Punjab intellectuals against arrests

Opposing the fascist and undemocratic steps of falsely implicating human rights defenders in a fabricated case of conspiracy to kill PM Modi and planning overthrow of present regime,
Let’s come together in defense of democracy and the oppressed and exploited people!
On august 27, the Pune police raided the houses of several prominent democratic rights activists, and those who have been raising strong voices against oppression of dalits ,tribals and minorities. Advocate Sudha Bhardwaj, Varvara Rao, Gautam Navlakha, Arun Farera and Vernon Gonsalves were arrested. Police also raided houses of press reporter Kumarnath, priest and activist Stan Swami, democratic rights activist and author Anand Teltumbde and members of Revolutionary Writers Association – Aseem and Kranti. Police seized their laptops, harddisks, mobile phones, diaries and other electronic equipment, without providing them copies of the data stored on these devices. We all strongly condemn these repressive steps. In a democratic country such repressive measures against the people should never be undertaken.

The police has clearly aimed, through these vicious acts to falsely implicate these activists in Bheema-Koregaon violence case, falsely implicate them in the alleged plot to kill PM Modi and to spread rebellion in the country, because these activists have been stoutly raising their voice against the severe repression, unleashed by Modi Govt against dalits, minorities, tribals and toiling masses; continuously unmasking the undeclared emergency imposed upon Indian people by the Modi govt.; and its patronage and protection of lynching-mobs and Hindutva terrorism. Modi Govt wants to stifle these voices by putting them behind bars in fabricated cases, as it has done in to other intellectuals, human rights defenders, artists and lawyers, earlier in Bhima-Koregaon case.
Going beyond this, a two-fold wicked move is underway, by raising the bogey of the alleged conspiracy to kill Modi. On the one hand, on the pretext of danger to Modi’s life ground is being prepared to launch an all-out violent onslaught on the democratic rights of the people and unleasing communal and State violence against human rights defenders. It is in fact the continuation of such steps undertaken in the past to usher in totalitarianism regimes, like the Reichtag (German Parliamen) fire and Baroda Dynamite plot in India which were used as tools to facilitate and justify the emergence of Hitler and Indira Gandhi as dictators. BJP mandarins are also making preparations to win 2019 elections by raising the bogey pf danger to Modi’s life. To achieve it, mischievous and misleading propaganda blitz – in which Sangh-parivar enjoys extra-ordinary skills, has already been launched in the media, consistently blaring the terms “Maoist conspiracy” and “Urban Naxals,” to make the propaganda effective. All this is part of a pre-planned strategy of Sangh-parivar and state machinery to crush the peoples struggles and dissenting voices.
Noted writer and activist Arundhati Roy, while slamming the police action against human right defenders, at the instance of Modi Govt, has pointed to the graveness of the situation, “We are close to the declaration of emergency. Instead of raiding the houses of lynching-mobs and day-light murderers, raiding the homes of advocates, poets, writers, Dalit activists and intellectual shows where we are heading to. What is happening is very dangerous. It is preparation of coming elections. We can’t allow this to happen. We shall have to unite against it, otherwise we will lose the freedom we cherish.
The above statement by Arundhati Roy fully depicts the gravity of the situation. We the writers, thinkers, teachers, advocates, educationists, economists and democratic minder intellectuals of Punjab have come forward to to play our historical role of cautioning the people about the fascist acts of present regime. Earlier too, when efforts were made to silence the writers through saffron terror we had strongly protested. Let us unite and strongly oppose the intimidation and terrorizing of democratic rights activists through arrests and searches.
Dr. Parminder Singh, former Head English Department, Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar
Dr. Navsharan – Writer, daughter of Gursharn Singh Dramatist
Dr. Sahib Singh Dramatist
Baldev Singh Sadaknama Novelist
Amolak Singh, President, Punjab Lok Sabhyachark Manch
Manjit Kaur Aulakh – Dramatist
Kailash Kaur
Attarjeet Kahaneekaar, Editor “Parwaz”
Kanwaljeet Khanna, General Secretary, Punjab Lok Sabhyachark Manch
Gurmeet Karhialvi – Writer
Mitter Sain Meet – Writer and Lawyer
Amit Mitter – Rationalist
Prof. Baldeep Singh
Hansa Singh – Dramatist
Kasturi Lal – Dramatist
Harmesh Malrhi – Writer and Farm labourers leader
Dr. Surjit Singh – Prof Punjabi University & General Secretary Punjabi Sahit Academy
Dr. Sardara Singh Johal – former Chancellor Central University, Punjab, Bathinda
Dr. Hawinder Singh Sirsa – Writer
Anil Adam – Poet
Amarjeet Singh Jeet – President Sahit Jagrti Sabha, Bathinda
Principal Jagdish Singh Ghai- Writer & Educationist.
Jasvir Jhaj – Poet
Shivraj Khunde Halal – Poet
Gurcharan Singh Mangat – Writer, Rampur Katani
Kuldeep singh Bangi – General Secretary Kaumantri Sahit Sabhyachar Manch Bathinda
Gurbachan Kaur, former Secretary, Punjabi Sahit Sabha , Delhi
Karnail Vairagee – Teacher
Principal Jasmeet Singh Behniwal – Chahal Kalan
Inderjeet Jadu – Dramatist, Bathinda
Joginder Singh Nirala, Writer, Barnala
Balwinder Singh Machhiwara – Writer
Sham Sunder – Social Activis, Raikot
Tari Baee – Awaz Rang Manch, Barnala
Dr. Surinder Singh Dosanjh – Writer Ludhiana
Prof Lakhwinder Jit Kaur – Sultanpur Lodhi
Dr. Om Parkash Vashisht – Chandigarh
Om Parkash Gaso – Writer
Amarjit Grewal – Writer, Ludhiana
Jaspal Mankhera – Writer
Ajmer Sidhu – Poet, Nawan Shahar
Ranbir Singh Rana – Writer, Bathinda
Amarjit Painter – Bathinda
Sukhdarshan Garg – Balianwali Sahit Sabha
Janak Raj Janak – Writer, Talwandi Sabo Sahit Sabha
Surjit Brar Gholia – Writer
Dr. Surjit Bhatti – Literary Critic & Educationist
Dr. Bheeminder Singh
Dr. Sham Sunder Deepti
Prof Lok Nath
Bhagwant Rasulpuri – Editor “Kahani Dhara”
Jinder – Editor “Shabad”
Des Raj Kali – Editor “Lakeer”
Prof Harjinder Singh Atwal, Jalandhar.
Dr. Karamjit Singh Kurukshetr – former General Secretary Kendri Punjabi Lekhk Sabha
Madan Veera – Poet, President, Punjabi Sahit Sabha, Hoshiarpur
Dr. Jaswant Rai, General Secretary Punjabi Sahit Sabha, Hoshiarpur
Ret. Principal Satnam Singh Shoker
Dr. Satnam Singh Jassal –Regional Centre Punjabi University, Bathinda
Dr. Raminder Singh, Head Education Deptt, Regional Center Punjabi University, Bathinda
Dr. Kanwaljit Singh Education Deptt Regional Center Punjabi University, Bathinda
Prof Surjit Jujj – Phagwara
Surinder Rampuri – Poet
Dr. Surinder Kumar Daveshwar
Surinderjit Kaur Gill – Poetess
Dr. Sukhdev Singh Sirsa- Punjab University Chandigarh
Smt Soma Sablok – Writer Banga
Dr. Surinder Ajnat
Prof Som Pal Hira – Dramatist, Raikot
Sulakhn Sarhadi – Writer, Gurdaspur
Makhan Kohar – Writer, Gurdaspur
Pawan Harchandpuri – Poet, Dhuri
Dr. Sukhpal Singh Thind, Kapurthla
Dr. Harbhajan Singh Bhatia Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar
Surinder Preet Ghania – Writer
Harbhajan Singh Hundal – Writer
Harbans Malwa – Poet
Prof Hamdardveer Naushahrvi – Writer
Harmeet Vidiaarthee – Writer, Ferozepur
Prof Jaspal Ghai – Writer Ferozepur
Harbhajan Singh Khemkarni – Writer
Harwinder Bhandal – Writer , Kapurthla
Kamaljeet Neelon – Writer
Kirpal Kazakh – Writer
Kewal Kaloti – Novelist, Urmur Tanda
Kesra Ram – Story Writer
Karam Singh Vakeel – Writer
Gurbhajan Gill – Writer
Dr. Guriqbal Singh – Writer, Ludhiana
Satish Gulati – Chetna Parkashan
Prof Kewal Parwana, Kapurthla
Swarandeep Noor – Teacher
Balwant Farwali – Writer Malerkotla
Gurdial Dalal – Writer
Gurnam Kanwar
Happy Bhagta – Dramatist
Gurmeet Palahi – Writer
Prof Kulwinder Dasuya
Navtej Bharti – Writer
Ujagar Lalton – Writer
Surjit Gag –Poet
Principal Ret. Daljit Singh Bhagta.
Amrik Singh Sher Khan – Writer, Lohara
Pal Kaur – Poetess
Ram Lal Bhagat – Lecturer (History)
Arwinder Kaur Kakra – Writer
Varinder Diwana – Social Activist
Gurshpinder Toor – Lecturer, Abohar
Gulzar Singh Shaunki – Sahit Academy Ludhiana
Gurdev Singh Rupana – Writer
Gurdial Roshan – Writer
Dr. Sharanjit Kaur – Literary Critic, Chandigarh
Waryam Sandhu – Writer
Gagandeep Singh Mabdi Kaln, Radio Anchor
Sarup Sialvi – Writer
Satnam Singh Daun – Writer
Yuvraj Singh Sandhu – Writer, Majitha
Prof Sucha Singh Nar – Writer
Veer Singh M.A. –Writer, Boha
Janmeja Singh Johal – Writer
Prof Amrinder Singh Sohal – Punjabi University, Patiala
Davinder Daman – Dramatist
Mohinder Patla – Jagraon
Rajwinder Neer – Writer
Prof Sucha Singh Gill CRRID, Chandigarh
Prof Ranjit Singh Ghuman, CRRID, Chandigarh
Principal Tarsem Bahia – Writer and Teachers’ leader
Dr. Lakhwinder Johal, Secretary Punjab Arts Council
Kewal Dhaliwal – Dramatist
Com. Gurmeet Singh, General Secretary, Desh Bhagat Yadgar Committee Jalandhar
Com Gurmeet Singh Dhada, President Desh Bhagat Yadgar Committee Jalandhar
Prof Jagroop Singh Sekhon – Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar
Prof Paramjit Singh Juj Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar
Prof Amarjit Singh Sidhu Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar
Prof Joginder Singh, Director, Bhai Veer Singh Sadan Amritsar
Prof Rabinder Nath Sharma, Senator, Punjab University, Chandigarh.
Prof Raunki Ram – Punjab University Chandigarh
Prof Manjit Singh – Punjab University Chandigarh
Prof Akshay Kumar – Punjab University Chandigarh
Prof Birender Pal Singh – Punjabi University, Patiala
Dr. Baljinder Singh Sohal, Rajindera Medical College, Patiala
Dr. Charanjit Singh Sohal, Editor “WAGHA”
Yashpal Editor “Varg Chetna”
Adv Narinder Kumar Jeet – Bathinda
Adv Sudeep Singh – Bathinda
Adv Rajnish Kumar Rana – Bathinda
Pushap Lata, Trade Unionist and Social Activist
Dr. Atul, Jawahar Lal Nehru University
Jaswinder Jass – Writer
Amritpal Bange – Writer and Singer
Jagseer Jeeda – Artist
Ram Swaran Lakhewali – Writer
Atma Ram Ranjan – Co-Editor “Parwaz”
Karnail Singh – Teacher
Ravinder Rahi – Writer
Malkit Kotli – Writer
Master Ram Kumar – Peoples Singer and Musician
Gurdial Roshan – Writer
Dr. Areet



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