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Bihar: two suspected maoists sentenced to life prison

Last Wednesday, a court in Sasaram (Bihar) sentenced four suspected Maoists to life imprisonment for the murder of a civil servant 15 years ago. The one who was presented as one of their accomplice bail him ten years of detention. Sanjay Singh was shot dead by alleged Maoists in the village of Rehal in the Rohtas district of Bihar on 15 February 2002. Nirala Yadav, Ram Bachan Yadav, Lalan Singh Kharawar and Nitish Yadav were sentenced to life imprisonment, To a fine of 200,000 rupees (2700 euros) each. Sudama Oraon was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and a fine of 500,000 rupees (6700 euros). One of the convicts’ lawyers has already announced that they will appeal this decision.
Two of the convicts at the exit of the court of SasaramTwo of the condemned ones at the exit of the court of Sasaram
In this case, the number of convicted persons in this case amounted to seven. In 2004, two other alleged Maoists were sentenced to life imprisonment for killing the official. Four others are still being prosecuted and detained pending trial. Ten of the 21 persons identified by the authorities as part of their investigation are still being sought.

Brasil – 50th anniversary of Naxalbari uprisings


Área Revolucionária Cleomar Rodrigues. Grupo de Teatro ” Servir ao Povo”, encenando a GP na Índia.


Área Revolucionária José Ricardo (PE)
Área Revolucionária Renato Nathan (AL)



INDIA: Campaign “Save comrade Padma” Her life is in danger!

Dazibao Rojostronglu call to his readers to mobilize in order to save comrade Padma’s life.

fascistization in India – info

The latest phase of fascistization of India has now reached Bengal – the birthplace of India’s democratic movement and, paradoxically, also a  fertile ground for religious disharmony, where historically millions converted to Islam (via Buddhism) to escape from Hindu caste oppression.

The anti-partition movement in British Bengal in 1905  gave birth to Hindu and Muslim nationalism, spreading all over British India, frustrating the incipient second democratic  revolution of India.  The first nascent democratic revolution was the Young Bengal movement led by eighteen year old Henry Derozio from around  1825 onwards; he died at the age of twenty-two.  The movement was inspired by the ideas of French Revolution and  economic philosopy of Adam Smith and David Ricardo. The movement was nipped in the bud.

The infamous Calcutta riots of 1946, killing probably 8000 people, would have embarrased Hitler. The dominant feudal classes together with the new bourgeois forces from both religious communities succeeded to put the most oppressed peoples against one another. The following quote describes the participants in the riots: “Anatomy of the crowd : Predominance of up-countrymen amongst the 1946 rioting crowd represented a broad pattern of similarity with Calcutta’s preceding communal outbreaks. Amongst the Muslims the butchers, factory workers, masons, dock workers and other inhabitants of slums of central Calcutta were most active. Muslim students, including females, joined the 16th August rally. Within the Hindus the volatile section included milkmen, sweepers, rickshaw pullers, darwans (guards) of government offices and business establishments and personal retainers of the city’s prominent persons. There were communal skirmishes taken place before. But, in the history of Calcutta’s communal riots the Bengalis – Hindus and Muslims – joined the rioting crowd for the first time in 1946. Most pre-eminent in participation were potters, scavengers, petty shopkeepers, goldsmiths and Kalwars (artisans dealing with scrap metals), students and other middle-class groups.

In the1946-riot, contemporary accounts also emphasize the prominence of Hindu and Muslim gundas (a term denoting a broad spectrum of social groups (lumpens) ranging from various marginalised elements to habitual criminals). Linkage of these gundas with the world of organised politics was clear and the riot witnessed communal solidarity across class lines.” ( Banglapedia).
Bengal violence over Facebook post:
West Bengal‬
Fresh violence erupted in Basirhat subdivision in North 24 Parganas district as shop
A 65-year-old man died of stab wounds in Kolkata on Thursday as fresh violence erupted in parts of West Bengal’s Basirhat region that has been rocked by communal clashes over a controversial Facebook post.
There was unrest in a couple of blocks on July 3, 2017 following an obscene Facebook post by a class 12 (A level) student targeting Islam and its Prophet.  The boy was taken into custody and the flare up was contained by July 5, 2017.
The problem was exacerbated following a public face-off between the Governor  (Hindu BJP supporter) and the Chief Minister ( Local Trinamul party, an offshoot of the Congress party).  One of the top BJP leaders Rahul Sinha claimed that the Governor is a “trusted lieutenant of Modi” which has fueled the ongoing crisis.
With the rise of Hindu BJP in Bengal the State is witnessing routine communal unrest over last couple of years. 
With more than 25% Muslim population, North 24 Paraganas witnessed few clashes between communities over last couple of years. However none were as big as last Mondays’.
Since Sunday evening, Muslim mobs have set shops and buildings on fire and clashed with police, angered by an offensive post on Facebook by a Class 11 (A level)  Hindu student.
As tensions rose in the area on Thursday, mobs attacked a dargah and vandalised shops and houses belonging to Muslims in what locals described as retaliatory attacks. A large team of policemen struggled for hours to disperse the crowd by caning and firing tear gas shells, but without much success. Angry mobs set tyres on fire and sounds of local-made bombs exploding could also be heard.
The house of a local Trinamool (ruling party in Bengal, an offshoot of the Congress party) politician and a party office also came under attack from a Hindu mob the same evening. “I was at the Basirhat police station when a group of anti-social elements descended on my house around 5.30 pm,” Basirhat (south) Member of the local legislative assembly Dipendu Biswas told HT.
Reports emerged that Trinamool leaders were unhappy with Biswas’ activities in the area, and have summoned him to the party office in Kolkata on Friday. Residents of Harishpur and Mailakhola villages also alleged that the MLA accompanied the police when they went to Hindu-dominated areas in search of weapons.
The area continues to be under prohibitory orders and internet services remained suspended for the second day in a row. Chief minister Mamata Banerjee has asked all political parties to refrain from visiting the riot-affected zone until peace is restored. “Please cooperate with the government,” she said on Thursday evening.
  • Mamata Banerjee – Chief Minister of Bengal
The violence has taken a political colour with the BJP (Hindu fascist party) accusing chief minister Mamata Banerjee of appeasing Muslims and the ruling Trinamool Congress alleging the saffron party was inciting communal passions for electoral benefit.
A team of three BJP MPs – Meenakshi Lekhi, Satyapal Singh and Om Prakash Mathur – are scheduled to visit Basirhat on Friday, and submit a report to party president Amit Shah. But state government sources told HT that the local administration was likely to block their entry, setting the stage for fresh confrontation.
Local residents blamed police and security forces for instigating the violence and acting in a partisan manner. “Police are raiding the houses of the victims, instead of arresting the rioters,” state BJP president Dilip Ghosh told reporters in Kolkata.
  • ************************************
A few residents demanded that army should be deployed as they had little faith on the police but on Thursday, the state government rejected an offer by the Centre for more troops.
The epicenter of the violence, Baduria, however remained calm as shops and markets opened and vehicles plied normally.
In Kolkata, scuffles broke out at the RG Kar Hospital after Ghosh’s death between Trinamool Congress and BJP workers. Bengal president Dilip Ghosh and BJP national general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya faced resistance from Trinamool supporters and had to return without meeting them.
“He was the ward president of the party in Basirhat,” remarked BJP state secretary Dilip Ghosh. However Kartik Ghosh’s sons denied that he was linked to any political party.


‘Self-defence’ camp for women in Varanasi

Durga Vahini ( women’s army named after Hindu goddess Durga) , the women’s wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), (World Hindu Organisation) is holding a camp for women in Varanasi (historic Hindu holy city) to train them in the ‘art of self defence’ which includes learning how to use firearms.

Durga Vahini, the women’s wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), is holding a camp for women in Varanasi to train them in the art of self defence which includes learning how to use firearms.
The week-long camp at the Bharti Public School in Sigra area of Varanasi is giving training to 100 women and girls and Kamla Misra, convenor of the camp, said that all the participants belong to districts in eastern UP.
“The participants have come here from 11 adjoining districts and want to learn how to protect themselves. Some are even keen to learn how to counter terrorism because we all know that terrorists do not wish to die at the hands of women. We are teaching them how to use rifles, lathis and also learn martial arts,” she said.
Shalini Soni, one of the participants in the camp, said that her parents had sent her to the camp because they wanted her to learn how to defend herself and also her country.
Another participant Smridhi Awasthi said that she would set up a similar camp in her village and impart training to other girls. Trainer Richa Varma, meanwhile, said that the girls and women were being taught basics of martial arts so that they can defend themselves in adverse circumstances instead of waiting for police help. “Our focus is to teach them how to immobilise the opponent till they get help,” she said.
Varanasi IG Bhagat Singh, however, said that the camp was searched by police for weapons but nothing objectionable had been found at the training site.
Meanwhile, a VHP leader said that the camp in Varanasi was being held by Durga Vahini after a gap of almost 10 years.
The VHP leader said that women must be equipped in self defence and this will empower women and check crime against women.
It may be recalled that a similar training camp held in Ayodhya ( a city historically linked with Hinduism) last week had led to a major controversy and the convenor of the camp Mahesh Misra was arrested and sent to 14 day judicial remand for hurting religious sentiments and spreading hatred.
Location: IndiaUttar PradeshLucknow


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Against G20 Hamburg! Against genocidal Modi! – International Commitee Support People’s War India

Against G20 Hamburg!
Against genocidal Modi!
On 7th and 8th of July the biggest genocidal in the world will meet in Hamburg at the G20 Summit. Among them, the slaughterer of Indian people Narendra Modi.
Modi is notorious for his brutal actions against Indian revolutionaries, national minorities and oppressed nations. He is also the main responsible for the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat.
Modi and his puppeteers from imperialist countries organize the brutal exploitation of people and resources of India and transform the country into an open-air prison of people to the benefit of the corporations linked to the imperialist countries.
The counter-revolutionary offensive “Operation Green Hunt”, a war on people aimed against the People’s War in India led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) was upscaled by Modi.
The use of airstrike on the areas of the national minorities of Adivasis, in the regions where the People’s War is developed, and the deployment of more counter-revolutionary troops are supposed to drown the revolutionary war in blood. But the blood spilled feeds the revolution and the People’s War develops more, despite all difficulties.
Now the fascist Modi comes to the belly of imperialist beast in order to get instructions and advice on how to suppress and brake the revolutionary movement in India and the Indian People in general.
It is our duty here to show that even in the safe haven of imperialism a slaughterer of his own people as Modi is not welcome and will be badgered. We stand on the side of Indian people and the CPI (Maoist) that leads the People’s War to crush imperialism and its lackeys and to build the New-Democratic People’s Republic.
Down with the genocidal Modi!
Down with the Operation Green Hunt!
Freedom for Saibaba, Ajith, Kobad Gandhi and all political prisoners in India!
Long live the 50th anniversary of Naxalbari uprising!
Support the People’s War in India!
International Commitee Support People’s War India
6 july 2017

PCI (Maoist) last texts


Maoist Communist Party Manipur

L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone, folla e spazio all'aperto
“The proletariat is fighting; the bourgeois is concluding an alliance with the government” -Stalin
March 17, 1907 foreign language publishing House Moscow
Manipur-gi houjik oiriba khunaigi leithak leikha-gi oiriba phibamsing yenglubada Comrade Stalin na thamlamliba waphamsi yamna mayek sengna achumbani haiba uba phanglak-i. Russian khunaigi karamba phibamna natraga karamba tangkakta yumpham oiraga phongdoklamlibano haibaduda koithokludragasu ngasigi Manipur-gi leithak leikharol gi phibamsing asi yenglaga kayam yamna chumlaklibage haibaduni neinaninglaklibasi. 2017-si yamna maru oiba poowarigi tangkak ama oihougadouri.Chahi taret khuntakpa haina khangnariba hingcha yaitambagi pandup adugumna tamthiba leingak ama Okram Ibobi-na luchingduna leirambadu hek leikha takhiba kumsing ama oiri.Karigidamak chahi taret khuntakpagi thoudokka Okram Ibobi-na luchingba leingakka changdamnaribano haibagi yamna tenba amadi mapung phaba paokhumdi mahakki leingak matamda yelhoumi lising kaya mihat thina hatkhi.Mihat asi chahi taret khuntakpagi tangkak aduga changdamnaba yai.

Yelhoumi hatkhibagi thouwong asidagi houjik lakliba wahangdi Manipur-gi yelhou phurup ki laibak karino haibasini.Tamba ngamdraba mutharakliba yelhou khunai oiri haibasi eikhoi khudingmakna khangi.Yelhoumi kannabagi ihou kaya Manipur meeyamna ukhre. Ihousing asi Leithak loisang (frontal organization natraga CSO) mayamna changsinba ihouni. Ihou asi ngasidi karamba tangkak amada leiribage? Hangba yaba wahangni, paokhumsu mayam loina khangbiramgani adubu wahang asigi paokhum pipham thokpasing adu kadaida leiri.
Manipur da khwaidagi kanba ihou hairagadi Manipur gi ngamkhei-ga mari leinaba ihou amadi Yelhoumi kanbaga mari leinaba ihousingni. Ngamkhei gi ihoudasu makhal ani suri.Kanglup amana Ngamkhei kannabagi ihou aduga kanglup amana ngamkhei thugainabagi ihouni. Ngamkhei thugainabagi ihousi NSCN (IM) na mangjil tharaga India-na cheingak piri aduga Manipur gi ngamkhei kannabagi ihou asina Maru-oina masing yamba phurup-singna mangjil thaduna changsinbani. Asumna Yelhoumi kannabagi ihoudasu Masing yamba phurup oirabasu Loilam India-gi yamkhraba mising asina lak-hallakpa yabagi akiba leire haina phaoriba phurupsingna mangjil thana chongthoktuna ihou changsilli aduga yelhoumi kanbagi ihou asibu India amadi masigi khoubunai-singna namthanaba angamba thakta hotnari. Maram aduna yelhoumi kanbaga mari leinaba ihou amadi Ngamkheiga mari leinaba ihou anisi nakal animakki oina yamna kanna thouri chingnapham oiri.
Ihou animakki tangdangba phibam amaphaoba leitri. Manipur ngamkhei-gi matangda chap chaba wakheirol amaphaoba thamdri. Masimakna India-na yamna pamjana sanariba Yong-na tan yenbagi kumei (Divide and Rule Policy) gi sarouni. India na pamlibasi Manipur gi ngamkhei thugaibadu natte, makhoina pamlibasi Manipur gi apunba meeyamgi pangal thugaibani. Maram aduna Manipur thugainabagi ihousing asida Loilam India na cheingak piribani. Asumna Yelhoumi kanbagi ihou-gisu houjik phaoba tangdangba amaphaoba leitri. Yelhoumi kanbagi ihou asigi manungda chelliba ihou amagi pak chaoba masak adu Loi mapu India na mayek sengna uba phangi. ILPS ki ihou natraga Yelhoumi kannabagi ihousi Loi Mapu-gi apambagi maiyokta oi amadi makhoigi lonna chathariba Indianization gi phibam da chaona akaiba oihalli.Maram aduna Burma-dagi lanjennarakpa Refugee mayamga loutunaraga Yelhoumi kannabagi ihou asida chaona ayetpa piribani.Nakal amaromdana Meeyamgi apunba ihou asibu mangam salhandanaba haiduna Schedule Tribe ki ihou ama amuk marakta thatchil-hallaga ST gi status phanglagadi Lam kanjaba ngamlagani haina uhallaga ILPS ki natraga Yelhoumi kannabagi ihoubu masel maranghallaklibani.Yelhoumi kannabagi ihou asida henna masak thokpa ikainingai oiba tangkak ama uba phanglakli. Tangkak asi supnagi ILPS ki ihou asikhakki wapham natte. Masi Bourgeoisie democratic organization mayamgi asengba masak aduni.
Ihou animakki houjik oiriba phibamsing mayam punna amamamta oina neinaminasi.
Makha taba saruk adu Anisuba sarukta pabiyu-

INDIA – HC grants bail to 7 Telangana activists

The Bilaspur High Court on Friday granted bail to seven activists from Telangana, who were arrested by the Chhattisgarh police in December last year for allegedly possessing banned currency notes and Maoist literature.
The seven activists of the Telangana Democratic Front (TDF) were travelling to Sukma district as part of a fact-finding team to inquire into the atrocities on tribals, when they were arrested and charged under the draconian Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act.
Justice Gautam Bhadudi granted bail to all the TDF activists and asked them to furnish a surety of ₹25,000 each. The court said the applicants had been in jail for more than six months and charges against them have been framed. ʹLooking at the period of detention undergone by the applicants as against the charges framed against them, and taking into consideration the entire situation, this court is inclined to allow this bail application,ʹ read the order.
The activists are Andhra Pradesh High Court lawyer Bhalla Ravindranath, advocate Chikkudu Prabhakar, independent journalist Durga Prasad, social activist Duddu Prabhakar, student leader Rajendra Prasad, and student activists Nazeer and Ramananda Lakshmi.
The Sukma police had claimed to have arrested the activists in Dharmapenta village, but the activists said they were arrested by the Telangana police in Dummugudem village and handed over to the Chhattisgarh police.
The activists had also denied that they were carrying any banned notes or Maoist literature.
The lower court had rejected the bail plea of these activists and even the Bilaspur High Court had turned down their bail application in March. ʹThis was their second bail application. They are currently in the Sukma district jail and they may be released on Saturday evening once all the formalities are complete,ʹ said advocate Kishor Narayan of Human Rights Law Network, who appeared for the activists along with advocate Viren Pande.

Modi’s Visit To Israel: Embrace Of Two Deadly Ideologies, Zionism And Hindutva

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Israel. It is a historical visit. It is the first time an Indian Prime Minister is visiting Israel. Putting aside all protocol norms Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to Ben-Gurion Airport to welcome Modi.
Let’s step back and take a broader view of this historical visit.  The Israeli Knesset (parliament) recently passed a bill that defines Israel as the “national home of the Jewish people.” According to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, the Arab population in 2013 was estimated at 1,658,000, representing 20.7% of the country’s population.  1.65 million Palestinian Arabs have become second class citizens in the Jewish national home.
So Modi is visiting the dreamland of his Guruji Golwalkar, the second Sarsanghchalak (supreme leader) of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh who wrote in his book,  “We or Our Nationhood Defined”

“The foreign races in Hindusthan must either adopt the Hindu culture and language, must learn to respect and hold in reverence Hindu religion, must entertain no idea but those of the glorification of the Hindu race and culture, i.e., of the Hindu nation and must lose their separate existence to merge in the Hindu race, or may stay in the country, wholly subordinated to the Hindu Nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges, far less any preferential treatment — not even citizen’s rights. There is, at least, should be, no other course for them to adopt. We are an old nation; let us deal, as old nations ought to and do deal, with the foreign races, who have chosen to live in our country.”

So Modi is visiting a land where the RSS dream has come to fruition. It is not surprising that both Modi and Netanyahu are calling each other brothers and embracing each other repeatedly.
Zionism is a Jewish supremacist ideology. It came into existence through the existential anxiety of the Jews living in Europe.  A secular Austrian-Jewish journalist, Theodor Herzl, was the first to turn rumblings of Jewish nationalism into an international movement around 1896. Aided by the prevailing political climate in Europe, the Zionist movement encouraged Jews to migrate to the British domain of Palestine and used their money power, political power and military power to establish a nation called Israel in Palestine, ethnic cleansing 700,000 original dwellers of the land. This project continued with the 1967 Six Day War and still continues with the settlement of hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews in the occupied land in clear violation of international laws and U.N resolutions. Israel is a colonial, rogue, apartheid state. It is this rogue nation that India is embracing.
In the same way, RSS was launched by some Nagpur Brahmans due to the existential anxiety created by the growing freedom movement and to ensure the hegemony of the upper castes when India got freedom from the British. The collusion of RSS with the British and Savarkar’s mercy petitions are legends that RSS wants the nation to forget. Some history will come back to haunt them forever. RSS agenda was to make India a Hindu Rashtra with Manusmriti (Manu’s Code) as the underlying principle when the British left India. When they found that Mahatma Gandhi stood in their way, their henchman Nathuram Godse pointed his gun at him and gunned him down. When Narendra Modi came to power in 2014, as RSS claimed, after 1000 years of foreign domination, they found it an opportune moment to make their dream a reality. The mob violence, lynchings, violation of food rights, human rights, livelihood rights are part of this larger plan.
In Israel RSS has found a natural ally and a role model who put their grand vision to fruition.  In Modi’s embrace of Netanyahu we see the marriage of two evil ideologies, Hindutva and Zionism. Israel with its tried and tested military technologies and tactics to subdue the freedom strugglers of Palestine, will be ever ready to pass on their know how to Modi. Muslims, dalits and other minority groups in India, beware of this deadly embrace.
Binu Mathew is the editor of He can be reached at

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