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CPI (Maoist) calls for a new Bandh for 25th april in Dandakaranya Region – ICSPWI info

Following the death of senior CPI (Maoist) leader Nirmala alias Narmada Didi in a Maharashtra prison, the party has called for a bandh in Dandakaranya region (south Chhattisgarh state) to close and shut down all activities on April 25.

As per the information received, the 62-year-old Nirmala, who served as an active member of the Maoist party’s Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee for 42 years, died while battling for her life on April 9 in a prison in Maharashtra state. Her demise has created a void in the leadership of the Maoist party.

The CPI (Maoist) holds the government responsible for the death of Maoist leader Nirmala.

The Maoist party has alleged that she died because she had not been provided proper treatment and medicines in jail.

CPI (Maoist) spokesperson Comrade Mangali said in a press note that Nirmala had fallen ill in 2018 and was arrested by police while she was getting treatment in a hospital in Hyderabad in 2019.

The Maoist spokesperson alleged that she had been implicated in more than 100 false cases and that the government had put a bounty of Rs 25 lakh on her head.

Red Salutes to Comrade Narmada member os the DKSZC of CPI(Maoist) and leader of the Reevolutionary Women´s Organization!!!

CPI (Maoist) video: Long Live “Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!”

freedom for Varavara Rao and all political prisoners in India – Prolonged campaign of ICSPWI – new actions in the world are in preparation – info





(Peoples Union for Democratic Rghts (PUDR ) Statement)

13 Apr 2022

Tomorrow, 14th April 2022 marks the completion of two years of PUDR activist Gautam Navlakhaʹs surrender before the NIA. One of sixteen accused in the infamous Bhima Koregaon case, Gautam has been imprisoned in Taloja Central Jail, Navi Mumbai since 25 May 2020. For more than six months now, since 12 October 2021, the nearly 70 years old Gautam, an undertrial suffering from multiple health problems has been in solitary confinement in one of 33 cells in the ʹandaʹ circle, the High Security Area of Taloja Jail, a space meant to segregate those guilty of heinous crimes.

The day before Gautam surrendered he wrote the following lines, of which he has become living proof:

I can now begin to face the actual legal process, which accompanies cases where provisions of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act are invoked. Such Acts turn the normal jurisprudence upside down. No longer is it the axiom that ʹa person is innocent unless proven guiltyʹ. In fact, under such Acts, ʹan accused is guilty unless proven innocentʹ.

Draconian provisions of the UAPA are not accompanied by stricter procedures regarding evidence, especially electronic, considering the stringent punishment provided for under the Act; the procedures, which otherwise provide tighter rules regarding evidence, are instead made elastic. Under this double whammy, jail becomes the norm, and bail an exception. In this Kafkaesque domain, process itself becomes punishment.

My hope rests on a speedy and fair trial for myself and all my fellow co-accused.

Two years have passed since then, but the trial that Gautam and the other co-accused were hoping would start has yet to begin.

The point made by Gautam about process becoming punishment in cases where the accused are charged under provisions of the UAPA, cannot get more real. No case of pretrial incarceration could be starker than that of 83-year-old Stan Swamy who passed away on 5th July 2021, after being denied bail and medical treatment, asking to be allowed to return home. Gautam, too like Stan and several of his co-accused has had to approach the courts for the most basic rights beginning with receiving a replacement pair of spectacles when his earlier pair broke. Gautam has very poor eyesight but was forced to do without spectacles for over a month. Currently Gautamʹs request for a chair because of severe back-pain too is pending even as his petition for house arrests on grounds of his poor health and age is before the Bombay High Court. Confinement in the anda circle, a concrete area with no greenery and sunlight, limited space and segregated from the rest of the prison has been physically and mentally exhausting. Gautam has had to approach the Sessions Court to get permission to step outside the anda circle which allowed him to do so only as recently as 15 March, after 5 months of solitary confinement, for 30 minutes daily! On 5th April it came to light that Taloja Jail had twice refused to hand over a PG Wodehouse novel citing ʹsecurity reasonʹ. This was however not the first time that books and letters addressed to him have been returned.

The NIA has opposed Gautamʹs petitions for bail, medical relief etc. vehemently at every juncture citing prima facie guilt, and the jail authorities have ensured that Gautam is ʹpunishedʹ even while guilt still has to be proved. The NIA court has repeatedly relied on evidence that at times has been presented in sealed envelopes to deny regular bail. It seems immaterial that suspicion has been cast over the entire case by the evidence of hacking of Rona Wilson and Surendra Gadlingʹs computers found by Arsenal, and the absence of the alleged plan to assassinate the Prime Minister in the chargesheet filed. Moreover the NIA has still not provided to the accused cloned copies of the files containing the ʹincriminating evidence ʹdespite several applications.

It is ironical that the Taloja Jail authorities who are mandated otherwise to protect inmates awaiting trial, have clearly been working in tandem with the NIA, to ʹpunishʹ Gautam even before guilt is proven and judgement pronounced. All the instances mentioned above amount to ʹsoft tortureʹ, a term coined by Stan Swamy to describe the insidious nature of coercion exercised by authorities against prisoners in custody. Repeated denial of medical bail by NIA courts begs the question as to whether being implicated in a case such as Bhima Koregaon, divests an accused of other legal rights , such as the right to life , due to all prisoners? Looking at the number of times that Gautam has had to approach courts for relief on being denied services and routine items by jail authorities, this definitely seems so.

PUDR therefore demands:

Immediate bail for Gautam Navlakha.
Immediate bail to all the accused in the Bhima Koregaon case.
Speedy and fair trial
Removal of the NIA from the case
Repeal of UAPA

Deepika Tandon and Radhika Chitkara


The stand of the Central Committee of the CPI (Maoist) On the War of Imperialist Russia on Ukraine

It is 42 days since the Russian imperialists started a war of aggression on Ukraine. The war that broke in the form of war of aggression of Russia on Ukraine is the result of the intense level of contention between the imperialists for geographical, economic and military hegemony on the world and is an imperialist war. This is a cold war of the imperialists. The US made Ukraine a bait in order to sustain its hegemony in Europe. It chose Ukraine as a war front against Russia. Russia is trying to fight back the US-NATO alliance in the arena of Ukraine. In this war while the US is attempting to revive-spread its unipolar world, Russia, with its rise in economic strength, is trying to sustain its dominant positions and to stop the expansion of NATO that is led by the US. Socialimperialist China is in total support to Russia in this regard. Russia is adopting tactics to achieve its objective and end the war as soon as possible and the US is adopting tactics to give a blow to Russia with the burden of war by dragging war as much as possible. The terrible phase wise economic, diplomatic and cultural sanctions of the US-NATO alliance on Russia since it declared war on Ukraine aims to isolate it from the world, to serve its interests and, if necessary, to indulge in nuclear war. Russia too is prepared for this in its interests. With this the danger of World War III is looming once again. 

Thousands of soldiers and thousands of innocent people of Russia and Ukraine died in this war until now. War is getting intense day by day. Ukraine is suffering from severe devastation. The situation is tragic. Thirty-four lakh people left the country as refugees. Sixty-five lakh people became homeless. Towns, schools and hospitals in these towns were grounded. Lakhs of families are suffering with lack of food, drinking water and medicines. War is intensifying economic crisis all over the world. Prices are extremely rising with a stop to exports of crude oil and gas from Russia and wheat from Ukraine. For example, in Sri Lanka the cost of one liter of milk rose to Rs. 1,980, that of one kilogram of sugar to Rs. 290 and one kilogram of rice to Rs. 500. People revolted to the situation and the Rajapaksa government imposed emergency. Rise in prices led to severe inflation. Real wages are falling. Unemployment is taking a severe form. There is a severe fall in the purchasing capacity of the people. With dwindling living standards of the people there is a danger of large-scale hunger deaths. The war gained super profits to the imperialists and the people gained nothing but destruction, economic calamity and death. It is a well-known fact that the nature of imperialism is to displace people, to destruct economies and to ignite never ending wars. 

The CC of the CPI (Maoist) strongly opposes the war between imperialist forces. It calls upon the worker, peasant, middle class and all the oppressed classes and oppressed nationalities to condemn the war. It calls upon the proletariat of the world, the oppressed classes and oppressed nationalities to uphold the teachings of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels that ‘the ‘working class’ do not have a country…..communists in all places always support each and every revolutionary movement against the existing (capitalist) socio-political system’, ‘workers of all countries unite’ and the teaching of the great Marxist teacher Lenin, ‘…Enlightened proletariat does not support any of the horde of imperialist wolves…’ (Lenin Collected Works, Vol-27, P335-336) and not to take the side of any imperialist country. 

“…War is a continuation of policy by other means. Wars are inseparable from the political systems that engender them. The policy which a given state, a given class within that state, pursued for a long time before the war is inevitably continued by that same class during the war, the form of action alone being changed…” (War and Revolution, LCW, Vol-24, P398-421). Similarly, politics too are not separate from economic factors. The intensified imperialist contention for super profits is seen in Ukraine and East Europe in the form of war. 

Whether imperialism is strong or weak, whether it is the US, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Russia or China the working class need not lay its blood in their interests. There is nothing such as good imperialism and bad imperialism. The movements of the oppressed classes and oppressed nationalities must choose an independent line against imperialist war in the leadership of the proletariat. They must divorce from the interests of the bourgeoisie and the imperialists and fight in the interests of the working class, oppressed people and oppressed nationalities. In the era of imperialism just war only means the revolutionary war made by the working class and its allies to seize power. “Proletarian, Communist Revolution alone can bring the humankind out of the crises created by imperialism and imperialist wars. Whatever kind of difficulties revolution will have to face, or if the waves of counter revolution gain temporary victories, the working class shall definitely achieve the final victory…” (from the Political Resolution of the 8 th Congress of the Russian Communist Party (B) on 22nd March 1919). 

Lakhs and crores of people all over the world including Russia are making protest struggles against the destructive war of Russia on Ukraine and against the conspiracies of the imperialists that are leading the world towards World War III through the sale of several deadly weapons including nuclear weapons that kill the entire world and the deployment of military forces. Our party supports these struggles. It calls upon the entire party ranks, PLGA forces, revolutionary people’s organisations, the entire oppressed classes, sections and nationalities of India to become part of these movements. It calls upon the working class, peasants and other such oppressed classes, oppressed nationalities and democrats to unitedly advance these movements with the objective to root out imperialism from the earth and establish Socialism and Communism. 

The oppressed people and oppressed nationalities of Russia must intensify their protest struggles in the leadership of the proletariat with the demand to immediately unconditionally stop war on Ukraine abiding to the aspirations of the people of the world and pressurize the Putin government. The Russian armies must aim their weapons on their own government. If it indulges in nuclear war and starts World War III, they must learn from the great experience of the success of October revolution of the entire oppressed classes and oppressed nationalities in the leadership of the proletariat in the leadership of Comrades Lenin and Stalin in 1917 by transforming World War I into a civil war, and must bring down the Putin government upholding its legacy. They must establish a new and higher Socialist government in the leadership of the proletariat. 

The working class and the oppressed people of the US must fight militantly with the demands to stop the expansion of NATO military alliance in the leadership of the US, the sale of weapons to their satellite countries and puppet/comprador governments, the deployment of imperialist military forces in those countries, the destruction of all the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons that ruin the world and to dissolve NATO military alliance. If the US dares to start World War III, it must be transformed into a civil war. 

The oppressed people must fight firmly and militantly in the leadership of the proletariat against the pro-war policies (helping with arms, deployment of military forces, economic assistance, political justification and other such) followed by the governments of imperialist Britain, France, Germany and Italy of Europe, in Japan and the new Social-imperialist force China and the world wide capitalist governments by taking a side (either Russia or Ukraine) in the war in Ukraine and instigating the workers and oppressed people to kill one another. If the imperialists dare to indulge in world war, they must be buried and Socialist governments be established in their countries. 

Our party conveys solidarity to the workers and people suffering from bombing in the entire areas in Ukraine. It condemns the murders of civilians. It appeals to the proletariat and the oppressed people of the world to protect the people of Ukraine fleeing as refugees to other areas with humanitarian outlook. The proletariat and the oppressed people of Ukraine must condemn the pro-NATO, pro-US imperialist policies of the President of the country Zelensky who turned the country into a satellite of the NATO, especially the US imperialists, must transform the war imposed by the imperialists into civil war and seize state power for the existence of their nation. The oppressed people of the country must fight against all kinds of imperialism in the leadership of the Ukraine proletariat and achieve sovereignty of Ukraine. Our party appeals to the oppressed nationalities of the Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk of Donbass area of Ukraine to not depend on Russian imperialism for their future but achieve it depending on their own strength in the leadership of the proletariat. 

Workers, farmers, oppressed people, intellectuals and democrats of India must strongly condemn the imperialist cold war and the war of aggression of Russia on Ukraine and raise their voice to immediately stop war. They must support the people of Ukraine fighting for the sovereignty of their country. The influence of war shall be very intense on India. We must mobilize the people of all classes and sections and fight against the destructive policies of imperialists and Indian comprador ruling classes. We must take up people’s struggles and people’s war against the war in the leadership of our party with coordination. We must build militant movement against the Hindutva fascist Modi government demanding that India must leave ‘QUAD’ military alliance led by the US imperialists and to not join the imperialist alliances. If the war turns into World War III and India joins any side, the oppressed people, sections and oppressed nationalities of India must condemn it. We must expose the conspiracies of the Hindutva fascists to turn the Indian armies and the people of the country as subjects in imperialist war by instigating national chauvinism and war frenzy in the name of fake nationalism and patriotism. We must turn the war into civil war. We must intensify people’s war, establish liberated areas and advance New Democratic Revolution. 

The oppressed people and nationalities of the backward Asia, Africa and Latin American countries must fight in the leadership of the proletariat against the war sponsored policies of the comprador governments in slavery to their imperialist masters. If World War starts, it must be transformed into civil war. Liberated areas must be established in the path of Protracted People’s War and New Democratic Revolutions be advanced. 

The capitalist-imperialist system is by nature destructive, anarchic and haphazard to the world humankind and nature. It is the centre of socio-economic, political, military, environmental, refugee and other kinds of crises. It throws the workers, peasants and middle classes into unemployment and astray. It is helpless and is accustomed to unrevivable fossil fuels (white skin, black fuel: on the danger of fossil fascism). The oppressed people and oppressed nationalities of the world will not be liberated without totally eradicating it. It is the task of the world proletariat to mobilize the workers, farmers, middle class and other such oppressed classes and oppressed nationalities and root out imperialism. 

The war between the imperialist forces that broke in Ukraine shall take the war on Yemen, war on Palestine, war on Somalia, war on women, war on non-residential people, war of the white racists on people of various colors, war on workers, war on democracy, war on environment and other such to an intense level. It is the responsibility of the international working class to transform these wars in civil wars in the respective places. It shall be the task of the Russian working class and the various oppressed people to defeat imperialist Russia, of the US working class and oppressed people to defeat US imperialism, of the world proletariat, oppressed people and oppressed nationalities to bring down the world capitalist-imperialist system that is destructing the natural environment and establish Socialism. Our party calls upon the forces of Socialist revolution, New Democratic and Nationality Liberation movements going on all over the world against imperialism that is the basis for destruction of the world to aim their struggles united and to the workers, peasants, middle classes and other oppressed people of the world to take up the people’s movements and people’s wars in their countries in coordination with anti-imperialist movement. Our party believes that we can achieve a world free of wars that can achieve all round development only by eradicating imperialism from this world and establishing Socialism and Communism. 

 The war of aggression on Ukraine is the manifestation of imperialist contention! 

 Condemn the imperialist cold war in Ukraine! 

 Stop the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine! 

 The people of Ukraine shall achieve the sovereignty of their country! 

 Mobilize the oppressed nationalities and people against imperialism in the leadership of the proletariat! 

 Mobilize the people of the world in militant struggles against the danger of nuclear war-World War III! 

 Root out imperialism in the world! 

 Socialism-Communism alone are the alternative to capitalist imperialist system! 

 Transform imperialist war into civil war!  If World War III occurs, transform the war into civil war and advance the Socialist, New Democratic Revolutions and Nationality Liberation struggles! 

6 th April 2022 

 Amrut i/c, 

International Affairs 

Central Committee CPI (Maoist)

CPI (Maoist) – Celebrate the Birth Anniversary of Baba Saheb Ambedkar

COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MAOIST)Central CommitteePress Release10 April, 2022Celebrate the Birth Anniversary of Baba Saheb Ambedkar with thedetermination of elimination of caste and in opposition to capitalism-imperialism and Brahmanic Hindutva Fascism!The CPI (Maoist) calls upon to understand the fakeness of the announcement of Prime Minister Modi onbehalf of Bharateeya Janata party and its government of the Brahmanic Hindutva diehard Rashtreeya Swayam SevakSangh to grandly celebrate the Anniversary of Ambedkar on 14th April and to celebrate it with the determination ofelimination of caste and in opposition to capitalism-imperialism and diehard Brahmanic Hindutva. We must exposethe conspiracy of the Hindutva Fascist forces in celebrating Ambedkar’s birth anniversary with false consciousnessand in fact depriving the Dalit people of the actual essence of the teachings of Ambedkar – eradication of caste andto oppose Hindutva religious diehard (Manu Dharmasashtr) and capitalism.It is clear that the RSS and BJP are Hindutva diehards since its birth. Apart from theoretical sense, theseseverely oppose the thought of Ambedkar in daily life too. The diehard Brahmanic Hindutva ruling BJP has beengoing forward step by step in building India in a fascist manner for the past 8 years. It gave this a popular name ‘newIndia’. BJP government had been following anti-Dalit-tribal-Muslim-women policies and this apart, it unceasingly andunprecedentedly intensified anti-peasant-worker-middle class policies during the period. This is in fact LPG policiesin a saffron color.On one hand they are making the law of triple talaq; dissolving Article 370 and 35A; laid foundation stone forRammandir in Ayodhya; making vain attempts to bring several laws openly violating the constitutional rights of Dalitand tribal people; ending reservation or conspiring to deprive the beneficiaries of reservation in various ways; moblynching in the name of protection of Cow; attacking, banning and insulting the food habits, living, customs andtraditions, beliefs of Dalit and tribal people; depriving the Dalit, tribal and religious minorities, especially the girls ofeducation in the name of intensifying blind nationalism; vain attempt to destroy the agriculture of the countrythrough anti-farmer, traitorous three agriculture laws; and other such anti-people, anti-country policies. On theother hand, they are celebrating the birth anniversary of Ambedkar and making severe attempts to make theoppressed people, especially the Dalit people part of Hindutva. Ambedkar struggled all through his life against this.Manuists are trying to fit in Ambedkar who burnt Manu Dharmasashtr in their framework and we need to severelyoppose the attempt.The BJP government is not only intensely violating the Constitution through which Ambedkar provided fewrights for the Dalit and tribal people, but also constantly trying to end it. In the present background we need torespect what Ambedkar said. He stated that, if the Constitution is not implemented in the correct manner and ifConstitutional rights are violated, he would be the first person to burn it.It would be justified to say that several Dalit leaders speak about Ambedkar but take the side of BJP invested interests. They become part of the government and are engaged in the service of oppressed castes andclasses. They are also becoming part of the exploitation and repression on the oppressed. It is the need of the timeto expose and oppose such persons. Our party calls upon the entire oppressed classes and social sections, especially the Dalit people to oppose inall possible ways the attempts of Hindutva diehard elements to fit in Ambedkar in their framework; to stop thespread of Brahmanic Hindutva Fascist forces; to not confine to eradication of caste but to become part of the anti-comprador bureaucratic capitalist, anti-feudal and anti-imperialist class struggle and People’s War in order to rootout the present caste based semi-colonial, semi-feudal system and build New Democratic state power that would bea strong basis to end caste order. It also calls upon to fail the attempts of the various opportunist political partiesand elements that come forth in electoral politics in their vested interests to put the Dalit people in illusions and tostop them taking up the correct path to go forward.AbhaySpokespersonCentral Committee

ICSPWI: Report of the 23th-29th of March International Campaign

The international meeting of the ICSPWI on 29-30 of January had made commitments and a plan for the participating Committees, Parties and Organizations supporting the people’s war, aimed to give continuity to the large, necessary and crucial for the peoples and the international communist movement, support for the people’s war in India led by the PCI (Maoist), after the great International Day of actions of 24th of November 2021.

These tasks have been accomplished.

On 10th of February, an international poster in defense of the People’s War and for the expansion and strengthening of the bodies of people’s power, the Revolutionary People’s Committees was issued and propagated in various countries of the world, in three languages (English, Spanish and Italian).

It was decided an International Day of struggle for the 23rd of March, essentially centered on the liberation of political prisoners in India. An international poster had been prepared for this Day, particularly for the countries where committees already exist.

During the preparation of this campaign, two facts of great importance emerged: on the one hand, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia -with the intensification of the contradictions between the Ukrainian masses and the Russian invader and the inter-imperialistic contradictions between the US/NATO/EU and Russian imperialists- which captured the attention and mobilization of proletarians, people’s masses, anti-imperialist and pacifist forces from all over the world, and, on the other hand, the further call by the CPI (Maoist) to extend the Day to a week, from 23rd to 29th of March, in order to strengthen the general anti-imperialist character of the campaign and extend the support to the people’s war in the Philippines, on the anniversary of the NPA.

This call was accepted by the Committees and forces supporting the people’s war in India.

At the same time, in some countries a hard effort was made to root it in the situation brought by the war.

Moreover, it has to be taken into account that the comrades supporters of the TKP/ML had already promoted an international day for the release of political prisoners from all over the world for the 18th of March and fulfilled the commitment made at the ICSPWI meeting to give great evidence and emphasis to the struggle for the release of political prisoners in India bringing it in all the demonstrations in the different countries organized by the Turkish comrades and particularly in the important demonstration in Brussels.

In other countries, the campaign had two characteristics: on the one hand, actions with posters posted in different cities and places close to the people’s masses, on the other hand it organized rallies and public demonstrations with banners, flags and leaflets of great impact in the respective countries.

In Galicia, the campaign reached various cities and involved various associations, advancing in its extension and building of a reference for the whole Spanish state.

In Colombia: “… the International Committee in Support of the People’s War in India has called for actions to be carried out in the world this week, and from Colombia we are here today in this industrial zone of Bogotá bringing this message to the workers”.

In Austria various activities in three federal districts were organized: Posters and leaflets were spread, discussion events were hold and “a rally was held in front of the Indian Embassy in Vienna. It was part of a global campaign to defend and release India’s political prisoners… Speakers from Partizan Austria, the Committee to Support the People’s War in India, the KomIntern (a progressive unionist initiative) and the International League of People’s Struggle spoke about popular resistance, large-scale strikes and the anti-imperialist and revolutionary struggle, as well as the increasing repression and the situation of political prisoners in India Many passers-by stopped to listen to the speeches”.

In Brazil, a very intense campaign was carried out on the initiative of Cebraspo, demanding the freedom for all political prisoners in India, especially for Dr. GN Saibaba and the revolutionary writer Varavara Rao.

In Germany leaflets were spread in proletarian neighborhoods, mobilizing for the support of the people’s war and the political prisoners in India.

In Italy, two issues were highlighted, the great and extensive mobilization of the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement, which from 8th to 26th of March realized a slide-show of documentation, counter-information and solidarity with the women political prisoners in India, exposing the crimes by Modi’s fascist regime; and the continuity of the organization and struggle of Indian inmigrant workers who, after the great and combative demonstration of January 29, while the ICSPWI meeting was in progress, gathered again in the assembly and demonstrated in the streets, simultaneously with the national strike of March 28-29 in India supported by the CPI (Maoist).

The solidarity with the political prisoners of India also was present and significant during the anti-war demonstrations hold in different cities and at the great demonstration of 25 thousands workers, students, Friday For Future movement held in Florence on March 26, as well as at the national day of struggle of migrants of many nationalities, including Indians and South Asians, held in several Italian cities on 31st of March, particularly at the demonstration in Rome.

In other countries the forces supporting the PW in India used this campaign to discuss internally and make preparations for the formation of new committees at the aim to carry out initiatives at the embassies (Madrid, Tunis, Rome, etc.) or actions towards governments and industries that supply weapons to India.

The ICSWPI considers the campaign for the political prisoners as an emergency that requires further timely initiatives that can be effective and also affect the results and, at the same time, an extended campaign until a new International Day on 13 September.



April 2022

23th/29th of March Internatonal Campaign – Austria -freedom for political prisoners in India – info ICSPWI

untitled image

Solidarität mit den politischen Gefangenen in Indien

Am 18. März, dem internationalen Tag der politischen Gefangenen, fand eine Kundgebung vor der indischen Botschaft in Wien statt. Sie war Teil einer weltweiten Kampagne zur Verteidigung und Freilassung der politischen Gefangenen Indiens.

Auf dem auf der Kundgebung hochgehaltenen Transparent wurde „Freiheit für Prof. G.N. Saibaba und Varavara Rao“ gefordert: zwei Personen von herausragender Bedeutung für die ständig wachsende revolutionäre Bewegung in dem zweitbevölkerungsreichsten Land der Welt.

RednerInnen von Partizan Österreich, dem Komitee zur Unterstützung des Volkskriegs in Indien, der KomIntern (1) sowie der International League of Peoples Struggle sprachen über den Widerstand der Bevölkerung, große Streiks und den antiimperialistischen und revolutionären Kampf, sowie über die zunehmende Repression und die Lage der politischen Gefangen in Indien.

Zehntausende von ihnen sitzen in den Gefängnissen Indiens: Revolutionäre, demokratische Intellektuelle, Aktivisten, Anwälte und Menschenrechtsaktivisten, die oft unter Verweigerung jeglicher Rechte als politische Gefangene festgehalten werden. Rund 2.000 starben in den letzten 20 Jahren aufgrund von Folter, miserablen Haftbedingungen oder der Verweigerung von medizinischer Behandlung. In den Reden wurde auch auf die Lage der politischen Gefangenen weltweit aufmerksam gemacht und deren Freiheit gefordert. Zahlreiche Passanten blieben stehen, um den Reden zuzuhören. 

In Linz wurden ebenfalls Aktionen zur internationalen Solidaritätskampagne für die Freilassung der politischen Gefangen in Indien gemacht. Die Kampagne wurde in die Parks, Viertel und im Rahmen einer Veranstaltung zu den Leuten gebracht. Insbesondere wurde die Freiheit von Varavara Rao und G.N. Saibaba, zwei der bedeutendsten revolutionären Gefangenen Indiens, welche im revolutionären demokratischen Kampf für die Bevölkerung Indiens wichtige Arbeit leisteten und leisten, gefordert

Solidarität mit den politischen Gefangenen in Indien

Am 18. März, dem internationalen Tag der politischen Gefangenen, fand eine Kundgebung vor der indischen Botschaft in Wien statt. Sie war Teil einer weltweiten Kampagne zur Verteidigung und Freilassung der politischen Gefangenen Indiens.

Auf dem auf der Kundgebung hochgehaltenen Transparent wurde „Freiheit für Prof. G.N. Saibaba und Varavara Rao“ gefordert: zwei Personen von herausragender Bedeutung für die ständig wachsende revolutionäre Bewegung in dem zweitbevölkerungsreichsten Land der Welt.

RednerInnen von Partizan Österreich, dem Komitee zur Unterstützung des Volkskriegs in Indien, der KomIntern (1) sowie der International League of Peoples Struggle sprachen über den Widerstand der Bevölkerung, große Streiks und den antiimperialistischen und revolutionären Kampf, sowie über die zunehmende Repression und die Lage der politischen Gefangen in Indien.

Zehntausende von ihnen sitzen in den Gefängnissen Indiens: Revolutionäre, demokratische Intellektuelle, Aktivisten, Anwälte und Menschenrechtsaktivisten, die oft unter Verweigerung jeglicher Rechte als politische Gefangene festgehalten werden. Rund 2.000 starben in den letzten 20 Jahren aufgrund von Folter, miserablen Haftbedingungen oder der Verweigerung von medizinischer Behandlung. In den Reden wurde auch auf die Lage der politischen Gefangenen weltweit aufmerksam gemacht und deren Freiheit gefordert. Zahlreiche Passanten blieben stehen, um den Reden zuzuhöre

April 5 – CPI (Maoist) called For Bandh In Four States

 In response to the arrest by Assam police last month of Arun Kumar Bhattacharya alias Kanchan Da, a member of the CPI (Maoist) Central Committee and Eastern Regional Bureau,arrested,  CPI (Maoist) has called for a day-long bandh in Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Assam on April 5. 

The Maoists claimed that the police were treating Bhattacharya inhumanely and that, in the name of inquiry, he was being not only tortured but also denied proper medical care. The Maoists demanded that he be given the status of political prisoner and be released unconditionally.

 … the Jharkhand Police has released a state-wide alert in view of the bandh. In addition, the Jharkhand Police Headquarters has directed officials to increase vigilance in Maoist-affected districts.

IG (Operations), Amol Vinukant Homkar said that the bandh imposed by the Maoists would begin at midnight on Monday. He also stated that the police force would focus on areas where Maoists are active during the bandh. Among these, special attention will be paid in districts such as Parasnath, Jhumra, and Maoist-affected areas of Ranchi, Latehar, Garhwa, Palamu, Kolhan division, Seraikela-Kharsawan, and Gumla…….major operations against the Maoists are currently underway in several locations throughout Jharkhand and will be boosted in view of the bandh.

Important CPI (Maoist) documents

"Against Proposed Aerial Attacks on Adivasi Areas"

Red Homage to CPI(Maoist) Central Committee member Comrade Sridhar Srinivasan!

“The closure of three thousand schools and ashrams by the CG government is a symbol of the economic and academic bankruptcy and its anti people character”

“In Support of the Australian Indigenous Peoples’ Struggle Against Adani”

“Rise Against the Proposed Salva Judum-2 with the name Vikas Sangharsh Samithi (Committee to Struggle for Development)! — An appeal to the people, democrats, progressive intellectuals, writers, teachers, lawyers, media personnel, human rights organizations, adivasi, non-adivasi social organizations, sarv samaj, sarv adivasi samaj”

“A Call to the People to Fight Back the New Form of Salva Judum and the Supportive Organization of Greenhunt, Salva Judum-2”

“Boycott the Visit of Modi, the Prime Servant of CBB and MNCs to Chhattisgarh”

“Against the Family Planning Murders of Women”

“Condemn the Limitation on Buying Paddy”, in support of the peasant’s struggle

“Against Harrakoder Fake Encounter"

MIB Interview with Comrade Ganapathy: “Building on the new, unique and unprecedented achievements of the last decade, Indian revolution will certainly overcome the difficult situation to win newer, larger and more glorious victories”

Unite, Fight Back and Defeat ‘OGH—Third Phase’ of the Fascist Modi Government

Fight Back [against] the Anti-Working Class Amendments to Labour Laws by the NDA Goverment! Vikas model of Modi is Vinash for the people of India and Vistar for the imperialists and compradors!

CC Collected Statements: Volume 1 (September 2004 - February 2007)

CC Collected Statements: Volume 2 (March 2007 - July 2010)

CC Collected Statements: Volume 3 (August 2010 - August 2014)

Collected Interviews — September 2004 - August 2014

Message to the Milan International Conference in Solidarity with the People’s War in India

A Call to the People of India! Shatter the shackles of imperialism and feudalism, Destroy this rotten system! Build your future and that of the country with your own hands!

Statement in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) on September 21, 2004, issued by the Odisha State Committee of the CPI (Maoist) -Hindi

Pamphlet in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) on September 21, 2004, issued by the Odisha State Committee of the CPI (Maoist) -Hindi

Condemn the Invasion of Gaza and Massacre of Palestinians by Zionist Israel! Hail the Heroic National Liberation Struggle for Independent Palestine!

Pamphlet and in honor of Com. Barunda (Sushil Roy), put out by the Odisha State Committee of the CPI (Maoist) -Hindi

Jan Sangram Issue4 July 2014 -Hindi

CC CPI(Maoist) Statement on the Lok Sabha Election Results

Jan Sangram 2014 March - Special Election Boycott Issue -Hindi

Jan Sangram, 2014 Pamphlet On International Day Of Support -Hindi

Tongpal Ambush is the Consequence of White Terrorism of the Indian State in the name of Operation Green Hunt — ‘War on the People

Merger Declaration of the CPI(Maoist) and CPI(M-L)Naxalbari

Boycott the sham parliament & assembly elections!

Comrade Abhay Interview on General Elections — 2014

Condolence Message of the CC, CPI(Maoist) on the Demise of Comrade S. A. Rauf

The message for the International Conference in Hamburg by the Secretary, CPI(Maoist)

The Call of the CC, CPI(Maoist) to celebrate the 9° anniversary of the Party

On the PLGA Attack of May 25