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Maoist posters found in Odisha’s Kalyasinghpur

Rayagada: Maoist posters were found at Kalyansinghpur Tehsildar’s office in Rayagada district opposing combing operation.
The CPI(maoist) leader of Rayagada Area Committee is suspected to have put up two posters on premises of the office asking to stop the combing operation at Niyamgiri area.
Through the posters, the Maoists have threatened three persons – Suresh Kumar Bal, Ajit Padhi and Raju Gouda – who are working with the intelligence against Maoists.
The red rebels have also opposed the construction work of CRPF camp in Haat Dahikhal area asking the contractors and brokers to stop road construction work at Niyamgiri area.
Two more posters were also found at anganwadi centre in Kadambadwar sahi and Sai Nagar square.

Democracy behind bars: a public panel

Crisis in the security forces – it’s an effect of people’s war that resists and advances

Chhattisgarh sees most suicides among security forces this year in more than a decade


Bodies of security forces being taken away in Tongpal in March 2014 after Maoist rebels ambushed police and killed 16. Security forces have killed at least 69 Maoists (their bodies were recovered) so far this year, but lost 59 of their own during encounters.
Bodies of security forces being taken away in Tongpal in March 2014 after Maoist rebels ambushed police and killed 16. Security forces have killed at least 69 Maoists (their bodies were recovered) so far this year, but lost 59 of their own during encounters.(HT File Photo) Suicides by security personnel posted in Maoist-hit areas of Chattisgarh have touched 36 till September 30 this year, the highest in a decade, prompting an official inquiry by the security forces, which are also figuring out possible ways to prevent suicides in their ranks. There were only 12 suicides last year.
The suicides by members of the state police force and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) personnel posted in the state is almost three-times the previous high of 13 in 2009. Data is available only since 2007. According to the data, which is complied by the Chattisgarh police department, there have been 115 suicides by security personnel posted in Maoist-hit areas in the state since 2007 (till September 30). This year’s suicides account for almost a third of that.

According to an official posted in the state most suicides are caused by depression, difficulty in getting leave sanctioned, and homesickness. The records broadly categorise 50% of the suicides as having been caused by personal/family reasons, 11% on account of illness, 8% as work-related, and 13% under other reasons. The remaining 18% are under investigation.
The numbers have rattled the security establishment and there has been talk of going in for so-called psychological autopsies, to figure out the reason for the suicides.
DM Awasthi, special director general (Naxal operations), Chhattisgarh, told HT that the rise in suicides is “worrying.”

“A superintendent of police-level officer will be appointed to examine the causes for the suicides. We will focus on the figures of 2015 (6), 2016 (12) and 2017 to chalk out a plan for preventing suicides. We will also take the help of psychologists, if needed,” Awasthi added.
The state police personnel posted in Chhattisgarh’s Maoist-hit regions include the special task force and district reserve guard, while the CAPF personnel are from the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and the Border Security Force (BSF).
“Suicides within the ranks demoralise security personnel, who are also greatly affected by deaths of colleagues during encounters with Maoists,” said a senior police officer posted in Bastar who did not want to be named.
Security forces have killed at least 69 Maoists so far this year, but lost 59 of their own during encounters.

Maoists attacks in Bihar, in Palamu – “struggle to revive Maoism” PCI (Maoist) – support people’s war until victory! ICSPWI.

About 12 armed men attacked the site of Phulpur-Haldia natural gas pipeline project at Mahuawan village in Aamas police station area of Gaya district late on Friday night and torched four vehicles.
The Maoists, who are observing weeklong martyrdom of former CPI (Maoist) politburo member Koteshwar Rao alias Kishenji in Bihar and Jharkhand, also beat up guards deployed at the site and threatened the contractor of the construction firm with dire consequences if he did not stop the work , the police said. Before leaving, the attackers raised slogans and dropped pamphlets calling upon villagers to support them in their “struggle to revive Maoism”.

Torch Government Vehicle In Palamu Tiger Reserve

CPI (Maoist) rebels torched a tractor cum trolley in the buffer area of Palamu  Tiger Reserve (PTR) near Budha Pahad late Wednesday evening.
The incident took place in the contiguity of the Bareysarn based sambhar enclosure. SP Latehar Dhanajay K Singh said that the act was done by the Maoists as the site of the incident falls in their territory.
Sources said that Maoists had identified the tractor which was, as the Maoists suspected, providing logistics to the security forces on hunt for Arvind ji and Sudhakaran ji, believed to be holed up in the Burha Pahar.
Field director PTR M P Singh said the incident has taken place in PTR but this tractor is not from the PTR.
Sources said  the Maoists are angered in the wake of security forces pitching in the forest rest house at Kujrum. Sources said security forces are at Kaer Rest House of PTR and have occupied a hill about 400 meters above the sea level in the PTR.
The place of the incident is 4 kms away from this security base at Kujrum.
Sources said the Maoists create aberrations in PTR not to harm wild life or PTR personnel but their aberrations are only and pointedly directed against the security forces which have their ‘housing’ in the buildings of the PTR; right from Betla down to Kujrum there are a total of 11 such housings including Mandal and Herhunj.
Sources said the PTR officials have no choice but to give in as security forces raise the bogey of internal threat and security and thus straightway move into PTR’s establishments much to the chagrin of the PTR officials.

Journalist got murdered by soldier – only people’s war guided by PCI (maoist) can stop India’s regime crimes! – ICSPWI

from new epoch

INDIA: Journalist got murdered by soldier

November 26, 2017
The journalist Sudip Dutta Bhaumik was murdered by the bodyguard of an Indian army commander. The bodyguard, who was a soldier as well, acted under orders of his commander Tappan Debarma. S.D. Bhaumik released a number of articles in which he uncovered several cases of financial irregularities and corruption. Mr. Bhaumik was not a communist, he simply dared to make use of his democratic right of the freedom of speech. This is the second murder of a democratic journalist in the last couple of months in India. In the city of Bangalore Gauri Lankesh was killed by unknown assailants. Lankesh criticized governmental corruption and policies. Corruption is everywhere in this wrotten state which is trying to suppress all democratic, progressive and revolutionary movements and individual actions.

The hindu-fascist Indian state is confronted with the most developed revolutionary struggle in the world. The people’s war led by the Communist Party of India (maoist), the armed struggle of the revolutionary masses in India, was called the greatest threat of internal security, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. No wonder the officials of the old Indian state react nervous to any kind of opposition, they are in position of letting such things spread. But this repression against even democratic journalists and other persons will only drive the people towards revolution. In the end this is the only possible way for the masses of the population, to overthrow Imperialism, this system of oppression.

Tunisia – support peopleì’s war India – ICSPWI Tunisia

Will super-rich Bill Gates bankroll India’s anti-Maoist strategy? by S N M Abdi

Bill Gates with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi on December 4, 2015. (AFP)
When Gates called on Rajnath Singh, Home Minister in Narendra Modi’s government, Singh urged the global philanthropist to build 1,000 model villages in the LWE-affected region – also known as India’s Red Corridor – to wean away the local poor from the path of violence, which has killed nearly 8000 in the last 12 years. But the irony is inescapable.
The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, or RSS, the Hindutva fountainhead which has mentored BJP leaders like Modi and Singh, wants the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) – which gives millions of dollars for improving health and urban sanitation – to be banned in India for “anti-national” activities.
After Modi became the prime minister in May 2014, the Indian government has been systematically targeting Western charities and donors and tightened the screws on foreign-funded non-government organizations (NGOs). Many Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) licenses have been cancelled forcing NGOs to shut down their operations.
The Swadeshi Jagran Manch, a frontal organization of the RSS, has published an entire White Paper on the “evil” effects of BMGF on the country’s health sector. The BJP government obliged by revoking the FCRA license of Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), which is almost wholly funded by BMGF.
And now Singh, one of Modi’s three most powerful cabinet ministers, has personally requested Gates to foot the bill for the latest sanitation and cleanliness technology in 1,000 villages of Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand, three states battling LWE on a war footing.
Home Minister Rajnath Singh chaired a meeting with Bill Gates where he sought the Microsoft czar’s largesse to stop the poor from joining Maoist outfits. (Supplied)


“The government’s double standard is shocking. On the one hand, it is paranoid about Western aid agencies fanning social unrest and engaging in religious conversions. And yet it’s seeking Gates financial help to improve living conditions of the dispossessed in remote areas who fall prey to Maoist propaganda and pick up the gun”, a bewildered NGO official said on condition of anonymity.
Officials present during Singh’s meeting with Gates, who was accompanied by BMGF team members, told The Hindu newspapers that the crackdown on BMGF-funded PHFI did not figure in the talks held in North Block, the headquarters of the home ministry, which is accused of harassing foreign charities and NGOs in India.
Besides BMGF, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch (HRW) and even Bloomberg Philanthropies are in the government’s gun-sights. According to Meenakshi Ganguly, HRW’s South Asia director, “India is actively encouraging foreign investment in key industries but is trying to deny funding for efforts to assist the most vulnerable and marginalized.
The government should engage with those seeking rights reform and empower these groups, instead of treating criticism as a threat to be quashed.”

India – Just arrived! CMC_Message_on_PLGA_Day_2_Dec_2017_Book and GREAT_RUSSIAN_REVOLUTION_Hin_Book- ICSPWI – ask – hindi –

More devious,more dangerous: Comrade Ajith

This is the concluding chapter of Against Avakianism by Comrade Ajith. Against Avakianism an ideological critique of Bob Avakian, the dogmatic-revisionist leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party of the USA. As one of the leading Maoist thinkers and theoreticians. Ajith has written several significant books and articles and related to land, gender and caste from a Maoist perspective. He was the editor of the international magazine A World to Win, published by the Revolutionary International Movement, a coordinating center of various Maoist parties and forces across the world.
He is a heart patient and the Indian fascist regime has imprisoned him since two years, without any medical treatment. We strongly demand his release and express our solidarity with them, who are raising the voice for his release.


 The RCP has taken offence over the C(m)PA’s   characterization  of Avakianism as a “way deeper deviation than that of the UCPN (M)” and demands “Who has aborted a revolution?”1Well, only those who made a revolution can abort it. Therefore, the Avakianists can hardly be blamed of that crime. But what they do is indeed worse. They seek to abort the whole communist movement itself. They try to eliminate MLM as the ideological basis of the ICM and replace it with Avakianism. Their liquidationist, and ultimately rightist, attack is often packaged in ‘left’ form.It is deviously presented as an attempt to address real problems faced by the ICM in the context of the setbacks it has suffered. Thus it is less easy to see through its deceptions and that makes it all the more dangerous.
Opposing the PCP formulations on Guiding Thought Avakian had said, “… a “Thought” is a more transcendental thing, a more permanent thing, than whatever the line of a party is at a given time.  A “Thought” is a category which, as I said, is pregnant with and on its way to delivering an “ism.”  So then we will get a lot of different isms, and that’s not good and not correct.”3 Apparently he has tried to resolve this predicament of multiplicity with a ‘synthesis’ that attempts the forced delivery of a new ‘ism’.

The Avakianists blame everyone who resists this as opposing the development of proletarian ideology itself. Therefore, in order to complete the repudiation of Avakianism, we must examine the process, dynamics, of ideological development. This also becomes unavoidable in the wider context of views that hold the development of Thought or Path as essential for the success for every revolution. Recently a concerted attempt is being made to propagate this view within the international Maoist movement.4It was first advanced by the PCP and later on reiterated by the CPN (Maoist).5
Every creative application of MLM, leading to the successful development of a revolution (that is an application tested through practice), will surely give rise to a deeper grasp and insight of MLM. It will even contribute new concepts or ideas, which will enrich MLM. But it is not necessary (inevitable) that these contributions will represent a new ‘Thought’. It is even less necessary that they will represent a leap to a new stage, i.e., an all-round development of MLM.
Can universality of ideological contributions emerge only if they attain the level of ‘Thought’? Can’t such universality also exist in the line of a party, if it has emerged through a creative application of MLM in the concrete conditions of a country? ‘Line’ is specific to a country and party. It is a particularity. But if it has been formulated through creative application of MLM, then this particularity contains the universality of MLM. It reflects this universality. In the course of its formulation, application, testing through revolutionary practice and development it will lead to new concepts or contributions, which enrich MLM.
Even if the development of a revolution only gives rise to a new grasp of MLM, this still would be a qualitative development. It would still hold out lessons for every contingent of the ICM. Some revolutions may achieve even more and generate new concepts or contributions. But, the point to stress, is that all of this is possible even while there is only a ‘Line’ and not yet a ‘Thought’. Or, in other words, a new ‘Thought’ is not a necessary condition for new contributions that enrich our ideology.
In this context it is also necessary to examine the view on quantitative development of ideology earlier put forward by the CPN (Maoist). The possible meaning, that is one which makes sense, could be this – deeper understanding, more insight, more grasp, more capacity to apply ideology etc. That is, a development in which no new MLM concepts, laws as such emerge, but only better grasp and capacity to apply existing ones. But this in itself is complex. Any deeper understanding, grasp etc. of MLM, cannot take place without creatively applying it. And creative application will inevitably generate new conceptual knowledge of the laws of that society and revolution. Won’t such conceptual leaps enrich MLM? Even though they are specific to that revolution and society (that is particular) they will definitely enrich the whole body of MLM itself. Quantitative development in the context of ideological development can only be understood as the accumulation of ‘perceptual knowledge’ in the course of the revolution.
With this understanding we are better placed to understand the essential error in the position on Thought or Path. This extends to the ‘New Synthesis’ thesis of the RCP too, though it comes in an altogether different category. Despite the PCP and CPN (Maoist) treating Gonzalo Thought and Prachanda Path as principal they were still being described as relevant to the respective countries and staying within MLM.Avakianism demands global acceptance and insists on appropriating the role of ideological basis of the ICM. But common to all of them is the attempt to pose their partial successes, the resolutions they have identified, as final, without thorough verification of practice. This epistemological error underlies such deviations.7
It is not that new ideas and practices won’t emerge or shouldn’t be raised. But to elevate them to the level of ideology needs verification over a longer period. The example of the CPC’s declaration on Mao Tsetung Thought is a good teacher in this matter. Many major components of what is now accepted as Maoism – philosophical contributions, new democracy, people’s war, development of the party concept, 2 line struggle, ideological rectification, mass line etc. – had already been developed and tested through arduous revolutionary practice before Mao Tsetung Thought was formally stated. Second, these contributions of Mao developed in the course of struggle against right and ‘left’ opportunism, Trotskyism, and dogmatism. Compared to them both the Peru and Nepal experiences were evidently limited. This is not to deny the advanced grasp seen in those revolutions or to negate their important contributions. But this does not justify a Thought or Path or the ideas underlying them.
The epistemological gap is even starker in the case of the RCP. Let us for the moment accept their plea that such verification cannot be limited to that of a single country. Let us take the whole international arena instead. What does that show? Avakianism’s concepts and the analysis made on that basis have failed at each turn. The Avakianists have accused the C(m)PA of maintaining the erroneous viewpoint that the application of Marxism in a specific country will automatically lead to the corresponding advance in theoretical understanding. This is baseless. But their accusation brings up the larger question of the relation between the application of Marxism in practice and the development of ideology. Is it incidental or fundamental? The Avakianist’s tend to the former. Practice is incidental in their scheme. Ideology certainly has its own dynamics. It can theorise in advance. But this is vulgarised by the Avakianists when they speak of ‘theory moving ahead of practice’ in order to justify their approach of treating practice as incidental in the development of ideology.  Avakianism is quite fond of bringing in the example of the founders of Marxism. It claims that Marx and Engels achieved the synthesis of Marxism from existing theory and not from direct practice. As we noted earlier that is not true. Marx and Engels were quite involved in the class struggles going on in those days, at times even directly. As Mao pointed out, “The basis is social science, class struggle. There is a struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie… It is only starting from this viewpoint that Marxism appeared. The foundation is class struggle. The study of philosophy can only come afterwards.”8  That is, developments in all the three components have taken place through the continuing role of Marxism in guiding class struggle.
Every leap in ideology involves synthesis. But Avakianism is neither new nor in any way a synthesis. It is that same old revisionism and liquidationism. We must reject its claims and stand firm on Maoism. Yes, today the key to grasping proletarian ideology is grasping Maoism firmly. To say this does not in any way separate it from the integral whole of Marxism-LeninismMaoism. Rather, it is imperative to put stress on Maoism in order to sharpen the struggle against revisionism and all other alien thinking. We must uphold, defend and apply Marxism-LeninismMaoism, particularly Maoism.

  1. RCP letter of May 1, 2012 section 8,<;
  2. Thus there is a lot of high talk of a visionary communism but the primacy of armed struggle to destroy the existing state is conspicuously absent in the RCP, USA’s program.
  3. Excerpts From A Talk By Bob Avakian …
  4. See ‘The International Project: Guiding Thought Of Revolution: The Heart Of Maoism’, jointly promoted by the OWA (MLM, principally Maoist), CPMLM – Bangladesh and CPMLM – France and supported by the MLM Center of Belgium. An Open letter to the ICM from these parties states, “At our epoch, Maoism, as Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, synthesis of the ideology of working class, can only exist as a guiding thought in each country, forging the avant-garde in correspondence with the inner contradiction of the country, unleashing People’s War.” <;
  5. “Each revolution must specify its guiding thought, without which there can be no application of Marxism-LeninismMaoism, nor any revolutionary development.” (Basic Document of PCP, International Line, Section 4. <http://www.blythe. org/peru-pcp/docs_en/internat.htm>) “Moreover, and this is the basis upon which all leadership is formed, revolutions give rise to a thought that guides them, which is the result of the application of the universal truth of the ideology of the international proletariat to the concrete conditions of each revolution; a guiding thought indispensable to reach victory and to conquer political power and, moreover, to continue the revolution and to maintain the course always towards the only, great goal: Communism; a guiding thought that, arriving at a qualitative leap of decisive importance for the revolutionary process which it leads, identifies itself with the name of the one who shaped it theoretically and practically.” (Fundamental Documents, Section 2, adopted by 1st Congress of PCP. < htm> ) “…one thing what is sure is that the application of science in the specificities of a particular country gives rise to a concrete thought that guides the movement in that country (which we can assume as quantitative development in MLM) Without the development of such a concrete thought neither can there be a true application of science in any country nor can the revolution there have a continuous forward march.” (‘The Nepalese People’s War and the Question of Ideological Synthesis’ – Prachanda, Worker No:6, page 9.


  1. Whatever the ‘description’ this actually is self-contradictory. For example the thesis that every revolution must have a Guiding Thought was a new position put forward by the PCP. Evidently it is part of Gonzalo Thought. But the applicability of this Thought is itself acknowledged to be limited solely to Peru.
  2. The PCP was using the formulation ‘Guiding Thought of the party’ even before the people’s war was initiated. Gonzalo played a great role in fighting against revisionism, reorganising the party and charting out the specific line and plans of people’s war. But how can a party claim that a ‘Thought’ has emerged even before its line is put to the test of practice and verified? This contradicts the Marxist theory of knowledge and promotes some sort of idealism. The Avakianist’s insistence that the development of ideology does not need the verification of practice is another example.
  3. Talk on Questions of Philosophy, MSW 9. mswv9_27.htm>

Release SAIBABA!

Political Prisoner G N Saibaba Requests Transfer To Cherlapally Central Jail In Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Several civil society groups, adivasi student bodies and political parties like CPI and CPI(M) have demanded that professor GN Saibaba be immediately provided with blankets and other medical facilities at the Nagpur Central Prison. They held a round-table discussion on the issue at ICSSR Hall in Osmania University on Friday.
The meeting happened following a letter written by the Professor to his wife Vasantha. He had mentioned that he was not given a blanket though the winter had set in. Saibaba, who has 90 per cent disability and is wheelchair-bound, also said that he was not getting his medicines regularly, causing his health to worsen further.
“Though his lawyer visits him every week with medicines, they reach him only 7-10 days later,” said revolutionary writer Varavara Rao. “Barring the right to mobility, a prisoner has all the other rights. But it’s not happening in this case. So Saibaba wants to be shifted to Cherlapally Central Jail in Hyderabad,” he added. Prof Saibaba has been lodged in Nagpur Central Jail since his conviction eight months ago for having links with Maoists.
A petition to shift him was submitted on August 23. The panel discussed ways to expedite this process, while also taking up a campaign to get him and the six others convicted in the case released.

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