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Press Statement of Indian Workers’ Association, Great Britain Condemn the Massacre of 13 Protesting People by The Police in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu! Condemn the Indian State that Protects the Corporations and Kills its own People!


Indian Workers’ association, Great Britain condemns the massacre of 13 protesting people including women by Police in Thoothukudi (aka Tuticorin), a port city of Tamil Nadu state on 22nd May, which was the 100th day of the ongoing protests participated by thousands of people. The protests are against the expansion of Sterlite Copper, India’s largest copper smelting unit and a subsidiary of London based Vedanta Corporation, owned by Anil Agarwal. It has become clear from the numerous video recordings that are emerging, as well as the eye witness accounts, that the Police in plain clothes standing atop vehicles shot directly at the protesting people, aiming to kill them. The fact that most of those killed and wounded seemed to have bullet wounds in the top torso or part of the body above the waist indicates that the Police shot at the protesting public to kill them, rather to scare and disperse them away. It has to be noted that target killing of unarmed and peacefully agitating protestors by armed police has increasingly becoming a norm over the recent years in India.
Killer Vedanta’s track record of environmental destruction: The people of Thoothukudi district
have been protesting for more than two decades against Sterlite, which has been severely polluting the water courses, ground waters and the air in the surrounding areas, causing several deaths and miscarriages. It is to be noted that the Vedanta Group has a track record of Goa mining scam, destruction of the environment and serious violation of human rights. They were kicked out of Maharashtra in 1994 as a result of people’s protests only later to be allowed location in Tamil Nadu, without due consultation with the local communities and in gross violation of the environmental regulations. They have been the subject of strong protests by thousands of tribal (indigenous) peasants against their bauxite mining and aluminium processing plant in the Niyamgiri hills of Orissa State.
This massacres is the result of dilution of Environmental regulations by the Modi governmentA report published by the Indian newspaper Business Standard, which accessed Union Environment Ministry’s and several court records, reveals how the Modi government made an interpretation to environmental regulations in December 2014, to help particularly plants such as that of Vedanta’s Sterliteat at Thoothukudi to be built without consulting people of the project-affected area. In the name of ‘Ease of Business’ the Modi government diluted the existing laws such as environmental, labour and FDI laws in order to please the mega corporations including the foreign ones. These amendments by Modi tie into the neo-liberal agenda being dictated by Washington based trinity of IMF, World Bank and World Trade Organisation (WTO) in the name of globalisation and free market. Thus the Modi government is directly responsible for the massacre at Thoothukudi.
Unholy alliance of BJP and Congress in collusion with successive Tamil Nadu State governmentsAccording to a report published by the Association for Democratic Reforms, Vedanta Group which donated billions of Rupees to both the national Parties stands as the top donor. This clearly indicates that successive Indian Governments, in collusion with various State governments, have been serving the interest of the greedy corporations and not the People of India. We condemn the outrageous murder of innocent People of Thoothukudi and stand in complete solidarity with their demands for justice.

  • Shut down Sterlite Copper plant in Thoothukudi immediately!
  • Edappadi K. Palaniswami, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu – resign immediately!
  • Charge the Chief Minister for neglecting his duty to safe guard the People of Tamil Nadu!
  • A judicial enquiry into the police killing of innocent People!
  • The murderers of innocent People held to account and duly punished.
  • Oppose the dilution of Environmental and Labour laws by the anti-people Modi government!

Spokes person
Central Organising Committee, Indian Workers’ Association – Great Britain

Tamil Nadu workers and people’ massacre from indian State covered by copper multinational Vedanta – an interview with Varavara Rao


by Swati Sengupta
We have seen the spine-chilling photograph of a policeman aiming a gun in Thoothukudi last week at the anti-Sterlite protesters. Why do you think police open fire on innocent people when there are other ways to handle law and order problem?
Not only that, you must have heard the voice of a police officer ordering to take at least one life, and seen the photograph of a police pulling a dead body saying he is not dead but pretending to be dead, and so heinously pulling him like a fallen and injured animal. In fact this was shot at neck, point blank for violating Section 144 and he fell to instant death. It is like Dyer closing the gates of Jalianwalah Bagh killing people indiscriminately. It is massacre deliberate and intentional…
Does it bring to mind other incidents of police firing on protesters? 
The police firing incident at Thoothukudi reminds me of firing on protesters in Nandigram on March 14, (the death anniversary of Karl Marx) where 14 people were killed, and also killing of 11 people in Kalinganagar in 2006.
The dragging of the body in Thoothukudi (Tutikorin) reminded me of Ramabai Nagar firings in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar in 1997, where 11 Dalit protesters were shot dead and their bodies dragged like carcass of dead animals to the police van.
In Nandigram, it was for Salim Group, an Indonesian company, in Kalinganagar for Tata, now this is for Vedantha, the most notorious MNC by now infamously known for Niamgiri. Arundhathi Roy, while entering Dandakaranya – on invitation from Maoists – found the Vedantha Cancer Hospital at the entrance of Bastar and guessed that there must be huge mining activity of Vedantha in DK (Dandakaranya). It’s in the vested interest of big companies that these genocides of adivasis, fishermen, women dalits and minorities are taking place.
Does this sort of brutal attack, shutting up dissenting voices – lead ordinary people to take up arms against the State?
People protest when the government, ruling classes, upper caste, religious majority attack the rights of toiling people.
Satyagraha, non-cooperation, sasanalonghana – defying undemocratic law have come to stay as Gandhian protest forms almost for hundred years. Strike, rally, dharna, gherao are all the protests of working class since Naval Revolt, Chowra-Chowri movement etc. Taking up arms against imperialism, colonialism has a political Indian tradition for over 100 years with the formation of Gadar party for Independence. Krishna preaches violence in the Bhagavad Gita, the Sikh Qualam has five kinds of self-defence arms on the body or person.
So to say that non-violence is Indian or Hindu culture is a hoax. Hindutva as religion believes in hierarchical caste system and violence. People used tools for hunting, agriculture production, self-protection (bows, arrows, swords, sickle). The first war of Indian Independence 1857 was revolt of the sepoys.
Class struggle is not the brainchild of Karl Marx and Angels, it’s their historical, materialistic, dialectical discovery from history of humankind since the beginning of class society. Armed struggle is necessary for the toiling people.

Taking arms by the ordinary people is entirely different from armed struggle to overthrow the semi-feudal, semi-colonial bureaucratic system.
It happened in Telangana or Hyderabad princely State during 1946-51 occupying 10 lakh acres of land in 3,000 villages by landless poor and agricultural labour class. In Naxalbari Uprising in 1967 in Bengal, a new democratic revolutionary path had emerged which is continuing for 50 years despite setbacks – maybe the longest history of armed revolution in the world continuing in eastern and central India in Dandakaranya, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, AOB and the Western Ghats.
Do you think armed reaction for armed action will solve the problem? Can there be non-violent ways of handling state violence? This may seem unfair to ask in the context of the Sterlite protest deaths, but I am asking in general.
Ordinary people may take up arms as retaliation at personal level or collectively as in Thoothukudi.
But armed revolution under the leadership of CPI (Maoist) is for New Democratic Revolution laid down by Naxalbari path, ushered into “Janatana Sarkar” in Dandakaranya, provincial revolutionary councils in Saranda or Jharkhand Andhra Orissa Border special guerrilla zone.  Such attempts were made in Jangalmahal, Western Ghats, Trijunction and during 1996-1999 in Telangana.
Janatana Sarkar established in vast areas of DK, especially south Bastar where Adivasis, Dalits and oppressed classes, castes rule themselves occupying land, implementing alternative development programmes from grassroots level. They form a broad front supported by the party and People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) and have their own people’s militia.
After Salwa Judum (2004-2009), Green Hunt (since 2009) and all-out war since 2014, the Modi-Rajnath-Raman Singh government claims it as “Samadhan” to finish the Maoist movement by 2022.
There’s displacement and marginalisation of Adivasis by burning villages, mass rapes, killing Adivasis in the name of encounters since they resist entry of corporate capital with state agencies. The corrupt media is depicting it is as Maoists preventing development of Adivasi areas.
Salim in Nandigram, Tatas in Singur, Jindal in Jangalmahal have done violation – whether you agree with the method or not, it’s only Maoists who could stop Jindal in Jangalmahal from occupying 5,000 acres of adivasis’ land and destruction.
So, people taking up arms is not only protest or resistance against state violence, but also for seizure of State power. Naxalbari, 50 years back has shown the way to abandon parliamentary path.
Is the State becoming more and more intolerant?
In Marxist understanding, State is always an oppressive tool of exploiting and ruling class. Of course, after 1990, fall of Red flag in Russia and East Europe and USA merging as unipolar Global Imperialist force, the state in trying to be transparent is openly saying that it is not a welfare state. Roti, Kapdu, Makan, Education, health, drinking water are not the State’s responsibility. Instead every country has become answerable to the World Bank. The development program given by the World Bank is Globalisation, Privatization and Liberalization – development in the interest of Corporatization. The State has to play only a role of facilitator/agent.
It is but natural that the state is becoming increasingly intolerant to complete the MOUs signed with MNCs.
The recent massacre of 42 people in Gadchiroli in the vested interest of Lloyds and the police firing in Thoothkudi are to be seen in this light; attacks on the Dalits and Muslims are also for that.
Protests take place, but corporate funds and enormous State power silence dissenting voice. Is it difficult to inspire today’s youth to Naxalism?
Your question is my answer. Any kind of repression or reform won’t solve the problem. The real problem is that the so called “development policy”, is in essence destructive policy to displace and marginalize the toiling masses. The youth with solidarity to this wretched of the earth can’t but have to choose Naxalism.
Many Naxals are surrendering, they are happy with jobs and peaceful life. The Centre and states say that Naxalism is a development issue, and they are handling it as such. Do you think they can address the problem?
Maybe those who surrendered without cases or sections of cases are happy in normal life. But you know the lady who surrendered and got married in front of Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal might have caused the arrest and encounter killing of Kishanji. We have so many Nayeem’s examples here. It is the same case in Jammu and Kashmir, Northeast states, Jharkhand, Odish, DK etc. State will not allow anybody to live peacefully.
Throughout the country, the Left parties have become weak, the BJP is becoming more powerful, there’s rise of the right-wing all over the world, identity politics is changing political dynamics everywhere. Under this backdrop how do you think “people’s movement”, the leftist ideology, the Maoists can be heard, or can make a difference?
The so called Left Parties left the class struggle. So, the classes to participate in production and class struggle seem to them only as voters. If elected they are also implementing the same development programmes as we have seen in Bengal and in Kerala. If you have to make a difference you must take up and adhere to anti-feudal and anti-imperialist struggles based on democratic and revolutionary programmes
Will the Communist Party of India (Maoist) join Parliamentary democracy? Is that a more “acceptable” paradigm to the people? (here I mean not just the oppressed, but those who agree with the principles but may not be in favour of an armed fight against the State).
I don’t think so. If CPI Maoist joins the so-called parliamentary democracy, it does not remain a Revolutionary party leading class struggle with armed struggle to achieve New Democratic Revolution. Today’s CPI Maoists’ task is to fight against imperialism, fascism and Brahmanical Hindutva fascism on two fronts – a broad democratic form with all anti-imperialist and anti-feudal forces and its protracted armed revolution.
28 May 2018

source : The Bengal

From Galizia (Spanish State) for Saibaba

From Italy: Spring Thunder Tour solidarity campaign. With the armed masses in India against hindu fascist Modi regime’ massacres supported by imperialism

Maoists call third bandh on May 25

This is the third bandh called by the Maoist in protest of the Kasnasur encounter within a span of a month.
The latest information was received by the security agencies through a banner and few pamphlets of the Reds spotted near Gatta Jambia village on Sunday morning. The banner, which also appeals the masses to observe the week between May 19 and 25 as ‘Pratirodh Saptah’ or week of resistance in the memory of their martyred comrades, was found hung near the village.

Lynching of tribal youth Madhu : CPI (Maoist) calls for protest

Lynching CPI (Maoist) has issued a statement calling for protests against the lynching of tribal youth Madhu in Attapadi.
The statement issued by party spokesperson Jogi on Monday said the incident reflects the cruel racist onslaught by Malayalis against the tribal community which must be resisted by all progressive forces.
The statement by the Western Ghats Special Zonal Committee of the CPI (Maoist), which was dropped in news boxes of Wayanad Press Club, alleged that hundreds of tribespeople had been murdered in the tribal regions of the state, including Attapadi.
ʹThe incident has exposed the real retrograde face of the Kerala society which boasts of being a progressive society. We call upon all the sufferers to rally together to resist those who perpetrate racial onslaught by beating to death even those who are starving,ʹ the statement said.
It added that the death of Kandan, of Chelad Colony at Pookotumpadam in Nilambur at the Kozhikode Medical College Hospital last week following alleged denial of treatment was yet another example of the racist mindset of Keralites.
ʹMainstream political parties in the state, including the CPM, which nurtures a culture of political killings and tramples on human rights, have been trying to portray such atrocities against tribespeople as chance events.
It is nothing but an attempt to whitewash the recurring attacks against the tribal community,ʹ the statement added.

Anyone can never stop People’s War!

Dantewada, Chhattisgarh: Maoists blow up police vehicle, 7 policemen dead

Times of India

Seven police personnel have died after Naxalites blew up their vehicle in Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada district today.
The attack took place on a day when Union home minister Rajanth Singh is scheduled to arrive in the state.

(Times Of India)
The Indian Express

“The vehicle that the personnel were travelling in was completely mangled when we found it. It had been split into two, both sections of the vehicle lying at least 50 metres apart, and both had fallen into a drain that runs under the road. One of the floor mats of the vehicle was hanging on the trees overhead, indicating how powerful the IED must have been,”
“After the blast, the Maoists took away weapons like INSAS rifles and AK-47s that the personnel were carrying”, a senior officer said.
(The Indian Express)

The Indian Express

The powerful explosion shattered the jeep into many parts and left a 10-foot crater. The Maoists who were apparently watching from a distance took away the weapons including two AK-47, two Insas and two SLR rifles.
Maoists have been active in the Dantewada region for decades, running a state within a state.

The Hindu

Sources: Times of India,

Maoist Posters Surface In Malkangiri District Of Odisha State


MALKANGIRI:Maoists have reportedly put up posters in Kalimela area, warning contractors of facing dire consequences if they continue to work for the road construction projects. This has spread panic among the contractors engaged in various ongoing projects.
The posters have been apparently put by CPI(Maoist) Kalimela Area Committee. “Contractor of Umerkote will be punished if he doesn’t halt the ongoing tar road construction project being carried out with the support of police informers and politicians from Kalimela to Kurub”, the poster reads.
The PMGSY road, being built by Rural Development department, will provide connectivity to pockets affected by Maoist menace.

Appeal by Revolutionary Writers Association, India

Aadivasis and Maoists are Indian people

Government waging war against the citizens is condemnable

Police declared that an encounter took place between Police and Maoists on April 22nd at Indravati river bank in the region of Boriya and Kasansur in the district of Gadchiroli of Maharashtra. They announced that in that encounter 16 Maoists died. While on 24 of the month another 15 Maoists dead bodies were found floating in the Indravati River.They informed through media that on the whole 40 Maoists were dead. Even though the police have declared that it was an instance of cross firing, it is clear from the use of latest weapons by the C-60 commandos and CRPF forces that they surrounded and unleashed firing unilaterally.
This instance of police forces planned massacre killing in such a large number could be the first one in the history of modern India. In fact, we still don’t know how many have been killed in the massacre. Government killing its own people enmasse has become the cause of a great worry for the democrats across the country.
These kinds of instances have become a regular phenomenon in the Central India. Gadchiroli massacre also should be seen as part of the same larger agenda carried out in the Central India. The state and central governments are initiating these kinds of actions in a planned way with the aim of annihilating Aadivasis and Maoists as well. The civil society as well as rights organisations have stated that the instance is not an encounter as proclaimed by police but it is a unilateral firing opened by the police forces. Statement of the central home minister Rajnath Singh declared recently saying that for the annihilation of Maoists in Chattishgarh they are going to use air force (drones, helicopters and carpet bombing) reveals the impetus for the massacre in Gadchiroli. Carrying out the same agenda of curbing the to curb the Maoists movement, the central government brought all the policies implemented so far with the same aim under one roof as ‘Operation samdhan-2022′. They proclaimed that their aim is to root out the Maoist movement by 2022. From the other side of the Godavari river, Telangana government is also involved in drone and helicopter attacks on the Aadivasis living in the Godavari river belt in the name of ‘Rakshana corridor’.
This scenario of state violence and murders is spread and seen across the country. Gadchiroli SP, Avinash Deshmukh shamelessly spoke in a TV interview defending the mass killings without any fear of the democratic civil society. He told that ‘they will wipe out Maoists’ and declared that they ‘will not stop the ongoing war at any cost’. This is a depressing scenario. In essence, this is a problem related to the future of the democracy of the country. The heavily militarized governments attacking its own people is a threat to the democratic and civil rights of the people. It can also be observed that after the Gadchiroli encounter, many Aadivasis and revolutionaries are killed across the country in the name of encounters. At this juncture, we request every citizen of this country to protest the state killings and demand the governments to stop the murders. We appeal to international human rights organisations, democratic rights organisations, mass and progressive organisations and civil society at large to intervene in the scenario to stop the war on the Aadivasis of the country to safeguard the people’s right to life.
Revolutionary Writers Association

Naxals attack security forces in Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada


A group of Naxals attacked security forces in Naxal-prone district of Dantewada on Monday. Gun battle broke out between the Naxals and security forces following the attack.
Naxals set a truck and JCB on fire before fleeing the spot.

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