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India – Maoists call bandh on May 16

The east division committee of the CPI (Maoist) has called bandh on May 16 in protest against what it called the “killing” of one of its top leaders and Galikonda area committee secretary Azad and committee members — Anand and Kamala — in the Marripakala forest area near Palasamudram of Koyyuru mandal on May 4. The committee, in a press release despatched to reporters in the Agency area, alleged that the Greyhounds, on information provided to the Special Intelligence Branch by “anti-people” elements, surrounded the party members and shot them dead.
The party further alleged that the Narendra Modi and Chandrababu Naidu governments intensified the phase three of ‘Operation Green Hunt’ soon after coming to power with a view to handing over valuable mineral wealth to the corporates. “The governments do not want the Maoist party to survive since it is leading the Girijans in their struggle to protect the forest wealth,” the press release said.
The TDP government intensified police combing in the Agency to scuttle the agitation of the Girijans against bauxite mining and taking over of the coffee plantations. Two Girijans were killed on February 23 at Puttakota and 24 youths branded Maoists sympathisers. The two incidents adversely impacted 12 families of the Jerrela area, which had to leave the village and fertile land unable to bear police harassment, the press note alleged.
The party’s support to the Girijans would continue till their demands were achieved, the release said.
Naxals east division bandh on May 16
Visakhapatnam: Maoists have called for an East Division bandh on May 16 in protest against the killing of Galikonda area committee secretary Gopal alias Azad, Anand and Kamala in Marripakalu-Palasamudram area in Koyyuru mandal on May 4. According to them, there was no encounter and that the three were shot dead in cold blood by Greyhound personnel.
In a press note on Wednesday, the East Division Committee of the Maoists urged the people of Visakhapatnam Agency and parts of East Godavari to support the bandh. The note claimed that Azar and two others were shot dead by personnel of the state special intelligence bureau (SIB) and Greyhounds. The note warned of retaliation against the TDP government and Greyhound cops for what it called regularly staging false encounters.
The Reds claimed that these killings were done to benefit MNCs to excavate bauxite in the Visakha agency. They said the TDP government had been trying to set up as many as 100 BSF camps and more than 100 cell phone towers even though the people are opposing it. Serious attempts are being made to throttle the one-and-half-decade old bauxite agitation and one-decade-old agitation against coffee plantations, the press note said.The naxals recalled that the two persons who were killed at Puttakota on February 23 in an alleged encounter with security forces were not Maoists but innocent tribals from Odisha who had ventured into the AP forests for hunting. This was coorraborated by a fact finding team of human rights activists who visited the village in Odisha and spoke to an injured survivor of the incidnet.
The naxals also charged the security personnel with beating up a tribal youth and branding him as a naxal sympathiser in the first week of April. Further, in the recent past, around 24 tribals of Jerrela area were put behind bars under false charges and another 12 families vacated the village due to attacks of the security forces leaving behind two fertile crop lands, the naxals alleged.

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Make success the 48 hours Dandakaranya Bandh on May 4 and 5, 2016! Intensify a month long Resistance Campaign Against Displacements! – DKSZC CPI(maoist) press release

28-4englpcimATT01078Call to make success
the 48 hours DANDAKARANYA BANDH on 4th & 5th May, 2016,
intensify a month long RESISTANCE CAMPAIGN

In a bid to bring the attention of our country and the world towards the displacement problem of Dandakaranya; to protect jal – jungle – zameen, resourses and identity, the very existence and self respect of the Adivasis; to stop the environmental destruction DKSZC of CPI (Maoist) calls upon the people and democrats to make success the proposed 48 hour DANDAKARANYA BANDH on coming 4th and 5th May and intensify a month long RESISTANCE CAMPAIGN during May. Continue reading

New Issue of Prabhat (hindi) January March 2016


Fight against the aerial attacks on Bastar! Make success the Dandakaranya bandh on the 15th April, 2016 – DKSZ committee

Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee
cpimflagokPress Release
April 02, 2016

Fight against the aerial attacks on Bastar!
Make success the Dandakaranya bandh on the 15th April, 2016

For the past six months MI-17 war helicopters have been practicing firing and bombing drills in Sukuma, Dantewada and Bijapur of South Bastar in Chathisgarh. On the 1st of April top officials of the police and airforce announced in a press meet that in the situation where Maoists fire on the security forces, garuda commandos would return fire. This means nothing but in any case there would be aerial firing and bombing. In fact the government armed forces are firing daily in the struggle areas. In the name of Maha Abhiyan there are fake encounters and encounters each and everyday. Indiscriminate arrests are going on. Last October the police lied that helicopters would be used only for relief operations and that they would take up aerial firing only when the helicopters are targeted by the Maoists and only as self defence. There is not a single incident of firing on helicopters in the last six months. Inspite of this the government is upto aerial firing and bombing as a part of the fascist military repressive campaign greenhunt. Continue reading

CPI(Maoist): Only 8 out of 40 killed by Bastar police were Maoists. The rest were innocent villagers

naxal-palamuQuestioning Bastar IG SRP Kalluri’s claims of “eliminating” more than 40 Maoists in the first two months of 2016, Naxal leader Ganesh Uike said only eight of those killed belonged to his outfit. In a press statement, Uike, who is the secretary of the South Regional Committee of CPI (Maoist), claimed the Bastar police killed 40 people including seven women, in the name of anti-Maoist operations. He said, “Seventeen people were killed in Bijapur district, 12 in Sukma district, three in Dantewada, five in Kondagadon, and three in Bastar.
Out of these 40, only eight were members of our People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army. Rest of them were innocent villagers.” Continue reading

CPI (Maoist) spokesperson on police claims of forced recruitment of children

..Talking to TOI, a Maoist ideologue, however, dismissed as government propaganda the reports that children were used as soldiers, adding that those in police custody were coerced into propagating these stories. “Government schools distribute uniforms and midday meal on paper, but most of it goes to the officers, and when we try to impart education to the children, they are branded as members of the bal dasta,” said the member, who has done much to spread education in Latehar, Palamu and Garhwa between 2005 and 2009.

Maoists come out in support of JNUSU president, want ‘innocent’ Kanhaiya freed

kanhaiyakumarsupportIn a press statement released by the western sub-zonal bureau of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the organisation demanded the release of “innocent” Kumar. The release, which police sources claimed had first been circulated among the locals of Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli district before being apprehended by the police, also went on to criticise the Narendra Modi government.
“If it is sedition to take the name of Afzal Guru, the heartbeats of the 124 crore Indians will also be seditious,” the release stated. Kanhaiya’s arrest has been called a conspiracy by the “orthodox Hindu Fascists”. Continue reading

CPI(M) condemns fake encounters and surrender, goons and anti-social elements spreading terror in the name of anti-Maoist operation

The outlawed Communist Party of India (Maoist) has said that “goons and anti-social elements” are creating havoc in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh in the name of anti-Maoist operations.
“The atrocities on Bastar tribals are at their peak due to the BJP government’s policy to loot minerals and land of Bastar tribals. It is all a part of a bigger conspiracy to render the indigenous Tribals landless. Tribal women are being gang-raped. There is no such thing as administration in Sukma, Dantewada and Bijapur district of Bastar,” said the statement said from Mohan, who has reportedly replaced senior leader Ganesh Uike as the secretary of South Bastar divisional committee of the Maoists.
“Innocent civilians are being killed and branded as Maoists and propaganda is being carried out in the media. Villagers from interior areas are being threatened with arrests and being made to surrender as Maoists,” he added. Continue reading

Maoists come out in support of Kanhaiya

Nagpur: The western sub-zonal bureau of the Communist party of India (Maoist) of north-south Gadchiroli has issued a press note demanding the release of JNU student union president Kanhaiya Kumar who has been arrested on charges of sedition earlier this month. The banned Maoist outfit has targeted the high-handedness of the PM Narendra Modi-led government in suppressing the voices of dissidents. The press release also alleged that organizations like RSS and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) are fast losing their image in the society which did not go down well with the Hindu rightist bodies. The rebels have also appealed to the media and other intellectual sections to ensure that they do not get lured by the misleading propaganda of the present Hindu ideology-driven government.

Maoists condemn attack on Sori in Chhattisgarh

sonirori-864x1024RAIPUR: Strongly condemning attack on tribal rights activist and AAP Lok Sabha member Soni Sori, Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee (DSZC) on Tuesday issued a statement appealing public representatives and locals to demonstrate strong and intensified protests against the atrocities on Bastar. Maoist spokesperson Vikalp of DSZC in a statement issued to media saying, ” Soni Sori fearless stand against molestation of women by security forces didn’t go down well with police and administration and they attacked on her yet again to shut her mouth.”
Stating about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit, Maoist said that during his first visit last year, he brought idea of Salwa Judum II and this time by allowing and attack on Sori, he’s sending out message that anyone who raises voice against government would be considered Maoist or sympathizer, “it’s utter violation of human rights.” Continue reading

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