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Denouncing the regime and imperialism
There is no doubt that the current Indian regime with its the Hindu fascist government led by Narendra Modi of the BJP (Hindu nationalist party, in fact fascist) is one of the most brutal in the country’s history for the extent and depth of the atrocities that is perpetrating against its own people (“Silent genocide”, according to Arundhati Roy) basically at the service of imperialism.
This huge and impressive civil war is the only “human built-structure”, we could say with a joke, to be visible, like the Great Wall of China, from space, but the world press does not see it, and consequently most of the ” world public opinion” does not “perceive “it; this fact is certainly due to the information denied by the imperialist bourgeoisie, above all, which highlights some news only when it is forced by the breadth of the event that scares and serves to put the popular war in a bad light, and by the Indian comprador bourgeoisie who, as always, seeks to apply the “conspiracy of silence” by trying to redress the ongoing people’s war to a fact of internal terrorism.
Both the imperialist bourgeoisie and the Indian bourgeoisie try to stun the world public opinion with their speeches that encompass India in an aura of “democracy” (“the greatest democracy in the world” they call it, words that many democratic and revolutionary intellectuals just as daily they commit themselves to deny with their writings and their actions), trying to hide the concrete and hard facts of this real war against their own people.
The forms that this war has assumed are now well known: Operation Green Hunt, as the Indian mass media called it, and with this name is known worldwide, is the last “operation”, in its third phase, in order of time, which is flanked and contains the other historically occurred “operations” (Jan Jagatan, Salwa Judum 1 and 2, Mission 2016 and Mission 2017, Operation samdhan-2022, Samadhan …) through which all Indian governments have tried to eliminate (“wipe out”, and “eradicate” and similar phrases) the People’s War and the Party that leads it, the CPI (Maoist).
This “operation” is naturally denied by the Indian comprador bourgeoisie, in order not to recognize the “civil war” side of the ongoing conflict, and consequently the state of political and war prisoner to the fighters of the CPI (Maoist), and when he speaks of it he says that it is a generalized and large-scale attack on terrorism, applying the existing Indian laws like the Uapa (Unlwaful Activities Preventing Act), but this propaganda fiction, this denial, is refuted daily by the response it receives from the People’s War.
And when a revolutionary movement, like the ongoing people’s war, develops with intensity, such as to jeopardize the “tranquility” of power (former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has defined the People’s War as “the greatest threat to security and internal unity of our country”) the bourgeoisie on the one hand clenches its ranks to face the threat, on the other, however, the same effectiveness and intensity of the struggle leads to the need to stand in these two fields more and more clear between revolution and counter-revolution, a polarization begins.
This is the normal dialectic of the relations of force that the class struggle creates.
Faced with this civil war, all the parliamentary parties are on the side of the government, all those who in one way or another profit, whether they are still crumbs, from their support more or less open to the government or more or less open against the people’s war: big industrialists and great financiers, landowners, comprador bourgeoisie, corrupted peoples…
On the other hand there are the popular masses of the country which has over 1,300,000,000 people; most of them, including about 800 million peasants, are first and foremost inside the grip of poverty in all its nuances: from the most extreme one that every day makes dead on the streets, the deaths of children due to malnutrition, deaths of women for violence of every kind, for childbirth, for the dowry, deaths of indebted peasants who commit suicide in the thousands every year, the extreme poverty that lurks even in the realities of urban megalopolis …
It is this very hard and impressive reality that they try to hide; what the bourgeoisie certainly sees and of which makes propaganda and which partly blinds this immense poverty, is the sparkle of the “industrialized” part of the country, sold as an “economic miracle” (growth of 7 percent a year!), greatly appreciated by imperialism! “Miracle” which actually consists in selling the country to the multinationals.
Here too the media play their part: highlighting Bollywood is part of this reality, highlighting the “excellence” of the country in terms of advanced applied technologies, a large market of goods and “work” with thousands of young engineers, scientists, in fact a great reserve of “arms” and fresh minds for the imperialist countries, whose heads of state and government encourage when exchange visits to the “highest levels”, dragging on swarms of capitalists who must conclude Business.
But all this sparkling can not fully cover the fires lit by the guerrilla warfare conducted by the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Liberation Army under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist).
It is to this popular war that the government responds with Operation Green Hunt, third phase, a gigantic and prolonged operation of repression and annihilation of the armed struggle of the masses and the mass struggle in general, conducted through open or hidden massacres (false encounters) , deportations of populations, devastation, mass rape and huge and systematic waves of arrests, disappearances, that touch the countryside and cities, universities and mass movements with systematic violation of human rights; a repression of all expressions of request for civil rights and liberties, with indiscriminate arrests of militants of the Party, of ordinary peasants presented as terrible terrorists, of workers condemned for life for defending their rights, as of so many other personalities, intellectuals eighty-year-olds accused of being “urban maoists” who “make war on the state”; and then again with the killing of women directly or through mass rape used as a weapon of war. Many of these activists become political prisoners, they are about 15,000, including Prof. Saibaba, artists, lawyers, student leaders and of course some prestigious Maoist leaders such as Kobad Gandhi, Ajit and others.
The last massacre in order of time is that of Gadchiroli, in Maharashtra, where at least 42 Maoists were slaughtered in cold blood; first there was that of Malkangiri in 2016 when 31 Maoists died …
The substantial support of imperialism is added to the internal support of this war against its own people within the country itself. In many ways, the atrocities of imperialism and in many parts of the world take place, sowing death and destruction, (operations often silenced by the media and governments like those in India) with direct armed support when necessary, support with arms sales, with the facilitation of international loans; with the direct and propagandized diplomatic support made of visits and agreements of the main exponents of world imperialism, with the joint military operations, with the coverage of corruption at the highest levels and of the crimes of the government (Modi is in fact responsible for the slaughter of the Muslims in Gujarat in 2002, when he was head of the government of that state), and coverage of the Indian expansionism that presses on Nepal and Pakistan, coverage of domestic oppression with all the contempt possible for the “human rights” called into question only when it is convenient to put pressure on the opponent on duty.
Imperialism also acts with commercial and military agreements (the so-called MoU-Memorandum of understanding, the treaties) because India is a subcontinent rich in raw materials, water, forests and land (Jal, Jungle, Zameen – water, forest, earth are the elements in which hundreds of millions of Indians live that the ongoing people’s war must save from the clutches of imperialist exploitation. To these three elements the people’s war has added two more to fight for: Izzat and Adhikar, respect and rights).
This is why the government is particularly fierce in the states of the so-called “red corridor”, the part of the country where the people’s war is more active and strong, a dozen states and hundreds of districts, which cuts the country from north to south. West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Western Maharashtra to Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. These states are the poorest in India and at the same time those that hold the greatest mineral riches. Orissa, for example, contains 70% of all reserves of Indian bauxite, 90% of minerals of chromium and nickel, 24% of the coal of the entire nation. India is the world’s second largest producer of cement, the third of steel and the first of reduced iron (direct reduced iron). It is also one of the largest leather producers in the world. The Indian reserves of rare earths are estimated at 3.1 million tons, or about 3% of the world reserves, of which India is increasing its extraction capacity. India also has the availability of cotton and a great variety of fabrics, making it a privileged destination for the relocation of clothing companies… reserves and raw materials that become increasingly fundamental for capitalist production.
Even Italian imperialism (whose current investments in India are about 6 billion euros) plays its part in the exploitation of the Indian proletariat and these resources. The last visit of the President of the Council for example has served to get in tune with the policy of the government Modi, which goes under the name of “make in India”, inaugurated by Modi in 2014 and which is a great appeal to multinationals of various types to invest in India. And so many hungry Italian multinationals were in fact in tow. Investment in India has a double aspect at this stage and fits into the current scenario of India’s role in the imperialist and multipolar set-up of the world.
For Italian companies it is the search for market outlets, profits and penetration typical of imperialism; what is not exactly the same as before is the role of India, which uses imperialist investments to grow its economy, always deformed, but nevertheless able to make India a global economic presence, not only economic but political, military in the geostrategic structure of the world.
An asset in which every imperialist country tries to carve out an important part. Many multinationals from various imperialist countries are present in the country.
But it is a structure that especially American imperialism tries to dominate and that combines its interests in the area by bringing together trade, with direct investments that only in 2017 are around 50 billion dollars, with the sale of goods and services for billions, and among these an immensity of weapons (India is the largest importer of weapons in the world at present), with the massive presence of multinationals, and on the other, political exchanges, given that the United States (which from the military point of view it lets Israel also act) uses India in the Asian zone as a control of the area and against the expansionism of China.
This enormous pressure of imperialism on India accentuates the terrible forms of oppression that the government exercises on its own people.
But the opposition to this barbarism speaks up louds not only with the blows of the people’s war and great mass mobilization, but also with active internal and international solidarity: in fact, for several years events have been taking place all over the world in solidarity with the political prisoners, in support of the People’s War, first against Singh and now against Modi, with countless conferences and meetings (in Europe, the one in Hamburg in 2012 marked an important point that forced the Indian government to intervene at the European Union); inside and outside the country with campaigns against the current wave of arrests, against Hindu fascism and against the current Operation Green Hunt, with interpellations to the European Union, initiatives that also become obstacles on the way of the genocide put in place by the government, initiatives of solidarity that become a weapon to be used in an increasingly determined and strong way.

December 2018
International Commettee to support Peolple’s War in India


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