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manipurcanadaAlthough representatives of the Canadian state like to condemn “Islamo-fascism” whenever it is convenient (as with the recent hoopla over the Charlie Hebdo shootings), the truth is that it really has no problem with real world fascism if and when it is aligned with the imperialist camp. A perfect example of this is Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official visit to Canada on April 15-16, as the last stop in three state visit (the first and second being to France and Germany, respectively), where the Conservative regime, along with the Liberals and “social democrat” NDP, will be in attendance to legitimize Modi’s literally fascist regime. Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party [BJP] is a Hindu-fascist party that desire to cleanse India of anything deemed non-Hindu.
Before becoming prime minister, Modi and the BJP were notorious for their involvement in pogroms against India’s Muslim minority (including mass killings and mass rape), so perhaps this is why the Canadian state tolerates the BJP’s fascism—as long as it is aimed at Muslims, who are mainly “Islamo-fascists” according to Harper, then fascism can be tolerated. Moreover, Modi’s regime is carrying out a war on the people of India, Operation Green Hunt, in order to cleanse the Indian interior of those undesirables, many of whom are organized with the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and fighting back, that are in the way of resource extraction. Considering that the Canadian state pours money into Operation Green Hunt, and that its corporations will doubtlessly profit from the resources blocked by this insurgency, it is happy to shake hands with fascists.
Instituting the Armed Forces Special Powers Act [AFSPA], a relic of the colonial period that provides Indian security forces with the power to do anything without warrant or legal sanction, the Modi regime is not only pursuing Operation Green Hunt but has been carrying out brutal activities in Manipur, slaughtering up to eight thousand nine hundred and eighty-three men and women. All of this in India, the so-called “largest democracy in the world.” Once again, Canada’s government demonstrates that, despite whatever rhetoric it might spout when it’s convenient, it is firmly embedded in the imperialist camp and supports the most anti-people regimes. The fact that the NDP and Liberals are also happy to legitimate Modi, and show no sign of condemning Operation Green Hunt or the AFSPA, demonstrates that the differences between these ruling class electoral parties is as minor as the difference between high school clubs or college fraternities.

Repeal the AFSPA and Free Manipur!
Stop Operation Green Hunt and the war on the people of India!
Victory to the Communist Party of India (Maoist)!
Victory to Maoist Communist Party of Manipur!



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