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From France to meeting ICSPWI – 29/30 january

 ‘Dear comrades,

We would like to thank our maoist comrades of Italy for organizing this meeting and welcoming us.

We would like to salute all revolutionary martyrs of India who gave their life for the liberation of indian masses especially the three comrades of the central committee who died recently

Lal salaam to all martyrs of the Peoples War in India.

The heroic struggle of the indian people led by our maoist comrades of the PCI Maoist is an immense inspiration for all revolutionaries of the world.

The courageous fight against the genocidal campaigns of the fascist government of Modi is an exemplary light that illuminates the road to world revolution.

The accumulation of experience of our comrades all over the world is an invaluable richness that should feed our struggle.

We share the idea that international support does not come only in words but in actions.

Our party has always worked to support the international solidarity campaign for the Peoples War in India, This began when our comrade Pierre was still alive and working on the campaign Inde Rouge.

During the recent sanitary crisis and the weakening of our relations with the international committee we have continued working to support with solidarity the People’s War in India.

We wish to work further and more closely with you comrades for this most important campaign.

We are confident that our biggest and most important internationalist task is to combat and destroy French imperialism as well as all other imperialisms. For this we must reconstitute a communist party in the French state. We need to build the People’s War in our country.

Long live the People’s War in India, Down with imperialism, Down with the fascist Modi state, Long live MLM, Viva Marx Viva Lenin Viva Mao Zedong.’

La cause du peuple

People’s War in India support from France – ICSPWI info

26 Novembre 2021  ·

🔴 Ce 24 novembre, à l’occasion de la journée internationale d’action en soutien à

la guerre populaire en inde, Jeunes Révolutionnaires rendait hommage aux masses révolutionnaires indiennes engagées dans la Guerre Populaire depuis 1967.

Aujourd’hui, ce combat permet l’émancipation de millions de personnes à travers l’Inde. Là où les communistes s’installent, ils redistribuent les terres aux paysans

exploités, détruisent le vieux système de classes et se battent contre l’oppression

patriarcale. Bref, ils établissent un nouveau pouvoir où le peuple est aux commandes.

Le seul moyen de parvenir à cela, à transformer la vieille société et chasser les

exploiteurs, c’est par la révolution. Les camarades indiens luttent, armes à la

main, contre l’État Indien sur tout le territoire. Le gouvernement les considère même comme la menace la plus importante pour le pays, c’est pourquoi la répression est terrible : de 2008 jusqu’à aujourd’hui, l’opération Green Hunt mobilisa police, armée et milices fascistes dans le cadre de la lutte contre les révolutionnaires indiens. Pillages, Viols, executions sommaires, torture … On ne compte pas les moyens mis en oeuvre pour tenter de vaincre les communistes, mais le peuple, lorsqu’il est organisé, est invincible ! Devant l’échec de cette opération, l’État indien vient d’en lancer une nouvelle : l’opération Prahaar 3, s’annonçant bien pire que la précédente.

Face à cela, nous soutenons le peuple indien dans sa juste lutte.

Soutien à la Guerre Populaire en Inde ! À bas le vieil État Indien et Prahaar 3 !

Les masses triompheront !

A book “Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution (Naxalbari to 2010)” diffused in the 8th march women’s day in Italy – MFPR Italy

 “Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution (Naxalbari to 2010)”, a large book in two parts together with a separate list of more than 500 women who have been martyred from the time of the historic Naxalbari uprising in 1967 until the end of 2010. Many of these women were also brutally raped and tortured by government troops and death squad organizations such as Salwa Judum. These volumes are a very moving memorial to these courageous women.   Part I (PDF format) (154 pages: 1,171 KB);   Part II (PDF format) (255 pages: 1,483 KB);   List of Women Martyrs (PDF format) (18 pages: 121 KB)

To the International Campaign Support People’s War in India from CC/CP on Nepal

25 January 2022

To the International Campaign Support People’s War in India

Dear comrades,

We came to know that you are initiating a campaign to support the Armed Resistance led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) against the reactionary state of India. This is very important step in building solidarity for the people’s war as well as building up worldwide public opinion in favor the revolutionary movement in India. Our Party, not only fighting for Scientific Socialism in Nepal but also being an internationalist party fighting to support the same kind of war and people’s struggle to establish socialism and communism, not only thanks the revolutionary parties, organizations and individual revolutionaries for the campaign, we also have ideological, political and social solidarity to our comrades who have been fighting a fierce struggle to over through the comprador bourgeoisie capitalist state of India and attain a complete liberation of Indian people by accomplishing New Democratic Revolution and Scientific Socialism.

Indian people have been reeling under the operation of domestic feudalism and foreign imperialism. Communist Party of India (Maoist) has correctly and carefully been leading the people, organizing a relentless and uncompromising war against the reactionary state for a complete liberation. For this reason, alike the other party’s governments, the BJP led Hindu fascist regime of Modi has been brutally suppressing the Indian people who want real peace, stability and freedom. Our party once again condemns this brutality, demands release of all comrades in prisons, and extends support to their epoch making struggle as well as extends our solidarity to the ICSPWI for the campaign.

With revolutionary regards


International Department

Remembering Comrade Varghese on his 52nd Martyrdom Day Anniversary!

Comrade Mao has said, death is a quite natural thing but living and dying for people is greatly worthy.

Comrade Varghese worked and got Martyred for the marginalised people!

Comrade Naxal Varghese who was CPI(M) Kannur District Committee Office secretary was sent to Wayanad by CPI(M) district committee to strengthen the peasant movement. He along with PS Govindan was working with All India Kisan Sabha led by AKG in Wayanad. He understood that CPI(M) was along with the feudal savarna landlords and Bourgeoisie who exploited Adivasis and Dalits! After politically criticising CPI (M) for its Parliamentary Cretinism, Varghese and PS Govindan joined CPI (ML), the Naxalite movement.

It was CPI(M) who protested against the fake encounter of Varghese and the same CPI(M) killed 8 Maoists in the last term of Pinarayi Vijayan!

Remembering Comrade Varghese on his 52nd Martyrdom Day Anniversary!

Italy: posters celebrating the Bhoomkal day in many towns

Taranto: Arcelor Mittal – center of the town with south Asia immigrants
L’aquila (up) Ravenna (below)
Milano: popular neighbourhoods
Palermo: shipyards – south asian migrant neighnourhoods – university
Bergamo factories where Indian migrants work

from Afghanistan to ICSPWI Meeting – ICSPWI info

Long Live the People’s War in India!

Down with genocidal Hindutva Fascism!

The People’s War in India led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) is the advanced edge of the international struggle against the rotten capitalist-imperialist system. This is the struggle of workers, peasants, and other toiling masses to overthrow a parasitic and obsolete bourgeois comprador dictatorship in India and establish a new democratic and socialist society. The center of gravity of this struggle is the revolutionary base areas where the wretched of the earth hoists the red flag and holds out against a technologically superior machine of violence led by a fascist Party, in all senses of the word. The reactionary and imperialist powers aid Modi’s fascism and the reactionary machine of violence against the People’s War.

The People’s War in India has not only instilled revolutionary enthusiasm among the masses in India, but it has heartened the downtrodden masses, proletarians, and communists around the world. The fear of the ruling reactionaries in India and their imperialist patrons of the People’s War in India is precisely because this war has revived the revolutionary enthusiasm. Many international proletariats and the revolutionary masses worldwide consider the People’s War in India as the war of their class and stand by it.

Hence, the reactionary classes in India and their imperialist and reactionary allies are trying in various ways to suppress the People’s War. The Indian state’s armed thugs display their anti-people and reactionary essence in their criminal use of violence against the masses supporting the People’s War and supporters and members of the Communist Party of India (Maoist). This state is arbitrarily detaining and imprisoning dissidents and intellectuals who question its violence and massive human rights violations.

But the People’s War in India is advancing against all odds; it is the internationalist duty of all communists, revolutionaries, workers, and progressive forces to support the just war of the revolutionary masses in India. Proletarians are an international class, and internationalism is a fundamental communist principle. Revolutionary communists should mobilize all their strength to extend solidarity and support to the People’s War in India.

The growing international campaign in solidarity with the People’s War in India is a testament to the internationalist commitment of true communists and revolutionaries. Yet, it is far from enough; the international proletariat must draw practical plans to intensify and expand the solidarity campaign with the People’s War in India.

To struggle to form an international communist (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) organization is the internationalist responsibility of all Maoist forces. The existence of an international Maoist center will better serve the international proletarian struggle, including campaigns and struggles like the solidarity movement with the People’s War in India. The international communist Maoist parties and organizations should intensify their efforts to form a new international communist (Maoist) organization and struggle and rectify shortcomings that have prevented us from making significant progress in this direction.

We strongly believe that no force can turn the tide of the advance of revolution and destroy the People’s War in India if revolutionaries are grasping and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. We fully support and stand by the People’s War in India and call on all revolutionaries, communists, progressive and democratic forces to leave no stone unturned in their efforts to extend solidarity and support to the People’s War in India.

The current Indian state is a parasitic, oppressive machine of violence. With the Hindutva right-wing nationalists at its helm, it is fast-moving on the path of establishing a genocidal fascism regime. The victory of the people’s war and the success of the new democratic revolution and advance towards socialism will prevent a significant part of humanity from marching towards disaster with world-historic consequences. We are determined to intensify our solidarity with the revolutionary struggle and people’s war in India.

Long Live People’s War in India!

Long Live Communist Party of India (Maoist)!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

29 January 2022

from Tunisia for ICSPWI meeting – ICSPWI info


Dear comrades, on behalf of the Tunisian comrades of the Elkadehines (the party of the most oppressed workers) Party who join and participate in the CSGPI-T, I greet the organizers and all the participating comrades

Our local committee has been active for the past 6 years, although over the past few years activity has decreased significantly also due to the pandemic.

The international campaign launched last October by the Support Committees of Italy and Galicia and directly supported by the CPI(M) was an opportunity to resume this activity and also to make our contribution to the international campaign itself. in the world and in particular in the Arab world.

As a resumption of the work of our committee, we distributed propaganda posters with the slogans of the international campaign and drafted a statement disseminated to certain masses in struggle in the rural region of across the country and to students and university professors.

We believe that the 24th of November Internationalist Solidarity Day in support of the PW in India, the CPI(M) and against the repressive and genocidal campaign of Prahar 3 was a historic day: indeed it not only took place in 25 countries out of 5 continents, but for the first time, CPI(M) explicitly supported an international campaign by ICSPWINDIA with the important outcome that the day also saw initiatives within the Indian Union in various of its states.

Our committee still has to take many steps forward but at the same time we are proud that it objectively represents the spearhead on the African continent and in the Arab world of this important activity in favor of the most advanced PW in the world today.

In this meeting we inform you about something new: we succeeded in forming an “Arab Committee to Defend the Revolution in India” among the intellectuals of many Arab countries.

Indeed, if the Arab people divided into different states have rebelled almost perpetually in recent decades, giving rise to continuous popular revolts, including armed ones, they have not yet found the right strategic path so far : that of the PPW! The people’s war in India represents a political, theoretical, ideological and military example for all the oppressed peoples of the world, including the Arab people, and it is therefore an experience that must be known, understood and supported.

In this sense, by organizing the commitee in Tunisia we propose:

– to involve other revolutionary, democratic and progressive forces, collective and individual, also denouncing the links between the Zionist regime and that of Modi in terms of military cooperation and intelligence based against the insurgency, that is to say against the GP.

– involve, as we already did in 2017 with the farmers of the oasis of Jemna, certain peasant realities fighting in the country, and their direct and indirect intellectual representatives, making them sympathize with the great Indian peasant movement and therefore with the PW in India.

– Intensify support propaganda by symbolically hitting sensitive places and interests of the Indian government in Arab countries.

-Finally, our committee therefore undertakes to contribute to the next international campaigns in a coordinated manner within the framework of the plans indicated by the ICSPWI, taking into account the documents, proposals and appeals of the CPI (m) as indicated in the letter convening this meeting .

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live the people’s war in India led by the CPI(M)!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Declaration of The creation of the “Arab Committee for the Defense of the Revolution in India”.

Farmworkers, peasants, women, students, oppressed nationalities and others are leading the struggle in India, where strikes, sit-ins, protests and armed actions erupt in a people’s war that has been going on for decades. years, and millions of people are involved in this fight

In the face of this, the Indian reaction, led by Modi, is adopting intense repression, including resorting to campaigns of genocide, using the army, police and right-wing militias, employing religious sectarianism in politics, supported by imperialism, Zionism and the reactionaries in power in many countries, which reveals the ugly face of what the reactionary media describes as greater democracy on earth.

Today, eminent workers, peasants, intellectuals and fighters are in Indian prisons, and many of them are liquidated without trial and in cold blood.

In a number of countries, committees are formed to defend the revolution in India by defaming the repression through petitions and statements, organizing seminars and various forms of protests.

In the Arab homeland, a number of intellectuals are calling for the creation of the Arab Committee for the Defense of the Revolution in India.of. In a symbolic movement of solidarity with oppressed classes and nationalities leading the struggle for liberation and socialism in affirmation of internationalist solidarity between oppressed classes, peoples and nations throughout the world.


1- Hisham Ghassib, Professeur des Universités / Jordanie

2- Mohamed Al-Misbahi, écrivain et professeur d’université / Maroc

3- Rizgar Aqrawi – écrivain, journaliste / Irak

4 Ghazi Al-Sourani, écrivain / Palestine

5 Iqbal Gharbi, professeur d’université / Tunisie

6- Alaa Al-Lami, écrivain / Irak

7- Um El-Zein Benchikha, écrivain et professeur d’université / Tunisie

8 – Adel Samara, écrivain / Palestine

9- Amna Yahyaoui, écrivain / Tunisie.

10 Furat Alwan, rédacteur en chef du site Internet de la place Tahrir, Irak

11- Azmi Mansour, rédacteur-prisonnier et professeur d’université / Jordanie

12 Maha Shbeita, professeur d’université / Palestine

13- Rafea El Tabib, professeur des universités / Tunisie

14- Mahfouz Jilani, journaliste et directeur de la Fondation Al-Nashra Maghreb / Mauritanie

15- Mohamed El-Jadidi, professeur des universités / Algérie.

16- Wissam Al-Faqawi, universitaire et rédacteur en chef du magazine et portail goal / Palestine

17- Farid Al-Olaybi, professeur d’université / Tunisie.

from Turkey to ICSPWI meeting – ICSPWI info

Hindistan’da HKP(Maoist) Önderliğinde Sürdürülen Halk Savaşı ve HKP(Maoist) Tutsakları İle Enternasyonal Dayanışma Toplantısı Gerçekleştirildi

0 1 Şubat 2022 11:39 am

2022 Ocak ayında  İtalya`da, “Hindistan’daki Halk Savaşını Uluslararası Destekleme Komitesi” (International Committee in Support to the People’s W



2022 Ocak ayında  İtalya`da, “Hindistan’daki Halk Savaşını Uluslararası Destekleme Komitesi” (International Committee in Support to the People’s War ın India) tarafından koordine edilen dayanışma toplantısına; Türkiye, Galiçya, Tunus, Avusturya, Afganistan, Fransa, İtalya`dan Marksist-Leninist-Maoist Parti ve örgütler katıldılar. Tüm dünyada devrim, sosyalizm ve komünizm mücadelesinde ölümsüzleşenler ve Hindistan’da Halk Savaşında şehit düşen halk savaşçıları ile komünistler anısına yapılan saygı duruşu ve Enternasyonal marşının söylenmesiyle  toplantı başladı.

Yapılan uluslararası toplantıya katılan parti ve örgütler yaptıkları konuşma ve değerlendirmelerde Hindistan`da süren Halk Savaşı ve Yeni Demokratik Devrim mücadelesine nasıl ve hangi etkinlik biçimleriyle destek vereceklerine dair görüş ve önerilerini sundular.

TKP/ML Enternasyonal Komitesi,  Hindistan`da, Hindistan Komünist Partisi (Maoist) önderliğinde MLM çizgide sürdürülen Halk Savaşı ve Yeni Demokratik Devrim mücadelesiyle proleter enternasyonalist ruhla dayanışmayı sürdüreceklerini belirtirken aynı zamanda gerçek proleter enternasyonalizmin komünistlerin kendi ülkelerinde devrimi büyütmekle olacağını ifade etti. Aynı zamanda, Hindistan Halk Savaşı ile dayanışma kampanyasına ve özelde HKP(Maoist) tutsakları ile dayanışmalarını TKP/ML`nin 50. kuruluş yılı kampanyası faaliyetleri kapsamında da sürdüreceklerini belirtti.

Bu toplantıya çeşitli nedenlerle katılamayan İspanya, Brezilya, Kolombiya, Nepal, Pakistan, Arap Komitesi, Norveç, İsveç, İsviçre Kanada, Çin vb. ülkelerdeki MLM örgütlerden ve Türkiye’den MLKP tarafından gelen destek mesajları okundu.

Toplantının devamında Hindistan Komünist Partisi (Maoist)’in Kasım 2021`de başlattığı kampanya ve yaptığı enternasyonal dayanışma çağrısı çerçevesinde; Hint gericiliğine ve faşist Modi iktidarının “Prahar 3” adıyla HKP(Maoist) ve halka karşı yürütülen karşı-devrimci operasyona karşı gerçekleştirilen protestolar ve Hindistan`da sürdürülen Halk Savaşıyla dayanışma çalışmaları kapsamında, Amerika, Avrupa ve Asya kıtalarında yapılan eylem ve etkinlikler hakkında bilgilendirmeler yapıldı.

Yine,  Şubat ve Eylül 2022 tarihleri arasında yapılacak çalışmalar, dayanışma etkinlikleri ve eylem takvimi planlandı. Hindistan Halk Savaşıyla dayanışma ve Uluslararası Tutsaklar günü nedeniyle 18-24 Mart tarihleri arasında devrimci ve komünist tutsaklarla dayanışma etkinlikleri ve Hint devletinin baskılarını protesto eylemlerine dair etkinlikler yapılması  kararlaştırıldı.

Dayanışma faaliyetlerine yönelik ortak afiş tasarlanması dünya genelinde tek tek ülkelerde MLM örgütlerce yapılacak çalışma ve devrimci faaliyetlerin anti emperyalist mücadele  kapsamda genişletilmesine yönelik devrimci, demokratik örgüt ve çevrelerin desteğinin alınması çabası içinde olunması ve  kampanyanın etkisinin genişletilmesine yönelik  ortak anlayış benimsendi.

İki gün süren toplantı, “Yaşasın Marksizm-Leninizm-Maoizm”, “Lal Selam”, “Yaşasın Hindistan Komünist Partisi (Maoist)” sloganları ve Enternasyonal Marşın hep birlikte söylenmesiyle sonlandırıldı.

Ocak 2022

from Austria for ICSPWI meeting 29/30 – ICSPWI info

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Dear comrades, supporters of the People’s War in India,

On behalf of the Austrian Committee in Support of the People’s War in India, I have the honor to bring firm red greetings of class solidarity and proletarian internationalism. Our greetings today are especially towards the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the PLGA, the People’s Revolutionary Committees and the struggling masses of India. The People’s War in India is not only the revolutionary pole that unites the struggling masses of India, it is also a beacon for the oppressed and exploited worldwide to defeat imperialism and build the new power of the workers and the people. I also convey to all revolutionary and antiimperialist forces present today a powerful: LAL SALAAM!

At the beginning I would like hold high the martyrs who paved the way of the new democratic revolution in India with their blood. Representative of thousands of heroes of the people who gave their lives in the struggle against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism are the three members of the Central Committee of the CPI(Maoist), Comrade Chintanda, Comrade Milind Teltumbde, and Comrade Haribushnan, who died in the recent period. Long live the fallen heroes – Glory to the revolution!

At the present moment, we are witnessing the deepening of the general crisis of capitalism. The revolutionaries and antiimperialists are in a situation where an old period is coming to an end and a new situation is developing. A situation that we can characterize by the fact that a real explosion of struggles of the workers and the masses is taking place, especially in the oppressed countries, but also in the imperialist countries. Let’s think about the repeated biggest strike in the history of humankind in India last year, or the all-national peasant movement and its worldwide resonance, which even in Austria led to gatherings of hundreds of Indian workers of the diaspora. In this situation, where the revolutionaries find brilliant conditions, it is necessary to strengthen the bond of international solidarity and to make it a weapon in the struggle for the elevation of class consciousness, of internationalism, which, as we know, is the “spirit of communism ” (Chairman Mao Zedong). The important leader of the proletarian revolution in India, Charu Mazumdar, teaches in this regard: “It is a great international responsibility to make revolution in our country!” As the most advanced struggles, the people’s wars in Peru, India, Turkey and the Philippines are of special importance for the world proletarian revolution; and their support therefore a special task of the revolutionary and antiimperialist forces!

The general crisis is expressed in India, a semi-feudal and semi-colonial people’s dungeon, in an accelerated crisis of bureaucratic capitalism. The more the crisis of the old Indian state develops and the more the oppressed and exploited fall away from it, the more the ruling classes of India ingratiate themselves with their imperialist masters. US-imperialism in particular, but also the EU imperialists, are propping up and promoting the Hindu fascist ruling class in India in order to intensify the exploitation of resources, land and labor force, to suppress the mass struggles of the people and to attack their biggest opponent, the people’s war. But the imperialists’ plans are doomed to failure! The genocidal and counter-revolutionary Operation Green Hunt suffered a defeat and the People’s War led by the CPI(Maoist) could take even deeper roots among the masses and the revolutionary front of the people could be expanded. The new desperate attempt to maintain the old rotten order of exploitation and oppression is another counterrevolutionary campaign: Prahaar – 3. The struggle against Prahaar is to be understood as an extremely important part of the worldwide struggle between revolution and counterrevolution, and thus also a weighty component of the International Solidarity with the People’s War in India. “The campaign to end the Operation Green Hunt and the solidarity movement in support of the peoples’s war in India complement each other”, wrote the Central Committee of the CPI(Maoist) in its letter to the Conference in Support of the People’s War in India in 2012. We think this orientation is still valid today, and shows that the struggle against Prahaar – 3 goes hand in hand with the defense of the peoples war and the Communist Party who leads it. So the campaign for the defense of the peoples war in India is also a campaign for the defense of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, as the guide of the Proletarian World Revolution.

Internationally, there were numerous organizations and parties that responded to the call of the CPI(Maoist) for an international day of action on November 24. In five continents, more than a hundred actions of class solidarity and internationalism took place, an important signal of spreading solidarity with the People’s War in India. The Austrian Committee in Support of the People’s War in India took a powerful part in this day of action. Workers spread the reactionary plans of the rulers in India in the factories and industrial centers, activists of the women’s movement organized actions of solidarity and other banner actions and discussion events were held. On the occasion of the year-long campaign on 20 years of PLGA, which ended in December last year, the important role of PLGA in the people’s war in India was spread among the masses under the slogan “20 years of the people’s army”.

The international day of action was an important signal and we think it is the task of all revolutionary and antiimperialist forces to strengthen the international support for the People’s War in India and to consolidate it on the basis of a common evaluation. The present moment in the class struggle does not only bring many and also new tasks, it also contains new potential to strengthen and spread the forces. This is proven to us, for example, by those forces that have newly joined the campaign in support of the People’s War in India in recent years or those forces that have been able to deepen and spread the scope of activities. We believe that the ICSPWI should not only improve its coordination, but also increase its political activity and also promote the theoretical debate. The Austrian Committee in Support of the People’s War in India therefore proposes to hold a joint international day of action in March for the release of all political prisoners in India, with special emphasis on Prof. Saibaba and Varavara Rao. This day of action should be a prelude to a week of action in support of the people’s war in India and the condemnation of the counter-revolutionary campaign Prahaar – 3. To strengthen and consolidate the work of the International Committee, this also requires a common international coordination of the forces joined the international day of action on the 24th of November, a common call, agitation material, like a common call and poster.


Let us take advantage of the new situation in which the class struggle and the world proletarian revolution is developing! Let us develop the common support of the peoples war in India as an strong tool to raise the struggle against imperialism, revisionism and all reaction. The light of the peoples wars in the world shines on the oppressed an exploited and raises the will hand hope of the working class and masses towards liberation all over the world. A world in which imperialism approaches its final defeat and socialism its worldwide victory!

Long live the People’s War in India!

Long live the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the PLGA and the revolutionary People’s Committees!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Down with imperialism! Long live the Proletarian World Revolution!

Committee in Support of the People’s War in India, Austria

January 2022

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“Rise Against the Proposed Salva Judum-2 with the name Vikas Sangharsh Samithi (Committee to Struggle for Development)! — An appeal to the people, democrats, progressive intellectuals, writers, teachers, lawyers, media personnel, human rights organizations, adivasi, non-adivasi social organizations, sarv samaj, sarv adivasi samaj”

“A Call to the People to Fight Back the New Form of Salva Judum and the Supportive Organization of Greenhunt, Salva Judum-2”

“Boycott the Visit of Modi, the Prime Servant of CBB and MNCs to Chhattisgarh”

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Fight Back [against] the Anti-Working Class Amendments to Labour Laws by the NDA Goverment! Vikas model of Modi is Vinash for the people of India and Vistar for the imperialists and compradors!

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A Call to the People of India! Shatter the shackles of imperialism and feudalism, Destroy this rotten system! Build your future and that of the country with your own hands!

Statement in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) on September 21, 2004, issued by the Odisha State Committee of the CPI (Maoist) -Hindi

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