People’s War advances In kerala .. differences between BJP, Congress and CPI (M) were limited to ‘political gimmicks’ say the maoists

The Maoist mouthpiece has warned of attacks across Kerala in retaliation to Pinarayi government targeting them.
Not Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah or TN CM Edappadi Palaniswami, Maoists in the Kerala-Karnataka-Tamil Nadu tri-junction have declared Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan as their ‘main enemy’.
In the first edition of the mouth piece published by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) Western Ghats Committee, Pinarayi has been called ‘main enemy’ for hunting down Maoists in the state.
The mouth piece called ‘Communist’ says that the Kerala government led by the CPI (M) was no different from regimes under the BJP or Congress.
It alleged that after Pinarayi Vijayan became the Chief Minister of the state, the police machinery has started targeting Maoists more vigorously and attacks against naxals too have increased.
The article says that differences between BJP, Congress and CPI (M) were limited to ‘political gimmicks’ and when it came to dealing with Maoists, the CPI (M)’s stand was similar to the other two parties.
“In reality BJP and CPI (M) support capitalist powers and are against the common man. The CPI (M) has had a history of lauding Indira Gandhi’s action against the movement in Naxalbari. Whether BJP or Congress was in power, the CPI (M) has always used these parties to silence revolutionaries,” the article alleges. The article also repeatedly warned that the Kerala government would face a set back soon for its anti- Maoists policies.
The mouthpiece goes on to claim that the influence of the CPI (Maoist) has increased in the Western Ghat belt over the last three years. They have hinted that the attack on a KFC outlet in Palakkad, the attack on forest office in Silent Valley proved their presence in the belt. “Many tribal communities in Attappady and Wayanad cooperate with us now. Our success in the tribal area was more than we expected,” the article says.
The mouthpiece brags about the formation of new units in Siruvani and Manathavadi. It also claims that ‘activities’ in Mukkuvala , Attapady and Bhavanidalam under the Western Ghats regional committee were successful. “Apart from tribal communities, people from poor backgrounds too have started showing affinity towards the organisation,” says the article.
The Maoist mouthpiece has also warned of retaliatory attacks across police stations and forest department offices in Kerala as revenge for the Nilambur encounter.

Recent news articles by media in Kerala had claimed that the Intelligence Bureau and state intelligence believe that the guerrilla wing of Maoists has strengthened in Wayanad district.



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