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The PCI(M) gave birth to a new armed group

Red Relief

According to the authorities, the PCI (Maoist) is currently working on the creation of a new armed group on the border between the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. The first reason is the difficulties the guerrillas are currently encountering in their bastion of the Bastar. An Interior Ministry official said the new unit, the “Vistara platoon” was currently trying to gain ground at the junction of the three states where the security forces are presently less present than in the Bastar. “There are many reports of guerrillas attempting to settle there, and in the past there has been little Maoist activity in the area, and this may be a strategy security diminish their vigilance in the Bastar and focus on this area instead. ”
According to another official of the State, these expansion projects would be part of the party’s recruitment campaign.


Three proposals have been launched…..

Meeting Italy 3 september
……., the committees have reiterated that the mass work to deepen the support to the people’s war in India among the proletarian and people’s ranks is the central axis of the current and future work of the ICSPWI.
 three proposals have been launched and are being planned:
– a new International Day for the freedom of GN Saibaba and Maoist political prisoners and all political prisoners at international level. The date will be set according to the developments of the trial against GN Saibaba;
– The union and the women’s organizations participating proposed and emphasized the liaison between the general campaign and the call to the working class contained in the document of the CC, CPI (Maoist) against the life-sentences on Maruti/Suzuki workers, and for a mobilization of the proletarian, revolutionary, feminists women against the rapes on the fighters, prisoners and masses women by the army, police, paramilitaries, Hindu fascists, covered by the Modi government;
  • The main proposal is the launch of a big Spring Thunder March, for the spring of 2018, that will reach many countries in Europe, North America, South America, Arab World and Asia.


september 2017

New issue of ‘People’s War’ by CPI (Maoist)

‘People’s War’ is the  theoretical organ of the Communist party of India, Central Committee. Now we have its new issue, March 2017. It is publicly available also in the internet. It is a special issue on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the initiation of The Great Culture Revolution in China. Every document has its own significance, but  the documents ‘ The Importance of GPCR, Successes-Lessons’, by CC, CPI(Maoist), February 2017′ ‘CPC Circular on GPCR, 16 May 19662, ‘The Great Cultural Revolution will Shine Forever’ Editorial Departments of Renmin Ribao, Peking Review, are the articles of great significance. 
Here we are publishing the topics ‘Editorial’. And we will also publish translated version of the documents in our Nepalese vernacular website
The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution of socialist China (1966-76) was an earth-shaking event of world-historic importance. It was the result of the summing up of all the positive and negative experiences of the world working class movement for establishing socialism and communism. Under the leadership of Mao, it developed the revolutionary theory and practice of the international proletariat to a new and higher level. It was a unique and unprecedented revolution led by the proletariat against the bourgeoisie under the conditions of socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat. It  was a revolution to bring the superstructure in conformity with the socialist economic base. It was a revolution of the period of transition from capitalism to communism through the intermediate stage of socialism by defeating the attempts of domestic and foreign revisionists and reactionaries to restore capitalism. It was a revolution by millions upon millions of people who rose up like stormy waves to smash the enemy strongholds. In the process, they also transformed their own world outlook, which was essential for carrying forward the socialist revolution. It was a revolution to continue the revolution to till its final victory – the establishment of communism by carrying the socialist revolution through to the end.
GPCR was the result of the further development of the Marxist theoretical concept of continuous revolution. Led by Mao, new theoretical principles related to class struggle under socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat were developed which were necessary to guarantee the victory of socialism. Not only that, these theories were tested and proven in the crucible of practice during the GPCR. This was a unique, new and higher level experience for the world proletariat and the international communist movement.
Apart from changing the entire Chinese society, the GPCR also had a worldwide impact. It was a catalyst for a new wave of communist and national liberation movements across the world. It provided the impetus for a decisive ideological and political break with revisionism. It provided the backdrop of the beginning of a new type of working class movements in the capitalist countries and protracted people’s wars in several oppressed countries including India which upheld Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as their guiding ideology.
In the communist movement of our country, an ideological struggle was already going on under the leadership of revolutionary forerunners like comrades CM and KC. This ideological struggle led to the historic Naxalbari armed agrarian revolutionary upsurge of 1967. Thus, it was in the international backdrop of the GPCR that the people’s war was initiated in India under the leadership of comrades CM and KC. This glorious people’s war has continued on a tortuous path for the last five decades and is going to complete its fiftieth anniversary.
The class struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat has been continuing since the GPCR came to an end four decades back. Many of the genuine revolutionary communist parties that were built or reorganized during the GPCR are still in existence and are leading the class struggle in several countries. Wherever the leadership of these parties have been able to creatively apply the universal truth of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism – particularly the lessons of GPCR – they could sustain or strengthen the parties even amidst victories and defeats, ups and downs and twists and turns of the revolutionary movement. Wherever the leadership could not do this, the parties disintegrated and the movement was lost.
By creatively applying MLM in the concrete conditions of a country, by bringing the vast masses of the people into the arena of class struggle under its guidance and by fighting with tremendous courage and sacrifice, a strong party can be built where there is no such party, a strong army can be built where there is no such army and political power can be seized where there is no political power. Our task ahead is to firmly grasp MLM and the spirit of GPCR in order to achieve our immediate and ultimate goals. It is only in this way that the working-class can meet the challenge of effectively fighting and finally burying imperialism, which, though in its deathbed, will not leave the stage of history on its own.
All our comrades should deeply study the experiences of GPCR to grasp its tremendous significance, learn from its wide-ranging lessons and apply them creatively in their revolutionary practice. With the hope that it may be of help in this endeavour, we are bringing out this issue of People’ War as a special issue on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the initiation of GPCR and as a part of the anniversary celebrations by our Party. This issue includes two articles written on this occasion and a selection of two historic documents, excerpts and quotations on the GPCR. Our Central Committee is also releasing a separate commemorative volume The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution will Shine For Ever which is a compilation of several historic documents, articles, excerpts and quotations.

INDIA Memorial Anuradha Gandhy – for the great indian maoist in the Naxalbari revolt’s 50th anniversary

Songs from Indian regions where People’s War is developing

A collection of some very inspiring revolutionary songs from the regions of Maoist struggle in India. Unfortunately, there are no English sub-titles, hope these could be added later.

Second Wave Publications, London


Manipur Maoist to launch Mega Protest to protect Indigenous people from Nov 1

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Imphal, October 04 2017: Armed rebel group Maoist Communist Party Manipur (MCPM) said that it will organise a week long Mega Protest from November 11, 2017 to protect the Indigenous people of the state.
In a statement the outfit said that they will take all responsibility of planning and organising the protest.
However it appeals the people not to consider the party as the leader of the movement .
The outfit further said the commander of the MCPM had been intimating with leaders of civil society organisations and clubs of each locality to make the mega protest an effective one.
MCPM statement said that while trying to meet the leaders of UNMM and WAD they fail to give positive response and instead mock the party while talking over phone.
The outfit warm the two organisation of standing against the people of the state and said that if the two organisation fail to clarify within one week both the NGO will be consider as anti-people.

More Speeches from Hyderabad on Naxalbari 50 Years – ICSPWI

Follow Irabot’s footsteps, says writer Talengana

President of Revolutionary Democratic Front and “Revolutionary” writer Talengana Vara Vara Rao said people should follow the path of Hijam Irabot to bring a good society during 66th death anniversary of Lamyanba Irabot observed today at THAU ground, Thangmeiband by Manipur Proletariat Peoples’ Democratic Union (MPPDU), Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur (SSUM) and Struggle Committee, Manipur (SCM) along with 2nd state level march past competition.
Addressing the function he said like the famous fake encounter of killing of CPI (Maoist) activist Prabhakar by Indian security forces in the Bejjangi forest in Odisha’s Malkangiri district on October 28 last year, many have also been killed in fake encounters in Manipur.
He said Irabot was responsible in the formation of state CPI in order to bring a good and corruption free society that does not depend on any other state. He narrated when and how Maoist came in Talengana.
President of Democratic Students Alliance of Manipur, Angamba said people seem to have forgotten the contribution of Irabot as people are neglecting the path of the martyr.
People as well as students should follow the path of Irabot to bring a good and well-being, corruption free society, he said.
As a part of the function pung cholom, Manipuri Thang-ta and dhol cholom was performed which enthralled the people present in the function.
Former president of All Manipur United Club Organisation, K.T. Rahman, president of Manipur Proletariat Peoples’ Democratic Union (MPPDU), Nameirakpam Meghachandra were also present at the function as presidium members.
For the march past competition of senior category 65 girls NCC and for junior category Royal Education Girls won the competition.

Sukma Police offers reward for Naxal attack perpetrators

District Police on Friday released posters declaring they would reward anyone who could provide information on the Naxalites who were behind the recent attack on a platoon of the 74th battalion of the Central Reserve Police Force that resulted in the death of 25 personnel.

The reward ranges from Rs. three lakh to Rs. 40 lakh.
The Naxal strike took place in Burkapal on April 24 during a CRPF-led road clearing activity.

Meanwhile, the CRPF has decided to enhance the number of lethal counter-insurgency operations in the south Bastar region of Chhattisgarh.
Director General of the CRPF, Sudeep Lakhtakia, who has deployed a total of 28 battalions in Chhattisgarh with ten being only in the Bastar region, said the new action plan of the force will be to effectively dominate the area.
A regular CRPF battalion comprises about 1,000 personnel

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