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Visakha Agency braces for bandh

mqdefaultVISAKHAPATNAM: Gripped by fear after the murder of a Veeravaram villager and the subsequent lynching of three Maoists by angry tribals, Visakha Agency is now bracing for the bandh call given by Maoists on Thursday. Following the recent incident in Veeravaram village where Gemmeli Sanjeeva Rao was murdered by the Reds and three Maoists, including a commander rank Naxalite Sindri Chinna Ranga Rao, were lynched in retaliation, tribals have confined themselves to their villages in the Visakha Agency and are too scared to even venture out to the weekly markets, sources said.
After the Veeravaram lynching, the CPI Maoist East Division leader Kailasam had stated that 19 villagers involved in the killings of the three Maoists had been identified and he warned those responsible for the act to offer their apologies and surrender before the party failing which they would be punished. Suspecting large scale violence by the Reds, cops have launched extensive combing operations involving 500 security personnel in the Visakha Agency. Continue reading

Court asks Kerala police to explain crime of Swiss national who attended Maoist meet

Jonathan4While hearing the petition of Swiss national Jonathan Baud, seeking to quash the FIR registered against him on charges of attending a meeting to commemorate a suspected Maoist leader in July, the Kerala High Court said the police could not explain the crime committed by the Swiss national. Directing the state government to explain which condition of the visa regulations Baud had violated, Justice P Ubaid posted the petition for Tuesday.
Baud, a student of International Economic History at Paul Bairoch Institute of Economic History in Geneva, was arrested from Triprayar in Thrissur on July 28 after he attended a public meeting held to commemorate Maoist leader Sinoj. He had introduced himself in the meeting after the audience turned curious about the presence of a foreigner. As police couldn’t establish Maoist links, Baud was charged under Section 14 (b) of the Foreigners Act, which pertains to any act in violation of the conditions of the valid visa issued for entry and stay in India. Later, he was released on bail, but could not return to his native country as the case was pending in the court. Continue reading

Towards a Democratic Platform of People’s Struggles: All India People’s Forum (AIPF)

October 26, 2014
On 11th October 2014, at the Jawaharlal Nehru Yuva Kendra in Delhi, representatives of several organizations and concerned individuals met to discuss the need and possibility of forging a broad democratic platform – both to take on the intensified offensive on people’s movements and rights in a united way, and to powerfully assert an alternative vision for India.
The resolution adopted by the meeting and endorsed by the participants is as follows:
Representatives of a diverse range of organizations as well as individuals met on 11th October in Delhi, to discuss the possibility of various people’s movements, democratic organizations and concerned citizens coming together on a common platform to assert people’s rights to land, livelihood, education and healthcare, justice, peace, dignity and freedom in the face of the communal-corporate offensive, growing imperialist domination, state repression, social oppression and caste and gender violence and injustice that threatens those rights. We, the undersigned, endorse the concerns and the call issued from that meeting. Continue reading

‘Maoists’ attack security forces in Dumka

LWE_conflictmap2014-1-1024x819Dumka: Suspected Maoists attacked security forces at Saruapani forests under Kathikund police station of the district leading to an encounter that lasted for more than an hour on Saturday. Security forces, said police, were on a long-range patrolling in the deep forests of Sartuapani adjacent to rebel-hit Shikaripara and Gopikandar police station areas of the district when the rebels opened fire on them from atop the hills at around 8.30 am.
This was followed by an encounter between rebels and security forces which continued till 12.30 noon. There were, however, no reports of casualty on either side. Dumka SP Anoop T Mathew said security forces on a tip off had ventured into the forest to nab the rebels who were planning to undertake some major move to retaliate the arrest of their leader Prabil Da who had been arrested by Dumka police recently.
The security forces comprising SSB and Jharkhand Jaguar jawans apart from district police forces were led by DSP Pitambar Singh Kherwar. The group of the rebels involved in Saturday’s encounter was led by Sahdev Rai alias Tala Da, said police. “Security forces were unhurt in the encounter but some rebels may have been injured in the encounter. They, however, managed to escape taking advantage of the dense forest and rugged terrain,” Mathew stated.
Earlier, rebels had set ablaze a Bolero jeep at Kathikund market on Friday night and put up posters at different places. The incident occurred at a place which is a stone’s throw away from Kathikund police station. This is for the second time that a rebel activity has been reported in the district after the arrest of Prabil Da last month from Hadwadangal village under Ramgarh police station of the district. His arrest was believed to be a big success for the security forces considering his high rank in the rebel organization.
Earlier, rebels torched two mobile towers in Ramgarh police station area on October 9 . Prabil Da, who is a member of the special area committee comprising entire Santhal Pargana and neighbouring districts of Bihar and Bengal, was involved in as many as two dozen Maoist incidents in Dumka and Pakur districts. This included the killing of Pakur SP Amarjit Balihar and ambushing of a polling party in the Lok Sabha election. Police have been on its toes to thwart any attempt of the rebels to avenge Prabil Da’s arrest.

Maoists call for bandh on October 30

13THNAXAL_1206826fVISAKHAPATNAM: The East Division Committee of the Maoists has called for a bandh on October 30 to protest the lynching of three of their armed cadre by tribals, East Division secretary Kailasam told some media persons on the phone on Friday. It may be recalled that Maoists killed Gemmeli Sanjeeva Rao of Veeravaram village of Chintapalli mandal and were abducting another person, Jaggam dora Simhachalam, a religious preacher, when they were attacked by hundreds of tribals, who killed three Maoists – Sindri Chinna Ranga Rao alias Sarat, Palasa Ganapati and Korra Nageswara Rao on the night of October 19. Kailasam said his cadre did not open fire against the tribals to avoid killing them.
“Our men did make a mistake at Sagulu in GK Veedhi on February 19, 2013, by killing three tribals and the party has openly admitted the mistake of its armed cadre. Our party took the decision to kill police informer Gemmeli Sanjeeva Rao after he was warned three times earlier,” he said. He elaborated that the party cadre killed Sanjeeva Rao and were going to the Korukonda area to make an announcement in a praja court but tribals, under the influence of security forces, did not give their armed cadre a chance to explain why they took the decision to kill Rao.
He said the CPI Maoist party had already identified 19 people involved in the murder of three of its three cadres. “They should come forward and admit their mistake, otherwise the party will take stern action,” he said.

Message of the CC of CPI (Maoist) the International meeting for the 10 Anniversary available in Spanish, French and German


Translation under responsibility of BGIA, Hamurg


Translation under responsibility of Long March Toward Communism


Translation Under Responsibility of Bloc Rouge

Greetings and Congratulations to ICSPWI and CPI (Maoist) from the Network of Communist Blogs (RBC)

RBC-indiaCommunist Blogs Network (RBC) sends fraternal greetings to the International Committee for the Support of People’s War in India (CIAGPI) and congratulations on the success of the International Conference on the 10th Anniversary of the Communist Party of India (PCI m). We are pleased by the attendance of many militant and revolutionary organizations, and expressions of solidarity of many revolutionary groups who, like us, were unable to attend.
RBC must recall the importance of the ten-year struggle of the Communist Party of India (PCI-m) and their struggle to defeat capitalism’s savage government of New Delhi, at the service of foreign multinationals and the local oligarchy and to build for the good of the working class, the peasantry and the oppressed masses of India—a socialist society, through a People’s War and towards a New Democratic Revolution.
We believe that the PCI-m and the Naxalite movement is today, an example for the international working class, and therefore stand as an indispensable support. We must disseminate and explain it, make it known to the exploited of all people and the working class of the world. India is a country with rich natural resources, sold by the propaganda media as the “largest democracy in the world,” as an alternative to neoliberal capitalism, as if the criminal regime of the bourgeoisie could be at odds with their criminal and exploitative nature of people and the working class. However, in reality it is a country that applies a cruel and merciless dictatorship of capital at the expense of misery, slavery and domination of workers and peasants.
In fact, the enormous and immeasurable riches of India are still in the hands of a parasitic minority and available to large investors in foreign corporations, leaving the people of India excluded from its enjoyment, benefit and, above all, of any capacity decision on its use. In short, we thank the PCI-m their struggle for emancipation of the workers and peasants in the villages of India, and indeed of all workers, peasants and people of the world, which has lead the way for release , the seizure of power and the start of construction of a socialist society, steadily without ever abandoning the class struggle against the capitalist class, with the goal that marked Marx and Engels in the Communist Manifesto: a world without exploiters and exploited, a communist society. Along the way you want to go together ICP-m, explaining, supporting and spreading their struggle and its vanguard role, Communist Blogs Network, which reiterates its firm support and solidarity to the people of India led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist), in their ongoing struggle for national and social liberation.

Red Greetings to Communist Party of India- Maoist!
Long live the Naxalite Revolution!
Glory to the people of India in their struggle against imperialism and capitalism!
Long live the World Proletarian Revolution

Communist Blogs Network (RBC)

An Appeal to The Naga People – MCP Manipur

MaoistschoolmnipurMaoist Communist Party Manipur strongly opposes the decision made by Indian Ruling colonial government to deploy Naga Regiments in the Maoist Liberated Areas of India specially Dandakaranya Revolutionary zone. We appeal to the personal of Naga Regiment to oppose the implementation of this decision and not to go to Chhattisgarh as slaves in the service of Exploiters, raise their voices to oppose forceful deployment and express solidarity towards the revolutionary people of this region who are fighting for their very existence. The same appeal has already made by our Maoist Fraternity Party, The Communist Party of India (Maoist) and it is our rightful proletarian responsibility to relay the message of Indian Maoist to the people of Naga in general, Naga Students Federation (NSF) Naga Hoho, Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) and Revolutionary Naga Leaders. Continue reading

Gurgaon: Protest Program and Rally Against Anti-Worker Labour Law Reforms

Poster-GurganonVsLabourReforma press release by Workers Solidarity Centre, Gurgaon

Towards Forging United Struggle of Workers in the Industrial Belt

Workers Solidarity Centre (WSC), Gurgaon organized a Protest Program and March against pro-capitalist anti- worker changes in labour laws in Gurgaon this morning. Along with members of Workers Solidarity Centre Gurgaon, Union representatives from various Workers Unions in the industrial belt participated with a pledge to fight these ‘reforms’ brought by the Naredra Modi government which re-enforce already existing regime of exploitation and repression under which workers here and everywhere are forced to work and live everyday. Continue reading

Free Georges Ibrahim Abdhallah – Statement of ICSPWI

appel_251014Free Georges Ibrahim Abdallah!

From France to Palestine, from Brazil to India,

rights and freedom for all political prisoners in the jails of imperialists and reactionaries!

Stop isolation and tortures! Stop Operation Green Hunt in India!

Imperialists and all reactionaries use isolation, tortures, abuse and any kind of harassment on political prisoners not only to make them surrender but also, more importantly, to warn and threaten political oppositions and mass militant movements.
For this reason the struggle to recognize the status of political prisoners, to defend their lives and conditions of detention, to stop isolation and tortures and finally to free them is an important task not only for their comrades, families and friends but for all democratic, anti-imperialist and progressive people.
Nobody can desert this struggle!
The International Committee to support People’s War in India in the  International Meeting  in Italy on 27-28 September on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of CPI(Maoist) made the decision to join the international campaign for the freedoms of G.I. Abdallah and to work to unite all forces, organizations and people who defend political prisoners all around the world.

ICSPWI, October 2014

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