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Down with the shameful betrayal and surrender of Jinugu Narasinha Reddy – CC PCI (Maoist)


Down with the shameful betrayal and surrender of Jinugu Narasinha Reddy!
Long live the revolutionary tradition of uncompromising struggle and selfless sacrifice!
The revolution will surge forward sweeping aside all kinds of much on its path!
Jinugu Narasimha Reddy(Jhampanna, Rajesh), a member of the Central Committee(CC) of our party, has surrendered before the enemy. He had already lost confidence in the invincibility of the proletarian ideology, the Maoist party, the Protracted Peopleʹs War, the revolutionary movement and the oppressed masses. Unable to face the new and difficult conditions of class struggle brought by objectives changes and the enemyʹs intensifying all-round offensive, he chose the most selfish, heinous and cowardly path of desertion and shamelessly knelt down before the enemy. This is an outright betrayal of the Indian proletarist, its vanguard Party, the Indian revolution and the heroic struggle of the countryʹs toiling masses. It is an affront on the sacrifice of thousands of revolutionary martyrs who have selflessly laid down their lives fighting the same class enemy whom Rajesh has now so shameleslly embraced. With this, his three decades of political life in the revolutinary movement has come to an ignominious end. Our CC condemns his betrayal in strongest terms and appeals to the rank and file of Party, the entire revolutionary camp, the vast struggling masses and the friends of the Indian revolution to reject outright such renegades and their abominable path of surrender. Undeterred by the degenaration and fall of Narasimha Reddy, our CC firmly and unambiguously renews its pledge to resolutely carry forward the greed red banner of class struggle in pursuance of our Partyʹs immediate and ultimate aims.
Narasimha Reddy had joined the movement in the early 1980s, when he was working in factory as a technician in Hyderabad city. He later became a professional revolutionary and was sent by the Party to work as a guerilla squad member in Eturunagaram forest area of Warangal district. Subsequently, he developed to a squad commander, Area committee Member, District Committee member and District Committee Secretary in the period between 1986 and 1995. North Telangana Special Zonal Committee(NTSZC) was formed in 1995 with a plan to develop the guerillla war to a higher level in that zone. He was elected to the NTSZC in its first conference held that year. In 2000, he became the Secretary of NTSZC and continued to work in this capacity till 2007. He was elected to the CC in 2001 and worked as a CCM in North Telangana between 2001 and 2007. He was co-opted to CMC in 2007 and worked in North Telangana and some other parts of the Central Region. He was transferred to Odisha in 2011 where he continued to work till the end of 2016. For the last one year he was deeply submerged in ideoligical and political vacillation and finally informed the concerned CCMs in November 2017 about his decision to surrender.
It is true that Narsimha Reddy had particpated in the revoltionary movement for a relatively long period of over three decades and developed politically to become a member of its highest leading committee, the CC, contributing to the movement in the process. But at the same time, he also had several serious weaknesses, limitations and non-proletarian trends like individualism, bureaucracy and false prestige that continued throughout his political life.
Comrades who worked with him in the guerillla squad and the Party committees or the leadership comrades continuously struggled against these negative aspects of his all this time. The concerned committees put efforts at every step to rectify him and he too accepted many of the
criticism in one way or another. But his weaknesses, mistakes and limitations had persisted. Particularly in the last few years, these negative aspects got magnified and finally became dominant under the present difficult condition of the Party and the movement. The terror of the enemy had so overtaken him that he could no longer fulfil the tasks given to him by Party. He refused to attend important meetings with the excuse of probable enemy attacks even though other comrades in a similar situation shared such unfounded apprehension. Apart from comrades in highet committees, his protection comrades too criticised his panicky behaviour and defeatism. The prevailing conditions and enemyʹs serious offensive demand that the leadership comrades of the Party at the high level remain firm and confident in the battlefield and courageously safeguard themselves as an inseperble part of safeguarding the Party, PLGA and the movement.
This has to be done in all spheres of revolutionary work including in the military sphere. But as a CCM, Narasimha Reddy failed to live up to the higher level of responsibilities and tasks given him by the Party displaying heightened political consciousness, preparedness, courage, discipline, selfless sacrifice, self-critical attitude and other leadership qualities.
Our CC reviewed Narasimha Reddyʹs work in view of his persistent weakness and limitations that had reached a serious level. The CC concluded that he was seriously bogged down by subjectivesm, resulting in his overestimation of the enemy and underestimation of the revolutionary movement and the people. He had lost his bearing and sense of proportion, became incapable of analysing the objective situation as a member of the Partyʹs leading committee, repeatedly followed wrong organisational method and utterly failed to fulfil important responsibilties he was entrusted with. This was in addition to his long-standing weakness of imposing his subjective and individualistic thinking on Party committees. It had become a habit for him to bring up disputes and illogical debates on individual problems in a sectarian and arbitrary way, violating democratic centralism and proletarian discipine. Sometimes he created deadlock in the functioning of the concerned Party committee and threatened to boycott some meetings when criticised by other comrades. Due to his anti-organisational behaviour and functioning, he gradually lost the confidence of his comrades and became isolated. All these wrong traits were criticised by the comrades of the concerned Party committees on several occasions with the aim of helping him rectify his mistakes and weaknesses on the basis of unity-struggle-unity. But he failed to recognise the gravity of his negative aspects, stubbornly refused to take a self-critical attitude, failed to remould his world outlook in the light of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. This not only led to his downfall but also caused much damage to the Party.
Taking all this into consideration, our CC decided to suspend Narasimha Reddy from the CC for two years earlier this year with hope that he would acknowledge his mistakes and weaknesses and seriously put efforts to rectify with the help of his comrades. However, he neither accepted this decision positively nor did he undertake any self-criticsm at all. He also refused to take up responsibility of a State Committee Member the CC had assigned him. Overcome by petty-bourgeois false prestige and selfish narrow-mindedness, he refused to submit to the Partyʹs decision, declined to struggle against the non-proletarian traits present in him and failed to remould himself into a thoroughgoing communist revolutionary. Rather than humbly serving the revolution and the people with bowed head, he deemed it better to surrender and survive as a dirty creature at the service of enemy. In this way, the transformation of a revolutionary into an unrepentant and diehard betrayer and scoundral was complete.
Whenever CC had taken the suspension decision on him, he had raised the political differences with partl line. He was discussed that “Now India is not semi feudal – semi colonial country, it is transformed into capitalist country”. Thus our party line should change according to conditions and party would take insurrection line in Indian latest conditions. These political differences are nothing but, cover up his degeneration.
All revolutions pass through twists turns, ups and downs and diffcult situations. It is only by boldly tiding over such challenges that a proletarian party gets steeled and acquires the capability to lead the revolution to victory. In periods like this, it becomes all the more necessary for all communists – particularly those who join the Communist Party from non-proletarian classes – to deepen their ideological and political understanding, to remould themselves by adopting the proletarian world outlook and to firmly stick to it. They need to more resolutely apply the principle democratic centralism, abide by the iron discipline of the Pary, more closely integrate with the comrades and the people, learn from practices, rectify their mistakes, fight self, serve the people selflessly and stand at forefront of struggle so as to remain a committed revoltunionary till the very end. But there are always those who fail in such testing times. History shows that it is quite common for a handful of individuals who do not remould themselves and who are not prepared for sacrifice to distance themselves from the movement at such crucial junctures, giving foremost priority to their own survival. They desert the revolutionary camp and at times become counter-revolutionaries serving the enemy. Narasimha Reddy presents a glaring negative example of a revolutionary who stopped integrating with the cadres and the masses, stopped struggling against his weaknesses and became overawed by the enemy. Panic-stricken, they pathetically prostrate before the class enemy and thereby end their usefulness for the people with their own hands. The revolution will discard such people as waste material and throw them out from time to time in the process of class struggle.
should not be surprising if such despicable individuals start singing in the tune of the enemy and cast aspersions on the Party, its leadership, the revolutionary movement and the future of the Indian revolution. Propped up by the enemy, they may appear before the people in new avatars as (pseudo) ʹintellectualsʹ, ʹjournalistsʹ, ʹsocial workersʹ, etc. with sole aim of harming the Party and the revolution. Our comrades, friends and well-wishers of the Indian revolution should remain alert to such eventualities and give befitting response to them. Knowing them to be a part of the enemyʹs Goebbelsian propoganda machine, the class-conscious toiling masses should throw the claptrap of such traitors into the scrapheap.
In total contrast to the traitors and renegades, every proletarian revolution brings forward uncompromising communist fighters who serve the masses till the last breath. Indian revolution too is no exception, which inherits a long and glorious tradition of selfless sacrifice by thousands of heroic martyrs. Among them are our beloved great leaders and cadres like comrades CM and KC, Saroj Dutta, Sushital Roy Choudhuri, Amulya Sen, Chandrashekhar Das, Krishnamurthy, Satyam, Kailasham, Appu, Varghese, Biswakarma, Balan, Dinakar, Shyam, Mahesh, Murali, Karam Singh, Parimal Sen, Sande Rajamouli, Vadkapur Chandramouli, Anuradha Ghandy, Patel Sudhakar, Cherukuri Rajkumar, Mallujhola Koteswarlu, Rawoof, Sushil Roy, Sridhar Srinivasan, Kuppu Devaraj, Narayan Sanyal, Padma, Lalithakka, Urmila, Rajitha, Ajitha, Saketh Rajan, Maimuddin, Ashish Yadav, Prasad, Daya, Prabhakar, Mangtu, Shaheeda, RK, Yadanna, Madhav, Mahendar, Mastan Rao, Puli Anjanna, Kanchan, Sashadhar Mahato, Janardhan, Bhumaiyya-Kista Gaud and thousands of other martyred comrades, to name a just a few, who remained true to their commitment to the revolution and the people till the very end. They are the real heroes of the masses who show us the way.
The desertion, betrayal and the treachery of a few renegades in the pay-role of the reactionary ruling classes can never stop the revolution! They may only create some temporary hurdles and inflicit some temporary damage, but the revolution will sweep all such pests into their graves and surge forward towards its goal. Led by the proletarian revolutionaries and inspired by the heroic martyrs, millions upon millions of the oppressed masses of the country will throw them away along with their masters into the dustbin of history and achieve final victory.
Central Committee
CPI (Maoist)

Demostration against ‘war on people’ and police’s repression – towards 26/27 january days of actions for the freedom of SAIBABA/KOBAD GANDHY/AJITH – against Green Hunt – ICSPWI

Maoist supporters call martyr meet in Wayanad


Putting the CPM-led LDF Government, which has been under severe criticism for the encounter killing of two CPI (Maoist) leaders at Nilambur recently, in the dock, the supporters of CPI (Maoist) have openly called a public ʹmartyr meetʹ in Wayanad on December 14 to commemorate the death of three Maoist leaders – Kuppu Devaraj, Ajitha and Latha alias Meera.Though the martyr meet commemoration committee has approached the police seeking permission to conduct the meet at Gandhi Park in Mananthavady with the active participation of people from various walks of life, the government is yet to accord sanction for it.
The local Wayanad CPM leaders have taken a soft stand on the proposed meet called by the Maoist supporters saying there is nothing wrong in organising such a meet. The stand taken by the local CPM leaders assumes significance as the CPM-led LDF Government had come under severe criticism for the encounter operation at Nilambur in which CPI Maoist leaders Kuppu Devaraj and Ajitha were killed. The CPI, a major constituent in the LDF Government, had also expressed its displeasure over the encounter killing and criticised the Home Department headed by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan for it.
Senior police officers told ʹExpressʹ they had apprised the matter to the higher-ups and were awaiting a reply from them in that regard. Senior CPM leader of Wayanad C K Saseendran, who is currently an MLA from Kalpetta Assembly constituency, said, ʹAnyone has the right to organise a meeting to commemorate the death of a person. There is nothing wrong in a group of people commemorating the death of a few persons whom they adore. We are only against the groups within the outfits that resort to undemocratic and violent means to fight against the nation.
We want them to join the democratic process in the country,ʹ he said. Martyr meet reception convenor P P Shantolal said prominent personalities from various strata of society would attend the public meet. ʹWe have submitted a request to the police seeking permission for the meet. We expect sanction for the same because we are organising it in a democratic way with the support of people,ʹ he said. The commemoration meet is being organised under the leadership of A Vasu as its chairperson and M N Ravunni as convenor.
While Kuppu Devaraj and Ajitha were allegedly killed in the encounter, the death of Latha came to light after a pamphlet issued by CPI Maoist said she was killed in a wild elephant attack inside the forest in Palakkad. Kuppu Devaraj, a native of Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu, was a member of the CPI(Maoist) central committee and Western Ghats committee secretary. Ajitha, a lawyer by profession in Chennai, was an active member of the outfit in the Nilambur forest range and Latha, a native of Palakkad, was working in the tribal belts of Wayanad after giving up her job as an anganwadi teacher.
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A Powerful Reply from Maoist Leaderʹs Daughter to Home Minister

In the first week of July, Kerala Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala wrote an open letter to the daughters of Maoist couple – Rupesh and Shyna, who were arrested by the Andhra Pradesh police in May this year.
Reports say that the couple was in hiding for about 10 years. They have two daughters – 19-year-old Ami and Savera, who is close to ten years of age.
In his letter, the Minister spoke about his concern for the two children who did not receive enough care from their parents. He also appealed to the girls to not get “entangled in pointless campaigns and hollow ideologies”. Instead, he asked them to focus on their academics and to grow into “responsible citizens of the nation”.
However, Ami, the elder sibling has now written an open letter to the Home Minister, her discomfiture and disagreement with the contents of his letter for all to see. Her letter was published by Malayalam newspaper Madhyamam in their online edition.
Translated excerpts from the letter, originally written in Malayalam:
The Honorable Home Minister,
I happened to read the letter you wrote to us showering us with your sympathies. As a father of two, you spoke about how concerned you were that we did not get enough love and care from our parents. I thank you for your gesture. Even so, I could not fail to notice some factual mistakes and inconsistencies in the letter. Hence, I decided to write a letter to share my views.
It is illogical to say that my sister and I did not receive abundant love or care from our parents. I believe that we have received it more than most children I know. I used to accompany my parents everywhere as a child. In fact, I was staying in the Adivasi colony that you toured on January 1, when I was just five years old. My life in Kolkata, Ranni, Mumbai and Bengaluru also opened up a lot of cultures and issues for me . This helped me widen my perspective quite a bit. But things changed when the police force, which you are leading currently, barged into our lives.
When I was 10, my four-year-old sister Savera and our mother were unreasonably taken into police custody. Due to the unending harassment from your force, she decided to give up her job in the Kerala High Court and became a full time social activist. She had then written a letter to the Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan criticizing the force which pressured her into the decision. I am just issuing a gentle reminder that it the police force that you represent which forced us to remain uneducated.
In your letter, you also opined about how worried you were about people leading us astray. You also urged us to be cautious of them. But the reality is different. A group of policemen broke the front door of my house without a warrant and raided it. They also disrespected me. They told my then five-year-old sister that if they get their hands on my father, they would kill him by a bludgeoning his head with a big stone.
There are more stories like these… When my sister and I visited a function hosted by a cultural front, we were accused of being Maoists and locked up in the Mahila Mandir. And then, your policemen were just concerned about how chaste I was. “Am I a virgin? Is my hymen ruptured?” were some of the many questions they had in store for me.
When a policeman asked me for my Facebook password, I demanded that I will only access it in front of a senior official. To this, he replied, warning me that I will not see the outside world for a long time if I didn’t comply. What is your answer to my sister, who cried her heart out all night at that Mahila Mandir?
The organizers of the cultural front were unfairly accused of kidnapping us and were slapped with charges. This happened despite us reiterating that they did not kidnap us. The police witch-hunt your force unleashed on them using UAPA has made their lives a living hell. It was due to the constant harassment that we have gone through in our lives, that has made us realize the fallacies on which a mighty democracy is built. The anti-people policies of the police made me realize that the ideologies, for which my parents fight, are right.
When you took the time to sympathize with us for growing up with no parents around, how could you ignore the 150 children of Attappady who are stillborn every year?
Endosulfan, Plachimada, Arippa, Kathikudam and many more land protests have made Kerala the land of a mass movement.
Children are born in these lands too, why arenʹt you acknowledging them?
Half of the children from Scheduled Tribes who enroll into primary school fail to make it to the ppper primary level. Close to three-fourth of them do not reach high school. Can you shy away from these failures? Because of the privatization of education, tens of thousands are now in the paws of educational loans with even suicides reported.
Why do you still choose to ignore them?
In your letter, you say that it is not destruction but construction that we need. Interestingly, last December, I happened to read a letter my father wrote to you. He urges you to acknowledge the plight of the landless tribals. He speaks about how poor rates for their produce are a nail in the coffin for them. In the letter, I read about the tribal people and poor farmers who are crushed due to the anti-people policies of your government. But you have never taken an initiative to even address the issue.
You may call our parents miscreants. For you and your predecessors they will certainly be miscreants. Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose and many others who opposed colonialism were then called miscreants. They were all dealt with anti-democratic laws and dark dungeons. Today, you are dealing with my parents in the same manner. But the majority of our people, who are poverty-ridden do not see my parents as miscreants. Their fight resonates more among them than yours. My parents didnʹt set off to make a safe future or finances for themselves. Instead, they set off to make the lives of the poor people in Kerala and this country better. Their fight was for them.
(courtesy By The News Minute)
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Bandh called by CPI (Maoist) in Gaya district

GAYA: A group of suspected Maoists torched a sawmill under the Dumaria police station area as the bandh called by CPI (Maoist) crippled life in some parts of Gaya district on Wednesday.
According to reports reaching the district headquarters, the mill was torched following the refusal by its owner to pay levy (protection money) to the Maoists. The Maoists reportedly left behind a hand note threatening more damage in case their demand was not met.
Gaya SSP Garima Malik said the arsonists could not be identified. “I have asked the area DSP for a detailed report,” she said.
As per reports, Dumaria, Imamganj, Banke Bazar and parts of Raushanganj and Amas police station areas of the district were the worst hit. Besides halting every business activity, about one dozen commercial bank branches, including that of Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank, State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank, remained closed in these areas. The SSP, however, said she was not aware of it.
She further said strict vigil was being maintained in sensitive areas of the district. Besides, intensified patrolling in the vulnerable areas and area domination exercise had been stepped up, she said.
Gaya station director Pavinesh Katel said train movement on the Grand Chord section was not affected by the bandh. Vigil on the tracks had been intensified and pilots were pressed into service to escort important trains during dark hours. The Maoist gave the bandh call to register protest against the ongoing police operations against them.

CPI Maoist Expanding Influence Into Tamil Nadu-Andhra Pradesh Border Region



The Andhra-Tamil Nadu border may be becoming another problematic area for the government like the Andhra-Odisha Border (AOB) going by the reported visits of the Maoists to some tribal areas here.
The CPI (Maoist), People’s War Group (PWG) earlier, is reliably learnt to be enjoying the support of tribes in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and other States. Many Koya, Gutti Koya, Gond, Lambadas, Kondareddis and other tribes are extending their support to them in the forests.
Now, the extremists are trying to strengthen their base in the Andhra Pradesh-Tamil Nadu border and are often visiting the tribal pockets, says a police officer of Andhra Pradesh.
Malayali tribes
After the Seshachalam encounter, in which 20 red sander smugglers of Tamil Nadu were shot dead by the A.P. Special Task Force Police in Chittoor district on April 7, 2015, the Maoists visited Javvadi and Pachamalai hills where Malayali tribes had been staying for many decades.
“Thirteen Malayali tribes, allegedly engaged in cutting and felling red sander trees in the Seshachalam forests, were killed in the encounter and the tribal hamlets were shocked by it. Taking advantage of the situation, the Maoists visited the tribal pockets, condemned the act and extended their solidarity,” the police official said.
Naxalites raised their voice against bauxite mining in Visakhapatnam and criticised the government over the attacks on Dalits by the upper caste men in AP and Telangana on several occasions. The Maoists, who once had Nallamala forests in their grip, are trying to set up their base in Tamil Nadu forests too, a Task Force police officer said.
“It is a fact that the Naxalites visited the Tamil Nadu forests after the Seshachalam encounter, interacted with the coolies and held meetings. They are making efforts to strengthen their hold on AP-TN border,” he said.

Maoists protest road work, set vehicles ablaze

Malkangiri: Opposing road construction work in the district, Maoists torched several vehicles in Andrahal near Bonda ghati area late on Sunday night.
As per reports, the insurgents torched the contractor’s camp and set afire four tractors, a truck, one roller and a tipper along with some other vehicles.
Around 50 armed rebels first threatened the people at the camp to stop the road construction work and then set afire all the vehicles engaged in road construction parked at the camp, says report.
Meanwhile, Maoist uprising continue to haunt the district. Early this month, the Maoists abducted former sarpanch of Panasput Arjun Hantal and two of his associates suspecting them of being police informers and thrashed them severely at a “praja court” (people’s court).

New crimes of indian state and Modi’s fascism. Relatives of the 8 villagers killed in a fake encounter alleged torture and murder

Families of those killed have claimed that the men’s bodies did not have bullet injuries, but looked like they had been severely tortured.
Bhadradri Kothagudem (Telangana): There was nothing unusual in Nunawath Arjun’s phone call to his family on Wednesday (December 13) afternoon. Twenty-two-year-old Arjun had called his aunt, Chandini Ishawat, to exchange pleasantries and discuss the new workplace that he had joined only a few days ago. “He said he was earning well, Rs 400 per day. He told me there were eight of them working together,” Chandini said.
But the following day, Arjun – along with seven others – was killed in an alleged encounter with the police in the Tekulapally forest of Telangana’s Bhadradri Kothagudem district. Police recorded his ‘alias’ name as “Naveen”, but his family say they have never heard it.
“The SI came looking for us at around 2:30 pm. We immediately rushed to the hospital. We were able to take a close look at Arjun’s body lying lifeless at the Kothagudem government hospital before the post mortem was conducted,” claimed Chandini. (…) Chandini alleged that the body was in a terrible state, with deep gashes on the forehead and chest. Arjun’s feet were allegedly twisted to a side, and arms and jaw were broken, she said. “His face looked as if it were beaten with some hard object. It was severely mutilated. He was killed in a cold-blooded fashion and later it was shown as encounter death,” Chandini alleged.
The family further claimed that the body showed no bullet marks. “We inspected the body closely to look for bullet marks on it, both at the hospital and after getting it home for the cremation. Bullet injuries could not be found,” said Yesu Bhukya, a neighbour and also a close relative.
According to Jha, no officials were injured in the “fire exchange”. “Some suffered bruises, but nothing serious,” he said. Jha also added that the ballistics report is yet to be compiled and the number of bullets fired is unknown. “These reports take some time.”
The families of the deceased, however, have raised serious doubts over the nature of the operation and credibility of the police’s claims.
Seenu’s cousin alleged:
“His testicles were ruptured and his pants were stained with blood; blood had oozed from his mouth, hands and forehead. His jaw was completely dislodged. He also had deep wounds on his shoulders.”
The family alleged that Seenu was not killed in the way the police claims – an exchange of fire – but rather was abducted and taken to the spot along with the seven others and killed in a fake encounter.
Adinarayana’s body too bore several injuries, which his family felt were from being hit with a hard object. “His head was severely smashed,” said his mother Lakshmi.

From Senegal to India

Thank you  comrades, message well received. we support the fight for the liberation of our unjustly condemned comrades.
Fraternal greetings, the fight continues !!!
from Senegal

UNITED KINGDOM: Actions in London supporting political prisoners in India


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