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Persecuted Prisonersʹ Solidarity Committee (PPSC)
Condemn arrest of Damodar Turi by Jharkhand Police
16th February 2018
Persecuted Prisonersʹ Solidarity Committee (PPSC) condemns the continued repression on activists and groups associated with peopleʹs struggles in Jharkhand by the police and administration. Damodar Turi, a member of the Central Committee of Visthapan Virodhi Jan Vikas Andolan (VVIVA), was arrested in the evening on 15″ February 2018 from Ranchi. He was arrested after he walked out of a public programme organised by a joint front in Jharkhand called Loktantr Bachao Manch (LBM). The Manch has been formed by various organizations in Jharkhand in the face of the many undemocratic measures of the Jharkhand government, including the recent banning of a registered trade union, Mazdoor Sangathan Samiti (MSS). The LBM programme drew attention to the anti-people measures of the BJP government in Jharkhand including starvation related deaths following the compulsory use of Adhaar for availing PDS services, the banning of MSS, and the fake encounter of Motilal Baske in June 2017.
Turi has been arrested in connection to a case lodged at Giridih Mufassil Police Station on 7th November 2017. On 7th November, a public meeting and rally had been organised by the
MSS marking 100 years of Bolshevik Revolution in Giridih. MSS has been banned thereafter in December 2017 with several of its members facing arrest and its offices being raided and shut down by Jharkhand Police. This case at Giridih was registered against 12 members of the MSS and 800 unknown persons. Turi had only participated in the programme.

Damodar Turi has been active in Jharkhand for years raising issues related to displacement of adivasis and moolvasis and forcible land acquisition by the government for handing over to corporations. Although he is not a member of MSS, but after the banning of MSS, the police has been attempting to connect him with the Trade Union and has foisted several cases upon him. The DGP of Jharkhand had on 20th December 2017 at a press conference stated that Turi was the main coordinator of the MSS and also has other cases lodged against him. In a statement issued on 22nd December 2017 the VVIVA had clarified that Turi is not a member of the MSS. He had been acquitted by a Court in Ranchi of the false case that was foisted upon him in 2009 wherein he was arrested with alleged ʹnaxalite literatureʹ. Prior to the banning of the MSS he had no case pending against him. But after the banning, he has been named in four FIRs connected to MSS. Apart from provisions of the IPC, these FIRs have also been lodged under draconian anti-people laws like the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 and the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 1908.
The VVIVA which came into existence a few years after the formation of the state of Jharkhand, has been actively raising issues concerning displacement of adivasis and moolvasis. It has been actively involved in their struggle for Jal-Jangal-Jameen. Over the
years the VVIVA has raised issues including amendments to the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act, 1908 and Santal Parganas Tenancy Act, 1949, against forceful land acquisition for Electro Steel Plant and Jindal Mining Project in Santhal Pargana, and of persons displaced due to the Tenughat power plant, Bokaro steel plant, Tiger Project Betla, and Kutaku Dam. The VVJVA has therefore been on the radar of the Government for long. In April 2017 the Annual Report 2016-17 by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India had, without any basis, termed the VVIVA as a frontal organisation of the CPI (Maoist). And now its activists are being targeted.
PPSC condemns the arrest and targeting of activists and groups raising and struggling for peopleʹs issues in Jharkhand. We demand that Damodar Turi be released forthwith and cases registered against him and members of MSS be withdrawn with immediate effect.
-Stan Swamy, Sudha Bhardwaj PPSC

PUDR condemns the arrest of anti-displacement activist and founder member of ʹVisthapan Virodhi Jan Vikas Andolanʹ (VJVA) Damodar Turi, on February 15, 2018 at Ranchi, an hour after the ʹLoktantra Bachao Manchʹ (Save Democracy Forum) organized meeting had ended. He was not shown a warrant for his arrest and was presented before the Giridih Court next day and sent to judicial custody. His arrest was under a case registered at Giridih Mufassil Police Station on November 7, 2017. In this case, twelve persons and 800 unknown persons were booked for participating in a public rally organized by a Trade Union called Mazdoor Sangathan Samiti (MSS), in support of hundred years of Bolshevik revolution and for “attacking” government servants and “preventing them from carrying out their duties”. MSS was banned by the Jharkhand Government on 22nd December 2017. According to Turiʹs advocate, soon after the banning of the MSS, the Jharkhand police has implicated Damodar Turi and several others in three other FIRs in Giridih, Bokaro Thermal and Dhanbad. They have been booked under draconian laws like s. 17 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1908 which penalizes membership and participation in activities of an unlawful association and s. 13 of the Unlawful (Activities) Prevention Act, 1967 which penalizes participation in unlawful activities apart from other provisions of the Indian Penal Code.
Damodar Turi is a well known grassroots activist in Jharkhand working against displacement with decades of work behind him, and is not a member of MSS. Accusing him of being a member of a banned organisation appears to be a deliberate attempt to prevent him from working on peopleʹs issues. One of the reasons why PUDR opposes proscription of organisations is because declaring someone a member of an organisation that the Government has chosen to ban, effectively criminalises them and hampers peaceful and pro-people political activity.
VJVA as well as MSS were accused by the Union Home Ministry not too long ago of being associated with CPI(Maoist) in their last Annual Report. The stateʹs alleging such linkages with a banned organisation is a repressive strategy as VVJVA and MSS have been raising issues of Adivasi and Moolvasi peopleʹs rights over forest land and championing the enforcement of Fifth Schedule, PESA and FRA which protect forest land diversion for non-forest use. Activists like Damodar Turi are targeted because they incessantly work to raise issues which concern the public at large. The issue could be displacement or illegal land grab by government or corporate group or killing of civilians by police or para military forces, sexual violence against women or even starvation deaths. Lately the BJP-RSS government in Jharkhand was found assiduously working to erode the rights of Adivasis flowing from Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, 1908 and Santhal Parganas Tenancy Act, 1949 and to make it easier for the corporate sector and non-Adivasis to acquire rights over land which they covet for its minerals or real estate value. So the arrest of Damodar Turi of VVJVA sends a warning to deter all those working among people and championing their concerns and causes.
PUDR is concerned that by foisting cases on activists who take up peopleʹs issues and accusing them of being hand-in-glove with banned organizations, the Jharkhand government is doing its utmost to curb protests against its nefarious policies which benefit corporate groups. PUDR demands that:
1. Charges against Damodar Turi be withdrawn and he be released immediately 2. Ban on MSS be revoked
Shashi, Shahana, Secretaries, PUDR.
20th February 2018

People’s literary festival in Kolkata


We, the Bastar Solidarity Network (Kolkata) are organizing a program that we are calling People’s Literary Festival (PLF henceforth) on 24-25 th March, 2018. The PLF wants to bring together a range of critical and resistant voices in the field of literary production from various corners of our country. It is clear that over time, agencies of the state, corporate interests and the socially powerful classes have mobilised regularly in tandem to directly silence the voices of critical personalities. Repression, censorship and directly inflicted violence on the producers of critical thought, art and literature have become almost a specialty of our times. However there has also been a barrage of specifically ideological forms of control that has otherwise in much more implicit and effective ways conducted these acts of silencing and the burial of resistance and criticism in the intellectual sphere. One may cite here the changes in school curriculum initiated by the current regime holding power at the Centre, as well as publishing and media houses’ tendency to conform to or to the line of the State- a State committed to the consolidation of a Brahminical culture and absolute obedience to the implications of neoliberal corporate expansionism.
This ideological war by the powerful classes and a State increasingly exhibiting dangerously anti-
Muslim fascist tendencies is further bolstered by the Corporate Cultural Responsibility manifested by events such as the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival, the Tata Literature Live in Mumbai, or the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival, to name a few. These festivals have now become the gathering ground of an international market for ‘Indian’ literary production.The People’s Literary Festival is our attempt to orient literature to its critical social function. We are interested in bringing to the fore literature which recognizes the power structures around which our world is built and tries to envisage a way out of these chains forged by imperialist multinational capitalism, patriarchal oppression of women and marginalized gender identities, the foundational machinations of caste, by chauvinistic majoritarian nationalism and its oppression of all questions of self-determination. We will attempt to showcase and generate conversation emanating from writers who have in their own specific ways withstood the grasps of these chains in order to forge words and lines that have withstood and railed against the very historical constitution of these chains. And we want to do this without the diktats of any form of corporate sponsorship.
To make this event successful, we have talked intellectuals and writers who uncompromisingly wrote for people and struggle. They have agreed to advise and convene the event. This, we hope will initiate a necessary journey towards imagining a popular cultural form that will challenge and lay siege to what is dominant.We would request your presence at the People’s Literary Festival on 24-25 th March, 2018 to be held at Kolkata as we believe your invaluable contribution is essential for the success of the event.
May a thousand such festivals bloom!
Advisory Panel for the People’s Literary Festival
Sabyasachi Deb (Poet and literary Critique)
Krishna Bandapadhyay (Writer, Editor and Marxist Feminist)
Asok Chattopadhyay (Editor of Sanaskritik Samasamay, Writer of the book ‘KangalHarinath’)
Kanchan Kumar (Editor of Aamukh Magazine, Poet, Translator)

Azad encounter: Adilabad Lower courtʹs order set aside


An Adilabad court set aside the orders issued by Judicial Magistrate of I Class Court-Adilabad in 2015 in the alleged encounter of Maoist partyʹs spokesperson Cherukuri Rajkumar alias Azad and journalist Hemachandra Pandey here on Thursday.
Bharata Laxmi, Additional District Judge for Adilabad Special Court for SC, ST cases, pronounced the judgment, setting aside the orders of the lower court, following a petition filed by the wives of Azad and Pandey, after the Judicial Magistrate of I Class Court- Adilabad rejected the protest petition in 2015. She then ordered the court to take cognizance against 29 police officials who were involved in the encounter that occurred in the forests of Sarkepalli in Wankidi mandal of present Kumram Bheem Asifabad district in 2010.
The judge heard the versions of lawyers of petitioners and advocate representing Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) before giving the verdict. K Padma and Babita, wives of Azad, a member of Central Committee of Maoist party and Pandey, respectively, filed a revision petition with the court seeking its intervention in the verdict of the lower court, based on a report submitted by CBI.
The Supreme Court directed the Magistrate of I Class Court-Adilabad to allow the protest petition when family members of slain Maoist and journalist moved it in 2015. But, the lower court rejected the petition. The petitioners then approached High Court which ordered Adilabad Special Court for SC, ST cases to hear the case with regard to the encounter.
The CBI had investigated into the sensational killing of the duo and submitted a report stating that the encounter was genuine. But, members of Human rights bodies and wives of the killed raised doubts over the veracity of the incident.
Family members of Azad and Pandey expressed happiness over the verdict.

G N Saibaba writes from Nagpur Jail

7th February 2018.

A letter to dear students and my fellow teachers,
I dream of being in my classroom
day and night fettered behind
the strong iron beams
of my tiny solitary prison cell
I see you, talk to you
and hug you by the force
of my frail land challenged life
in my unchained mind’s eye
as the desire for freedom
flows through the sinews
and veins of my blood stream
even as I am caged
far away from you
Teaching is my forte’,
breath and life, you know
I embraced literature
for it clasps us with
our troubled histories,
philosophies and economics
of pangs of pain, tears,
fears and hopes
for a bright new day
The cage of lies,
seditious clauses
and conspitorial confabulations
confine and keep me away
from your intimate and critical
engagement with knowledge
and warm affection for the liberty
of the trampled earth.

Dear friends,

I have lived all my conscious life on the campuses of learning and teaching in search of knowledge, love and freedom. In the course of this search, I learnt that freedom for a few was no freedom. I began to study histories, philosophies and literatures with more eagerness and critical engagement.

That led me to look around myself closely. I travelled across and met people living in sub-human conditions. I realised that they never tasted freedom very much like me. I understood that castes and freedom can never co-exist. I began to speak to myself. Then I slowly started to speak to my fellow beings on my journey. I grasped of a great void of silence around me.

I saw a society of silence. I dashed myself against the boulders of silence. I brutally wounded myself. A vast majority of the multitudes have never been allowed to break their silence. Centuries of silence solidified in our lives below the high and barren rocks of argumentative India. I desired to break the prison house of silence. I struggled within myself. The rocks were hard to move. I realised that I carried within myself our silent society. It wasn’t an easy journey.

It was such a long journey, strenuous and painful. Eventually, I thought I gathered a voice myself. I wanted my fellow beings also to have a voice of their own so that we could converse. In the process, my voice gradually began to emerge. I bewildered to see that my voice was heard. After some time, my voice even started to rise a bit. Then, suddenly fell an axen on my throat. My voice was silenced in one stroke.

Friends, today, I reel under excruciating pain relentlessly. The closure of my voice within me exploded my crippled body from each of my organ. One after the other, my organs started bursting. The silence within me explodes into shooting pain. My vocal cords acquired lesion making my voice a thin and inaudible shrill. My heart broke with Hypertrophic cardiomayopathy.

My brain has started having blackouts with a condition called syncope. My kidneys are silted with pebbles; gallbladder gathered stones and pancreas grew a tail of pain called pancreatitis. Nerve lines in my left shoulder broke under the conditions of my arrest, named as brachial plexopathy. More and more organs of silence replaced the original. I have been living with explosive and shooting pain day in and day out.

I am living on the margins of life.
My pain, a voiceless song,
my being a nameless mote.
If only my pain could speak,
I’d know who I am.
And if myself could find its essence,
I’d unravel the mystery of this world.
If I could seize this hidden mystery,
my silence would find expression
(Faiz Ahmad Faiz)

Eleven long months have passed. I continue to languish under the brutal conditions of incarceration without any relief. I am forced to live without any human dignity and bodily integrity.

The conditions under which I am living have reduced me to sub-human and inhuman levels. You think of the crime attributed to me: I have lived for freedom, I have tried to find the voice of the voiceless and I tried to find my voice. I wrote about them, I spoke about them, those my fellow beings who are not allowed to have the voice of their own for centuries. This is my crime.

Degrading my body and mind is not simply removing humanity from me alone, it is an act of dehumanising our entire society; our civilizational existence.

I hope none of you feel sympathetic to my condition. I don’t believe in sympathy, I only believe in solidarity. I intended to tell you my story only because I believe that it is also your story. Also because I believe my freedom is your freedom.

With love and regards
G.N. Saibaba
Andacell, Central prison

People’s War affects… Let’s organize International Commitee Support People’s War in India – in all countries – it is a need Now!


A classification by the ministry of home affairs (MHA) on areas affected by left-wing insurgency is likely to include two districts from Kerala for the first time in the state’s history, a senior home ministry official said on condition of anonymity.
The assessment is conducted by the MHA to determine which states are eligible for reimbursement (by the federal government) of funds incurred by them to counter Left Wing Extremism (LWE).
According to the MHA, a total of 106 districts across 10 states see active left wing insurgency; of these, 35 are categorised as “worst LWE affected districts”. The home ministry official said Palakkad and Malappuram in Kerala have now been recommended by the state government to receive funds under the federal reimbursement scheme owing to increased ultra-left wing activity in both.
“Names of some districts in the worst affected list have been excluded because of the improved law and order situation there.There are some new districts that have been added including two from Kerala but the total number of worst affected districts is most likely to remain at 35,” this person said.
The inclusion and exclusion of districts in the scheme is based on their violence profile and other parameters such as intensity of violence over a period of five years, the organisational strength of various naxal outfits, the presence of armed naxal dalams (brigades) and their free movement, and finally, the extent of pro-active measures initiated by the police or administration to counter the insurgents

The MHA official did not divulge details of the other districts that have been included in or excluded from the list.
K Durgaprasad the former Director-General of the Central Armed Police Force said that there have been regular intelligence inputs for several years of attempts by Maoists to establish a base in the Kerala-Karnataka-Tamil Nadu tri junction .
The district police chief of Palakkad Dr. Srinivas A said over phone said the request for receiving central funds is not based on the law and order situation in the district but purely to strengthen the internal security mechanism.
“Though no violent incident has been reported from the two districts in 2017, there have been multiple sightings of Maoist cadres in the area coupled with intelligence reports that suggest that the insurgents are close to establishing a base in the region,” he added.

Repression does not stop but expandes people’s war

Arrest of different maoist cadres

On Friday, Maharashtra police said they arrested Maoist leader Ramanna, who headed the technical department of the Chhattisgarh (Maoist) PCI. Police arrested Rammana, alias Shrinivas Vitthalanna Madru, and his wife Padma Kodape in the town of Ballarshah (Chandrapur district) on Friday, and the authorities were informed that Rammanna was there with his wife. handed a trap, arresting the couple to deliver him to the Gadchiroli police “according to a Gadchiroli police statement. Ramanna, 65, has been active in the Maoist movement since 1976-77. He had been in charge of the party’s technical department in 1995. After 1996, he worked for the Maoist in Kondagoan, Maad, Tipargarh, Aherai and the Bastar region. The statement reads, “He was involved in making weapons for the Maoists and was also working to train young Maoist cadres in the handling of weapons.” His head was priced. His wife, Padma Kodape, aka Sammakka or Lata was a member of the 1992 party, his head was also priced and is accused of being involved in several actions attributed to guerrillas in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra.
Three Maoists wanted by the authorities were arrested by the police following a raid on a house in the suburbs of Chennai this Saturday morning. The police claimed that the three people were working as farm laborers and had been fleeing for more than a decade. Dasarathan, 38, and his wife Shenbagavalli, 36, trained at a Naxalite camp in Andhra Pradesh. Dasarathan’s brother, Jagaveerapandian, 34, was also arrested. A police officer stated that during their interrogation, they said that they planned to recruit young people in the area. The local police commissioner said, “We were informed of the presence of a Maoist group in a building in Poodni, Tiruvallur district, and put it under surveillance before raiding the house.” Police said a meeting was underway upon their arrival and that ten people had escaped their grip. A laptop, two phones, maps, DVDs and USB sticks were seized.
District of Tiruvallur

Guerilleros maoïstes

TUNISIA: students union members standing for the freedom of prof. G.N. Saibaba, Kobadh Ghandy and all political prisoners in India



CPI Maoist Increase Military Operations Along Andhra Pradesh-Telangana Border Region

 info india press news

Tension has mounted on the Andhra Pradesh-Telangana border with the CPI(Maoists) resorting to violence during the last few days. The Central forces taking up anti-Naxal operations in the border forests have sounded an alert.
Naxalites have restricted the paramilitary forces from gaining entry into their strongholds by digging trenches and felling trees on the roads. The extremist leaders are holding meetings with the villagers in tribal pockets. With the Naxalites intensifying their movements in Chhattisgarh and Odisha, the Greyhounds parties have been alerted and combing operations stepped up. Members of the People’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) damaged the roads, blasted a bridge and injured three persons including a Cobra jawan and two civilians in the last few days.
The AP police recently stressed on deployment of more police forces to curb Naxal activities. “As the Maoist menace is an inter-State issue, we are holding discussions with our counterparts in the Naxal dominated States. The cooperation from the officers is good,” an officer said.

Austria: Actions for solidarity to G.N. Saibaba!

On an antifascist demonstration this weekend in Austria activists supported the international days of action for the political prisoners in India. Within the protests against the most aggresive parts of the Austrian Bourgeoisie the demonstrators defend proletarian internationalism and held up a banner and posters in solidarity to Saibaba and all political prisioners in India.
 Austria: Actions for solidarity to G.N. Saibaba!
On an antifascist demonstration this weekend in Austria activists supported the international days of action for the political prisoners in India. Within the protests against the most aggresive parts of the Austrian Bourgeoisie the demonstrators defend proletarian internationalism and held up a banner and posters in solidarity to Saibaba and all political prisioners in India.

info and support for bandh against “fascist repression” on February 5

Malkangiri: At least 40 heavily armed red rebels barged into the construction camp at around 12 PM while work was underway for a village road led by uniformed cadres of Andhra Odisha Special Zonal Committee (AOBSZC) of outlawed CPI (Maoist) group.
The Maoists also set ablaze several vehicles in three separate incidents in the district bordering Chhattisgarh. They burnt down four trucks, two JCBs and a tractor at Bhupatiraopet in the same district.
They left behind a letter saying their action was in protest against the illegal sand mining in the area.
The rebels, through the posters, condemned the alleged “sand mafia” operations, attempts to set up opencast projects, and displacement of poor and downtrodden sections in the name of major projects in the State.
They called upon people to make the ensuing bandh called by the CPI (Maoist) in Telangana-Dandakaranya region against “fascist repression” on February 5 a success.

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