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CPI (M) CC message: Red Homage to Comrade Abimael Guzman (Gonzalo), Founder Leader and Former Chairman of Communist Party of Peru!

Central Committee, CPI (Maoist) pays itʹs humble homage to 86 year old Comrade Manuel Ruben Abimael Guzman Reynoso (Gonzalo), founder leader and ex-Chairman of Communist Party of Peru – Shining Path who martyred on 11th September in the high security centre of the Callao Naval Base of Peru. Our Central Committee expresses deep condolence and sympathy to Peru Communist Party, proletariat, peasantry, all the revolutionary people of Peru and friends, comrades, kith and kin of Comrade Gonzalo.

Comrade Gonzalo who born on 3 december 1934 in Mollendo, a port town of Peru was attracted towards Marxism and joined Peruvian Communist Party during his student life in university. From 1962 to mid 70s he served as a professor of Philosophy at San Cristobal of Huamanga university in Ayacucho. During the 1970s comrade Gonzalo was arrested twice on the charges that he was involved in the violent activities against the Peru government.

In the year 1965 comrade Gonzalo visited peopleʹs republic of China and met comrade Mao Tse Tung. Comrade Gonzalo left his job as university professor and in the mid 1970s and went underground. After the demise of comrade Stalin, in the background of the transformation of Soviet Union Communist Party as a revisionist party and Soviet Union as a social imperialist county, the great debate, the great proletariat cultural revolution, the division in the international communist movement in 1950ʹs and 1960ʹs, the Communist party of Peru had also splintered.

Comrade Gonzalo had taken the line of protracted peopleʹs war and New democratic revolution developed by the Communist party of China under the leadership of Mao Tse Tung. Inspired by the great proletariat Cultural Revolution comrade Gonzalo rejected revisionism out rightly and formed Communist party of Peru-Shining path with 11 of his companions in 1969. Communist party Peru under the leadership of comrade Gonzalo launched peopleʹs war/guerrilla war against imperialism especially American imperialism, comprador bureaucratic bourgeois and feudalism of Peru in May 1980. The Shining Path guerrillas achieved remarkable victories against the armed forces of Peruvian government which is the representative of the reactionary and counter revolutionary ruling classes of Peru.

The Communist party of Peru under the leadership comrade Gonzalo along with revolutionary communist parties especially Marxist-Leninst-Maoist parties of some countries formed Revolutionary Internationalist Movement. The Communist party of Peru then-leading RIM has gathered solidarity in different forms to help the revolutionary movements going on in Peru and other countries. RIM by synthesised comrade Maoʹs contribution to the Chinese revolution and International Communist Movement as Maoism and declared it as the third and higher stage of Marxism.

After that Revolutionary Communist parties of many countries of the world started describing Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as todayʹs Marxism. By developing the method of concrete analysis and sinthesis of concrete things Comrade Gonzalo had countributed to the Marxist philosophy. Comrade Gonzalo applied valuable experiences of Chinese New Democratic Revolution and the theory of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the concrete socio-economic and cultural conditions of Peru and advanced the revolutionary movement and peoplesʹ war in Peru unabated. Concept and understanding developed by Comrade Mao about the comprador bureaucratic bourgeois, one of the targets of the new democratic revolution in semi-colonial and semi-feudal countries has been more concretely defined in the context of Peru by him. Com Gonzaloʹs contributions made to the New Democratic Revolution and peoplesʹ war in Peru were propagated as Gonzalo thought by Communist party of Peru.

With the Advancement of the New Democratic Revolution and Peopleʹs war in Peru, American imperialism and comprador ruling classes of Peru got panic-stricken and launched a big operation by organising a special intelligence input network in order to mop-up the revolutionary movement and its leader Communist party of Peru-Shining path and its guerrillas under the guidance of American intelligence agencies FBI and CIA during the first administration term of president Alberto fugimori. The operation was headed by National Directorate against Terrorism. An elite unit of NDAT arrested comrade Gonzalo and 8 other leaders of the communist party of Peru on 12th September 1992 from a dance teacherʹs residence in Lima.

The trial conducted against comrade Gonzalo was a farce. After his arrest he was tried by a military court. Just with a 3 day trial comrade Gonzalo was sentenced to life imprisonment by hooded military judges under charges of terror and treason and was sent to the naval base on the island of San Lorenzo. On the appeal of the people in thousands Peruʹs constitutional court declaring the military trials unconstitutional, ordered new trials.

Though comrade Gonzaloʹs re trial began on 5th November 2004 but the civilian court aslo following the military courtʹs judgement sentenced life imprisonment on 13th October 2006 on the charges of aggravated terrorism and murder. During the trial the only words of comrade Gonzalo heard by international media, people of the Peru and world were – ʹLong leave the Communist party of Peruʹ, ʹglory to Marxism-Leninism-Maoismʹ, ʹglory to Peruvian peopleʹ, ʹLong live the Heroes of the peoples warʹ.

The International media including Peru was kept away from the court proceedings and the press was unable to hear a single word of the trial. Comrade Gonzalo was tried again in a bomb blast case in 2014 and was sentenced to a second life imprisonment on 11th September 2018. Since July 2021 Comrade Gonzaloʹs health had been deteriorated continuously and on 11th September he died. Following the appeal of the Communist party of Peru, many Maoist parties and organizations including our party, trade unions and intellectuals had demanded for the better

medical facilities to comrade Gonzalo and made appeal to the ruling ʹleft-wing” government of Peru for his immediate release. But social fascist left-wing government had acted according to the agenda of American imperialists and its Peru compradors. The appeals made from all over the world to release comrade Gonzalo were not heard by the above said social fascist left-wing government as per itʹs class nature.

In this way America and comprador rulers of Peru put comrade Gonzalo behind bars till his death. They didnʹt provide him with better medical facilities. Actually the death of comrade Gonzalo in Peruʹs naval base was nothing but a barbaric murder by police-military-judiciary of Peru under the guidance of American Imperialists and Peru comprador rulers.

On this sorrowful occasion our Central Committee humbly remember comrade Gonzaloʹs contributions to the new democratic revolution of Peru, the revolutionary internationalist movement and in holding high the banner of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Our Central Committee once again pledges to carry forward the new democratic revolution and socialist revolution in India as a part of world socialist revolution in order to pay real homage to comrade Gonzalo.

Our Central Committee calls upon the people of Peru to move forward in the path of peoplesʹ war to make new democratic revolution a success in Peru as a real homage to com Gonzalo and to fulfill his dreams.

Our Central Committee calls upon the proletariat, oppressed nations and people of the world to strongly condemn the malicious behavior of the American imperialism, Peruʹs comprador government and military towards comrade Gonzalo while he was serving his punishment in naval base. Our CC also appeals to carry forward and intensify the peoplesʹ war against the imperialism and the comprador bureaucratic bourgeoise and feudalism in their respected countries. Our CC appeals to workers of all countries to unite, fight, defeat and wipe out imperialism.

Central Committee
CPI (Maoist)

Maoist party has called for a successful ʹBharat Bandhʹ of farmersʹ unions on the 27th of this month


Communist Party of India (Maoist) Statement on Farmers Bharat Bandh

Full Text

Revolutionary Salutes to the struggle of Indian FarmersAdvancing towards success for the past 10 months against Hindutwa!Make success All India Bandh on 27th September 2021

The Yogi Adityanath government worried with the Kisan Maha Panchayat planned by Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), Samyukt Kisan Morcha and several struggling farmersʹ organisations opposing the agriculture laws proposed by the Centre, in Mujaffarnagar on 5th September conspired to stop it. The program was unique in the movement going on for the past 10 months. It blocked all the National Highways especially Haryana, Punjab, UP and Meerut Zone (Meerut, Ghaziabad, Shamli, Bhagpat) with the help of PAC (the state armed police) to avoid the gathering of the farmers in large numbers. It fixed digital cameras and drones in the meeting place.

The entire city was set up with CCTVs. The farmersʹ meeting held in Mujaffarnagar the place that stood as the main centre of Hindutwa forces in bringing the BJP to power in the centre and in instigating religious riots in UP not only memorises the 62 persons died in the riots of the Hindutwa forces in 2013 but also provides relief to the 50 thousand people who became homeless.

Yogi planned to stop the meeting with the worry that their party might face defeat in the coming elections to the Assembly in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand like in West Bung and his failure to fulfill the promises to the peasantry. However the successful Maha Panchayat in which large number of youth from 22 states and also women farmers proved that no force can stop the struggling peasantry of agrarian India. The CC of our party conveys revolutionary salutes to the peasantry.

Our party supports the call to hold all India Bandh on the 27th September to intensify the militant peasant movement going on in the country for the past 10 months in the meeting. Our Party has already appealed the peasant movement to give a call to defeat the Hindutwa forces in the coming elections to UP Assembly. It firmly supports the call to ʹbe determined to defeat BJPʹ.

The CC once again clarifies that the revolutionary farmersʹ organisations of all states in the leadership of our party will further unite with the Hindu and Muslim farmers struggling for the annulment of the bureaucratic agriculture laws. The CC appeals the Samyukta Kisan Morcha to make success the 25 Maha Panchayats in a unique manner arranged to preserve the country, the peasantry, traders, employees and youth of the country that kept the country for sale. The help the people of the nearby villages extended to the farmers who attended the Maha Panchayat in Mujaffarnagar through 5000 stalls is commendable. We hope this tradition would continue in all the future meetings.

We must remember that branding the farmers as terrorists, turban Naxalites or any such by the evil Hindutwa forces is only to put them behind bars on bureaucratic repressive Acts whenever they feel them dangerous. Our Party appeals to the entire peasantry to fight with dedication facing any number of hurdles and attacks in the movement to annul the agriculture laws meant to serve the interests of corporate classes and force the farmers to death. Nearly 500 farmers died due to many reasons out of police repression, in this movement.

The Hindutwa forces conspired in all ways to disrupt the farmersʹ movement starting from hoisting flags irrespective of the farmers on the red fort on 26th January only for evil propaganda on the movement. The central leaders made a vain attempt to demoralize the organized strength of the peasantry stating the possibility of Corona pandemic. They indulged in attacks on the convoy of the leader of peasant movement Rakesh Tikayat. They conspired in all ways to disrupt the unity of the farmersʹ organisations fighting non-compromisingly. But the farmers are determined.

The centre stated that it is holding back the agriculture laws for one and a half years. This is a very important success of the movement. It will not be surprising if the Hindutwa forces that were defeated in the West Bung elections promise to annul the bureaucratic laws so as to compete without fear in the coming elections. Our party appeals to the peasantry to not believe the deceptive Brahmanic Hindutwa forces and to continue the movement with utmost consciousness until the acts are withdrawn by the Parliament. There are a lot of such traitorous experiences of boasting of Parliamentary democracy. The people must be called upon to not vote to any political party that is not prepared for the annulment of agriculture laws.

The suicides of farmers did not end. This year the conditions indicate an impact of lack of rain on the Khariph and Rabi crops. There is an unprecedented low rainfall in 23 years in Odisha. The central and the state governments are announcing consolation reforms that do not come into practice and affect the lands of the farmers. The farmers of Punjab are affected with additional electricity charges. There is no talk about distribution of agrarian lands to the Dalit and poor people in Punjab.

On the other hand the lands of the farmers are being handed over to the corporate classes for dead cheap rates. In such a situation let us be determined to preserve the agriculture and farmers of the country. The indigenous people of the country are fighting unprecedentedly militant to protect the natural resources of the country. They are condemning the murders and atrocities of the security forces of the ruling classes and struggling with the demand to withdraw the lakhs of police forces in the forest areas and that no police station/camp be set up without the permission of Gram Sabha. The peopleʹs demonstration in Silinger in Bijapur district is going on as a model for the past four months. Our party appeals to the farmersʹ movement to identify with these movements and states that it is not possible to protect the country without a coordination of the movements of the workers, peasants, employees, students, Dalits, tribal, Muslim people and women.

There is unprecedented unemployment in the country. The workers are suffocated with work burden and not assured in life. Oil prices and those of essential goods rose and are testing the purchasing power of ordinary people. Lockouts in the name of Corona pandemic are indiscriminately announced at the cost of migrant labor. Foolish decisions of the governments are only spreading the pandemic.

The people are deprived of minimum medical service leading to the death of lakhs. The country is facing severe crisis in all sectors. On the other hand, as stated by the leaders of Samyukt Kisan Morcha, the rulers of the country put the country for sale in the international market. We have to protect the country. The Sangh clique spoke of cultural nationalism until yesterday but now is aggressively unleashing imperialist economic policies in all sectors in the name of Aatmanirbhar mortgaging the sovereignty of the country.

At a time when the country is completing 75 years of nominal independence, the rulers are celebrating it in the name of ʹAazadi kaa Amrut Mahotsavʹ. As the struggling farmers sloganeer, let us protect our country that is made dependent and put for sale in the international market and make it secular, democratic and self-reliant. Let us fight and win our beloved country from the chains of the big feudal, big bourgeois forces.

Central Committee.

Bombay HC Extends Political Prisoner Varavara Rao’s Medical Bail To September 24


Mumbai, September 6, 2021: The Bombay High Court on Monday extended the interim medical bail of Telugu poet and political prisoner Varavara Rao (81) till September 24. It posted the matter for hearing on September 27.

Mr. Rao, an accused in the Bhima Koregaon case, was granted the bail on February 22 for six months on a cash bond of ₹ 50,000 by a Division Bench of justices S.S. Shinde and Manish Pitale. However, due to a delay in obtaining a solvency certificate, he was released on March 6. From then on, he has been residing with his wife P. Hemalatha at Malad East. The bail expired on September 5.

Senior advocate Anand Grover, appearing for Mr. Rao, informed a Division Bench of Justices Shinde and N.J. Jamadar that Mr. Rao was living in a rented flat with his wife. His plea urged the court to allow him to reside in Hyderabad with his family instead of Mumbai.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA), which is probing the case, filed an affidavit that read, “The Taloja jail authorities have been following the jail code and providing the best medical facilities as per jail manual. The surgery for cataract and hernia can be done in judicial custody under the supervision of doctors of government hospitals at Mumbai and there is no need for an extension of medical bail.”

Mr. Rao seeks an extension on the grounds that he takes 13 medicines daily for neurological problems, cholesterol, blood pressure, prostate, acidity, gastroesophageal reflux, constipation, cardiac issues and pain relief. He has been suffering from constant headaches, known as cluster headaches and needs further examination and constant supervision. A neurologist at Jaslok Hospital said he has asymptomatic Parkinson’s ailment and has retention problems, movement disorders with tremors and gait instability.

Celebrate grandly the 17th Anniversary of CPI (Maoist) in revolutionary atmosphere! – COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MAOIST)

Central Committee
Press Release
September 5, 2021
Celebrate grandly the 17th Anniversary of CPI (Maoist) in revolutionary atmosphere!
Defeat the Counter Revolutionary Strategic ‘SAMADHAN’ Plan
Preserve the Party and fight for the liberation of the country
CPI (Maoist) is about to celebrate its 17th Anniversary. The CC of our party gave a detailed revolutionary
message almost one month back. On the occasion the CC conveys revolutionary greetings to the entire party cadres,
PLGA Commanders, warriors, the leaders and activists of revolutionary people’s organs, the leaders and activists of
Revolutionary People’s Committees, the leaders and activists of the Party serving punishment on several false
allegations in the different jails in the country and to the comrades and friends of the country and the world who are
making relentless effort to preserve and develop the Indian Revolutionary movement. On the occasion we pay
humble revolutionary homage to the teachers and founders of the Party Comrade Charu Mazumdar and Comrade
Kanhai Chatterjee and all our beloved comrades including the Members of the CC Comrade Purnendu Sekhar
Mukherjee and Comrade Yapa Narayana who became martyrs in the past few months. We pledge to fight to achieve
their ideals until the end.
The Indian Revolutionary movement has been developing the theoretical, political and military
understanding provided by the teachers and the founders of the Party Comrade Charu Mazumdar and Comrade
Kanhai Chatterjee facing several failures and successes, ebbs and flows, ups and downs, twists and turns and
setbacks for the past 54 years of Protracted People’s War. It built PLGA and is forming alternate democratic power of
the revolutionary people of the country and is sharpening the revolutionary path. It is proving that this path shall
always be bright with sacrifices and that it is the path of victory.
For the past few years the Party is working with strong determination to preserve the Party from all kinds of
fascist attacks of the exploitive ruling classes of India with the support of their imperialist masters. As a part of it
drone attacks started near Bottalanka village of Sukma district of South Bastar in Chhattisgarh (Dandakarany) on 19th
April 2021. Later the Chhattisgarh and the Maharashtra police took up goebbelsian propaganda to cover up their
drone attacks that the Maoists were making drone surveillance. All these indicate the coming new fascist offensive
Prahar-3 and the speeding up of measures for the elimination of people’s movement and people’s war that has been
fighting back SAMADHAN offensive for the past four years. Unless all these measures are fought back and defeated
in a stronger manner with more coordination and greater revolutionary enthusiasm counter revolutionary measures
cannot be rooted out.
Without this radical change, the entire oppressed classes and nationalities of the country will not be
liberated from exploitation and oppression. The Brahmanic Hindu Fascist ruling classes are unleashing severe
repression on everyone starting from the armed revolutionaries to the ordinary people who pose questions in the
minimum level. They are making the people’s lives miserable. In such conditions the Party is paving way for the
liberation of the entire oppressed people of the country.
PLGA, revolutionary organs and revolutionary people are fighting against the multipronged enemy
campaigns in a unique manner in the leadership of the party. Left, progressive, secular, well-wishers of the tribal
people, patriotic forces and women are expressing their protest to the enemy’s multipronged offensive on the Party.
The Dalit, tribal, religious minorities and women are resisting the rising attacks of Hindutwa on the people. They are
exposing the reactionary pro-imperialist, pro-Hindutva policies of the Modi government. The farmers of the country
are fighting non-compromisingly since 26th November 2020. The tribal people of Silinger of Bastar area are making a
tireless struggle against corporatization and carpet security since May 12th of this year. Various classes and sections
of people are taking up struggles in solidarity to this struggle all over the state of Chhattisgarh. In the state of
Jharkhand, people, especially women are fighting against the police camp in Peertaand block of Giridih district.
Shaheenbag, Singhi, Tikri, Gajipur, Kadiyametta and other such have become the model for people’s struggles. The
Party is making efforts to intensify struggles such as the anti-displacement struggles going on for the survival and
self-respect of the people. These struggles are exposing the fake independence that the ruling classes is highlighting
in the name of ‘Aazadi ka amruth mahotsav’.
This is the time to strengthen the party utmost secret and invincible to the enemy with iron discipline in
order to utilize the favorable conditions for revolution developing all over the world. This is the time to strictly follow
Maoist work style and method of work. In such conditions the CC gave a call to take up a campaign for consolidation
of the party to advance the revolutionary movement. The campaign is achieving good results. As a part of
consolidation of the party there were several programs such as preparation of new documents and election of new
leadership forces. The party is stepping forward more red and expert combining the war operations, battles,
people’s struggles and people’s power.
The Brahmanic Hindutva fascist forces are serving the imperialists as compradors and on the other hand are
spreading national frenzy/fake patriotism and are taking forth the agenda to transform India into Brahmanic
Hindutwa country. They are implementing New Education Policy accordingly. They are making the lives of the people
miserable in the name of self-reliance. They are suppressing the voices of protest and stuffing the activists in prisons.
They are also murdering the people and the activists. This new India is in fact only an attempt to end the diversity of
the country with Hindu religious frenzy, diehard Hindutva, hegemony of oppressive castes, to end the existence of
various nationalities, and the class struggle and to continue the exploitation and rule of the present exploitive ruling
classes. This is against the Dalit, tribal people, the backward castes, religious minorities and women. The entire
democratic, progressive, Marxist-Leninist parties, organisations and forces must unite to build a broad United Front
and take up various forms of struggle against the Hindutva forces. Pro-people progressive, democratic writers,
artists, historians, human scientists and other such intellectuals must become part of these forums. We must state
that a new India should not be Brahmanic Hindutva fascist India but New Democratic India.
The people of the country are severely resisting the conspiracies of Corona pandemic that the imperialists
and their compradors created and the business of vaccines. All these are the indications of severe crisis of the ruling
classes. They are the favorable factors that assure the advancement of our revolutionary movement. Let us utilize
them and work for the advancement of Indian Revolutionary movement with new enthusiasm and determination.
On the occasion of the 17th Anniversary of the Party the Central Committee of the party calls upon the entire
people of oppresses classes and sections to step forward to be liberated from exploitation and oppression and to
establish people’s state power.
Central Committee

CPI (M) supports the struggle for the immediate liberation of comrade Gonzalo

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