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Ailaan: Music from the Farmers Protests in India

The farmers have shaken the government with their protests, now continuing for over three months. They’ve challenged the regime with their blockades, sit-ins, marches, as much as they have with their songs and music. This is not new. Historically, agrarian movements such as Tebhaga have given us a rich tradition of music that articulates farmers’ struggle, resolve, and demands.

Ongoing protests are no different as songs in solidarity have been produced in hundreds, adding a contemporary zing to traditional forms, creating new musical interventions, and standing up against the regime that has tried to censor them deploying all its auxiliaries. This episode of Waqt ki Awaz, in solidarity with the protesting farmers, is a tribute to the poetry and music from the farmers protests. P

Committee For Defense And Release Of Political Prisoner G N Saibaba Demands His Immediate Release On Medical Grounds

Mumbai, February 19, 2021: The Committee for Defense and Release of Prof. G.N. Saibaba has sought his immediate release from the Nagpur Central Jail as he has tested positive for COVID-19 and has severe body pain and muscle spasm.

The Committee requested the Maharashtra Home Minister, as well as the jail authorities, to consider Prof. Saibaba’s case sympathetically and release him forthwith, or at least grant him parole immediately to enable him to get proper treatment.

The committee wanted the Political Prisoner to be admitted to a good COVID care hospital immediately. It called on the National Human Rights Commission to take note of his precarious situation.

Prof. Saibaba, a former professor of English at the Delhi University, tested positive for COVID-19 on February 13. He was sent back to anda cell (solitary confinement) at the Nagpur Central jail on February 16. The committee said he was currently suffering from cold, high fever, throat infection, body ache, joint pain, shortness of breath, severe headache, muscle spasms and other COVID-19 symptoms.

“Besides this, he has also been suffering from various other serious ailments, including a grave heart condition, hypertension, kidney stones, brain cyst, pancreatic problems, and attenuation of the shoulder and arm muscles and nerves resulting in partial paralysis, most of which he developed in jail,” said G. Haragopal, the committee’s convener.

“Given his many comorbidities, the COVID-19 infection may prove fatal. The specific heart condition is Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy with left ventricular dysfunction, and as his oxygen levels drop further [as it happens with COVID-19], there will be an increased strain on the heart, increasing the chances of cardiac arrest.”

Prof. Saibaba has been lodged at the jail after being convicted of having links to the CPI (Maoist).

Italy new big demostration of indian proletarians in Italy organised by SLAI COBAS

SLAI COS is a classist and combactive trade-union guided by PCm Italy

Indian posters for the big struggle of peasants from PCI (maoist)

Professor G N Saibaba tests Covid-19 positive in Nagpur jail

His wife, human rights activist AS Vasantha Kumari has demanded his release and treatment at a private hospital equipped to handle his comorbidities  Sabrangindia 13 Feb 2021

GN Saibaba

Professor G N Saibaba has tested Covid-19 positive in Nagpur jail where he is an inmate. His wife, human rights activist AS Vasantha Kumari confirmed the news and shared that the former Delhi University professor had managed to call her this morning and shared the news.

“He called around 10 AM today (February 13,  Saturday) sounding breathless, and said he is unable to talk comfortably as he had a sore throat and fever, and may soon be taken to hospital,” said Vadantha. Prof Saibaba is serving life term in Nagpur Central Prison for alleged Maoist links, had indeed tested positive for coronavirus, and is now being taken for further tests by the jail officials, confirmed news report in The Outlook. 

The former Delhi University professor G N Saibaba, suffers from a number of chronic health conditions including severe disability that his wife AS Vantha Kumari fears puts his life at risk.  “I demand that he be released immediately. He has so many health issues and I fear that any further infection he can contract in a government hospital can prove fatal. I want him treated in a private hospital, his health and life is the government’s responsibility,” she added. 

According to Vasantha, it is the weekend and while the lawyers may file a legal request on Monday, she is seeking that the government ensure “proper treatment” and has demanded that Saibaba’s medical treatment “should be monitored by family members and his lawyers. Kindly admit him in a good private hospital at Nagpur having necessary medical facilities for proper treatment.” Vasantha had for long been sharing the concerns about the fragile health of her husband Prof Saibaba who is wheelchair bound and suffers from a number of ailments. 

Prof GN Saibaba tests positive for Covid19 in Nagpur Central Jail. His wife has been petitioning the Government for months because he has severe comorbidities and disabilities. — andolanjeevi dr. meena kandasamy || இளவேனில் (@meenakandasamy) February 13, 2021

Vasantha had been pleading that the professor be granted parole due to his declining health, “but they keep rejecting it. I am worried,” she said. Now, her worst fears seem to have materialised. According to a news report in The Outlook, three other inmates of the jail, apart from Prof Saibaba, have reportedly been infected by coronavirus. The report quoted jail superintendent Anup Kumre who said, “G N Saibaba tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday. He will be taken for a CT scan and other tests, after which doctors will decide whether to shift him to the Government Medical College and Hospital for treatment.” The report added that “earlier this week, gangster Arun Gawli and four other inmates of Nagpur jail had tested positive for the infection.”

“I want to demand that he be shifted in private hospital, I want to see him once, he called me this morning to give me the news that he tested Covid positive in jail, and even last time he called on February 9 he had said he was feverish and was feeling Covid symptoms. They eventually did the test and the result came last evening (February 12),” said Vasantha.


Why did Nagpur Central Jail refuse to accept essentials sent for Professor Saibaba? 

Release Prof. Saibaba NOW!

Concerned about GN Saibaba’s frail health after his hunger strike: Vasantha Kumari

Wheelchair-bound paralysed prisoner GN Saibaba was on a hunger strike for 10 days!

PCI (m) declaration supporting Indian farmers’ struggle


Central Committee

Press Release

Continue The Struggle Against The Three Anti People Agriculture Related Laws, Until Modi Government Doesn’t Repeal Them Completely.

Communist Party of India (Maoist), once again, conveys Red Salutes by extending revolutionary greetings to all those, in Delhi and all over India, who are resolutely, continuously and unitedly struggling for repealing the three anti peasants laws of the Modi government. We fully welcome with warm spirits, the ‘Tractor Rally’ carried out by them on 26th January 2021.

These struggles around Delhi and all over India reminds us once again of the struggles against the British government’s Rowlett Act. Then it was the British, now its Imperialist agent Modi. Then it was Bhagat Singh, today, as his rightfull heirs, there are lakhs of rebellious peasants. Instead of repealing those laws, the government is adopting the policy of buying time and exanimating the movement. 11 rounds of talks have taken place, where the peasant’s leaders have made it clear to the government that their main demand is that the three laws must go, yet the government is wantonly dilly dallying. It’s because the government, is in fact the government of the Imperialists and the Comprador Bourgeoisie of India.

On 26th January, lakhs of peasants in tractors marched to Delhi and exposed to the world how biased and anti farmer, this sham ‘Republic Day’ of India is. Even if after giving permission for the rally, the government had been, via police, consistently trying to stop the farmers from carrying it out. They barricaded the routes. Tear gassed. Lathi Charged. Navrit Singh, a youth was dead. Law and order is the responsibility of the government. They tried their best to convert the peaceful March of the farmers into a violent one. In fact they had been trying from start to infiltrate the peasants struggle to split it or create confusions. They succeeded in infiltrating BJP agents Deep Sidhu and Lakha Sidhna in the Rally. Even after tight security arrangements these agents were allowed to proceed towards Red Fort. Allowing them to proceed to Red Fort, hoist there flag, create ruckus and paint the tractor rally as violent and then foist false cases on in its leaders are a part of the conspiracy of the Brahminic hindutva fascist Modi government. We condemn this cheap and repressive tactics of the government. We appeal to the soldiers and the police to maintain balance and stand in support of the farmers, as they too are the sons and daughters of farmers.

This Rally has exposed the double-dealing hypocrite Modi who masquerades as ‘Principally Servant of the People’. The truth that he is not the ‘Principal Servant of the People of India’, but is in fact the obedient servant of the Imperialists and the comprador corporate houses, has come out openly. With an unreconciling stand towards repealing the laws you have through your unity and firm resolve has smashed all tricks to manipulate you to some sort of negotiation. Still there are some forces outside of the United Front. We appeal to all of them to understand the necessity of the situation and join hands in the fight to repeal the laws.

The Modi government is stealing the morsel from the mouth of the poor by handing over procuring and hoarding rights to corporate Adani and Ambani. They are tightening the noose around the farmer’s necks by starting private markets and making provisions to hand over the lands to the corporate. This law is a decree to snatch the livelihood of the small businesses and traders. It is not just the peasants but 80% of the ordinary citizens who will be badly affected by this law. Hence we appeal the vast masses to join the struggle. In the areas of your work carryout consistent struggles in support, and force the government to repeal these laws. We appeal all the people to protest and demonstrate at different places all over the country in support of the call by the Farmers United Front to gherao the parliament on Feb 1st 2021 and other programs we call on the Maoist party caders, PLGA, revolutionary organisation, other organisations and Revolutionary People’s Communities (RPCs) to carryout various struggles in support of All India militant movement and against the 3 – laws. As a continuation of this follow it up on 10th February (on Great Bhoomakal Day) all over the country.



CPI (Maoist), 30-01-2021.

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