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In support of ‘s press conference on Tuesday, we have decided to postpone the twitter storm to Monday, Feb 4, 8 PM -10 PM. We stand in solidarity with independent media houses that have dedicated their time and resources to expose the same government which is imprisoning academics and activists under fabricated charges.
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Maoists damage Essar Steel’s iron ore slurry pipeline in Malkangiri

It was reported that a group of armed Maoists damaged a portion of an iron ore slurry pipeline of the Essar Steel near Digha Janbai village in Ralegada panchayat in the cut-off areas of Chitrakonda block in Odisha’s Malkangiri district late on Sunday. According to sources, a group of armed Maoists barged into the village near the plant and damaged the pipeline at some place using crowbars and hacksaw blades. Following the inicident, work in the plant had to be stopped as it affected the supply of iron ore slurry to Visakhapantam via Chhattisgarh.
The maoists had damaged the pipeline of the Essar Steel twice earlier. Members of the CPI (Maoist) had damaged Essar Steel’s 273-km iron ore slurry pipeline from Dantewada in Chhattisgarh to Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh near Odisha-Andhra border. The pipeline is critical for Essar’s Visakhapatnam steel plant, bringing 22,000 tonnes of iron ore daily from state miner NMDC’s Bailadila mines in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh to the plant with annual capacity of eight million tonnes.

International week in Italy: many actions and activities

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Meeting with workers in Bergamo

Meeting with comrades and youth in Ravenna


Meeting with workers and comrades in Palermo

Meeting with Alcerol/Mittal workers in Taranto

ICSPWI – International Week – Milan action and speeches outside the indian consolate


ICSPWI International Week: Meeting in Galizia (Spanish State)


ICSPWI – International week- Milan Italy

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ICSPWI – for international week – Info – PLGA Commander In Chhattisgarh May Become First Tribal To Chair Central Military Commission Of CPI Maoist

India People’s War


Maoist leader and commander of ‘Battalion-1’ in Bastar, Madvi Hidma has emerged as the front runner to head the military operations of the banned outfit CPI (Maoist) in the country.
If Hidma who’s an enigma for the security forces and locals in the Dandakaranya region of Bastar in Chhattisgarh, finally succeeds in becoming the chief of Central Military Commission (CMC) of CPI (Maoist), he would be the first local tribal in the Indian Maoist history to bag this top leadership role. Till now, all the top positions in the ultra Left party have been dominated by Naxal leaders from undivided Andhra Pradesh and now Telangana.

With Nambala Keshav Rao alias Basava Raju taking over as general secretary of CPI (Maoist), replacing Muppalla Laxmana Rao aka Ganapathy, who reportedly stepped down in 2018 — it became clear that the new leadership would bring more aggression into Maoist operations across Naxal-hit districts in the country, especially in the Maoist-hotbed Bastar.
Basava Raju (63), besides being the general secretary, also heads CMC, which he apparently wants to relinquish. His strength is his expertise in military tactics and use of explosives, especially the use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). He wants a successor who is militarily skilled and aggressive, and can lead the cadre with a renewed vigour across the Red Corridor.
In the politburo meeting of the CPI (Maoist), Basava Raju had expressed that Maoists leaders who have grown old and are physically unwell should make way for the younger leaders. He had indicated that there should be a retirement policy in the party. Ganpathy had also stepped down from central committee due to his ill health in 2017.
According to top sources, though Hidma is the frontrunner as the chief of CMC, the other strong contenders in the race are R Srinivas alias Ramanna, P Tirupathi alias Devji, K Sudarshan alias Anand and M Venugopal alias Sonu alias Bhupathi (brother of ex-Naxal leader Kishanji). The final call will be taken by the central committee of CPI (Maoist). Given the manner the top leaders are chosen in the Naxal organisation, it’s going to be a tough fight for this local tribal candidate.
The CMC at the central level is responsible for directing guerrilla activity, chalking out military strategy, and buying and supply of arms. Besides People’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA), there are sub-committees under CMC like Special Area Military Committee and Zonal Military Committee. This is further divided into bodies with area-specific requirements. PLGA is the military component of the CPI (Maoist), which is involved in military training, guerrilla squad, protection of Maoist cadre and platoons and launch attacks.
Who’s Hidma?
Various versions about Hidma have gained currency in the market, but the most widely known fact is that Hidma at present is the commander of ‘Battalion-1’of the PLGA in the Dandakaranya region of Bastar in Chhattisgarh, who rose from ranks within the armed cadre.
Originally from Puvarti village in Sukma district, Hidma operates out from Naxal stronghold of the south Sukma region. According to police and security force sources, he had been actively involved in some of the worst Maoist attacks including 2010 Chintalnar attack in which 76 CRPF men got killed; 2013 Jhirum Ghati massacre in which the entire top Chhattisgarh Congress leadership got wiped out and 2017 Burkapal ambush in which 23 CRPF jawans were killed.
Why Hidma is an enigma?
The police have no clue about Hidma’s physical appearance, what does he look like or about his background and age.
Even, the police do not have any photograph of Hidma, except an old black and white one—which is almost two decades old. He carries a bounty of Rs 40 lakh on his head. The most common description of Hidma is that he carries an AK 47 and leads a strong group of about 250-300 Maoists.
There are different stories about Hidma’s existence. Some say he’s a young guy in late 20s, while others claim him to be in early 50s.
“There are different versions about Hidma’s existence that have made this Maoist an enigma. Some say he was killed in an encounter after Jhirum Ghati incident and his name is used as a post of a leader in the Maoist cadre. No one has seen him and even if he ever came to a village market, no one would recognize him,” a source from Sukma told Firstpost.
However, according to a surrendered Maoist, who had worked for a certain period under Hidma and was interviewed by this correspondent, he is an unassuming personality in his late 40s.
“Hidma is a local tribal guy, who’s a leader of the Maoist battalion in Sukma. He’s involved in various cases of ambush and blasts. These Maoists leaders often are not known by their real names and have several aliases,” Vivekananda, inspector general (Bastar range), Chhattisgarh police told Firstpost.
What makes Hidma the frontrunner?
Hidma’s experience as commander of the existing Battalion-1, which is operational in Bastar. He is considered an aggressive leader among Maoists.
Age is on his side, as the other contenders are either older than him or keeping poor health. K Sudarshan (65) has been suffering from multiple illnesses. The other contender, M Venugopal, who is in-charge of the zone on Chhattisgarh-Maharashtra border, is not known to be as aggressive as Hidma.
P Tirupathi alias Devji was in-charge of ‘Battalion-2’ in Dandakaranya, which had been dismantled.
If Hidma gets elected, it would act as a motivator for the tribal youths in Bastar, which is also a recruitment ground. The Maoist cadre has been suffering from manpower shortage for quite some time.
Hidma is considered a master strategist in guerrilla warfare. It’s said that the Bastar terrain is in the back of his hand.
Most of the members in the 21-member central committee of the CPI (Maoist) are keeping poor health and have also grown old. According to intelligence agency sources, though Bastar region continues to be the strongest Maoist fortress on Red Corridor, none from this region is a member of the central committee.
“There was news that Hidma had become a central committee member but it is not true. He’s the commander of the Battalion-1 in Bastar. It needs to be seen whether central committee finally appoints him as CMC chief, because till now no top leadership positions have been given to any tribal leader. All their leaders are from Andhra,” an intelligence agency source said.
The plausible selection of tribal face Hidma as Central Military Commission chief will give teeth to Naxal operation in Bastar; and that’s what Basava Raju wants.

ICSPWI – International week – Austria

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Infoveranstaltnug: Politische Verfolgung und Terror durch die „Operation Green Hunt“ in Indien
(Sonntag, 27. Jänner 17:30 | Amerlinghaus |Galerie), Stiftgasse 8, 1070 Wien

ICSPWI – for international week – info -BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET The Blocking of this Site by the Indian Government

November 12, 2018

At 7 minutes to midnight (New Delhi time) on November 11, 2018, the Indian government sent us at an email informing us that in less than two days time it would hold a hearing in New Delhi to decide upon blocking public access by people in India to this website, or at least to the parts of it which contain materials from India and which express the views of large numbers of people in India which the government disapproves of. While we were invited to send a representative to argue our case at that hearing, this is not only impractical for time and financial reasons, it would also obviously be a total waste of time. (Or possibly even lead to our representative being arrested and imprisoned as has recently been happening even to people’s lawyers in India!) The committee meeting on Nov. 14 will almost certainly be a mere bureaucratic formality in any case. And there is nothing that we could say there that we don’t already say on our website—namely that we fervently support the right of free speech and the right to publish and distribute progressive or revolutionary materials not only in India, but everywhere in the world. This extremely basic democratic right is opposed by the current ruling class in India. So there is no point for us to say anything further at this meeting or elsewhere to this despicable anti-democratic ruling class bent on the suppression of all ideas that they disagree with.

[The email sent to us by the Indian government on Nov. 11, 2018.]

[The attached list of specific pages to be blocked on]
The letter and attachment above, from the Cyber Laws & e-Security Group of the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology of the Government of India show their intention to censor and block access by people in India to the portions of which provide documents and information about India. Note that the reason they give for this censorship is that these pages contain “Naxal and Anti-National Propaganda”. Of course all reactionaries consider that views opposed to their own are only “propaganda” and insist that the people should only be allowed to see the government’s viewpoint. exists to struggle against the fascist-like suppression of progressive ideas and thought by reactionary governments and their agents anywhere in the world. We attempt to publicize such suppression and—when possible—to post documents and publications that have been suppressed elsewhere. Though not based in India, nor operated by Indian citizens, nor with any connection to organizations in India, we got started in late 2007 in reaction to the banning and suppression of the Indian revolutionary magazine People’s March, and the arrest of its editor, by the authorities there. Over the years since that time we have posted a great deal of material from India and other countries which is banned (or otherwise virtually inaccessible) there. There has been so much posted from India because the government there bans and suppresses so very much.
Although the present rulers of India do not seem to understand this basic fact, their ever-expanding censorship of ideas and banning of websites, publications and organizations they disapprove of is a tremendous self-exposure of their real nature. Wouldn’t you think that the authorites in a country would be embarrassed to ban and block access to a website like ours that only exists to expose the suppression of ideas? They still do claim to be a “democracy”, but that has obviously become a totally hollow lie. India is more and more clearly becoming an openly fascist country.
If you know of progressive publications or documents which are banned or suppressed in India or anywhere else in the world, please let us know about them so that we may inform others of this and possibly post them on this site. At present, and because of our own language deficiencies, we are mostly posting items in English. Contact us at:

BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET is independent and unaffiliated with any political party. While our sympathies are of course with the struggles of the oppressed and exploited peoples of the world, our goal here is simply to expose attempts to censor or suppress progressive ideas and to make available publications and documents which have been suppressed in one or more countries.

ICSPWI – for internacional week – read brasilian newapaper A Nova Democracia

Índia: Para manter Saibaba isolado, governo acusa médicos de ‘simpatia com o maoismo’
Saibaba em marcha organizada pelos movimentos democráticos da Índia
Funcionários do governo acusam os médicos do professor GN Saibaba – importante intelectual e professor universitário preso por motivações…
.Índia: GN Saibaba divulga carta em denúncia ao seu estado de saúde

Em carta dirigida a sua esposa, G.N Saibaba – um professor universitário e democrata que encontra-se preso em prisão perpétua por denunciar os crimes do governo – denuncia o seu grave estado de saúde agravado na prisão…

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