo. Questa “guerra commerciale” impone un grave peso economico sui popoli oppressi dei paesi arretrati. I proletari, i contadini, la classe media, le donne, le minoranze religiose, le nazionalità oppresse, le minoranze nazionali e gli altri gruppi sociali che subiscono discriminazione razziale e altre comunità ancora soffrono per il pesante sfruttamento economico e l’oppressione politica e socioculturale. Il divario tra ricchi e poveri ha raggiunto un livello senza precedenti. Le masse lavoratrici di tutto il mondo patiscono povertà, disoccupazione, fame, disuguaglianza e discriminazione razziale. Tutti questi sono frutti velenosi della globalizzazione imperialista.

Oltre ai lavoratori dei paesi arretrati, anche i lavoratori dei paesi imperialisti e capitalisti subiscono il massimo sfruttamento a causa delle politiche di sfruttamento. Le condizioni e la necessità dell’unità del proletariato mondiale cresce di giorno in giorno. È il momento di lottare fermamente per porre fine alle politiche di globalizzazione. Oltre al proletariato dei paesi imperialisti e capitalisti, anche tutti i settori di popoli in diversi paesi semicoloniali e neocoloniali stanno lottando contro le politiche di globalizzazione imperialista. L’avanguardia proletaria, cioè i partiti comunisti rivoluzionari, devono guidare queste lotte. È necessario oggi più che mai avanzare in modo più unito e organizzato in questa direzione.

Nel nostro paese, tutte le classi oppresse, i settori sezioni sociali e le nazionalità oppresse, compresi il proletari e contadini, stanno affrontando il brutale attacco del governo Modi, sotto forma di fascismo brahmanico hindutwa sostenuto dall’imperialismo. Le lotte di operai, impiegati e contadini si intensificano ogni giorno di più. Nell’interesse del capitale finanziario imperialista, il governo Modi ha sospinto l’introduzione di robot, stampa 3D e intelligenza artificiale, privato i lavoratori della sicurezza del posto lavoro e ridotto le 44 leggi sul lavoro esistenti in 4 codici che ne sanciscono lo sfruttamento. I lavoratori, organizzati e non, stanno sviluppando agitazioni militanti contro questo assalto bifronte. I contadini di tutta l’India stanno conducendo una lotta senza precedenti e senza compromessi che ha raggiunto la capitale. I commercianti si oppongono alla tassa su beni e servizi. Migliaia di lavoratori e impiegati, organizzati e non, stanno facendo scioperi contro la concentrazione delle banche e la privatizzazione delle imprese del settore pubblico. Studenti, insegnanti e accademici si oppongono alla National Education Policy 2020 adottata dalle forze reazionarie indù al governo centrale. Le popolazioni indigene del paese, comprese quelle nelle aree strategiche che rappresentano i centri forti del movimento rivoluzionario, combattono in forme militanti per i loro giusti diritti. Le caste inferiori sviluppano lotte unitarie contro l’ordine brahmanico basato sulle caste peculiare dell’India e contro lo sfruttamento, oppressione, repressione e discriminazione che comporta. Lo Stato sta scatenando la repressione contro le forze democratiche e progressiste che si schierano a fianco del popolo in lotta in tutto il paese e le incarcera. Le forze laiche lottano contro le politiche di violenza integralista delle forze fasciste Brahmaniche Hindutwa. Diverse organizzazioni per i diritti su stanno unendo alla richiesta di abrogazione delle leggi draconiane fasciste usate sistematicamente contro chi lotta.

Così vediamo che i governi di tutti i paesi arretrati del mondo agiscono allo stesso modo nell’interesse delle società multinazionali. Pertanto è diventato più vitale per i partiti e le organizzazioni proletarie rivoluzionarie guidare le lotte di tutti i lavoratori in lotta in tutti i paesi.

Le lotte su larga scala dei proletari, popoli e nazionalità oppresse degli ultimi due anni in tutto il mondo rendono evidente che le condizioni favorevoli per la rivoluzione. Approfittando di queste condizioni favorevoli, il proletariato mondiale può avanzare in direzione della realizzazione del suo compito principale, la rivoluzione socialista mondiale. Alle autentiche organizzazioni d’avanguardia del proletariato internazionale si pongono due compiti strategici per. Il primo è lanciare movimenti rivoluzionari dei proletari e degli altri settori oppresse nei paesi capitalisti-imperialisti, mentre in ciascun paese semicoloniale e semifeudale i proletari, i contadini, le altre classi e settori sociali democratici devono organizzarsi, costruire e dirigere movimenti democratici nazionali. Il secondo è costruire un forte Fronte Unito dei movimenti comunisti dei paesi capitalisti e dei movimenti di nazionali e democratici dei paesi neocoloniali e semicoloniali contro l’imperialismo e i suoi associati. A tal fine è essenziale che i partiti e organizzazioni proletarie autentiche stabiliscano un’organizzazione proletaria rivoluzionaria internazionale adeguata alle condizioni concrete di oggi. Le forze maoiste devono unirsi con tutte le forze democratiche progressiste in ciascun paese e anche con tutte le forze democratiche antimperialiste contro il nemico mondiale. Entrambi questi compiti strategici si influenzano reciprocamente e giocano un ruolo importante per l’avanzata della rivoluzione socialista mondiale.

Tuttavia, le organizzazioni proletarie di avanguardia non sono ancora abbastanza forti per mettersi al passo con le necessità delle masse lavoratrici e dare una direzione unitaria ai loro movimenti verso la liberazione. Il nostro Partito ha dichiarato la sua posizione sulla necessità e la formazione di un Forum Internazionale per sviluppare l’unità e la solidarietà tra le avanguardie proletarie del mondo. Il CC del nostro Partito fa appello alle organizzazioni sorelle a raccogliere la nostra posizione e a fare sforzi in questa direzione.

Combattiamo ogni tipo di attacco degli imperialisti. Impegniamoci per guidare le lotte popolari antimperialiste e contribuire alla vittoria della Rivoluzione socialista mondiale. Uniamoci ancora di più e organizziamoci in questa direzione. Questa è la necessità dell’oggi.

Viva il Primo Maggio! Viva la rivoluzione!

Viva la rivoluzione socialista mondiale! Abbasso il revisionismo di ogni tipo!

Abbasso l’imperialismo! Viva le rivoluzioni proletarie!


Portavoce, Comitato Centrale

INDIA: ¡Viva el Primero de Mayo internacionalista! Comité Central del CPI (maoísta)

INDIA: ¡Viva el Primero de Mayo internacionalista! Comité Central del CPI (maoísta) 1

Partido Comunista de La India (Maoísta)

Comité Central

Comunicado de prensa 17 de abril de 2021

Tomado de Dazibao Rojo – Traducción de Revolución Obrera

¡Viva el Primero de Mayo Internacionalista!

Trabajemos por una mayor unidad y organización de los obreros revolucionarios del mundo, de los pueblos y sus organizaciones.

La clase trabajadora del mundo, especialmente el proletariado, va a celebrar el Primero de Mayo este año en la víspera de los 150 años de la “Comuna de París”, donde el proletariado mantuvo en alto la Bandera Roja y alcanzó el poder del Estado. Este es un gran día festivo para todo el proletariado del mundo. Es el día de los derechos del proletariado mundial. El Primero de Mayo es el día en el que el proletariado evalúa la correlación de fuerzas y se compromete a trabajar sin descanso, y con una determinación más firme a movilizar todas sus fuerzas por su libertad, independencia, igualdad y fraternidad y a realizar las revoluciones proletarias y la Revolución Socialista Mundial. Con motivo del Primero de Mayo, el Comité Central de nuestro Partido transmite su más sincero saludo revolucionario al proletariado del mundo. Rinde un humilde homenaje revolucionario a todos los trabajadores que dieron su vida para conseguir sus derechos.

El imperialismo se enfrenta a una grave crisis en todo el mundo. Las clases dominantes explotadoras están llevando a cabo una serie de ataques y conspiraciones para trasladar el peso de esta crisis al proletariado e intensificar la explotación de la fuerza de trabajo. Cuando la crisis mundial estaba a punto de estallar de forma más intensa que la crisis financiera y económica de 2008, la pandemia del COVID se apoderó del mundo entero. Este es uno de los virus mortales que los imperialistas crearon en su afán de lucro. Mientras que el mundo contemporáneo está trastornado por la pandemia, millones de trabajadores migrantes han perdido su medio de vida y están en la calle, las empresas corporativas multinacionales y sus compañías compradoras están compitiendo por el negocio de las vacunas y obteniendo superbeneficios multiplicados. La globalización imperialista dio lugar a la expansión de la economía mundial capitalista a un nivel sin precedentes, por lo que las contradicciones entre el imperialismo las nacionalidades y los pueblos oprimidos, entre la burguesía y el proletariado y entre las fuerzas imperialistas alcanzaron el punto máximo. Se produce un aumento de la agresión imperialista y del ataque capitalista a las nacionalidades y pueblos oprimidos. Se está produciendo una redistribución de los países y mercados del mundo con la disputa entre los imperialistas, especialmente los imperialistas norteamericanos y los socialimperialistas chinos por la hegemonía mundial y por explotar las riquezas naturales de los países del mundo. La “guerra comercial” está imponiendo una severa carga económica a los pueblos oprimidos de los países atrasados. El proletariado, el campesinado, la clase media, las mujeres, las minorías religiosas, las nacionalidades oprimidas, las nacionalidades y otras comunidades que sufren discriminación racial están sufriendo una explotación y opresión económica, política y sociocultural muy severa. La disparidad entre los ricos y los pobres ha alcanzado un nivel sin precedentes. Los trabajadores del mundo sufren la pobreza, el desempleo, el hambre, las desigualdades y la discriminación racial. Todas estas son las consecuencias nefastas de la globalización imperialista.

Además de los trabajadores de los países atrasados, los trabajadores de los países imperialistas y capitalistas también están sufriendo la más severa explotación debido a las políticas neocoloniales de explotación. La situación y la necesidad de la unidad del proletariado mundial crecen día a día. Es el momento de luchar con firmeza para acabar con las políticas de globalización. Además del proletariado de los países imperialistas y capitalistas, los pueblos de todos los sectores de varios países semicoloniales y neocoloniales están luchando contra las políticas de globalización imperialista. La vanguardia proletaria, es decir, los Partidos Comunistas Revolucionarios, deben dirigir estas luchas. Hoy en día es cada vez más necesario avanzar de manera más unida y organizada en esta dirección.

En nuestro país, todas las clases oprimidas, los sectores sociales y las nacionalidades oprimidas, incluidos el proletariado y el campesinado, se enfrentan la brutal embestida del gobierno de Modi en forma de fascismo hindú brahmánico con apoyo imperialista. Las luchas de los obreros, empleados y campesinos se intensifican día a día. En interés del capital financiero imperialista, el gobierno de Modi introdujo la robótica, la impresión en 3D y la inteligencia artificial privando a los trabajadores de la seguridad laboral y redujo las 44 leyes laborales existentes a 4 códigos para validar su explotación. Los trabajadores organizados y no organizados están haciendo agitaciones militantes contra esta doble embestida. Los agricultores de la India están llevando a cabo una lucha sin concesiones sin precedentes centrada en la capital del país. Los comerciantes están en contra del GST. Miles de trabajadores y empleados organizados y no organizados están haciendo huelgas para oponerse a la fusión de los bancos y a la privatización de las empresas del sector público. Los estudiantes, profesores y académicos están en contra de la Política Nacional de Educación 2020 adoptada por las fuerzas reaccionarias hindúes en el centro. Los pueblos indígenas del país, incluidos los de las zonas estratégicas que actúan como fuertes centros del movimiento revolucionario, están luchando militantemente por sus justos derechos. Las castas trabajadoras están emprendiendo luchas unidas contra el orden brahmánico basado en las castas, que es una de las peculiaridades de la India y su explotación, opresión, supresión y discriminación. El Estado está desatando la represión contra las fuerzas democráticas y progresistas que apoyan al pueblo que lucha en el país y las está encarcelando. Las fuerzas laicas están luchando contra las políticas violentas comunales de las fuerzas fascistas brahmánicas hindúes. Varias organizaciones de derechos humanos están exigiendo que se retiren las leyes draconianas fascistas que se están desatando burocráticamente contra el pueblo luchador.

Así vemos que los gobiernos de todos los países atrasados del mundo están actuando por igual en interés de las empresas corporativas multinacionales. Por lo tanto, se ha vuelto más vital para los partidos y organizaciones proletarias revolucionarias dirigir las luchas de todos los trabajadores que luchan en todos los países.

Las luchas a gran escala de los pueblos y nacionalidades oprimidos en todo el mundo durante los últimos dos años dejan claro que las condiciones están a favor de la revolución. El proletariado mundial puede dar un paso adelante en la dirección de cumplir su tarea principal de realizar la Revolución Socialista Mundial aprovechando estas condiciones favorables. Hay dos tareas estratégicas para las auténticas organizaciones de vanguardia del proletariado internacional. La primera es lanzar movimientos revolucionarios de los trabajadores y otros sectores oprimidos en los países capitalistas-imperialistas. El proletariado, el campesinado, las demás clases democráticas y los sectores sociales de todos y cada uno de los países semicoloniales y semifeudales deben organizarse y construir y dirigir movimientos democráticos nacionales. La segunda es construir un fuerte Frente Unido de los movimientos Comunistas y movimientos de los países capitalistas y movimientos democráticos nacionales de los países neocoloniales y semicoloniales contra el imperialismo y sus compradores. Para ello es imprescindible que los auténticos partidos y organizaciones proletarias establezcan una organización revolucionaria internacional proletaria adecuada a las condiciones concretas contemporáneas. Las fuerzas maoístas deben unirse con todas las fuerzas progresistas y democráticas de cada país y también con todas las fuerzas democráticas antiimperialistas contra el enemigo mundial. Ambas tareas estratégicas están mutuamente relacionadas y desempeñan un importante papel en el avance de la Revolución Socialista Mundial.

Sin embargo, las organizaciones proletarias de vanguardia aún no son lo suficientemente fuertes como para estar a la altura de las exigencias del pueblo trabajador y proporcionar una dirección unida para sus movimientos en dirección a la liberación. Nuestro Partido anunció su posición respecto a la necesidad y formación de un Foro Internacional para desarrollar la unidad y la solidaridad entre las vanguardias proletarias del mundo. El CC de nuestro Partido hace un llamamiento a las organizaciones hermanas para que respondan a nuestra postura y adelanten esfuerzos en esta dirección.

Luchemos contra todo tipo de ataques de los imperialistas. Nos comprometemos a dirigir las luchas populares antiimperialistas y a luchar por el éxito de la Revolución Socialista Mundial. Unámonos más y organicémonos en esta dirección. Esta es la necesidad del momento.

¡Viva el Primero de Mayo!
¡Viva la Revolución! ¡Viva la Revolución Socialista Mundial! ¡Abajo todos los matices del revisionismo!
¡Abajo el imperialismo! ¡Vivan las revoluciones proletarias!

Comité Central

Bharat Bandh hit transports

From Redspark.

Bus Services Paralyzed By Bharat Bandh Called By CPI Maoist:

Bhadradri Kothagudem District, April 26, 2021: Bus services were paralyzed in the interior areas of Bhadrachalam Agency on Monday during the Bharat Bandh observed by CPI (Maoist) in protest against the Central government’s anti-Maoist operations – “Operation Samadhan-Prahar.”

The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) suspended operation of buses to the remote tribal areas on Monday as a precautionary measure.

The inter-district bus services between Bhadrachalam and Wazed in Mulugu district were operated only up to Venkatapuram within the stipulated time till late in the afternoon.

The inter-State bus services between Bhadrachalam-Konta-Vijayawada were suspended until Tuesday in view of the volatile situation along the inter-State borders with Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh, TSRTC sources said.

The night bus services were already suspended due to the night curfew in force to stem the spread of coronavirus infections. Villagers of several remote tribal habitations in Bhadrachalam Agency had to face severe hardships due to the suspension of bus services and are forced to spend extra money for their daily commute due to the alleged hefty fare charged by the private vehicles, mainly auto-rickshaws, sources added.

An uneasy calm persisted in the forested border region spread across Charla and Dummugudem mandals, adjoining Chhattisgarh, during the Maoists’ bandh even as a large posse of police personnel maintained a strict vigil at vantage points along the forest stretch to deal with any eventuality.

The recent escalation of Maoist violence in the trouble-torn pockets of neighboring Chhattisgarh triggered tension in the forest fringe tribal habitations lying close to the inter-State border in Dummugudem and Charla mandals.

CPI Maoist Cadres Sabotage Railway Track In West Singhbhum District:

West Singhbhum District, April 26, 2021: Cadres of the CPI (Maoist) blew up about a meter of railway track on the Howrah-Mumbai main line between Sonua and Lotapahar stations under Chakradharpur division of South Eastern Railway (SER) in West Singhbhum district in the early hours of Monday, officials said.

“Around 2.15am Monday, Station Manager of Sonua received information that in between Lotapahar and Sonua stations at km 322/19-23 Loco Pilot of N BOST/KAV (Goods Train) found heavy jerk on Up line. Following this, all movement in the Rourkela-Chakradharpur section is being immediately stopped and eight mail express/passengers trains and several goods trains are controlled at different stations as a security measure,” Manish Kumar Pathak, senior divisional commercial manager (Sr DCM), Chakradharpur division of SER, said.

The incident took place during a day-long Bharat Bandh called by the CPI (Maoist) on Monday in support of the ongoing farmers’ protests. The Maoists alleged suppression of people’s movement by the government, as stated in the banners, pamphlets and posters posted near the blast site

It brought train movement on the Howrah-Mumbai main Up line to a standstill for hours.

Pathak said patrolling teams were sent for inspection with security personnel, while a railways team reached the indicated jerk site with RPF and State Police and started investigation.

“During investigation of the site, it was found that the Up main line track was sabotaged and blasted rail piece flowed around 35 metres from the site. Restoration work was immediately started after getting security clearance. Down line was given fit around 7.15am the third line around 8.35am. Movement over the lines has resumed,” said Pathak.

After necessary clearance and fitness from all departments, train movement was restored in Up line between Sonua-Lotapahar section around 9.35am. The train movement over Chakrdharpur and Rourkela section was also normalized. Junior Administrative Grade inquiry was also ordered by the Railways.

Last Sunday, CPI (Maoist) cadres put up posters, banners and pamphlets calling for Bharat Bandh in areas under Sonua police station, Lotapahar and other areas in the district.

CPI Maoist Call For Bharat Bandh On yesterday, April the 26th. Update will follow

Bhadradri Kothagudem District, April 5, 2021: The Central Committee of the CPI (Maoist) has called for ‘Bharat Bandh’ on April 26 to protest against the suppression of people’s movements in the country.

A statement released here on Monday by the South Sub-Zonal Bureau of the CPI (Maoist) appealed to the public to support the bandh and revealed that a campaign on revolutionary activity of the Maoists and extending support to all public movements in the country was being organized from April 1 to April 25.

The Maoists appealed to para-military, Chhattisgarh police and Indian jawans not to take part in the anti-Naxal operation, ‘Prahar’ but to quit their jobs, join and support the people’s movement to defeat the operation ‘Samadan-Prahar’

The statement alleged that police forces at the behest of their officials and the government were killing revolutionary activists to earn rewards and awards.

Even after four months of agitation and sacrifice of life by 300 farmers no steps were taken to address demands of the farmers protesting against the three Farm Laws, the Maoists alleged.

Supporters Of Political Prisoner G N Saibaba Demand His Reinstatement At DU’s Ram Lal Anand College

Supporters asked to reverse its decision and reinstate the professor.

Saibaba, convicted at the Nagpur Central Jail for Maoist links in 2017, had been teaching English in RLA since 2003. He was under suspension since 2014 when he was arrested, and received 50% of his salary thereafter. On March 31, RLA Principal issued a memorandum terminating his services with immediate effect.

The ‘Committee for the Defense and Release of Dr G N Saibaba’ comprises teachers from the University of Delhi and other universities, writers, artists, social and political activists.

“The committee has learned that the College had been given a clear directive from the University of Delhi to send a second Show Cause Notice to Dr Saibaba, regarding the termination of his services, in June 2019. In November 2020, the College wrote again to Dr Saibaba’s wife, stating that he would be given fifteen days to reply. She replied stating that Dr Saibaba was unable to reply because of extreme ill-health, and the lockdown due to COVID-19 only made matters worse for him,” G Haragopal, convenor of the committee said in a statement.

“However, without waiting for Dr Saibaba’s reply to this second notice, the College has arbitrarily, and in complete violation of all principles of natural justice, proceeded to terminate his services… The Committee for the Defense and Release of Dr G N Saibaba strongly condemns this arbitrary action, and demands that the college and Delhi University immediately reverse their decision, and reinstate Dr Saibaba in service, until his appeal against his conviction is disposed off,” he said.

The committee said Saibaba had appealed his conviction in the Nagpur High Court, and was “hopeful of a favorable verdict”, and that he had also contracted Covid-19 earlier this year.

“Under the circumstances, it is nothing short of inhuman to terminate his services in this unjust manner,” the Committee said.

The DU Teachers’ Association (DUTA) also wrote to the DU VC Tuesday stating “any action against Dr G N Saibaba should await the final decision of the Hon’ble High Court in the matter of his appeal”.

“The decision to terminate his services without waiting for his reply, when he is unable to respond because of prison lockdown conditions and extreme ill-health (that includes testing positive for Covid-19 along with other life-threatening ailments) seems arbitrary, vindictive and against the principles of natural justice,” DUTA said.

“It is pertinent to note that at the time of his initial suspension, and even subsequently, the Ram Lal Anand College or its Governing Body never made out a case for disciplinary action against Dr G N Saibaba independent of the criminal case filed by Maharashtra Police against him,” they said.

Galizia (Spanish State) – Campaign against Modi’s visit in Portugal continues

Honorary Portugal Consulate in Corunha

Spanish State/Portugal: Galician Committee in support of popular war in India launches protest against Modi visit in Oporto next 8th of May

On May 8, fascist and genocidal Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, will visit Porto (Portugal) to participate in a meeting between the EU and India for the purpose of reaching commercial and military agreements. These agreements collaborated with the Hindu-fascist and genocidal project that is taking place in India. EU rulers are complicit in these atrocities.

The Hindu-fascist government of Narendra Modi is a government that does not respect human rights, that defends a fascist ideology where there are people who do not have the same rights (caste system), that indiscriminately assassinates the Adivasi, Dalits communities, to the peoples of Kashmir, Assam or Manipur and which persecutes religious minorities such as Christians and Muslims, which detains human rights activists, trade unionists, students and intellectuals, declaring a real war against the people.

The Galician Committee in support of popular war in India makes an international call, especially to the Portuguese people, to all progressive and democratic political, union and mass organizations, to publicly express their greatest rejection to the visit of the fascist and genocidal Narendra Modi.
We will not be accomplices.

Modi Will not pass!

Successfully attack left 22 paramilitary and elite Indian forces dead and one prisoner in the hands of revolutionary in Sukma District, Chattisghar

info statement of CPI(Maoist) about an action at Tarrem in Chattisgarh’s Sukma district

Sukma District, April 6, 2021: The CPI (Maoist) released a statement on Tuesday that the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) commando who went missing after the April 3 encounter at Tarrem in Chattisgarh’s Sukma district was in their custody.

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) also demanded that the State government announce a mediator for the release of the commando.

Chhattisgarh Director General of Police D.M Awasthi said that the letter issued by the Maoist party was authentic and the government would soon take a call on the mediator.

The commando, identified as Rakeshwar Singh Minhas, belonged to the Commando Battalion for Resolute Action unit (CoBRA) of the CRPF, a unit specially trained for operations in Left Wing Extremism (LWE) affected areas.

A senior government official said that a media person or a social activist could be considered as a mediator.

The statement signed by “Vikalp”, spokesperson of the Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee of the CPI (Maoist), said that four People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) cadres were killed in the encounter at Tarrem on April 3. It added that they had also taken away 14 weapons, over 2,000 rounds of ammunition, and other items belonging to the security personnel.

The PLGA cadres killed during the firefight were identified by the Maoists as Odi Sanni, Padam Lakhma, Kowasi Badru and Nupa Suresh, all residents of south Bastar. Sanni’s body was recovered by security forces on April 3.

The Maoists said that the men had died in the “courageous” counter attack. “We could not secure the body of Sunny. Final rites of the remaining three were held with revolutionary traditions,” they stated. The statement said that Madvi Sukkal, another villager, was also killed before the encounter.

The Maoists have named the condition that the officer would be set free if the government specifically announced the names of the mediators. “Till then he would be safe in the protection of Janatan sarkar,” a Telugu statement released in the name of CPI (Maoist) Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee official spokesperson Vikalp said.

The statement also said, “We are always ready for talks but the government had no integrity or conviction. Revolutionaries never gave up arms during the several previous talks held with governments. It is the government’s responsibility to creative atmosphere conducive for talks…Talks would materialise only if the government stopped deployment of forces, organising camps, attacks and restrictions. Policemen lost their lives in Kondagaon, Narayanapur and Bijapur since the government was carrying out attacks instead of holding talks. Government is responsible for this situation.”

Conveying condolences to the bereaved families of 22 policemen killed in the “counter attack”, the Maoists said the police were not their enemies. “We appeal to the police not to become scapegoats in the unjustified war brought about by the ruling classes,” the spokesperson said.

According to them, nearly 2,000 policemen “belonging to Modi and Amit Shah”, led by the Bastar Inspector General, had come to carry out attacks on villages in Sukma and Bijapur three days ago. The main objective of the “Samadhan-Prahar” operation was to decimate the PLGA, they said.

Close to 150 civilians and “our party workers and leaders” were killed in such attacks executed since November, 2020, the Maoists said. A similar offensive was organized by the police three days ago by deploying thousands of policemen, they said.

The seven-year rule of Narendra Modi, deepened economic crisis and deteriorated political situations had posed a serious threat to the lives and property of people, the Maoists said. Attacks on intellectuals and supporters of democracy were on the rise “by branding them Urban Naxals”. People were fighting against this suppression with the slogans of “Jal-Jungle-Jameen” and the Maoists would continue to support their struggle, the statement said.

Chhattisgarh Police had said in a statement on April 4 that teams had been dispatched to Tarrem as they wanted to corner PLGA chief Hidma, who was said to be in the area. Hidma heads the PLGA Battalion 1, one of the most lethally armed and trained units of Maoists active in southern Chattisgarh.

Chattisghar Encounter: Maoist Party released a Letter

The outlawed CPI (Maoist) has claimed that CoBRA commando Rakeshwar Singh Manhas, who went missing after the April 3 ambush in Chhattisgarhʹs Bastar region, is in captivity of ultras, and asked the state government to appoint interlocutors for his release.

The Maoist Party also admitted that four of its cadres were killed in the encounter in which 22 security personnel had lost their lives.

Constable Rakeshwar Singh Manhas of the 210th CoBRA battalion, an elite unit of CRPF, had gone missing after the gunfight along the border of Sukma and Bijapur districts last Saturday.

The CPI (Maoist) statement also claimed that 24 security personnel were killed in the encounter.

ʹAs many as 2,000 police personnel had reached near Jiragudem village to execute a major attack (on Saturday). To thwart them, PLGA (Peoplesʹ Liberation Guerilla Army) retaliated during which 24 security personnel were killed and 31 others injured. We have caught a policeman (CoBRA commando) at the spot while others escaped,ʹ said a statement purportedly written by Maoists and being circulated on social media on Tuesday.

It said the government should first announce names of interlocutors and the jawan will be released later. He will remain safe in our captivity till then, it said.

The two-page statement was issued in the name of Vikalp, spokesperson of the Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee (DKSZC) of Maoists, which had been instrumental in executing several deadly attacks in south Bastar, including the Jhiram valley attack in Bastar district on May 25, 2013, in which top Congress leaders of Chhattisgarh unit were killed.

Maoists admitted that four cadres were killed in the Bijapur gunfight and the body of the slain woman cadre could not be retrieved from the spot.

CPI Maoist Accuse Central And State Governments Of Suppressing Tribals And Maoists To Exploit Bauxite Resources In Visakhapatnam District

Visakhapatnam District, April 6, 2021: CPI (Maoist) Visakha East Division Committee secretary Aruna has alleged that the Central and State governments are trying to suppress the tribal people and Maoists to further their agenda of bauxite mining in the Agency areas of the district.

In a statement here on Tuesday, the Maoist leader alleged that the Adivasis like ‘Pilku’ were being turned into ‘police informers’ by the police themselves and hence, the police and government should own responsibility for his death in the hands of the people. She called upon the tribal people to oppose the ‘false campaign’ launched by the police against the Maoist party.

She alleged that the police were trying to create a rift between the tribal people and the Maoists. She claimed that Maoists were true followers of revolutionary leader Alluri Seetharama Raju, who had fought the British rulers to protect the tribal people and their rights in the forest areas of Visakhapatnam district. She lashed out at the Centre on its move to privatize the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP) and other PSUs.

Persecution against GN Saibaba still going on

Political Prisoner G N Saibaba Dismissed From Post At Delhi University’s Ram Lal Anand College

April 2, 2021: Authorities in Delhi University’s Ram Lal Anand College have removed scholar-activist GN Saibaba from his assistant professor post. Confirming the development, his 22-year-old daughter Manjeera told that the family received his termination letter on Thursday.

Saibaba, a wheelchair-bound, 90% physically disabled scholar-activist was sentenced to life for his alleged connections with Maoists in 2017, and has been in the Nagpur Central Jail since. On February 13, he tested positive for Covid-19.

Saibaba taught English at Ram Lal Anand College until his arrest in 2014. After that, the college had formed a one-member committee to look into the matter of his suspension.

Manjeera said there were no supporting documents attached to the letter to provide any reason for the termination. She said the family would challenge the letter in court, which said her father’s services are terminated with immediate effect from March 31 afternoon. The letter added that three months’ salary has been credited to Saibaba’s account.

“They initiated disciplinary proceedings [at the time of his arrest] against him saying that he was not present in college to teach so he has violated terms of services,” Manjeera said. “Our lawyer was in touch with the committee and we sent them a letter demanding some documents they did not give us, and we said they cannot use that reasoning because he is in a situation where he is not voluntarily not going.”

Saibaba’s daughter said the family had sent a letter six months ago to the college about the documents, but they did not receive any response. “All of a sudden, we got this new termination notice,” she said.

The termination notice would end Saibaba’s salary from the college, raising concerns for the family. “It is a matter of our sustenance now,” Manjeera said.

Last month, members of human rights groups, civil society organizations, and international academic associations had demanded Saibaba’s immediate release on a medical parole, citing his grave health condition. A statement said that over the past five years, the government has consistently ignored and rejected appeals and petitions demanding that Saibaba be provided with medical care appropriate to his ailments or that he be allowed medical bail to seek treatment.

Indian farmers announce will intensify their struggle in april and may

The farmers’ movement has been ongoing for the past four months. After several rounds of negotiations with the Centre and its subsequent silence, the farmers’ unions have announced they will intensify the fight against the Farm Laws. First published in Newsclick

Farmers Protesting Against 3 Farm Laws To March To Parliament In May

Farmers’ march to parliament: The date for the event will be announced in the coming days (File)

Thousands of farmers, who have been protesting against the central government’s three agriculture laws near Delhi borders for over four months, will march to parliament in the first half of May, the Samyukta Kisan Morcha – an umbrella body of 40 farmers’ unions that has been leading the agitation – announced on Wednesday.

“SKM has announced a parliament march in the first fortnight of May. Other than farmers and labourers, women, Dalit-Adivasi-Bahujans, unemployed youth and every section of the society will be part of this march. This program will be completely peaceful,” it said in a statement.

The body said protesters will come to the three main protests sites – Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur – in their vehicles to participate in the “paidal” (on foot) march to parliament. The date for the event will be announced in the coming days, it added.

The farmers’ unions will intensify their agitation against the laws from April 1. They said they will block the KMP expressway for 24 hours on April 10.

The march to parliament had originally been scheduled on February 1, the Budget Day. However, it was cancelled in the wake of violence during the farmers’ Republic Day tractor march.

Hundreds of police personnel had been injured on the Republic Day, when thousands of farmers on tractors had veered off the permitted routes and barged into the national capital, breaching barriers set up by the authorities.

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